Geek Squad, Help!

Dear Geek Squad,

I think there’s a problem with my search engine. I’m planning a vacation soon, and I wanted to check out some interesting sightseeing destinations in and around Baltimore. But when I went to search for images, this is what came back:































This is very disconcerting. Can you help? Please contact me as soon as convenient to set up a time when I can bring my computer in.




Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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  1. Oh how the gifts keep on coming - I got to get outside - never in my whole life have I seen sooo much material from one person - amazing

    Sassy Spunk

    Related Searches:
    Black, Republican, Sperm, Jizz, Politics Government, Conservative, Anti Bush, Semen, Rove, Treason,

    About this design:

    Sometimes a guy needs a little help. Mr. Rove knows that. And if you just lie there and do what the nice man tells you to do, you can have these kind of results!

    From Bill Schmalfeldt in the manner of raising funds for MJFOXPARKINSONS:

    Descriptions of one of his items for sale:

    1. I believe that it's been roughly 72.

      Either the Howard County and Racine police are exceptionally busy, they believe William is a joke, or Chris Heather has grounds for a monumental civil action that Big Bad Bill is hiding from us.

      In any event, I expect that we'll hear "YOU'RE KILLING ME" by this time tomorrow, at the very latest.

      Apropos of nothing, I wonder where Paul is ...

  2. Shakey seems incapable of realizing that not only do many of us NOT sit on his TL like he does TMZ and Hogewash ( like a hen on an egg) but that some aren't even online currently.

    Which he construes to mean no one can state how he has "injured" them, not that they aren't online to argue with him about it.

    So I'll say for Rain since she is currently offline for the next week or so, Shakey, you injured her with your lame attempts at shutuppery.
    By trying to intimidate her into not expressing her own opinions on various blogs NOT one of which is owned by you,
    AND in attempting to sue her under her friends name, whose name you continue to use even though you know it's incorrect.

    As for me I find your continued existence an injury to decent people everywhere who have the misfortune to come into contact with your repugnance.

    1. Lord, I left the lawsuit off of how I was injured by him. Reading an email telling you you are being sued on false charges right before a doctor's visit really screws with their blood pressure readings. It took a few visits to convince them that my BP really isn't that high, though they did understand how having someone whose been harassing (and what some might describe as online stalking) you decide to sue you could be just a tetch stressful.

    2. I'll repeat what I stated yesterday (Granted, the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt opted to entirely ignore it, of course.):

      "Lying liars lie… with abandon.

      Tis pathetic the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt truly believes someone just has to have been on the receiving end of his foul activities personally before one can step up and defend good against evil.

      Once again proving the bloated bastard does not possess even a scintilla of morals/values."

      What a world it would be if everyone just went on their merry ways when witnessing the harassment and abuse of others.

      Evil needs exposed, challenged, and destroyed... not ignored, appeased, and allowed to continue.

  3. Hours since the Blob was asked to explain the Christmas Eve Court clerk - 6886.85. Number of times he has answered? 0

    Oh, I think we have a LONG way to go to catch up to how many questions old Bill has been asked but refuses to answer. Like who at NPF told him they were dropping him because of RWNJ? How many fail doxs before he admits he sucks at it? The list is endless but I don't expect to see him addressing any of it. He's a proven liar through and through. That leopard ain't changing it's spots.

  4. "why did you make the comment you never mentioned a child in your radio programs when you knew that statement was a lie"

    -asked the investigative reporter

    1. if you haven't you should really read/save all of Michael Malone's blogs on Shakey at , he had quite a few questions that Shakey refused to answer, along with Shakey's own words

      it was quite eye opening after it was shown to me.

      1. done and done my goo0d friend - I am DEEP into the wayback machine - I have 213 pages - yes Michaels Blogs and blubber sues Bloggers was some of the first I archived

  5. I do wonder how William's exercising in police liaising is coming along? Haven't heard about it all day.

    1. I would give it a very high probability that a guy with recordings about young girls having sex and hosting pictures on MULTIPLE websites and platforms of young girls without permission

      that he didn't do it - or if he did they immediately googled him

  6. Pssst hey everyone I have something in my hand - I said it on da twtz

    Look I'ma goin ask someone to tee hee tee hee - ask someone - tee hee tee hee

    I'm going to play "so they have a sectrtz website" - "I haz a secfretz bookz comin out on all of them"

    yazz and all the Da's and all the cops who came to my porch are going to be in it and man like fecal photo shop all of yaz onto my books cause PARKINSONS

