This "Wayne" Fellow

…has an awfully familiar writing style:

I’m getting ready to head home but I was worried that your health may have precluded your appearance.

If it’s any consolation, I understand that in addition to the usual contingent of state-employee baliffs and courthouse security, there were uniformed Howard County Police Officers in the courtroom. So somebody WAS concerned.

Try to get some rest this weekend. Opt for TV vs. the internet to give yourself a break.

Take care,


Sounds like a certain plus-sized trailer dweller of acquaintance.

Just an opinion.

Hey, you know who else it sounds like? It sounds like Mark in MD.

Just another opinion.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

38 thoughts on “This "Wayne" Fellow”

  1. you mean the ONLY COMMENTER WILLY HAS EVER HAD ON HIS SITE? nah, he'd never lie like that.

    off-topic, anybody read Mr Mercedes? Willy reminds me of the serial killer, who has sex with his mom, blames his 'enemies' for all his problems, etc. He is quite the perK

  2. I'm only half way through it but it's good... different like one of those Harry Bosch detective novels but darker... more incest and gopher poison. A nice break from my rereading of the darkids tower series. I just finished wizard and glass and honestly that's the best of them. The remaining were written after his accident and feel rushed

  3. well he dropped the microphone like the singer "sexual chocolate" and just keeps coming back onstage for the applause that wasn't going to happen....

    "ADDENDUM: For over two years now, the weak, sauce I have been swilling hasn't made anyone send in their baby pictures or social security numbers, cash, property, addresses and phone numbers of employers. Now you burger eaters, you consumers of flame charred slabs of beef in your cushy homes with lovely families - well - I'm really really really dropping the microphone this time, fuckers."

  4. Please print the previously withheld screed and then parody the ever lovin shit out of this latest two whine festivals.

    He's more than earned it with his failure to cease to exist as promised and double lame dick douche fails of filing and not showing for court and then trying to pull this amazingly peurile "Grady wasn't there" bullshit. I'm surprised he didn't spout some kind of "Grady was not there because he was knocked down by controlled demolition" crap. Its all pretty much the same level of "abstract thought" he thinks he's capable of.

    And here's another Nietzsche quote, which is luckily different from the massively overused one that all soi-disant intellectuals trot out ad infinitum when they get to feeling a little not so fresh intellectually-wise:

    "Sometimes when you look into the abyss, you catch a distinct stench of footlongs and mayo and man is that ever a gut punch." - Friedrich Nietzsche, just now, seriously guys. Wayne swears he heard him say it.

  5. "May you someday realize the evil you have done to a good man. And if you do ever realize it, may it gnaw at your stomach for the rest of your lives."

    This sentence Dumbass wrote has me all kinds of confused. Who the hell is he talking about. I'm trying to remember what good man we have done anything to that he could possible know and I'm drawing a complete blank. Anybody have a clue?

    1. I'll try to help you understand, Kyle. I understand why the term "good man" has so many of us confused. We use what normal people mean when they say "good man." And we all know the freakshow is anything but normal, and not many (if any), of us consider him a "man," hence the term "freakshow."

      So, let's try to break it down as a total freakshow would parse that term. Exactly what is the alleged man good at? I know, I know; I can hear the chorus of "Not. A. Damn. Thing." even as a type. However, that's not entirely true.


      Have you ever met anyone as good at FAILdoxing? Or anyone as good at achieving FAILURE in general?

      How many here can claim to be an adjudicated harasser, a cyberstalker, slapped with multiple restraining orders from multiple states, with more on the way?

      The freakshow was also good at abandoning and alienating his own children, and at least threatening to dox them, like he doxed a baby. It also takes a very special depth of vileness to be rejected by virtually everyone who has ever had contact with him. Those he calls "friends" use him and mock him behind his back.

      He's also good at being repeatedly cuckolded. His current wife has nothing but contempt for him.

      And just how good at being despicable, repulsive, and generally creeptastic must he be to be fired as a volunteer-advocate/purported-donor for a large Parkinson's charity?

      TL;DR If you totally invert the meaning of good, it makes at least as much sense as a feldtchart. Over and over and over; decade after decade; the same behavior gets the same results and the freakshow never, ever understands it really is him. I have never encountered even a fictional character with such an obstinate ability to maintain his incredible lack of self-awareness.

      And I think we all have to admit the freakshow is very, very good at FAILURE.

      1. Dang. I just realized something. If I had one of my kids bring this description to me as a character idea (one's a budding writer and another just loves creating different characters to mess around with), I'd reject it as being too much of a cliched stereotype.

        Sadly, now, I'd have to tell them that it's too close to reality and try again. smh

  6. We know that Bill is BSing about getting that email from Wayne. Wayne isn't scheduled to work again until Thanksgiving Day.

    1. Didn't someone just allegedly report someone who allegedly mentioned an Ashland VA police sgt?

      I can say that printing a fake email from a State Prosecutor can also be a felony especially if it is used in conjunction with other things like extortion, coercion, protecting the distribution of explicit depictions of child pornography, propagating criminal enterprises such as international copyright theft, or just filing fake peace orders in retaliation for other acts done out of state.

      I think its time to put up the "fatsignal" to alert the authorities that the mayo monster is rampaging towards the city dump.

    2. The Spam folder is now home to three new comments from a genius calling himself Holiday Inner Sanctum. The writing style does seem to match our new friends Wink-n-Nod Wayne and Sock in Sock Dakota. Until Miss Gravelpanties proves me wrong, I think we can take as fact that they are all him. That's how Schama-schamaflappian Journomalisn works, right?

    1. Hi, Bill!

      Is your finger itchy from being stuck up Mark in MD's wooly backside, you ANONYMOUS PUSSY COWERING UNDER THE PORCH A HUNDRED MILES OVER THE HORIZON?

      Guess you weren't all that interested in having anyone "come and get some" after all, were you, you neckless, sniveling, gravelpantied little crybaby bitch?

      1. So, Mr. "Man-to-Man" can't manage to haul his ample arse to a court date for a Peace Order petition HE filed for because... COWARD... but, believes himself to be Mr. "Tough Guy" issuing death threats through the intertubez.

        And, aside from EVERYthing he is doing wrong in handling a firearm -- that pic was most likely snapped around 3:00 p.m. on a weekday with the lazy, worthless blob sitting around in his gravy-stained pajamas posing like the mentally-challenged waste-of-space he is.

        What a fat, disgusting, demented slob. Yeah. He's a real badass, that one. *SMDH*

        1. Yeah. He says he served as a Navy Corpsman with the Marines.

          I can imagine reaction of a Marine Gunny to that kind of weapon handling.

      2. I imagine it wouldn't be hard to prove who would write a comment referring to "Hoggy". And if it's who I think it is, it can also be proved with the above photo that he has access to an AR-15. So couldn't the above comment be considered a credible threat? Do certain parties out there really want to be doing that sort of thing?

  7. Howard sends his apologies, he was overcome by my 31st final thoughts and addendum and pulled a quad screaming in laughter and is on muscle relaxants


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