The Sound of One Hand Clapping

Deep in a dark pit
The other side of the world
Silent like his voice

In cold reality
CD sales equal success
Some are burned, cheap fuel

Writers of satire
Wish they were truly funny
Focused bitterness

These witless wonders
Sharp words are blunt sledgehammers
Butterflies to smash

Publicly angry
Privately beaten at home
And all because HOGE!

Ditched the computer
So the TROLLS will go away
Into the cornfield

Using the iPad
This annoying speech to text
Unreadable blog

Trolls in the cornfield
Peppy Irish melodies
Someone wants to dance

Always a party At the sooper sekrit site And some useful news


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

59 thoughts on “The Sound of One Hand Clapping”

  1. He's going to be so mad! After all, if a professional like him is an abject failure what right do you have to be so damn funny?

  2. Ooooohhh, I just can't wait for your book Krendler! So awesome sauce! But you need to put more references to the seasons for them to be true haiku. Sorry to be a pedant. 😛

    1. Point taken...

      I see the word "fall" being used a lot in the second draft...though maybe not in the correct context.

      "Winter is coming". 5 syllables.

      Rotting summer heat

      Spring loaded switchblade

      ...this has potential!

      1. They could be senryu instead,Wiki:"Senryū tend to be about human foibles while haiku tend to be about nature, and senryū are often cynical or darkly humorous while haiku are more serious." I'd say anything dealing with Biwwy would fall into the "cynical of darkly humorous" category.
        Also according to Wiki, even without the seasonal reference, "any genuinely personal experience would be haiku and not senryū in the classic sense".

  3. Does the Oedipal Troll fear the end? I hear a noise as if some roly-poly, namby-pamby horror is whining in his own putrid puddle. I cannot help seeing beyond the tinsel of humour, and recognizing the basis of jest, but the joke is on the Oedipal Troll.

    (Interpolating H.P. Lovecraft's Dagon.and apologies to H.P. Lovecraft)

  4. So, if everyone who posts here were to post something "defamatory" against a certain party in MD, would that mean that he would file for POs against everyone?

    I can assure you that my local LE's attitude is that unless there is a "credible threat" (and a picture of a doll posted by someone in another state won't cut it) they don't give a rat's tuchus, and tell you to simply stop going to the site that bothers you. If my lot were as lackadaisical about proof as HoCo seems to be, I guess I could file for one against Bill for all those tweets the other week.

  5. All anyone has to do is play the pussy palace or the boy scout rape fantasy audio for any judge, who knows even in Maryland, cuffs maybe proffered, complete with makeup and photo session

    No way he's going to show up at either hearing and have to admit that he made porn sex fantasies about young children and risk incarceration, and if the judge starts objecting play it EVEN LOUDER!!

    People get real upset when people think they have a god given right to sexually exploit children

    Yeah, even Mr. Free cart isn't going to take a chance

  6. "BTW: Grady is just the first. I'm not talking about peace orders. Special love for info. with names you can prove."

    I'm gonna legal action the crap out of you miserable bastards. Now I order you to send me the real names of these people and the proof that they are who you say they are so I can get started on legalling the crap out of you rotten bastards! I'm serious you guys!

    Oh, I did so miss these jokes. He really is funny, but only when he's not trying to be. When he tries its a miserable failure, but once you can get to completely forget about it on some othe topic he just cranks out gems like this. Must be a zen thing.

    1. Just what does "special love" mean? I mean, precisely what kind of bribe can a doublewide guy in a doublewide offer, that does not involve mayo and/or brain bleach? (I said AND/or)

      I mean really, he says it like it's supposed to be a positive incentive...???

      1. Don't give him that much credit. Mr. "I was making almost 6 figures for years" is living in a single wide tin can.

  7. I just love to hear the deep, rumbling, explosion of the vacating bowels of someone in the moments after I crack open in his soft dick-dented skull with a claw hammer and scramble his bound-for-the-lab pudding pan with a potato masher. Squish-squish-squish-squish-squish.

    So that's fair play, right?

  8. Interesting using the details of all those 1 star CD's and their content as a rebuttal for the idiot who keeps on trying to out people by filing obviously fake Peace orders.

    1. The content should make any judge ill
    2. The harassing of the Stranahans should make any Judge really angry
    3. The putting of the skull on the Causeys baby picture and his who handling of that is going to get any Judge calling for a bailiff
    4. The thousands of tweets many showing and threatening people's jobs and careers are going to have him really standing there in front of his wife getting blasted from all sides
    5. People out of state may start suing him if they incur costs to travel to Maryland to answer frivolous charges - I wonder how much he has figured he can afford to pay

  9. Has anyone been arrested yet on some blogger's random charges - was Kyle, Eric, Howard, Lynn, Betty, Paul K, Paul L, Chris, John or Lee been arrested or even questioned as he has said was going to happen?

