How To Maintain A Sterling Reputation


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Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

167 thoughts on “How To Maintain A Sterling Reputation”

  1. Everything you need to know about how I feel about Bill and his cohort:

    No, Bill, I'm not going to seek you out to punch you. I live several hours away, and you are far too insignificant to actually find and deliver the facepunch you have earned. So don't go whining about threats, because my intense desire to see you humiliated and beaten is not sufficient to get me off my couch, much less cross the 3 or 4 states I would need to actually venture into to give you what you have earned.

    No, Bill, you have nothing to fear from me other than my derision and laughter. That being said, think about all the people you pass on those rare days you get up the courage to leave your hovel and lumber into a restaurant or a doctor's office. Look into the faces of the people you pass. Some are fooled, but some just want to punch you. The only thing keeping them from doing it is a gossamer-thin strand of propriety and a fear of prosecution. Luckily for you, these people that put up with you have no idea the vile hate you spew on the Internet.

    They do not know about your harassment of the Stranahans. They do not know about you doxing a baby. They do not know about your bizarre obsession with anal rape.

    But you are playing the odds, Bill. Eventually, somebody who knows who you are will recognize you. It might be going to Mimi's, or Houlihans, our even Hunan Delight. It might be the local Giant. And that somebody is going to look around and see if there are any cameras or bystanders. And if there isn't, count on waking up in an ambulance, on the way to the hospital.

    Because you are a dick. A malignant, festering, obnoxious boil on the ass of humanity. Nobody loves you, let alone likes you. Gail puts up with you out of habit and inertia. Everybody else tolerates you, at best.

    It doesn't have to be this way. You could just choose to be cool. Genuinely love people. Put down the mayo encrusted mouse and volunteer somewhere. Be a docent at the library. A crossing guard at a local school. Help design the website at church. Why not? What the heck else are you doing?

    Its your life, Bill. Ain't much of it left. Work to show God's kingdom here on Earth, or slouch your way towards sullenness and hate, and whatever reward God decides that earns. Either way, you have to know one thing: you can't actually hurt any of your enemies. Even if you successfully dox ERA or Krendler, so what? What negative consequence will they actually suffer? A little zinger that will be noticed only by their friends and the 3 or 4 people that follow you? An annoying e-mail to an employer that, if you are lucky, might mean having to change jobs? That's it. That's what you are working so hard to accomplish.

    I'll pray for you, Bill. I really hope you get a life (what's left of it.) You don't have a lot of tomorrows to change your mind. Use them wisely.

    1. This^^^^^

      And they might not even have to worry about the bystanders. I yelled at a desk person in a walk in clinic once for treating me far less appallingly over a half hour period than what Bill likes to dish out. I was applauded by the rest of the waiting room. I think there were a few "you go girl!" or the likes in there too.

      There are far more of us out there than most realize, who are getting tired of letting the jerks and the bullies get away with anything short of murder.

      And the colonel is right. There is a LOT of stuff that to be done or tried that's positive for everyone involved. Helping folks learn to read at the library. Learning a new language, Learning a new craft (Rosie Greer knits, crochets and does needlepoint). Learning to cook, or new dishes if you already do. That's something that you and Gail could to together. (My husband and I don't do it often enough, but it can be fun. and tasty.) Help at a local soup kitchen. There's usually stuff that can be done, even if you can't stand up. Join a church. Take a class, in person or online, at the local community college. Choose something you don't know. Try becoming the Christmas Day Scrooge; it will be so much more fun and rewarding for both you and others.

  2. Stay tuned to more adventures of the Donkey Dox

    On Tuesday he will expose a Democrat lesbian couple Heather and Christy, it will take 1,203 tweets and a baseball bat from Kuns to finally get him to stop

    Earl was unavailable for comment

  3. Wow, that is an impressive list of FAIL there. Oh sure, he'll say that few of the name changes reflect his change in radio programming while forgetting he had to change the programming because he FAILED at the previous one. And no, I won't encourage him to be the latter day Scrooge. He doesn't have it in him. He is vile. He hates. Popehat said it best, " Bill Schmalfeldt doesn't have values. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn't have beliefs. Bill Schmalfeldt has enemies, and then nothing, a black and dank and empty void of sullenness."