    I even ask peoples in public who have real credentials and stuff to getz the worries on.

    hee hee hee hee hee hee

    Maybe pap willz stabs gramps in the other eye on page 37 agains like ins most ofs my books
    in their dirty unwashed longjohns

    1. Okay Rain wins the pool CTRLV haz another book -

      -DB @WmsDb · 19m 19 minutes ago

      Oh, this is going to make some folks VERY angry. Coming very soon.@sub_aetha @harada_no_hime @whoisnumbernone @karoli

      1. oh wow, he's going to (self)publish another pack of lies that won't sell any copies.
        I wonder how much material he'll steal from other (actual) writers, and how he'll fudge the headers and dates to make it look like he's gotten any serious "attacks"

        does Shakes the Clown have any new tricks?

      2. If this thing hits amazon, I think we should NOT give him any reviews at all. Let him think (truthfully) that we don't give a s**t about his lies.

        I do wonder though what publishing platform he'll manage to convince to let him produce this masterpiece of the crtl+v keys. I thought he'd pretty much pissed them all off by now. And if he tries for a kindle (and Amazon is forgetful enough to let him), someone with Amazon prime needs to borrow it so we can all snark.

      3. Wonder if Grace McHate will make an appearance?!

        Maaaaay-beeeee... ALL of the members of the "Merry-Mob-of-Hate-Crack-Lickspittles" (MMHCL) will FINALLY be e-published TOGETHER in one, single, sticky, typo-riddled yo-yo-eeeee eee-dition!

        I smell a Pulitzer... I mean... a Bill Schmalfeldt.

      4. The only angry people will be those who care about the English language.

        Like, did you know that when something is non-canonical it is "acrophyal"?

        That is from the back cover of his new book.

  7. crossed from hogewash
    Why the Trolls Will Always Win

    Read and weep, she describe someone to a “t” but she is writing about someone else.

    1. From the article you linked to:

      "If you’ve already hit the Koolaid Piont [sic], you usually have just three choices:

      1. leave (They Win)

      2. ignore them (they escalate, make your life more miserable, DDoS, ruin your career, etc. i.e. They Win)

      3. fight back (If you’ve already hit the Koolaid Point, see option #2. They Win).

      From the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt's latest e-screed:

      Troll Louse Kookies
      by William M. Schmalfeldt. [sic] Sr.

      "But if you walk away from the Internet, they win. If you ignore them, they ratchet up the hate to new levels, and they win. If you fight back, they win."

      Weird, huh?

      1. Wonder if he heard back from the author of that article after asking on Twitter if he could quote him? I guess not since Bill just LOVES to steal other people's material and pass it off as his own. Someone should alert the author that Billy appears to be misappropriating his work.

  8. BTW -- I counted no fewer than NINE typos (and, I'm not even addressing his horrendous usage of grammar) in the SS of his e-book cover.

    The fact he ever earned dime one as a writer is mind blowing. *smh*

    1. Remember, he was an editor, and therefore knows more about writing and publishing than any of us ever could. /sarc, smh

    2. "The FACT HE EVER earned dime one as a writer... "

      Baghdad Blob apparently can't read either.

      He really needs to stop calling others liars. My comment CLEARLY states he has earned money from writing.

      Old fool. *smh*

      1. BTW -- On the cover of his latest e-screed, he doesn't simply "quote" from the article.

        Tis called plagiarism.

      2. Quit giving him help. He's pulling his famous, "Yeah, I know I'm stupid so I'll get others to check my legal theories, spelling, whatever for me."

      3. Grace, the term for a lack of reading comprehension is "functionally illiterate." Many leftists, such as Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, suffer from it.

      4. "WMS-DB @WmsDb · 38m 38 minutes ago
        All you gotta do is ask for a free copy, Gracey McHateSpittle, and I'll be glad to send you one!"

        Yes Grace, he is very magnanimously offering you a FREE book, of course you need to give him enough contact info for him to send it that he can then use to #FAILdox you and start harassing the wrong person (again), but hey, its FREE!!

  9. It should be noted that Howard remains free among us, some six days after the "death threat" that William publicly vowed would put him in jail, once and for all.

    Mr. Schmalfeldt's winning record with the constabulary continues unabated.

