Geek Squad, Help!

Dear Geek Squad,

I think there’s a problem with my search engine. I’m planning a vacation soon, and I wanted to check out some interesting sightseeing destinations in and around Baltimore. But when I went to search for images, this is what came back:































This is very disconcerting. Can you help? Please contact me as soon as convenient to set up a time when I can bring my computer in.




Author: Paul Krendler

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  1. I've said before and I will say it again. I am 100% positive that Howard Earle/@embryriddlealum is not Chris Heather, and NO ONE is going to lie under oath for you fatboy. Yes idiot, you've been harassing the wrong person again just like you did with Jeremy for two years. Now back to being busy with my politics again.

  2. "@WmsDb: How hard did you laugh when Hoge and Walker thought "Beware the Ides of March" was a death threat, Gracie?"

    Last I heard, John and Aaron didn't confess to having a domestic terrorist as an "excellent" friend.

    Furthermore, what the bloated bastard can't appear to grasp is "hoping" someone dies is a far cry from threatening to end their life.

    BTW -- Anyone else wonder if those who are in receipt of his last letter may possibly interpret his last paragraph with regard to him having friends in the media as a veiled threat?

    IIRC -- Bill Schmalfeldt has pulled that stunt before with regard to alerting news media, and going on television shows in his wheelchair, blah, blah, blah, if such-and-such didn't go his way with the courts or something. The details are escaping me at the moment.

  3. Interesting.

    All his crap at him anonymous wordpress site is gone; it says it was deleted by the authors. But all of it is still available at the site.

    Wow, harassing Chris Heather, posting pictures of minor children without their parents' consent, etc, etc., sure helps promote PD education and research!

    1. Notice his multi-tweet, repeated blatherings regarding Chris Heather. This is his third or fourth go at it within 24 hours. Baghdad Blob always takes this tack when he's unsure of his information.

      Yeah. He talks all tough and as if he's got his facts 100% nailed down. Yet, continues to play out the story repeatedly, all the while begging for the "Lickspittles" to give him a further explanation and verify his manic droolings.

      Ain't gonna happen, ya bloated bastard.

      BTW -- Did anyone else see where his son basically told him to leave everyone alone... including him? Heh.

      1. "@WmsDb: Grace the Hater is lying. My son told TheRealBobber to knock it off, then asked to be left out of it. I love my son."

        Firstly, as I have clearly stated before... I don't "hate" Bill Schmalfeldt. I hate his lies. I hate his harassment and stalking of good people. I hate his threats. I hate how he abuses women, children, and babies with his vile words and actions. I hate how he uses valuable law enforcement resources to further his harassment of innocent persons. I hate how he abuses the judicial system because laws refuse to support his lawless behavior.

        But, hate Bill Schmalfeldt himself? Nope. Whenever I hear his name, or witness his abhorrent nature, I only feel utter disgust, and a strong desire to see this Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser stopped and held to account for his YEARS of anti-social, psychopathic activity.

        Secondly, I have never -- nope, not once -- EVER claimed that Bill Schmalfeldt did not love his son.

        Thirdly, I'm not lying. BS's son clearly stated:

        "@mrmidi: @WmsDb Finally, I ask that no one makes a reference to me in this. Even You. I don't want to be in middle of an apparent pissing contest.
        10/5/14, 4:32 AM"

      2. can't say I blame him.

  4. One of the attached smears ends, "Get off the internet" is not an option. It is my last connection with the real world."

    Makes one wonder why that is, doesn't it? hahaha Well, not virtually anyone who has had the misfortune of having any contact with the cyberstalking, admittedly dementia addled, adjudicated harasser with multiple restraining/peace orders against him from multiple states (and appears to want to add to his collection), repeatedly cuckolded by multiple wives, banned from the Daily Kos because of his filthy writing including anal rape fantasy and attacking commenters who were offended, also fired from multiple cheap writing gigs such as the Examiner because of attacking those who commented on his articles and using his posts to attack his victims, and who has repeatedly tried to attach himself to established Parkinsons research and awareness organizations and being asked by one of the largest to leave them alone, failed doxer of many including spouses and children of his victimss (even a baby!), and whose own adult children want nothing to do with him, William Bill Schmalfeldt.