  4. Sorry, I have to repost this. This is the perfect post to demonstrate Willy's pathology:

    Bill Schmalfeldt @WMSBroadcasting · 23h 23 hours ago

    @davidmarcussen Please answer the Facebook question. I have just a couple more and I can turn you loose to enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    ROTFLMAO. "turn you loose"? Who the hell do you think you are Willy?

    What a pretentious prick.

    1. Shot: "I have just a couple more and I can turn you loose to enjoy the rest of your weekend."

      Chaser: "Now, do you wanna play dumb and lose your kids? Or do you wanna play smart and keep what you got?"

      Chaser: "I want it all, Doug."

      This is no journalist. This is someone who fancies himself an Internet cop.

  5. some who has been banned over 70 times from twitter, didn't even bother to show up at his last court appearance, who constantly has pictures of young girls on his blogs and now pretends to be a marine

    thinks if he even had the discipline to disappear from the net, we would care, uh no.

    Minding one's own business and the right to remain silent - not going to happen with this one


    ... says the guy who visited this blog and started his Twitter commentary thereon at 8:02 am.

      1. I read Dumbass during my constitutional. Puts me in the proper frame of mind.

  7. After this weekend I do not know if he wants to be known as the Troll of Elkridge or as "pecker checker"

      1. For the love of God, Howard, RUN!!!! While you still can! Save Yourself!

  8. Guess he hasn't seen his new Wikipedia article -

    Let me see whats the score again 1,749 threats of arrest of Hoge, me, Krendler, and Earl
    actual arrest or even calls from police 0 (well John was called once but they were just asking if he was okay)

    Times stalker was dragged into court (4,5,6)
    Orders against 4
    court wins 0

  9. Bill got on the Team Themis bus long before he even meet Brett Kimberlin. For Bill has his own movie going, his own scenario, and Bill is acting out his movie out like mad. It's the giggity goo mayonnaise point of no return and the reach around for the alien colostomy site.
    (From the Electric Mayonnaise Test)

    The above is just one example of why you don't eat the brown mayonnaise.

  10. the man is still in denial that he knew he had a court date even when I personally reminded him 4 days earlier

      1. Given how he went after that cop over the weekend, he's probably rehearsing that "I have dementia, I don't know what I'm doing!" speech a lot these days.

        Anyone else hear sirens?

      2. he seems to lie about everything, then making up possibly papers - then pen ink looked fresh and the pages - were crystal clean - all the pen strokes looked like they were written in one passage no variations no different indentations etc -

        He was an elite trained assigned to marine force unit but never mentioned that it his books or anywhere

        Landing in Beirut is a big freakin deal - he would have been decorated - he would have had his name in the paper - crickets

        Funny Lemmen was convicted for impersonating an officer but there isn't a crime for harassing a marine and pretending to be one at the same time...

        BTE harassing state of Virginia law enforcement is a crime - they have the tweets - and the extensive background - good luck with that - try not to piss this time

      3. Perry, The men in white coats don't use the siren until after the detainee is safely "wrapped up". Don't want to alarm the delicate little flower unnecessarily.

      4. Actually EPWJ, I was never charged or convicted of impersonating an officer. I was charged and pled guilty to 2 counts of Bank Fraud and four counts of uttering (trying to negotiate) fraudulent securities. That's all. No conviction or even charge regarding impersonation. The DoD refused to release my records, claiming they were 'lost'. They were mysteriously found in February of 2012, five years after they were requested by the Judge.

    1. IANAL But to my knowledge, Mr. Hoge was not under any obligation legal or otherwise to inform the ponderous, jelly-belly troll of that court date. It was Dick Dents responsibility to keep up with the court date not anyone else's.

