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  1. I had a nice long conversation with a Yavapai County deputy today.

    Of course it had nothing to do with Shakey. We shared a weapon pedestal at the range.

    We discussed a certain adjudicated cyber-harasser back east and exchanged cards.

    He promised to give me a heads up if he heard anything.

  2. Apparently, FatBoi has some secrets about his checkered military career that he has been desperately trying to keep from all of us. A rather cursory glance thru his Navy BUPERS records indicate that he was flagged several times for unreported contacts of a suspicious nature with agents of a foreign power.

    Did FatBoi, in his so-called 'supervisory role' at NIH, manage to get himself 'selected' for inclusion in the Deep Brain experimental surgery program ahead of those more seriously afflicted? Perhaps! Watch this space!

    1. FatBoi does claim to be a socialist & has used communist based themes on his sites in the past. Not surprised, he would have a tendency to betray his country. Nor is it a surprise to learn that Fatboi would be cruel enough to dishonestly get himself selected in an experimental surgery program for Parkinson's disease. I wonder if Fatboi gets a perverse joy of denying the truly needy out the the help they so desperately need. On the other hand, Fatboi has the heart of a coward and life time ban from Maryland zoos.

      1. He doesn't seem to be aware of how dubious it is to pat oneself on the back as much as he has for his "brave" volunteerism, which just might have benefited him. Honestly, how embarrassing for him.

        ~ Tulip

  3. He "shares the stage with other writers"? It doesn't seem like they're credited as co-authors. Is this a case of plagiarism? If so, I forgive BS. I also forgive him for his many, many sins against me.


    1. You mean to say that the Troll of Elkridge, Maryland has copy/pasted a book about trolling? Well he is an expert on the subject, what with being proud of the fact that he is the Troll of Elkridge, Maryland.

      1. Karoli, Ferguson, Osborne, Rauhauser, Kimberlin strangely none of them have ever reviewed any of his free books.....

        Wonder why...

    2. well at least he's writing about what he knows about first hand, Trolling.

      Everything (except for maybe "leaving false negative reviews") he's listed as trolling behavior he's done repeatedly.

      He forgot to list "asking questions the person being asked is afraid/ashamed to answer".

      When he first claimed Hoge had lied to get the peace order, I asked him on Twitter "do you deny contacting him then?" and got called a troll in response.

      Guess that's how you have to respond when you can't speak the truth without incriminating yourself.

      comments will be scant as the weekend progresses, unlike certain adjucated harassers, I have work and family commitments going on.

      1. someone told someone that someone is using AHB as a reference on someone's website - ohhhhhhhh boy that's not good - especially since they have a strict no tolerance

      2. Going after his son? I can see going after the sister who participated or making fun of his dead relatives (because they don't care, they're dead), but don't be like Bill. His son asked to be left alone (even told his father he wanted no part of this) and has stayed out of this mess. Don't turn into what you're fighting against!

      3. Failure to wear a seat belt - 12 years ago - $10 fine? You're going to go after his son for that? Don't be a piece of shit - leave the kid out of it. Don't turn into the pathetic pile of goo that is Bill Schmalfeldt.

      4. Hkk

        Peter all he had to do is say - I am not agreeing with any police complaint - he isn't frozen and believe me has NOT made any effort to distance himself

        Called criminal behavior - " a squabble"

      5. Hkk

        Peter, Gail and all of them have been watching this go on for three years - I have less sympathy for them, when you start feeling sorry for adults over 35 watching someone make recordings of someone's little girls in a Pussy Palace program or wanting someone gang raped or wanting family men - good people dragged out of a house and beaten with a baseball bat - then we will all feel real bad about involving them.

        I just reported what is in the public records - that THEY chose to display what they chose to do.

        I am not doxing peter until I was added into a thread he was making comments on, on me being charged with crimes and making it seem like he was agreeing with the complaint.

        This isn't a family of people unfamiliar with social media or is having trouble expressing themselves... I mean this isn't an old woman in racine who probably doesn't even have internet being told she is fucking her son.

