How To Maintain A Sterling Reputation


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Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

167 thoughts on “How To Maintain A Sterling Reputation”

    1. It promises to be a wonderful one, too. William's overconfident grandiosity always ends so swimmingly.

      It's a shame that I'll miss so much of it.

      1. This being the first business day of the week, I'm guessing he's started getting the "don't call us, we'll call you.... no, really, DON'T CALL US" messages from various and sundry law enforcement agencies.

  1. Someone has stage IV butthurt - thinks that websites he created and twitter comments that he made are considered libel if they are repeated. I wonder at the beginning of any trial that the Pussy Palace recording will just overwhelm the jury and the judge with outrage - in fact the victims of that recording might just want to be there to testify -

    Follow it with the audio of harassing a rape victim repeatedly for writing an article about a violent felon the butthurting chief of the Boat and Master Gunny is still supporting

    Hey all I will have to do is watch some quivering oozing sweaty red faced doxer read screen after screen after screen of his own twitter comments and then follow up with excepts of violent, or whiney self serving tripe from the "books" the screen shots of faces in feces will convince anyone that these were destined for the NYT list


    Buk buk bukkkawww!

  3. So doom Tuesday was just a day of tears bubbles blowing out the rubbery nose of the guy who has nothing but three years of smears and lies carefully documented on the web.

    It must be horribly frustrating to sit there and realize - if I only stayed out of other people's business....

    1. Put another way, if this moron would just forget his various targets/white whales exist and go about his life, he would be happier and no one would be investigating.

  4. "Hey Doug, I don't see anywhere where this guy claimed to be a police officer."

    "Me neither, Dave."

    "Let's just ignore this fat fuck in Maryland. It's not like he is going to actually come down here."

    "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..Marilynn. If this crazy bastard calls, Dave and I are out "investigating" the case."


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