  10. This is fantastic. I, too, forgive - BS for his many, many, many sins against me.

    1. What "sin" exactly did Grace ever commit against Shakey?

      He likes to go on and on about how he's never "injured" anybody,( and ignored where it was pointed out he has), but what has Grace, or Rain, or Library Gryffon, or even Paul actually done to "injure" him?

      Beyond expressing their God given and First Amendment protected freedom of speech to opinion? Which he, like every other leftis,t thinks shouldn't be allowed when others say things they dont like/want to hear.

      Get to listing or STFU Shakey.

      1. Note he mostly goes after women. The men he goes after are ones he perceives to be "weak" due to age or health issues, whether physical or mental ones. Or else they live too far away for him to be worried that might decide to pay him a visit. Or they have some other issue which he imagines would prevent them from retaliating. You don't see him go after anyone he thinks might cause him real world difficulties. Which is probably why he finds Hoge so offensive; John didn't roll over and concede as Bill believes all his targets are supposed to.

    2. That tweet is hilarious!

      Exposing the truth about a Deranged Cyberstalker, Adjudicated Harasser, and all-around, abusive beast is not a sin... tis a public service.

      The Blob can stuff his "forgiveness." LOL!

      1. He is very good at finding motes and ignoring beams.

        For an even more hysterical tweet:

        WMS-DB @WmsDb · 2m 2 minutes ago
        Now. Get ready to be blinded by the bright light of cleansing sunlight trolls. Get fucking ready for it, because I will make you famous.</blockquote?

        And he really can't see any potential downsides for him in that, can he. LOL

      2. Sorry about the html tag goof. Does WP offer an ability for commenters to edit or preview their own comments?

  11. Per Shakey's rules of put up or shut up, he's had over 20 minutes to answer (which is 10 more than he usually gives his victims) and so far *crickets*

    So he has NOTHING he can list as a "sin" or "injury" against himself by anyone here.

    Yet again more proof that he is a lying liar who lies.

    Time for him to take his own advice to STFU, move on, begone etc etc.

  12. Nice to know the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt freely admits he has GONE AFTER those he has listed.

    Deranged Cyberstalker. Adjudicated Harasser. Duly earned titles.

    1. He also proved once again that his reading comprehension is next to non-existent.

  13. Certified multistate serial adjudicated harasser, wins in court, except when he doesn't - which is everytime -

    WMS-DB @WmsDb · 2m 2 minutes ago

    And everytime I went up against Hoge, I won... except for when he lied. 367 charges. Poof! Lawsuit. Poof! Yeah, he got peace orders. Meh.

  14. LOL!

    How many Twitter followers? How many unique visitors to his Hate Blogs? How many listeners tune into his radio blathering? How many e-screeds sold?

    Famous? I don't think that word means what he thinks it does.

  15. Wow. The Schmeldtdown is glorious today!!!

    It seems it goes like this: 1) Shakey says something asinine; 2) Somebody mocks Shakey ON SOMEBODY ELSE'S SITE for saying something asinine; 3) Shakey makes all kinds of DOOM threats and faildoxes on Twitter; 4) Somebody mocks Shakey further with a juvenile Photoshop, and posts it on SOMEBODY ELSE'S SITE; 5) repeat AD NAUSEAM.

    As far as he knows, Shakey has never even met any of his targets (Hoge being the only and obvious exception.) Yet they have "HURT" and "HARRASED" him.

    Shakey- well-adjusted grown-ups don't get upset when a stranger says something mean about them online. It just doesn't matter.

    And the negative reviews on Amazon? Just get a few friends to write positive ones and drown the negative ones out!!!! Its not that hard!!!!

    Of course, if one has no friends, perhaps someone needs time for self-reflection. . .

  16. Ooooh. So scary. /sarc

  17. I heard that this may be a "how-to" book, inasmuch (one word) as BS identified himself as a "Brain Damaged Troll" in his Technorati column, "Observations of a Brain Damaged Troll."

    In any event, I STILL forgive him for what he's done to me.

    1. I may forgive him, but I am not going to forget, nor cease to desire that he be held accountable.

  18. I especially forgive him for wanting to "f*ck" me. He's married, and I don't think his wife would approve of adultery:

  19. Everyone point and laugh...

    So when are you going to post pictures of underage girls again - got audio?

  20. It sounds like he thinks Nancy should be whiter. I forgive him for this alleged racism:

    1. Bill's just complaining that I haven't spent the money on veneers (or photoshop) like TV news anchors, Hollywood, and politicians do. He doesn't seem too proud of his own, since his photos almost always show him with his mouth closed. I guess he could benefit from some cosmetic dentistry too.

