Julius Caesar: Act III Scene 2

It’s been unusually quiet the last week or so. Except for a couple of slips, very calm indeed. Perhaps something is coming.

On Tuesday, it was:

So, why bother?

Because I refuse to yield the field to the trolls, to the hate-mongers who have tried ever so hard to define who I am.


But if I should shuffle off the proverbial “mortal coil” tonight, these books, audiobooks and comedy albums are PROOF of my existence, and they will speak for me. Why do you suppose the Legion of Hoge has worked so hard to post false, negative reviews of my most recent books on Amazon. They neglect to mention that they are major characters in the books they are panning (I most certainly do NOT, you lying fuck – PK), so I am forced to do that for them.

Everything else will speak for itself.

Strong, defiant, full of piss and vinegar, if a bit fatalist. Unfortunately for him, I think Shakespeare had the measure.

But Thursday, a little different story from Twitter:


Not quite so defiant. More resigned? Defeated, even?

You know what it feels like to me?



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

49 thoughts on “Julius Caesar: Act III Scene 2”

  1. There once was a fired Harasser
    kicked off online for being an asser

    He kept on with the butt
    yet no one bought all his stuff

    And now he's a victim of bastards!

      1. Gus,

        I shall publish it AND DEMAND REVIEWS!
        Anyone pointing out clerical and grammatical errors
        or the fact its boring and fucking sucks
        Shall have their children's safety compromised!!!


        Parkinsons demands it

    1. Me neither the only people who phoned me were cops wanting to know who the young children were in the pictures especially the young girl in the website sitting in someone's lap

      They REALLY want to know who she is and have per parents or guardians come in to help them process the complaint to the feds

      oh its a federal crime, not up to Racine but the complaint needs to start locally

      1. EMPEROR
        Oh...I'm afraid the deflector shield will be quite operational when
        your friends arrive.
        As you can see, my young apprentice, your friends have failed. Now
        witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle
        (into comlink)
        Fire at will, Commander.

  2. Pssst, BS. Here's a hint. If those one star reviews are factually true, then they are, incidentally, TRUE! Your revision of things really doesn't matter for jack or shit, now do they? Such a shame that you can't regulate everyone's viewpoint of things, isn't it. Sigh. So glad that I don't live in your little utopia.

  3. I guess Fatboi was getting bored again and needs to pop the zit on his huge melon of head!

  4. The fact that he ran straight to Twitter to crow about the worthless vomit that he keeps spewing onto the web being what will "live after him," I have to believe that he missed the Shakespeare reference entirely.

    How could this monkeydance possibly be better?

      1. Indeed.

        Pathetic... Thy name is Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt.

        Writing and recording hate-crack screeds (some involving disturbing, sexual imagery with regard to children)... yeah... some legacy.

        The Elkridge Horror flushed his "sterling reputation" quite well (and, quite permanently) -- all by himself -- by repeatedly proving to anyone paying attention what a sick and twisted freak he is. *shudder*

        I'd suggest he seek help... however, the Blob proved to be a lost, soulless cause long ago.

  5. Unfortunately, but it will be lost among the other filth that permeates our culture today.

    "The Liberal Grouch @liberalgrouchcd ·
    You mock, you disparage, you produce nothing, @/brainsrfood. You will disappear. This is permanent."

    Say, isn't it a Twitter TOS violation to have multiple Twitter accounts?

  6. I thought his definition of a "false" review was one whose author had not bought the book. But now I guess he defines a "false" review as any which don't praise him and his book to the heavens.

    Right now he's claiming that I was wrong in my review because he did give attribution to Kathy Sierra. To quote the book (on page 2) "a story written by a pseudonymous blogger, who I will not name in order to not invite more harassment than she's already received." He doesn't even name the blog, never mind the blogger, but that's full attribution in his world! A real editor would never have let him get away with that, but hey, he's been a professional editor! He knows everything there is to know about copyright, attribution, privacy, and other pesky little legal details like that.

    And that "who" should be "whom". It's the object of the clause, not the subject. It's downright painful to read, and if he had ever really been an editor, he would have known that.

    1. And dont you just love the reasoning!

      "Im not going to give full attribution to this blogger because she might get harassed, not because I might get in trouble; but these other bloggers over here whom I don't like? Well, let's just dox the shit out of them and trust that nobody calls up their wives or employers."

      See, what Popehat wrote: that's PERMANENT.
      What Stacy McCain has written? PERMANENT.
      What John Hoge has done: PERMANENT.
      What I have written to make the monkey dance: PERMANENT.