      1. I also thought that Mr. Hoge had said he would drop the proceedings if certain conditions of the mediation were adhered to. And the other party somehow heard the first part and tuned out before hearing the "if" clause, and went and made a doctor's appointment for that time. He never considered that Mr. Hoge wasn't going to drop PO request, no matter what happened.

        The court system expects me to keep track of when I have to show up for jury duty. (5th time in 14 years!) I'd assume that they'd expect someone who is actually a party to a case to keep track of that info too, without relying on a third party, in particular the other side in the case, to remind them.

  11. Bill Schmalfeldt @WMSBroadcasting · 37m 37 minutes ago

    No matter how many times you lie about it,

    you really need to stop self confessing - quit lying about it - you were embarrassed you knew you stepped in it and were fear pee to go into the court room and lose again in person

    Brave warrior attacked dead babies in a single bound

    BTW where are those reviews from family and all those friends of your books?

  12. On Amazon I've more titles than books that I've sold
    Makes no nevermind to me
    Countless radio stations though their listener count's cold
    Makes no nevermind to me
    I spend my days ranting 'bout Krendler and Earl
    And dreaming of "Strammy" pimping out his li'l girl
    I'll faildox a cop when I'm feeling quite bold
    Makes no nevermind to me.

    1. Can't be held liable for the havoc I wreak
      Makes no nevermind to me
      My tweets are untraceable—a new name each week!
      Makes no nevermind to me
      I photoshop skulls over toddlers' faces
      And their mothers standing in tres obscene places
      All else matters not, Howard Earl's dox I seek
      Makes no nevermind to me.

  13. Bill Schmalfeldt @WMSBroadcasting · 9m 9 minutes ago
    It's not that I mind the trolling. It's just that they're so PISS POOR at it. If I didn't go over there to see it, it wouldn't exist!

    So says the man with 7 twitter followers, no blog visitors and zero book sales.

    1. "Their trolling is so bad that they made do what they wanted by the power of their pathetic trolling and then they made me announce my vulnerability to it to the whole world or at least 7 to 8 people who may or may not be in this world for real."

      You just can't buy dumbass like this anymore.

    2. Mr PussPuss himself acknowledges with his own words that no one here is trolling him.

      So why does he keep coming here to blame us for "trolling" him?

      Because he has nothing else to do with his time?
      Because he has no life?
      Because it gives him something to get up in the morning for, a purpose he would otherwise lack?

      would be sad if he wasn't a completely useless waste of carbon.

  14. I am the king of unsold books
    crying for all to see
    I decry the critics who hatefully set us free

    I didn't write much on whats really all in it
    Its easier to punch Control V and hit finish

    I have the power to invent federal crimes
    because I am simply out of my mind

    I wrote about filthy boys sitting on a porch
    I forgot to ad a beginning, middle, end for those dorks

    When after 5 years the book isn't sold
    I tried a new cover gee I'm so bold

    But along came someone who saw through the sham
    That all I was doing was pushing more spam

    Say it after me, I don't have the master
    Never did, never before and never after

    The master of writing is all that I lack
    I can copy and past, I'm good at that

    So spend more on my book than Clancy or Flynn
    or they will never leave the library dust bin

  15. DAMN
    Looks like I missed a LOT this past week. Including Little Bitch changing his twitter again, did he get spended yet again?
    Some one give me the cliff notes.


      1. bwahaha, thanks Howard.

        did Little Bitch seriously dox/harass a cop this weekend?

        wow, you know someone should tell him there are easier ways to go into state custody.

  16. Careful everybody, Willy's on the prowl!

    Bill Schmalfeldt @WMSBroadcasting · 13m 13 minutes ago

    Meanwhile, the alligator lies in the water, motionless, waiting for one of the dancing, clucking, annoying chickens to get close enough...