    Despite using "Parkinsons" and several variations of "Parkinsons" and claiming to be solely interested in raising awareness about Parkinsons, claiming to solicit donations to fund Parkinsons research, and claiming any "profits" from his various endeavors will be donated to Parkinsons research, he has been asked to stop. Let that sink in a moment - how awful must one be to not only be rejected by one's own children, but also rejected by a charity he claims to want to help?

    William Bill Schmalfeldt claims the internet is his "last connection with the real world" (or at least what is real to him, though not recognized as "real" by most others). The reason for that can be found in his mirror and in his voluminous attempts to monetize his hateful screeds by self-publishing his many, many vicious and FALSE attacks on his many victims. I've heard one of his "books" described as largely a hate-blog attacking his own family.

    Read his own words, then you'll know why he's not surrounded by friends and family; why he's not expecting a visit from grandchildren. It appears he has alienated virtually everyone who has ever had contact with him. That's why he's virtually alone, with most of his life spent on his computer. If the dementia doesn't drive people off, his rage and hatred will.

  5. Shakey keeps saying no one has pointed out how ERA could know about that girl having passed without him being Heather.

    Both I and Library Gryphon have pointed out how anyone who knew one or both of them would probably know this.

    I know he must have read where both of us mentioned it, since he's been copying posts and tweeting them to argue with so again, he's lying.

    He just because he doesn't want to consider it doesn't mean it's not possible.

    Just because he ignores it doesn't mean it wasn't pointed out to him, repeatedly.

    If nothing else, his refusal to admit that there is a chance that someone who knew Heather or the girl that died could be ERA, and that people have pointed out that flaw in his reasoning per and over again, shows he's an idiot, and a lying idiot at that.

    1. The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt must truly believe the information he ran across on the WORLD WIDE WEB was only capable of being found by him.

      I'll pay the "What If" game... WHAT IF Howard, either during the Knot days, or during the years since (where BS has been completely obsessed with one Chris Heather from Wisconsin), took it upon himself to look into Heather's background? You know... ON THE INTERNET.

      And, oh... I don't know... WHAT IF Howard then... FOUND THE EXACT SAME INFORMATION THAT BAGHDAD BLOB JUST HAPPENED TO TRIP OVER ONCE HE WAS LED TO IT BY THE RING IN HIS NOSE? You know... like something as simple as a "You talk to corpses now?" comment?

      Yeah, I know. That's just silly talk. That could never happen. It's not like Howard has ever played Bill Schmalfeldt like a fiddle before.

      Typical Bill. Just refuses to consider different scenarios/explanations. Always the smartest guy in the room. *SMH*

      1. I find it highly amusing that Shakey seems to forget he's been accusing Howard of being Heather for a long time.

        Even before the whole "he knew she was dead without me naming names", fiasco.
        To him it's proof that Howard has to be Heather because he didnt name names, yet to everyone else, he didn't have to name names because he had already been screeching Howard was Heather so anything he referred to would involve Heather some way.

        Anyone who happened to know Heather and the girl would recognize the reference Shakey was making, even without names.
        Because Shakey had already been accusing Howard of being Heather.

        Damn, if this is your example of a successful dox of someone, ( not counting those who dont use handles of course, it's not really research when the person has all their name right out there to begin with), then I'm not surprised you dont have any correct.

  6. Let us momentarily assume that Howard actually is Chris Heather. The consequences of that are almost certain to be ... zero.

    An interesting homework assignment would be to compile as complete list as possible of everyone that William has sought out to punish his "enemies" - police departments, district and state's attorney's, courts, Twitter, blog hosting companies, etc - and what the results were.

    Has it EVER worked? Or is William impotent in more than just the obvious way? I would venture a guess that his reputation with the authorities is even worse than what can be found on Google, due exclusively to his hysterical and entitled reactions to virtually everything.

    William may very well get an authentic death threat someday. And because of his previous actions, the response is likely to be ... crickets. After all, just last night he provided links to the Racine police where they'll find William, in his own words, saying that he's not frightened of anyone, and finds us all to be generally amusing.

