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  1. a business owner having to listen to people who have never had to meet a payroll/hold a real job tell him how to "properly" run his business

  2. "to hear men who know nothing about football, talking about football…at the top of their lungs."

    So, you've been watching the Sunday morning pre-game shows again, have you? Or did Keith Olberman and Al Michaels get into an argument?

  3. A jelly-belly oedipal troll claiming to have gained divine football knowledge while obtaining head dents at a pie eating contest. Further claiming that the friskiness of the bulls present really packed the knowledge in.

  4. https://twitter.com/WmsDb/status/520299809434247169

    Howard Earl did that, not "Heather". "Heather" is not Howard D. Earl /@embryriddlealum ·. You've been told that a 1000's times. You're wrong no matter how much your fat ass wants to rant and rave about it. You're welcome. You're starting to teeter with libel again and have been harassing the wrong person. Just like you harassed Jeremy for two years. Too bad you're just not smart enough to understand that.

  5. Could anyone update me on what happened with Paul Allen Levy and Ace of Spades? Not sure if everyone is being circumspect about the issue or what... All I know about it is from the PS on one of the Hogewash's posts that Ace is being represented by Patterico and Nagay's attorney. I think I saw one of the Cabin Boy's tweets gloating about it.

    So what happened? Did Ace win on the anonymity thing and Levy ended his limited representation or did Kimberlin eek out a win on his disqualification motion? Nobody's posted any rulings that I've seen.

    Please help, the curiosity is killing my cat!

    1. Treetop view:

      Levy represented Ace solely on the issue of protecting Ace's anonymity. Now that this protection has been adjudicated and resolved, Levy has no further interest in representing Ace, and no wish to serve as a destination for service of Ace. As such, he has withdrawn from the case. He did his job and, having succeeded, has moved on.

      Ace has now (presumably) retained the services of whomever is also representing Patterico and LibertyChick (prayers and a big Get Well Soon! for her) for the remaining issues to be resolved.

      I'm sure there are more knowledgeable commenters who will correct anything I've said wrong here, but I think I've hit the high points.

      1. I would dispute the term succeeded; the judge appears to have as much concern for Ace's right to anonimity as she has for prosecuting the forgery of a court summons. He withdrew because the alternative was to be used for service, while trying to get a ruling on anonimity first.

        I only wish that this courtroom based view of damage differed from:

        "Mr Dent," he said.
        "Hello? Yes?" said Arthur.
        "Some factual information for you. Have you any idea how much damage
        that bulldozer would suffer if I just let it roll straight over you?"
        "How much?" said Arthur.
        "None at all," said Mr Prosser, and stormed nervously off.

      2. Thanks Paul and Mike for explaining this. I wish I understood this service issue better. I'd think the new attorney could also be used as substitute service for the old one.


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