    Uh, yea:


    This really does say it all doesn't it? Why does he come here? He admits he'd never know about anything said if he didn't come here but he just can't help himself. Man has zero self control. (to go along with his zero self awareness)

  18. If Oedipal Dick Dents protects his account after making obnoxious threats and gets suspended yet again, we will all still point and laugh. 🙂

  19. As always, continually ascribing his own motivations and actions to others. He also has absolutely No original material for verbal sparring as usual. Doesn't inspire one to be the least bit interested in his TL or web.... Bleh, couldn't bring myself to finish that. Bile rising, off to think on better things.

    1. Just a thought... Maybe he was a parrot in another life and it's bleeding through? Polly want a cracker? Dumb sob....

  20. So I tried to follow a link to his twitter page, and it seems he has taken it private (again) - I think, since I don't do twitter, I don't know the lingo. But I do wonder why he has a picture of a dog on a hospital bed, with rope restraints on the hand rail. Just how fucking perverted/sick is he?

  21. There is a slate of exciting senate races coming up and the democrats are being surprised as a group of republicans From Cruz to Palin are power campaigning for even establishment republicans (someone go revive the editors at Breitbart 🙂 )

    This is disturbing to the democrats who are feeling the pressure - the way I see it if Hagan loses so will some other races Iowa, Colorado for sure and then we may see a surprise or two or three - Getting 8,9, 10 seats will greately enhance the overall conservatism of the senate and eliminate and stop fully the parade of liberal country wrecking federal judges for at least 4 to 10 years

    Personally, I am not interested in electing democrats, even at the expense of having to listen to John McCain or some of the weaker leadership we have - I remember the 80's and the 90's and no matter what if you don't have the senate - nothing happens without having to pay for it in increased social engineering or raising taxes or both

    Time to put the sword of purity back in its sheath - save it for 13 months from now when the primaries begin again.

        1. But with the right crowd of people, intelligent enough to speak reasonably without resorting to really nasty invective, it's almost as much fun as you can have and still keep all your clothes on!

    1. I am all for ideological purity (or not, depending on who the least batshit crazy candidate is) in the primaries, but then you have to support your party in the general election.

      But even then there are exceptions, incumbents against whom I would work simply to get them out of Washington because they've been there too long.

      1. "Batshit crazy" is just about the nicest thing you can say about a majority of the politicians out there, of any stripe. I just can't wade through it all, I have my own cray cray to deal with 😉

      2. And of course there are still a few (a very few) democrats like Zell Miller, who haven't changed their beliefs and principles at all, but the way the parties have changed, they are now somewhat to the right of some of the establishments Rs.

        I've tried to point out to my parents, who almost always vote the straight Democrat ticket, that their beloved JFK would be a RWNJ by current Democrat party standards, and he'd fit into the R establishment easily. They don't listen. For all their intelligence, they've been brainwashed by academe into thinking D can do no wrong, and R is only in it for the big money donors and hates the "little guy" and anyone of color. I'm not sure how they've reconciled this with folks like that guy worried that Guam will tip over. I suspect they do the believe six impossible things before breakfast thing.

        I don't talk politics with them any more.

      3. Yea I was always lib/dem in the distant past, but it's been perverted so disturbingly that I'm disheartened to even try to vote anymore.

    2. Oooh Naked Verbal Political Wrestling! Don't have to keep the clothes on after all :p

  22. I always believed that the constitutional amendment to restrict the number of terms should apply to all - I think New Orleans which had passed one of the best term limit policies - you can serve an unlimited amount of terms but only 2 at a time, you have to step down after two and stay out one term, if you decide to run for another office and lose you have to stay out ten years

    I think the courts struck down the ten years but I'm good with it

    1. I agree, politician should not equal career. It should be about serving the public, but so many "politicians" have forgotten this.

      1. I know... Equate a term in office to a tour of duty in the military and let's lob some shells their direction for good measure! JK JK

      2. They should do that for the federal work force too. Let's not have career GS employees who have no loyalty to anything except the politician who will up their pay, and let them stay on being paid twice what someone on the outside would make for the same work.