      He should realize that accusing a "troll" of needing whiter teeth simply proves to anyone out there who the real troll is.

  21. I forgive him for his coprophagia. It must be hard to hide a desire to feast on the feces of a man who has whooped you in court repeatedly.

    "WMS Radio Network @wmsbroadcasting · Jul 8

    Every word you write Tapeworm, goes to show what a feckless useless waste of carbon you are. When Hoge eventually shits you out, you'll die."

    1. Mmm, he sure does love the butt stuff!

  22. I forgive him for his desire to own women:

    "And send me pictures of your homes, because they will be mine. And your wives. They'll be mine, too."

  23. Notice how Shakey the adjudicated harasser and cyber troll mentions how 3 other people, not the ones I named, have somehow "harmed" him.

    Hurt his feelings maybe I can see, but harm? real harm? Nope.

    And the 4 I listed? Grace, Library Gryffon, Rain and Paul?? Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

    And now he's going to steal anything he can find on anyone and put it in his new "book".
    Guess he hasn't learned his lesson about DMCA's yet.

    If he really wants to document troll behavior all he has to do is copy/paste his own current and past Twitter handles, and all the comments and attempted comments he's made at Hogewash, TMZ, The Running Wolf Blog and Blubber sues Bloggers.

  24. On Sept 17, 2012 a blogger posted on his Website the liberal grouch a comment that you had an update on the child porn investigation on Lee Stranahan from the Dallas Police Department

    Inquiries to the Dallas Police Department - were two fold - first those cases are turned over to the Texas Attorney General who investigates on line and child porn cases and second they don't give official statements to individuals especially in cases of child pornography.

    So is this another case of the blogger lying?

    Also today from the Attorney Generals Website:

    Please understand that the Office of the Attorney General cannot comment on or confirm the existence of possible investigations except when exchanging criminal intelligence with other law enforcement agencies.

  25. A snapshot of the screen and several pages of background data is being prepared for the Attorney General and the Dallas Police department for comment. Also forwarded to Amazon's and Twitter's legal departments...


    Oh, how I look forward to this. Especially the parts where he says "I called the police in multiple jurisdictions and the suggested that I grow a pair."

    1. Just imagine the screeching if this post hits 500+ comments! Talk about pointing-and-laughing!

      Keep 'em comin', you Hate-Crack Lickspittles, you!



    It seems obvious that the police do. Or rather, that you're a ridiculous little man with an inflated ego, William.

    1. I forgive him for using the false names of Bill Matthews, Lester Klemper, and Howard County Liberal, among others.

    2. I don't know what rights Chris H. has.

      But I never threatened you, Shakey.

      I would not mind if you peeled your own scalp with a .45.

      But you are a great source of entertainment. Please stick around for a while.

      But when you do depart, I promise you that Gail will receive an all inclusive dossier with your antics.

      I may even deliver personally. At your funeral.

  28. I forgive him for his hypocrisy regarding dead family members, inasmuch (one word) as he set up an account mocking Andrew Breitbart:

    1. Andrew left behind a wife and four kids, but I forgive BS for fantasizing about Andrew's "ass crack":

      "But, I suppose, since my eternal punishment for being an inveterate liar on Earth is that I am forced to tell the truth to you Right Wing Idiots who bought into mycircus sideshow act. God, how I used to sit and laugh at you.... Idiots like R. Stacy McCain and Aaron Walsh (sic) and the detestable Ali Akbar and Patrick Frey and Mandy Nagy and all the other little dingleberries who used to cling to my ass crack."

    2. Notice I didn't mention either Heather, Grady, or Hoge when I asked what "sin"/injury had Grace, Rain, Library Gryffon or even Paul had done to him.

      Answer? None, Nada, Zilch and the lying liar knows it.

      1. Actually, we've never seen death certificates of William's dearly departed. How exactly do we know that they didn't commit shame-based suicides.

        His own son - one of the few that still speaks to him - doesn't want William mentioning him on Twitter.

  29. Since I don't have a facebook and neither does Rain, I guess I wont worry about getting ahold of her to "scub" anything.

    and I'm sure others aren't that worried either.

    when you steal other peoples photos and use them to write an antagonistic blog/book piece full of lies and smears, simply because you don't like what they say on blogs you don't control, you become the definition of troll.

    well at least Shakey is finally writing about something he knows a lot about.