    William Schmalfeldt is fundamentally without credibility. Advertising that to the authorities in jurisdictions across America isn't wise, but it is to be expected from him. And the results couldn't be more predictable.

    The man revels in his own impotence and shame. He's John Kennedy Toole's greatest creation. This is why I love him.

  7. just a suggestion, knowanyone we could use this with?

    1. hahahaha Krendler said it better, much better, though. Of course, he went into much more detail...

      If anyone missed Krendler's post about the huge party, chili, coolers, etc. lmk and I'll find a link. 🙂

  8. WMS-DB @WmsDb · 3h 3 hours ago
    Grace the Hater is lying. My son told TheRealBobber to knock it off, then asked to be left out of it. I love my son.

    Uh, no Bill:

    Peter Schmalfeldt @mrmidi · 8h 8 hours ago
    @WmsDb IMO, it seems like you guys are harassing each other. A vicious cycle of anger that no "logic" from ether side will ever penetrate.

    Peter Schmalfeldt
    @WmsDb Best to just stay out of it. It's what I want. Anything further is just adding fuel to the fire. Just walk away and let it burn out.

    Peter Schmalfeldt @mrmidi · 7h 7 hours ago
    @WmsDb Finally, I ask that no one makes a reference to me in this. Even You. I don't want to be in middle of an apparent pissing contest.

    He's telling you to piss off Bill. He doesn't even include thebobber in his tweets. He's just talking to you.

    1. Interesting that his son (is this one of the kids by the wife who cheated on him and so may not be his?? NTTAWWT) can see "you guys are harassing each other", when Shakey can't.

      as many have said before, don't want none, dont start none.

    2. Sorry, Perry. Just got back on and saw your request for links. I see you found the tweets.

      I had seen BS's tweet about me being a hater and a liar (VERY shortly after I posted about his son here), and responded up above, but my comment is being held in moderation (most likely due to multiple embedded links in the same post), but I'll reiterate my comments in that post here.

      Not that BS gives a hoot about the truth, but the truth of the matter is THIS:

      Firstly, as I have clearly stated before… I don’t “hate” Bill Schmalfeldt. I hate his lies. I hate his harassment and stalking of good and decent people. I hate his threats. I hate how he abuses women, children, and babies with his vile words and actions. I hate how he insists on posting images of minors. I hate how he uses valuable law enforcement resources to further his harassment of innocent persons. I hate how he abuses the judicial system because laws refuse to support his lawless behavior. Etc., etc., etc.

      But, hate Bill Schmalfeldt himself? Nope. Whenever I hear his name, or witness his abhorrent nature, I only feel utter disgust, and a strong desire to see this Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser stopped and held to account for his YEARS of anti-social, psychopathic activity.

      Secondly, I have never — nope, not once — EVER claimed that Bill Schmalfeldt did not love his son.

      And, thirdly -- as you, Perry, noted with the above links -- when I stated that Bill's son had basically told Bill to leave everyone alone -- including him -- I was dead-ass correct.

      "It seems like you guys are harassing each other."

      "I ask that no one makes a reference to me in this. EVEN YOU."

      So, who's the real lying liar here? *SMH*

  9. Let us see how self-destructive, is Boatswain's Mate Beluga.

    I am Howard Earl. I reside in Prescott Valley, Arizona and I am the creator of Operation Burn Notice. Contrary to your belief, I had nothing to do with the false Occupy Madison site. For no other reason than I didn't think of it first.
    Remember the lineups you sent to Sean that night, Inspector? That was me, also.

    Now here are your directives.
    1. You will not attempt to contact me.
    2. You will not attempt to d0x me.
    3. This may be moot since you cannot even make it to your mailbox without Life Flight-You will not attempt to physically encounter me. This wouldn't be wise anyway since we have a very permissive castle-doctrine. Do you know you don't even have to be IN my abode here in Arizona for me to apply this state's defense of home?

    Since I am the sole proprietor of a small business which provides a service to a very select clientele, I am not worried about one of your pedestrian attempts at damaging my livelihood.