        Treat it something like military service, max of 20 years if you don't reach a certain point, and max of 30 total after that.

  23. For your amusement.

  24. The problems I have is that there is a permanent staff sub culture running in DC - I think the distributed form of government is much better that the centralized form - I think the Senate should remain in Washington DC and the house be split into 5 chambers geographically with sub speakers running things regionally - the West Coast the South The Midwest The Rust Belt and the East coast could all address the will of the people more accurately and me more responsive to regional concerns

    It would also slow down the endless meetings the endless bills and the endless influence lobbying.

    Also pass a law that staffer MUST be residents of the state and congress can only be in session from April to September. No exceptions except in case of war.

    Also the only course of business is the passing of a budget - any new regulations or laws can only be considered on even years and cannot take effect for 5 years.

    This would end all this BS

    1. I don't see the need for such tinkering with the Constitution. Simply repeal the 16th (starve the beast) and 17th (return the Senate to its original purpose) Amendments and you're well on your way. Probably need some modifications to the 14th to ensure it's subordinated to the 9th and 10th.

    1. I may have the wrong guy. But some of the old school Ds were actually able to believe that Rs just had different opinions and maybe they were wrong, but they weren't evil; I miss that.

      I'm tired of being told that if I don't support the Democrats I hate old people and "brown people" and just want them to die and/or have no government services, even police and fire departments.

      1. no you have the right guy the main stream media made much of his thinking Clinton was guilty but in the end voted with the liberals

      2. Amen! That's just one of the things that thoroughly disgusts me about politics these days.

  25. kmbchanan:
    As always, continually ascribing his own motivations and actions to others. He also has absolutely No original material for verbal sparring as usual. Doesn’t inspire one to be the least bit interested in his TL or web…. Bleh, couldn’t bring myself to finish that. Bile rising, off to think on better things.

    Just a thought… Maybe he was a parrot in another life and it’s bleeding through? Polly want a cracker? Dumb sob….

    I have had similar thoughts, kmbuchanan. (Scary, iddn't it? haha)

    He has nothing; he is nothing.

    There just isn't anything about him that is in the least interesting. In fact, he so frequently conjures vile and revolting imagery, his words are something to avoid. I mean, where would any normal person come up with the idea of "turd in your pocket" as he mentioned earlier today?? Does he often find himself in that condition? Does he consider it a "partner" of sorts when he does?

    His writing always clearly shows the demented, sick, repugnant, depths of what passes for his thoughts. I doubt anyone would look at his writings twice, he's so awful. However, that same putrid pile of words becomes hilarious when mocked by Paul, Howard, the rest of the Knot crew, posters here and at Mr. Hoge's.

    I don't think he's ever had an original thought in his miserable life. I think the insults he chooses are ones he's heard many, many times. When he branches out on his own, or doesn't quite remember others said to him, he comes up with things like "turd in your pocket" and the like. The written word is clearly not his friend, and something he should avoid doing like the plague he is.

    If the freak had any redeeming qualities (and really, how can anyone who has been rejected by a Parkinsons charity - no, thanks, please don't advocate for us - be expected to have a redeeming quality?), any at all, he would be pitiful.

    But instead, he is so full of hatred and so determined in his constant yet totally failed quest to seek vengeance* on others, no matter how many times the anvil leaves a dent in his thick and empty skull; no matter how many times the dynamite (tweets, blog posts, waste-of-self-publishing-book-sites bandwidth), blows up in his demented face, the mockery experts use the raw material of his abject stupidity and inability to learn anything from his many failures to entertain us, causing much pointing and loud laughing at the buffoon who dances to their tune, however and whenever they choose.

    TL;DR - The reason anyone has any interest at all is not because of his no-talent ctrl/v hackery but because of the phenomenal and hilarious mockery! Wyle E. Coyote shakes his head at the repulsive caricature.