    Everyone who he is harassing do show to the courts:

    1. That he constantly is using intimidation to coerce people to do his bidding
    2. That he is constantly complaining of his failures to show up in court
    3. That he is constantly on video showing his contempt for the legal system when it applies to him
    4. Remind the court of the pending 367 charges that are still available to be reinstated at a moments notice against him if the SA see's that his conduct is returning
    5. Remind the court of his association and cooperation with a guy named Brett Kimberlin and also possibly with Gillette when he was editor of Kimberlins site Breitbartunmasked, and cooperated or gave support to felons with various serious convictions.
    5. Show the screenshots and remind the courts that international websites have banned him dozens if not hundreds of times for threatening and invading the privacy of others
    6. Do show the courts the rape tweet on Mrs Stranahan and the Tweet where he discusses knowingly starting rumors that EPWJ is a pedophile in retaliation for condemning Brett Kimberlins alleged raping of a 15 year old girl, these are criminal acts
    7. Remind the court that the Federal courts ordered him to remove content from the web a very rare event.
    8. Show the court the gay sex tote bags he designed to harass a young man who isn't a public figure, remind them that some vendors refused to print his stuff
    9. Go to the wayback machine and reprint the hundreds of vile disgusting posts,
    10. Show the court that he was fired for the very behavior towards readers and bloggers from several online publications and websites
    11. Show the thousands of threats against John and Lee for expressing their opinions
    12. Show the courts the intimidation against the Doctor in PA, which is expressly against PA law to leave reviews or leave disparaging comments on a doctor or his professional associations if not a patient or for purposes to harass
    13. Remind the courts to call Assistant Deputy Chief Schulz of Racine who investigated him and is currently waiting for the parents of the children he posted pictures of to come in and file charges
    14 Remind the court that he has time and time again said to have contacted law enforcement in several states and deliberately filed false charges and then bragged about it online
    15. Remind the court of the Grady incident

  10. I'm seriously debating if i can take a day of work to come attend the festivities. Everything that he fantasizes about won't happen, and I'd just be going for the popcorn eating.

    1. I would love to go too, to both the IL and the MD sessions. But that would require time and funds for airfare which I do not have.

      1. If I had the spare cash, I'd donate a few K to Grady - earmarked to be spent hiring one specific lawyer to represent him. But I'd want pics of the moment TDPS sees... Zoa Barnes!

      2. Sadly, MD's a six hour drive for me, I definitely don't have the funds for a plane ticket, nor a hotel room, and I'm hoping to have job hunt stuff, like maybe an interview, that day. If I had any spare funds, I'd definitely be donating it towards the hire of that certain lawyer though.

        I want to see where MD law would allow B, in his petition to get a PO against A, to call anonymous folks from the peanut gallery and question them about stuff they are alleged to have done. Likewise I agree with those who think it unlikely that in the petition by A to get a no contact order against B, B would be allowed to question people who are not A about what they have done, none of which is germane to what B has allegedly done to A.

      3. A certain party in MD is now claiming that as a pro-se litigant, he can call anyone he wants to the stand simply because they are there. 😆

        CBParodyRecords 1:36pm via Twitter for iPad
        Clowns don't seem to understand that if they are in the court room that I, as pro se attorney for myself, can call them as a witness.

  11. "Sword of justice cuts both ways, dingbats. This time I'm the guy holding it."

    I understand that some guys call their thing by a special name but I think Sword of Justice is a little grandiose don't you?

    1. The problem is his sword of justice is more like the kind you get in a cute fruity drink. He thinks he can swear everybody in and ask them whatever he wants? Especially WJJ? Yeah, I don't think so. Doesn't work that way.

      1. Oh, Mr. Hoge may not mind. Especially since anyone bil calls would be subject to cross-examination. I'm sure Mr. Hoge would be glad to elaborate on his travails with the blob.

  12. Anyone screen cap his latest incriminating tweets - look at how he ties in nicely his intent to do harm, with the cause of his anger. Judges like a nice tidy package

    I can't get into the other place, can someone reset my security login to my IP address. The new security is silly

  13. Here is one track that needs to be played in Tomorrows court hearing. Please go to the secret site for a true transcript of the overly long non parody audio rape tape.

  14. CB Parody Records @CBParodyRecords · 21m 21 minutes ago

    Clowns don't seem to understand that if they are in the court room that I, as pro se attorney for myself, can call them as a witness.

    no, you can't - its tough to get a peace order after you just admitted to breaking Maryland law today

    1. He is not a pro se "attorney." He is someone who is representing himself pro se, which means without an attorney. Aaron Walker is a pro se attorney.


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