        I must do my due diligence - as distasteful as it is and when bill today said he put my kids in his book, well, their physical safety maybe compromised all because he, still can't sell a book.

        I am not going to mention him anymore but I am watching for signs of cooperation and communication between these guys

        I found out a lot of stuff I'm not mentioning and won't unless forced to.

      6. three days ago his son posted this tweet from a man he knew was making websites of young girls without their parents permission so be it and posted a picture of him with his own and this is AFTER the police complaint tweet

        My dad sent this today, three generations of nerd glasses. 100% Bad Ass.

        7 Oct 2014

        Reply to @xxxredactedxxxx (Peter)

        Jxx Stxxp ‏@xxxredactedxxxx · Oct 7
        There is no arguing you are your father's son.

        Peter xxxredacted ‏@xxxxxx · Oct 7
        @jxxstxxp no matter how many times I try ( kidding dad ). What's crazy is I did not meet him until I was 21 & then I was like… oh, I see.

        He decided he wanted to be associated online with his father and that knowing of his activites - such as it is

      7. Thank you, epwj, I was almost swayed about Peter, but your posts have made it crystal clear why I should not be. You are doing a great service. Thanks again!

        ~ Tulip

  4. Let me know when the best unselling CTRLV has yet another best unsold unheard track for all his posse to review -

    oh wait three more..........

    Parkinson fund raising at its best

  5. just checking in to see what's going on, I see Shakey is as full of shit as usual.
    Whats the pool on when he Feltdowns again? Today, tomorrow or both?

    1. What do you call a person who has 30 sku's in Amazon?


      My name is Unsold
      I have a bold tale to tell

      Once a decade ago
      I was almost a paid editor, yeah me!
      but then I, I started to write on things to set me free

      My friends didn't appreciate my satire of the ass
      And editors asked me to leave,
      and do it quite fast

      So now I've found a place,
      where my fantasies can run free
      However I have a problem,
      no one will listen to me

      So as I triumph my victories
      all my battles I have won
      then some idiot points out
      the real story on

      My losses and my legal's
      are not what they seem
      For, as I try to spin them all
      all I do is preen

      My days of literacy greatness
      are there for all to see
      Problem is the millions of sellables
      in front of my thirty

      1. Shakey sits like a hen on an egg on this blog, looking for stuff to steal, I mean copy/paste into his twitter argue with, and claims that this post is "stalking"

        what an imbecile.

      2. No, it's called "writing a poem." No contact, no mention of BS by name. He's wrong, and I forgive him for that.

      3. Exactly, TJ - constant F5 here and Hoge's, not to mention several twitter feeds that he's not allowed to follow that he monitors.

        So let's see how this works:
        Person A posts here. Within a few minutes, the cyberstalker, adjudicated harasser, and all around troll, Bill Schmalfeldt has screen-capped it and tweeted it out.

        A little later, Person A posts at Hoge's and tweets out a link. Same thing happens. Who is stalking whom in that scenario?

        Person A may not have viewed the cyberstalking, adjudicated harasser, slapped with multiple restraining/peace orders from multiple state (and likely adding to his collection as I type!), repeatedly cuckolded by multiple wives, Bill Schmalfeldt's twitter feed or blog at all that day, or that week. I haven't seen his twitter today, for example. Yet this post may appear in his twitter feed within minutes of posting.

        So, the person who may or may not check one site, twitter, so see what everyone is talking about is falsely claimed to be a stalker, but the person who actively seeks out Person A on various blogs and twitter, is... what? A master cyberstalker? hahahaha

        Also, a few dozen people managed nearly 400 comments on a post over a few days. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that post older than his most recent twitter account? hahahaha He has a lot more than 400 tweets in less time, if so.

        Bottom line: The admittedly dementia addled Bill Schmalfeldt, who claims to be a Parkinson's warrior but has been rejected as a donor by one of the biggest Parkinson's organizations*, spends all day, every day, stalking at least the two blogs and several twitter accounts. The rest of us, dozens of us, spend a few hours a week reading those blogs and twitter feeds and maybe commenting. And spend maybe a few hours per month on average reading his twitter. He's prolific, no doubt, but it doesn't take long to get very tired of reading his nonsense, or too revolted to continue.