    *If he ever did know why he hates specific people, he has long forgotten it in most cases; and totally imagined it in dementia delusions in many cases.

    1. hahahahahaha At no point in that entire wall of text did I mention SchmalFAIL by any of the names he calls himself, nor any of the common monikers we attach to him. Likewise, kmbuchanan referred only to generic male pronouns with no reference to any name.

      Apparently SchmalFOOL recognized himself by description. hahahaha

      Wyle E. Coyote wept. hahahaha

  26. Also there is nothing to prevent congress both sides to talk to the people without passing laws

    Having Republicans and Democrats, speaking on race relations telling employers that its their duty to consider people of all shapes and sizes, or to business' to stay here and employ people - I think it would be almost as effective than passing laws that will just be legally dodged if they are not accepted as fair.

    The budget, the spending should take every single minute of the six months - its a huge job and all that both sides want to do - good lord the money is there - they just have to manage it.

  27. Speaking of Howard -

    In answer to your question asked on another thread:

    Mr. Earl, sir, if I ever, ever, do anything that annoys you even slightly, please know it was very unintentional. I apologize in advance. Can't imagine what was wrong with me to commit such a transgression, just know I am wrong and you are right, and hope your in your infinite wisdom and compassion for lesser mortals you will find a way to forgive me, or at least to not make me a project. TIA 😀

  28. So if Hillary runs are we going to have a project Brett? I mean if her state department was cashing a pedo terrorist bomber to go and bring young girls to his way of thinking - I can only imagine the stream of documents that can finally shed some sunlight on the exploits of the half staff subterranean pro se activist with a strong helping of persecution complex

    1. Hillary running is scary. She will probably find some way to get BIll appointed as U.S. UN Ambassador to start some real fundamental changes on the North American continent. Economically, I see this as bad for all. Not the mention the increase in unemployment.

      1. Gee, a small group of people wanting to "fundamentally" change things for everyone? What on earth could be wrong with that? Did I break anyone else's sarcasm meter besides mine with that?

    1. when someone has as many ties to violent felons as someone does its always good to be armed and ready especially when they don't have the sense to remove pictures of young girls from their websites or when they make up stories about action service adventures

  29. Well one day the filing of false complaints is going to be a person's undoing - especially when the transparency is right there - the police are far too busy and appreciate the email detailing the situation and where they can find the court records - court records mean things - that's why its always a good thing to show up to hearings - and to stay out of other people's business

  30. I can imagine the anger of being ignored and the frustration of sending information only to have others remind the police that the person couldn't even be bothered to show up at his latest restraint hearing.

    The frustration has to mount as service records are questioned, being caught in obvious fibs, and when people wave pictures around on the net - its good for a laugh.

    And all of this again could have been avoided if someone had just not butted into other's business. All they had to do is stick to remedial writing classes and cashing retirement checks.

    1. WTf? Did they forget to put part of his skull back? There is seriously no one home behind those eyes, am I right?

  31. Its got to be embarrassing for someone to have books for sale for 5 years and only a co worker and a sister bothered to leave reviews -

  32. Its got to be embarrassing to send pages of information to a police captain, call repeatedly and get a "we will conduct a ________ investigation for 30 days and then we will _______" response.

    In other words "Grace! stamp this as complete and file it away in the warehouse" "No keep the email from Mr. Johnson current in case he shows up again"

  33. so the big earth shaking announce was....

    Another pigeonholed complaint

    Almost as funny as the miracle diary with the entry - oh its Tuesday - rescued 300 people from the PLO...............

    tooo funny and sad

  34. Let the record show that none of this brutal mockery would have happened if someone had just minded his own business - oh and attended his court hearing

    Its none of his business who does what in Wisconsin or any other state

  35. What even funnier is the rape fantasies about my daughters and the tee hee tee hee anonymous messages someone thinks they're sending remotely but we get all the info.

