Oh Yeah, He'll Be Back

I can always tell when he’s slinging his bullshit:

  1. He’s still drawing breath (this one is more literal than you might think).
  2. He or his pals are leaving comments here for Patrick Grady from offshore servers.

But he’s turning to other things now, except for stomping trolls…

Sure he is.

My gray, rotting zombie ass.

Dancing Monkeys gotta monkeydance.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

40 thoughts on “Oh Yeah, He'll Be Back”

  1. Yeah, he's moved on all right. He takes more shots at Hoge, rewrites history again, makes noise about Krendler and ....drum roll, please ... Manage to get pee, poop, and Krendler's but all in a couple paragraph! Plus, the usual denials about being an anonymous cowardly commentator:

    "But it ain’t me. I just don’t have time for you and your junior high school bullshit. I’m busy. And besides, if I want to attack you, I will do so with my real name out front where you could see if.  If you had even a little crop of peach fuzz on your ass, you would allow me to comment on your site and I could deal with you there. But you don’t. Because you’re a coward.

    And I’m done wasting my time on shivering, pee-squirting cowards.

    Yeah, you think you’re King Turd of the Shit Pile. And that’s fine. I don’t care. Your mindless taunting does not bother me. Just don’t fuck with my stuff. If you fuck with my stuff, I promise you will have a most unhappy fall and winter."

    1. Sorry, I've been IRL all day and asking if someone could link to this tripe.

      There is "moving on," and there is "moving on with a last swing as he hits the floor."

      One I would allow to stand.

      The other cannot be allowed to stand.

      There's a beatdown a'comin'...

  2. "I will do so with my real name out front". Then changes twitter alias AGAIN.

    "I will do so with my real name out front". Then changes twitter alias AGAIN.

    "I will do so with my real name out front". Then changes twitter alias AGAIN.

    "I will do so with my real name out front". Then changes twitter alias AGAIN.


    Repeat as necessary.

  3. "I will do so with my real name out front". Then changes twitter alias AGAIN.

    "I will do so with my real name out front". Then changes twitter alias AGAIN.

    "I will do so with my real name out front". Then changes twitter alias AGAIN.

    "I will do so with my real name out front". Then changes twitter alias AGAIN.


    Repeat for every butthurt. Going for 100 twitter handles/aliases?

      1. Its always funny to watch him bitch and moan about how PK won't let him comment here. He can comment all he wants, he just has to qualify by answering the question.
        Plus there are lots of blogs where he comment all he wants. Yours is available. I've never shut mine down to him, however I did require him to be amusing or I'll edit and delete his comments. Seems thats another insurmountable hurdle for him.

        1. Actually, that ship sailed when he faildoxed me as Grady. It's going to take a lot more than PoorBill has to give to win him back privileges here.

  4. Dear fellow dozen pale followers, please do not interfere with the leftist child sex ring and filth squadron of the 666th MD pedoenablers corp. They have much important work to do making mass vile unsold literature for the coming 2016 apocalypse.

    Your cooperation is appreciated

  5. After 5 years and 107 unsold titles later, our pungent hero, freshened from a vigorous meeting of narcissists anonymous, has taken the brave course of self reflection:

    Do I make a 108th unsold title?

    Do I make a blog entry decrying those that give me hell for being a total a$$ on the internet?

    Do I try fake a internet death to rebirth myself in a monplacentaltwitterwordpress kind of way?

    All three?

  6. Make the oedipal chimp dance right into a jail cell or mental institution. Once there, hopefully, he will finally take the cure and pass to his deserved reward.

  7. CB Parody Records ‏@CBParodyRecords Oct 31

    Closing up shop here and at @wmsbroadcasting. Moving on with my life. Suggest others do as well.

    By this tweet, its evident that Oedipal Bill wants everyone to know his new handle. Bill is not done by far and the dormant mayonnaise is just waiting to erupt from his head dents. It won't be long before his oedipalness dances to pull of the strings by Paul Krendler. For Oedipal Bill, the monkey dance is continuous. And Oedipal Bill is an oedipal fool, soon to be parted from his twitter handle.

  8. Well, "moving on" lasted a long time. We have a mini-feldtdown.

    What exactly is a "false negative review" anyway?

    1. It's a review he doesn't like.
      As for the rest, this is him "moving on," meaning that even where his name is not mentioned, accusations are not made, and specific words are not used, he sees them, and it's always about him.
      And I'm still waiting to see that blog he promised to create a mont ago, as testimony to his "beloved." still waiting.

    2. That's when someone doesn't like one of his books, says so, and does not prove to Bill Addlepate's warped standards that they bought or read the book...neither of which is a violation of Amazon's TOS.

    1. I believe the actual term used (and not toward him explicitly, unless he is also of dubious and fevered sanity, which he clearly is NOT...) was "pedoenabler."

      Certainly different from a pedophile, but related. I mean, if you have a guy with a history of calling authorities in Texas with suspicions of the same, who fails in his civic duties much closer to his own home jurisdiction with much stronger facts at hand, I think calling such a deranged, Oedipal, serially adjudicated, cyberharassing, bigmaking, fearpeeing, mayo-craving, no-book-selling piece of shit troll a "pedoenabler" is not only reasonable as a matter of opinion, but very easily defendable in court, as a matter of fact.

      But IANAL. Your mileage may vary.

    1. I think he may be able to go a bit longer. Consider he'll have to begin the process of getting his computer back or replacing it. Typing directly on a tablet isn't exactly fast, no matter who is doing it. His head would likely explode while trying to type out 50 tweets in 10 minutes on a tablet. hahahaha

      So, I'd say he'll start begging for a keyboard by noon on Tuesday, but he won't be back until late Wednesday make that Friday, say 6 pm - ish. I think he'll try to hold out just to try to prove us wrong but by then he won't be able to satisfy himself merely hiding behind a blocked/private twitter account.

      Of course, I think we're all betting that he won't go 12 hours without checking TMZ and Hoge's. hahaha You know, we all go 12 hours or more without looking at either from time to time. Rain often goes for days or even more than a week without checking in. So do several other regular commenters.

      But not the freakshow. He can't stay away.

      TL;DR I'm taking Friday, 6pm.

      1. Typing directly on a tablet isn’t exactly fast, no matter who is doing it.

        Don't forget the speech-to-text capability on the iPad. Based on his error-riddled recent blog posts, he's using the shit out of it already. I still think the smart money's on Tuesday.

  9. @CBParodyRecords
    Gonna close up all Twitter accounts, Facebook Accounts, and vanish from online. TJ gets the computer. I am not ...
    9:27 pm —1 Nov 14

    Kinda sounds like he's worried about a subpoena.

    1. Like he really believes that by giving away the computer the MAC address of the network device installed therein can't be traced to him. That same MAC address that is connected to every tweet he tweeted, every post he has published on WordPress, every comment on every website, even the anonymous ones posted via TOR or other off-shore providers. The MAC address of the specific network device can be proven and ownership established when the proper tools are used. Lengthy and costly but it stands up in court when performed by a professional.

  10. So in unconditional surrender he vows to remove all traces of himself from social media and says he'll only keep an iPad, but suddenly he is blogging about his victory over the "trolls". The man is smart enough to breath without having to be reminded.

  11. Is it possible someone is hiding from the Knot boys until the post-election gloating period is over?


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