        TL;DR - A couple of dozen people total less than 500 posts in less time than it took one cyberstalking low-no-life to tweet over 500 times, ctrl/v two or five wastes of Amazon or other self-publish bandwidth, and waste-of-blog-bandwidth posts all on the same subject/people. Very clear to anyone not afflicted with dementia and/or other serious mental disorders exactly who is stalking whom.

        *Ponder this: How vile must someone be to be "fired" as a donor of all "profits" from their literary pretensions? hahahaha

  6. Sales rank for Animus Nociendi:

    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #3,764,229 in Books

    Ah, but this "book" will be different! He's announced it to his NINE followers on twitter!

  7. WMS-DB @WmsDb · 3m 3 minutes ago

    As long as Eric confines himself to Krendler's filthy blog, we're OK. If he expands into other arenas, there will be trouble.

    What trouble - you mean like making a pussy palace recording of underage girls for your pedo friends?


    1. can someone answer this?
      I've been wondering for awhile now, just where the hell does Shakey get the idea he has the right to tell other people what they can and can't do/say/post???

      I mean really, how has he gotten the idea he has any sort of control of other people?

      Especially since he's shown over and over he can't even control himself.

      1. Because he is the master and commander of the universe, dontchaknow? I mean, he controls EPWJ here..... oh wait..... and Krendler..... oh wait..... and Hoge..... oh wait......

        Darnit. Falsified at every turn!

      2. He has tried to control everyone from day one. The material that Hoge could post. The comments that he should allow. Like BK, he ignores the Streisand Effect it has had.

    2. I love how he thinks that he can control the universe. It's crazy that it just bows to his will. SMDH.

      And what the heck is the earlier reference to AHB? I feel like I'm missing a clue card. But since I've been spotty here lately that's probably my fault. Sigh

      1. Someone is saying he did something for AHB and it could be a big no no - most companies do not like or allow vendors to use their images without permission. I did lots of things for companies and I am STRICTLY not allowed to mention it even on my resume -

        Considering the crap that can flow, even after the event, its a wise corporate decision, and to have relatives who invoke and involve you in this hyper sensitive world we live in - its to preserve and protect the brand.

        Remember if you do business out there friends, colleagues and family attach to you. Especially when they have overactive vile presences on the net, best to be prepared to exercise caution and to be careful to distance one's self from highly inappropriate behavior instead of allow someone to contact you and give everyone the impression on twitter that you are a participant in some phases of the harassment

      2. I'm not going to reveal it - sorry Dianne - its a shame, weekly he threatens me, he files supposedly reports with the FTC, The FBI, countless authorities, he made blogs about my kids, he keeps outing them on the internet - yet - in the very real matter of his son who he invoked as a PARTY to criminal complaints against me - who I HAD NEVER mentioned before he did that - when I do a quick search and find out someone already has been in court this month - I'm of course at fault.

  8. WMS-DB @WmsDb · 10m 10 minutes ago
    What @Mayberryville here is doing is called, "Stalking."

    Please cite the applicable law that says writing an anonymous poem is stalking. That's stupid even for you Willy.

  9. For the record there is ABSOLUTELY nothing criminal on Peter - and I think he should be aware that is father is bringing him into this we have no choice since he claimed to have made a police complaint including his son - due diligence is due diligence

    Like I said I didn't start this - I exercised my constitutional rights and Bill claimed to have filed knowlingly false criminal reports with just about anyone

    I have been in contact with the police and they had no questions of me except they asked for contact information for others who were potential victims

  10. No, not libelous. Say, when did Mr. Schmalfeldt start going by the name of "Fatboi"? I forgive him for that, too.

  11. This is so sad. Going after someone about a debt. But, wasn't someone's spouse a defendant in a case brought by Arrow Financial Services? This lack of empathy for others who may be having similar problems is disappointing, but I forgive him.