    I have news nothings anonymous on the net - route it through a thousand routers - the origin is the origin - all those sites that guarantee anonymity, don't, they hold you hostage FOREVER for a price (even 15 bucks) they will turn you in they will even turn on your camera and take a pic.

    We just keep sending them to his local SA office without complaint for the file they keep.

    Too funny the only person that argues with me on the web and suddenly real actionable messages just happen to show up?


  36. "I know in my heart that if I snuck up behind "Howard D. Earl" and tapped him on the shoulder he'd shit and piss himself and faint from fear."

    I don't think I'll concern myself with someone incapable of picking up a cupcake wrapper without injuring himself.

    Were I a sandwich, I would be a bit more concerned.

    1. Isn't this the same guy that admits to pissing himself when a cop showed up at his door?

  37. He's had a busy 2 weeks - made false complaints frantically scrubbed websites of the pictures of young girls and women in the service, scrubbed hate speeches against a member of the Virginia Law enforcement community - yeah - then anonymous rape fantasy messages start showing up just happenstance.

    law enforcement love to be toyed with, how many more incriminating actions can one guy do in the next 2 weeks is the question

    All because - he couldn't stay out of other people's business, just couldn't do it

  38. I think they guy hasn't realized yet that the only one that will would could put him in jail is himself.

    Hence Hoge's advice to him years ago that the best thing for him to do is to remain silent

    But alas - its not to be

    I just send the standard form defense document to whatever place he is trying to start trouble - its surprisingly effective - no one has lost their job, no one has been reprimanded and no one has been even called by the authorities - oh, some have called me to verify some things - but no one asked me at all about Howard Myself, Krendler, Chris, John, Aaron, Ali et al.

    All because someone couldn't stay out of other's business

  39. What must if feel like to be negated by one's words on the net? To have a strong verifiable history sent to anyone where someone tries to complain about? When caught in a string of lies and denials and making websites of young women on the web to harass their parents - how does one counter that damming evidence?

    Love the latest screen shots - that's people for sending them to me at the other place

  40. Lord, but he's dim. Trying to stir up trouble because someone's wife still uses her maiden name? I know plenty of women in stable, loving, decades-long marriages who still use their maiden name. For that matter I knew a guy who took his wife's name. (It was quite logical - they both believed in family and tradition. She had no brothers, so there would have been no grand-children with the family name and he had several older brothers who already had sons. It was a gesture which made his in-laws extremely happy.)

    I guess Bill is such a misogynist he can't imagine someone letting his wife do that unless he's not a real man.

    1. Its important for him to attack my family because he got called out for his Spamazon campaign. I can't blame him for his embarrassment that no one reviewed his books, I cant blame him that no LEO is ever going to listen to him without seeing the massive document on his records - its not my fault he was too afraid to face Hoge in court a third time -especially after losing soo badly in mediation a week earlier.

      Lots of misplaced anger there - lets take it out on children and wives - cause he's a brave warrior for freedom.

    1. Does he think that everyone using that name (including anyone with the same legal name) is trying to impersonate the police chief?

  41. Bill Schmalfeldt @WMSBroadcasting · 10m 10 minutes ago
    ...before you write one more word about me. I am telling you, right now, cease and desist with the lies that are posted where anyone can see

    Bill Schmalfeldt @WMSBroadcasting · 11m 11 minutes ago
    Your lies meet all the legal qualifications for libel, Eric. And you know I'm not shy about standing up for myself. Consider your words.

    I'm not shy about standing up for myself? "Oh please let me drop this suit I just filed yesterday before I get my teeth legally kicked in", "Oh dang, forgot a court appearance", "I had to agree to remove all the material I stole from HOOOOGGGEEEE, but I WON"

    Let us know how that "standing up for yourself" is working out.

  42. The great and glorious Oliver Wendell Jones, the celebrated scholar of Paragraph 83 hath returned!

    How I've missed him.


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