    I have never commented on any of your blogs.

    I have never visited one of your blogs.

    I have never reviewed on of your "books".

    And of course, I have never threatened your life. Why would I? I enjoy the LULZ and the GIGGITIES!!

    If you were to choose THE CURE, Shakey, I would find that amusing.

    Have at me, Commodore Cuckolded.


      1. "WMS-DB @WmsDb · 9m 9 minutes ago
        Give me a reason to come at you, Marky Mark, and lets see what happens! "

        This will be the most predictable thing on earth. William will look foolish. Again.

    1. Oh, my. That's gonna cause much gnashing of teeth from a certain tin-can dwelling, bloated bastard in MD.

      Thank you for LULZ!

  10. At the other forum I posted the proof I've seen that Howard is not Heather. I won't go into detail here and ask that no one else post it publicly either. Maybe this will be the faildox that finally blows up enough to stop the doxing permanently. 🙂

      1. Jane: your telekenetic/telepathic powers are so great that you can personally control Bill's behaviour! He's now claiming that you are preventing him from telling the cops how wrong he was about Chris Heather!

        (WMS-DB @WmsDb 12 minutes ago
        Funny, innit? How Hate Jane has proof Chris Heather is not @embryriddlealum but won't let me tell the cops how wrong I was? Oh well.)

        Of course in reality, he's just trying to goad someone into explaining, in words of one syllable, preferably rhyming, with pictures, how you know this so that he won't look like a total moron (apologies to real morons) when (if they even bother at all) the police find out that yes, Chris isn't Howard.

      2. you know how we all know Howard isn't Heather?
        Shakey hasn't called him, emailed him, called his work or his family.
        IF Shakey really thought Heather was Howard he'd have already done all those things.

        in the end it wont really matter, harassment is harassment, stalking is stalking, and the deranged adjucated harasser from Elkridge will be paying for it, in one way or another.

  11. "@WmsDb: @mrmidi Please don't give them ammo. I didn't bring you into this. BTW, I'm fine."

    Please don't give them ammo? BTW -- I'm fine?

    What a pathetic, back-handed, virtual slap to his son who -- LIKE MANY, MANY, MANY OTHER PEOPLE -- has simply asked his Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser of a "father" to let him be and leave him out of BS's sociopathic activities.

    Bill Schmalfeldt is beyond pathetic. That tweet just oozed with snarky cruelty. Can't imagine why his own son wants nothing to do with him. *SMH*

  12. WMS-DB @WmsDb · 1m 1 minute ago
    Whatever you call yourself, the cops are going to be looking into Christopher S. Heather of Racine, WI. So it really makes no never mind.

    18 hours after a scary, scary death threat, and you so helpfully send them your Twitter address, the police still haven't knocked on any doors, William? They're either lazy, stupid, or aren't taking you very seriously.

    Or perhaps you know what the response would be from Howard Count, and are just waving your willy in the wind again.

    1. William is so terrified of his supposed death threat that he continues to engage the person that allegedly delivered it, he's actually taunting him. I would think that the authorities will see this as undercutting William's terror and need for protection.

      Of course, that assumes that he contacted police at all, which he didn't.

      William Schmalfeldt is a liar.

  13. Well, well, well... The failure that bragged about having sex onstage with a transexual (but claims he didn't know at first that it was a man), decides to call me a transexual? I don't think he meant it as a compliment.

    And his homophobia is showing in his labeling me a lesbian... But those false assertions are par for the course with his lifelong, constant failure, and excellent examples of his lack of ability.

    1. All you have to do is look at what Bill does when he's attacking others; whatever he accuses others of it's what he's most afraid of about himself. Other men are impotent, and therefore no longer real men? I guess since he's already admitted that the PD has caused problems in that area, he's afraid he no longer a real man. I'd also guess he never was; why else did two wives cheat on him? Folks who disagree with him are stupid, dumb, morons, idiots or dim? I guess he has a sneaking suspicion (though he won't admit it openly to himself) that he doesn't rate too high on the smarts scale himself. Based on that tweet (as well as all the gay porn and gay slurs he slings around with abandon) that he's got strong homosexual leanings himself, but, again, can't admit it.