  12. https://twitter.com/WmsDb/status/520624556562976768

    Oh this is funny in the sad pathetic department . He is stalking and harassing the wrong person and his family in Chris Heather but Eric is the one who is mentally disturbed ? Couldn't make it up if we tried. Hmmm I wonder how long it's going to take when that light bulb finally goes on here for the big dummy. I also am laughing at the fact he still thinks Howard Earl and I are the same person. It must suck to be so wrong all the time. WORST INTERNET DETECTIVE EVER! I've seen snails smarter than this guy.

      1. It never crossed his mind that some people actually travel? (And of course that assumes that he's got the right states of residence for everyone, a very tenuous assumption indeed.)

    1. ^Poor dumb Bill. Here dummy lets see if you can figure this out. But isn't Wisconsin a long way from where Howard Earl lives? The answer is yes dummy. Kind of hard for Howard to be in Wisconsin tweeting away when he doesn't live there.

  13. Poor Willy, back to begging:

    WMS-DB @WmsDb · 6m 6 minutes ago

    If you don't believe my "charges" have any legs, then what do you have to lose? Step up. Man up. Make me APOLOGIZE to Chrissy!

    WMS-DB @WmsDb · 7m 7 minutes ago

    So, prove someone else is @embryriddlealum. I will file charges against THAT person and leave poor Chrissy alone.

    1. He really does seem to think that people have an obligation and should prove to him or tell him how wrong he is as he harasses innocent people . The big fat gas bag sure is full of himself. Sorry dickhead it doesn't work that way. Personally , I think he should stop running his big fat mouth and actually follow through with it and call the police on Chris Heather. Let's see how that turns out. CHOP! CHOP! Bwilly!!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!

    2. maybe he's not that eager to add Wisconsin to his list of states he has restraining orders in.

      pussy that he is after all.

  14. I sit on a perch
    made of birch
    To tweet my threats
    and besmirch

    The efforts of those
    to oppose my corrections
    to their behavior
    I demand protection

    But it's not a proposal
    but a commandment I decree
    For again as the Unsold king
    with thirty books, yeah me!

    I will list the children
    of my protestors
    I will haunt the wives
    of my detractors
    I will record vile profanity
    for repeat offenders
    I will curse little girls
    and post all their pictures

    If their parents,
    don't do what I want
    They have no choice
    its the will of my haunt

    For I am he
    who decides who is free
    For I am he
    who can say what can be

    When I proclaim my liberty
    That means its above other's prosperity

    You had no right to remind
    as I mention family
    I didn't mean mine
    so tragic you did fatally

    Even though I said
    they were involved with my kingdom
    you didn't have to defend yourself,
    you don't have the freedom

  15. https://twitter.com/WmsDb/status/520644373617606656

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Can't make this shit up. This from the man with a (heavy) flow chart with nothing buy Yes legs. This from the man that regularly scrubs thousands of tweets and entire websites from the net when he fucks up yet again. Bwhahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  16. WMS-DB @WmsDb · 16m 16 minutes ago
    I'm not new at this, Horse Bite! Once somebody stumbles, then quickly memory holes the tweet, that means he's hiding something.


  17. WMS-DB @WmsDb · 5m 5 minutes ago
    ...I'm satisfied I'm done talking about it. If you have evidence, you can send it anonymously to lordofsatire@gmail.com. If you don't? Bye!

    An entire hour long Feldtdown of practically nothing but begging someone, anyone, to tell him who ERA really is.


  18. After more than a few years, I still find his "antics" entertaining in a looking through squinted eyes kind of way. You've got to give The Blob credit, his particular brand of asshattery has staying power.


    1. damn
      i guess twitter had a problem with his posting other peoples pics, info and making threats, again.

    2. Oh EPWJ ...you are a wise man. Let's just say the real Chris Heather is aware of the situation now. One of us might have ran into him this past weekend. 😉 Hey I tried warning the big fat duff for months now that Chris Heather wasn't Howard Earl/@Embryriddlealum and he was harassing the wrong person.

