Serious Rule 5

I figure it’s about time for a real Rule 5 post around here. In preparation, I reviewed Stacy’s explanation; there is a lot implied about showing a lot of skin, but there is also much to be said for modesty and mystery as well, in a sexy-from-the-neck-up way.

Here are a few favorites:

P!nk is definitely sexy from the neck up – I just like the attitude she projects, something like, “yes you can take me home tonight, but don’t be surprised when I snap you like a twig.”

Gia Gadot is a veteran of the Fast and Furious franchise, also set to play Wonder Woman. She’s yummy.

Cote de Pablo was Ziva David on NCIS for many years, where she toyed with everyone. Another whose modesty impresses. I did not find but one or two bikini shots, and they felt wrong. So I stuck with what has always worked for me, the consumer.

Padma Lakshmi. Eating bacon. Call this a two-fer.

The iconic Marilyn Monroe. Followed by two acolytes:

The unashamedly curvy Christina Hendricks…

and the smoking hot Kate Upton.

I respect women who defy the conventional wisdom and tell the world “I have curves and I am not afraid to use them.”

Tried not to objectify Anna Kendrick.

Failed miserably. I’ll muddle through, somehow.

And finally, my first serious Rule 5 effort cannot be complete without a deep bow of respect to The Standard By Which All Pin-Ups Past Present And Future Must Be Measured:

Miss Bettie Page:


It was so hard to settle on just one Bettie. But that means I can use others later!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

20 thoughts on “Serious Rule 5”

  1. As a woman, I'd say good choices all. Though Ms. Kendrick does look (in the words of, I believe it was ) Kim Du Toit, like she could use a few bowls of pasta.

  2. Not to be contrarian, but; I just can't help drawing the analogy between Pink and a gravel road. It's not really spectacular to look at; sure you'll get where you're going, and it can be a lot of fun getting there, but afterward you just feel dirty.

    1. p.s. Thank you for the excellent classics along with some real women. I would have used Ms. Kendrick as the shoulders up choice; although that elbow shot yesterday.... ^^

    2. Like when you're at a restaurant, and you know you should order a nice healthy salad, but you just say "fuckit" and have the bacon double cheeseburger and chocolate shake instead.

  3. I do appreciate a woman that is not built like a twig.

    on another note, I can't help but think I hear the soft mewling and whimpering of a coward somewhere nearby in Elkridge.

      1. And, it also sounds as if a Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser (and, soon-to-be Adjudicated Stalker) is far too mentally challenged to understand that a Stalking No-Contact Order doesn't have to entail fear, but simply the will and desire to have a demented freakshow keep his sociopathic ways to himself, and out of good-and-decent people's lives.

        Bill Schmalfeldt needs to one day learn he is not legally permitted to stalk, harass, threaten, and abuse others.

        Slow learners be slow. *SMH*

      2. He should be thankful that civilized men leave it to the courts to make annoyances like him go away rather than taking things into their own hands, something which I imagine could involve baseball bats meeting patellas or craniums.

        1. Oh, yes. I should think he would be feeling very fortunate to be facing a court of law and not the type of justice he has described and advocated in the past.

          Someone could drag him out of his house and take him into the woods, tie him to a tree and leave him for the bears to find. Stopping only to smear his neckless noggin with honey.

          Or someone might engineer a three on one beatdown. That would be interesting.

          But in situations like this, I always get a thrill in my heart remembering how Clint Eastwood disposed of Jack Cassidy in The Eiger Sanction.

    1. And right on cue the troll attacks Stranahan again out of the blue. Typical of that coward. Plus he's back to defending calling the cops, CPS, etc on him. I have to keep pointing out to him that his friend Kimberlin lets a convicted Pedo sleep with his young daughters so why isn't he calling and reporting him?

    1. He goes after Lee when he's getting his butt kicked because Lee could not get a PO against him. Texas did not have adequate remedies, and Howard County is Howard County. Lee, however, no longer lives in Texas. South Dakota may have different laws. I would be willing to contribute to establishing a Deb Frisch-type blog documenting the real BS for posterity, using his own words, documenting his harassment, misogyny, and sexualization of children in his "parodies." Skits about prostituting 13 year olds, and the oral and anal rape of a 9 year old boy, are not funny. photoshopping the faces of your victims onto male porn, is not funny. Calling the employers of your victims to get them fired, is not funny.

      1. Lee's problem was the adult business he had been in, its difficult to be taken seriously when you have that in your past, but the child porn descriptive audio fantasies are being marketed worldwide coming into thousands, literally thousands of jurisdictions

      2. Well, I think Lee's problem is the selective tolerance and hypocrisy of so-called progressives. Lee admits to, and is proud of, the erotic photos he used to take. Frankly, I think some of the ones that have been published are in better taste than the nude photos of Kim Kardashian. She can appear buck naked on a magazine cover and in its pages, as do many models, and the photographer is called an artist, not a pornographer. He admits to having led a Bohemian lifestyle, the very things BS and the rest of Acme Law and it's propaganda wing defend, as long as the persons not a Christian,not a conservative, and not a libertarian.

      3. A-1,

        Most parts of Texas are very conservative, Playboy magazine is still banned in many counties and the new Lt Gov is going to ban all TVMA and XXX stations - he's the guy who started the Tea Party movement 12 years ago and booted Bill Mayer off the air - Ted Koppel too.

        I am not making any judgments over Lee. Whatever he did however did make him somewhat Teflon to the courts of Texas, just stating facts - in other words - when you choose certain lines of work, like making naked photos and marketing them as erotica - there is a natural backlash in the minds of people that precludes the courts from granting them relief in most cases of opinion, despite the behavior. It doesn't mean that its right and you are very correct

        Unless you are an terrorist, who bombs childrens events, brings over underage girls for romance and marriage etc, then you cannot express an opinion, if they are a democrat.

        Lee has made choices and I am proud of the work he tries to do, sometimes as we all are - we are our worst enemies - but he never gives up - and goes forward - he also has a family - a very nice family and they deserve our protection


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