    And, my dim, dim lad, why do you suppose that so much of that information is public?

    1. Right down to disgusting details about his bowel movements.

      The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt has zero boundaries.

      1. One of my favorite pages at the time.
        The "Pete" in question was an east coast troll that I had on "reatiner" to lead Inspector Jiggles on a series of wild goose chases.
        He and I weren't allies in any other way except to embarass Shakey. It would have worked, but Schmalfeldt has no shame. I mean, look at his "life."

        I cannot link to my conversation with Pete. I will post it in its entirety on my Twitter TL.

  31. I forgive him for erroneously stalking Jeremy Kinsey for two years, thinking that he was Howard Earl.

    (Safe link)

  32. Is this true? Is his brain really this size? If so, I forgive him:

  33. Troll:

    a mythical, cave-dwelling being depicted in folklore as either a giant or a dwarf, typically having a very ugly appearance.


    dwarf is out.

  34. Always a good time to reprint:

    " Dear Bill,

    We have received the correspondence you sent to us through various channels today. Unfortunately, due to the fact that staff was required to spend an inordinate amount of time dealing with complaints associated with your content and complaints by you about, we have decided that you should not be reinstated as an Examiner, for any title.

    Please cease and desist from any further Examiner applications to, and any other correspondence to the team at this time. In addition, we will not hesitate to take legal action should we discover that you have posted any confidential information of or any defamatory statements about, on your blog or elsewhere."

    Hmmm so he does know what defamation is....

    1. Just adding:

      Bill, I am yet again, forced to discuss your column after you continued to (1) make your OBN articles personal, rather than talking about what such an organization is attempting to do and its potential implications, and (2) continued to reply in an antagonistic manner within the comments sections / Facebook.

      Due to the continued disregard for projecting yourself in a professional manner, I am forced to suspend your access to our publishing platform again.

      This was not how I hoped things would work out, but I'm no longer in a position to justify the amount of effort we as an organization have to put in to mitigate the complaints your work is constantly receiving. I wish you well on your blog.

      Best regards,
      Kevin Staunton
      Director, Northeast & Mid-Atlantic Regions

      But he doesn't have a behavior problem.

  35. So WMS reads this little post I linked to, and then goes and proves that he is proud to be known as the Troll of Elkridge, Maryland.

  36. Cadet Shakey: Colonel Trollpoker, did you write the Blog comment!?!!?

    Judge Krendler: You don’t have to answer that question!

    Colonel Trollpoker: I’ll answer the question. You want answers!?!?

    Cadet Shakey: I want the truth!

    Colonel Trollpoker: YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!! Son, we live in a word that has Blogs, and those Blogs need commenters. Who’s gonna do it? You? You, Private Basic Kimberlin!?!? I have a greater responsibility than you can POSSIBLY fathom. You weep for your reputation, and you curse us commenters. You have that deep-seated need. You have the deep-seated need for me to do what I do- because your reputation’s destruction, while inevitable due to your actions, probably saved your life. And my comments, despite their razor-sharp wit and hilarity, and the humiliation it causes you, is the only reason you have to get out of bed in the morning!

    You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about on Twitter, you want me making those comments. You NEED me making those comments.

    We use words like “pathetic,” “hilarious,” “incomprehensibly reprehensible.” We use these words on posts that give you a reason to live. You whine about them incessantly.

    I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a “man” whose very existence depends on the clever insults I provide, and then complains about the manner in which I type them.

    I would rather you just said “YOU LICKSPITTLES ARE KILLING ME!!!” and rant on your way. Otherwise, I suggest you find a hobby that doesn’t include doxing babies and threatening people with CPS removing their children. Either way, I don’t give a DANG what you think you are entitled to!

    Cadet Shakey: Did you make the blog post?

    Colonel Trollpoker: I did the job you NEED me to do in order to save –

    Cadet Shakey: DID YOU WRITE THE BLOG POST!!!!

    Colonel Trollpoker: YOU ARE AWFULLY DARN RIGHT I DID. And you are welcome.

  37. I forgive him for his torrent of homoerotic imagery and insults:

      1. Anything I had to say, Krendler has said far better with three letters, -ing.

        Butt yes.

  38. Just for the record, this is now day seven of no one being visited by law enforcement for the death threats visited upon poor, poor William.

    I wonder how much investigation a simple tweet requires.

  39. This should be theme for William's next book


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