      Very well

    1. you know , he could try leaving people alone, not harassing anyone, not trying to dox them or their kids just cause he doesn't like what they say on other peoples blogs, OH and stopping with the threats and @mentioning people who have asked him not to @mention them...

      of course this is Shakey so of course he wont.

      99% of what happens to him, he brings on himself.

    1. wow, by Shakey's rules that right there is a DEATH THREAT!!!!!

      someone should notify his keeper he's making threats again.

  19. maybe he wasn't banned maybe he got a gig designing commercials for democrats:

  20. Got to be a record but the tweets were sent to twitter - and I reviewed his latest book where apparently I wrote something on the cover....

    Forwarded to Amazon Legal department and Racine City Police and Howard SA office

    · 34m 34 minutes ago

    From now on, I will run silent and deep. You won't know when, you won't know how, but you will know why.

    Bill Schmalfeldt @WMSBroadcasting · 35m 35 minutes ago

    Hi, pals. You went too far. Way too far. And you don't get to do that. Nope. You don't.

    Bill Schmalfeldt @WMSBroadcasting · 36m 36 minutes ago

    ...have this platform to express myself. Well, Twitter has unsuspended this account. I will use it. And Chris Heather and Eric Johnson?

    Bill Schmalfeldt @WMSBroadcasting · 36m 36 minutes ago

    It's gone. Chris Heather or Eric Johnson (now known as "Bluelake" in his false book reviews) have deemed it just and fair that I should not

    Bill Schmalfeldt @WMSBroadcasting · 37m 37 minutes ago

    It would seem that my lot in life is to sit here and take it when people take shots at me. If I fight back, I get suspended. @wmsdb acct...

    Bill Schmalfeldt @WMSBroadcasting · 53m 53 minutes ago

    You went too far, @embryriddlealum. You went too far, @mayberryville, or Bluelake. Too far.

  21. An Oedipal Troll suspected of having contracted the Ebola virus after going 4 nights with diarrhea, doctors were surprised when they examined him and found he was still full of shit.

  22. Somewhere in a Nashville Federal Court

    Gelatinous Rube: "Your Honor make him stop MAKE HIM STOP playing that recording"

    Judge: "Okay mister, the jury has heard the Pussy Palace audio 214 times"

    Def: "Sorry Judge, it never gets old"

    Judge: "and no you cant pass out Pussy Palace tee shirts until after the acquittal - I mean trial concludes"

    G. Rube: "Your Honor YOUR HONOR! YOUR HOONOOOR"

    Judge: "Unless you actually have a question, please it down"

    Judge: "Its the defenses turn to make their case"

    Def: "I would like to play for the 215th time..."

  23. What's with him attacking the marine(without mentioning the marine, very brave)? What did he do?

    1. He does actually mention a name, David Marcussen.

      I didn't know that a marine's fellow marines were referred to as "shipmates".

      1. I know, but he doesn't @mention him, if it's twitter. Nor does he make any attempt to let the marine know he's talking about him. But then again, that's the magic of Willy's twitter feed, he can rant all he wants and nobody hears.

      2. funny how Shakey views our chatting about himself as harassment and trolling, yet his own ranting and raving on twitter and his own cesspool he calls blog are anything but.


  24. I highly suggest everyone take screen caps, they will be useful in the committal hearing.

  25. So now, for the 12th time this week, Willy goes over his "how I figured out who ERA was". He's just hell-bent on trying to get someone to tell him who he really is.

    1. and for the 12th time he conveniently leaves out he was already calling ERA- Heather for months, so the ERA doesn't have to be Heather to know what he was talking about, all he had to be is someone who knows Heather, or the girl.

      Funny how Shakey keeps ignoring that while declaring no one can prove him wrong innit?

      He claims our laughing at his idiocy is somehow proof that he is right, well whatever guy.
      Go ahead "let things proceed", I'm sure the guy you've been harassing won't mind helping you get another restraining order on your record (what is he up to now? 5??)

      meanwhile rant all you want, doesn't really matter, and when you cross the line into @mentioning folks who have asked you not to, calling the "authorities" and making false statements and reports on the wrong people ( as usual) the law will take care of you.