      He may make people laugh, and he may think that it will last forever. He may even be correct. But he fails utterly to realize that no one is laughing WITH him...they're laughing AT HIM.

      And that too is PERMANENT.

      1. His comedy will be his legacy?

        Let's see how well that works. David Frye made an absolutely gut bustingly funny album based on his impersonations of Nixon and other politicians and celebrities around the time of Watergate called Richard Nixon: A Fantasy

        Now try and find a copy.

        And his had something Dumbass has yet to come close to: it was funny.

        He can preen himself as a peer to George Carlin or Douglas Adams but that has as much effect as all his other reality modification attempts.

      2. "Back in those days we were all full of piss and vinegar... Now I'm all out of vinegar."

        -- CBBS? Grandpa Simpson? could be both....

    2. Meh. It's good enough for gubmint work. *eyeroll*

      Tis mind-boggling the journamalist considers that blurb anything even close to an attribution.

      1. He also claims that this note, which was added to the version he saw, written by the original author to the blogger/website admin who reprinted it constitutes "blanket permission" to reprint the article.

        [Note: I didn't want to have to write this. But here it is. I'm not linking it to the blog, and it won't likely stay up long, but you are welcome to contact me here if you want to put it somewhere else before I take it down. It is long and rambling and unedited and one of the few.....]

        Seriously, what part of "contact me if you want to put it somewhere" constitutes "blanket permission"? It's not like Bill says he contacted her and got permission.

        1. Bill has a long & colorful history of assuming that a non-response is a grant of blanket permission as regards Fair Use. Unless of course you're using something that belongs to him. Or makes him look bad. Which pretty much covers everything.

        2. How does it go: "If he didn't have double standards, he wouldn't have standards at all"?

  7. If Willy's so busy changing the world with "comedy" CDs (that nobody will ever hear), how does he have the time to visit this little, insignificant blog?

    1. I actually listened to one. My mouth was on the floor. I just couldn't believe that 1) someone would think that it was funny enough to sell in a comedy CD 2) that someone listening to it would think it was funny and then 3) buy it. And I readily admit that there are many things out there that I don't think are funny. But I acknowledge that yes, they could be funny to a certain group of the population. But those that would find his stuff funny? I actually do worry about their sanity.

      1. anyone that thinks this stuff is funny needs to be tagged, prominently marked, and ankle tracer attached for the protection of the general public.

      2. Kyle, you might want to add sterilized to that list. Though keeping them away from the slumber parties might be adequate since I can't imagine any woman over about 12 willingly having anything to do with someone who would think that bilge was funny.

  8. Hey Bill!


  9. Of course I start receiving @mentions from him again. He can't leave well enough alone. He CRAVES me pointing out his stupidity and irrelevance. He must not want his current Twitter account anymore.

    Hey, JAGOFF. No cops. Never will be. You are a loser. Take the CURE, please.

    1. Let's see.

      Bill claims he wants to be "left alone".

      Bill claims that we need to "come and get him" on his own blog/twitter feed.

      No one does, so he has to try to get someone pissed enough to do so so he can claim he's a victim.

      No one here is that stupid, so we comment on this "little blog that is only read by 12 people".

      That doesn't equate "VICTIM!!!!" in Bill's mind, so now he wants to loose his twitter feed.

      I wonder what he'll do if no one complains to Twitter about him @mentioning them?

  10. I gave a one star review on "Troll Louse Kookies." My review was removed. Shorty after, Amazon reset my password after my an attack on my account. Hmmmmm.

    Pay .... are .....

  11. Victim ignores his pervert stalker. Other people discuss the pervert stalker. Pervert stalker's response is to go after his victim, who isn't discussing him at all.

    1. "Remember - if you throw a dog turd at me, I'll crap on SOME OTHER GUY'S dinner table. While you're eating somewhere else.

      "And then I will whine about the injustice of people photoshopping a penis on my head after I photoshopped someone onto the head of a penis."

      Hello? Is this WHINE-1-1?

      1. Pervert stalker finds value in playing the perpetual victim. It gives him a reason to fantasize sexually about the bowel habits of people he stalks.

  12. Hmm. Interesting. BS admits that when he says "leave me alone," he doesn't mean it. Well, I knew that. I guess he means, "talk about me so I have something to bitch about. Feeling like a victim turns me on."

    The Liberal Grouch @liberalgrouchcd · 4m 4 minutes ago
    I do wish that when I say "Leave me alone," I mean "Leave me alone."

  13. Col. Trollpoker: In every class, there's always one joker who thinks that he's smarter than me. In this class, that happens to be you. Isn't it, Mayonnaise?

    Mayonnaise: Don't you do it, sir!!!!!


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