  26. According to his latest barely-read blog “It’s just not nice to fool with a man who could never legally be held responsible for his actions. I’ve tried to walk away. That’s the whole subject of this book!”

    I wonder what he thinks protects from being held legally responsible for his actions? Is he saying he's incompetent? If so, that sounds like he's saying he needs to be institutionalized. Certainly steps would need to be taken to protect others from his behaviour.

    1. you know I've heard cops/prosecutors love to deal with assholes who think they are above the law.

  27. Bill Schmalfeldt @WMSBroadcasting · 22m 22 minutes ago
    Now, someone either mans up and steps up, or case closed and I proceed as planned.

    But Willy, you said this about four hours ago on your last twitter feed, you know, the one you had suspended?

    WMS-DB @WmsDb · 4h 4 hours ago
    ...I'm satisfied I'm done talking about it. If you have evidence, you can send it anonymously to lordofsatire@gmail.com. If you don't? Bye!

    So are you done talking about it? Or are you done until you talk about it again?

    You aren't too terribly bright, are you?

  28. Bill Schmalfeldt @WMSBroadcasting · 22m 22 minutes ago
    Now, someone either mans up and steps up, or case closed and I proceed as planned.

    But Willy, you said this about four hours ago on your last twitter feed, you know, the one you had suspended?

    WMS-DB @WmsDb · 4h 4 hours ago
    ...I'm satisfied I'm done talking about it. If you have evidence, you can send it anonymously to lordofsatire@gmail.com. If you don't? Bye!

    So are you done talking about it? Or are you done until you talk about it again?

    You aren't too terribly bright, are you?

  29. https://twitter.com/WMSBroadcasting/status/520705077938769920

    I'll say it again. Stop being a pussy and a big fat blowhard. DO IT! Call the police on Chris Heather and tell them how you just know he is Howard Earl/ @embryriddlealum . Either you do it or shut your trap. You know why you will not do it? Because you don't have the balls to do it, and you haven't a clue if that is Chris Heather or not. You're pissing into the wind as usual internet tough guy.

    1. Ohhh... isn't that special. Admiral Twatwaffle left you a downtwinkle. Don't you feel bad now?


  30. Willy, do a guy a solid here and change your picture, huh? I mean, you aren't an attractive person anyway, but this new pic is especially bad. How about you take a pic of your ass (no, the other one), or the dog's ass, and put that up? 'Cause that would be much easier on the eyes.

    Thanks, buddy.

    1. Im not trying to get you banned Shakey, just asking Twitter Support how many handles/suspensions does one person get.
      Your up to 80 now I think.
      most people would've learned how to play by the rules around the 10th, but not you Shakey! You're just extra specially stupid aren't'cha.

      Yep an Extra Special Pussy, that's Bill Schmalfeldt right there.

  31. Bill Schmalfeldt @WMSBroadcasting · 8m 8 minutes ago
    This is the book the trolls do not want you to read. Two reviews from trolls who have not purchased or read the book.

    Uh, Willy? Who are you talking to? You have ZERO followers!

      1. HEY, you gotta give him a little time to guilt his "friends" into following him after all.

        It's not like they care enough to keep an eye out for every new handle after he gets suspended, again.

      1. well Shakey did say anything found on a public page is fair game, and his feed isn't protected (yet) so it's public right?
        have fun with that.

    1. Reading an eARC that was released at 6:30 p.m. est and I bet it has already sold more copies than the Troll of Elkridge, Maryland will ever sell total in his life time. So I will be busy, no time for the troll.

    1. OOOOHH! He got one!

      Good boy Willy, good boy.

      BTW Willy, here's Animus Nociendi's latest ranking:

      Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #3,786,972 in Books

      Three million! That's a lot!

  32. Bill Schmalfeldt
    The homoerotic fascination with Clint Eastwood is your own business, but you are completely without honor, ya fuckin' seagoin' bellhop!

    Willy, who are you talking to? 'cause there's nobody listening!


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