      1. In his same boastful rant that he admitted being on stage with a transsexual he also admitted he ran for an elected office and failed. Probably the reason he keeps ragging you about that.

    2. Yeah. BS has referred to me as a lesbian in the past, as well.

      Watcha doin' this Saturday night, Jane? LOLOLOL!

  14. WMS-DB @WmsDb · 7m 7 minutes ago
    The fact that the lot of you can't properly attack me without lying shows the depth of your knowledge about me.

    And yet he knows all about us. And we don't tweet/write crappy books/have libelous blogs all full of TMI the way he does.

    Bill, I put you in my prayers this morning. Seriously. Your actions the last few years suggest that evil may have to strong a hold on you, but if you started trying to rid yourself of it, you'd feel a whole lot better, emotionally, psychologically, and physically, you'd start treating the world a whole lot better, and you'd be amazed at how much better the rest of the world would start treating you.

    1. He obviously doesn't know SHIT about me. Even after I tell him.

      Suck it up, Squackwaste. There has been no contact with LE. There never will be.

      I told you who I am, but hopefully even you aren't stupid enough to try to do anything about it.

      It would be fun.

      Because all I have....

      1. He doesn't know jack about any of us. And his definition of lying is ... unique ... to say the least. Lying about my family and electoral history? That's "reporting"! Me quoting something he himself has said? That's "lying"!.

        He claims he's a real man because of the "good" he does. Though he thinks that the best way to insult someone is to claim they can't perform/don't have the equipment. Hmmmm.

        Maybe he should start trying to do some of that good online, since according to him online is the only place he does anything. None of us have seen any of it.

  15. User Actions

    Nanc... a real man does not measure himself by his ability to perform sex. A real man measures himself by the good he does.

    One could also measure himself by how those closest to him regard him. So let's go down that list, shall we?

    Two wives threw him out and the third verbally abuses him for weeping constantly.
    Virtually none of his children speak to him.
    He doesn't seem to have maintained any friendships from his professional life.
    The only person who will talk to him is a tiny bomber who abandons him regularly.

    I guess we were wrong, William. You're a prince!

    1. yeah sure he reported that he has pictures of young girls that are not his on his website - you know cops don't want to get involved but hey - they might just ask hey - why do you have pictures of young girls on your website

      Hello police - yeah - look made audio recordings of the underage children of Lee and I made audio recordings harassing rape victims, I made audio recordings mocking people I got a peace orders to leave alone - sure I wrote an essay or two to advocate beating to death prosecutors,

      Sure ya did

  16. "WMS-DB @WmsDb · 9m 9 minutes ago
    I just told you I am still in contact with former co-workers and other friends, and you just said "no, you're not." Really?"

    Sure, why not? You haven't let the fact that you actually know very little about most of the posters here stop you from making "factual" assertations about us, have you?
    It's all projection from you.

    You're a hater, so you claim we all hate, You're a liar, so you claim we all lie, You believe what ever your master the evil diddling terrorist tells you with no question so you claim we believe everything Hoge/Krendler/Howard says.

    "WMS-DB @WmsDb
    I'm trying to live my life the best way I can, and you ALL could just WALK AWAY.

    But you won't because you can't because you have created this soap opera and are HOOKED on it."

    You say we could all walk away, we have, YOU keep coming back and attacking people to get attention we try to ignore you.
    You say we are hooked on it, but you are the one who won't leave others alone, even after demanding they leave you alone.

    You're just so full of shit you can't help but spew it everywhere.

    Get help Shakey, seriously, before you screw up so bad you won't be able to hide behind your Parkinsons to stay out of jail.

    1. He tells us he's in contact with former co-workers and has other friends, but he's never mentioned them. I don't mean by name. I mean at all. He has never mentioned the existence of other people he interacts with. He talks about how he's housebound and the computer is the only contact he has with the rest of the world. So maybe they do all keep in touch with him by email. But he's never even talked about spending time answering their emails or texts. Or initiating contact with them himself. It's him, his wife, BK and his little group, and the lot of us he hates on.

      You'd think if he had some real friends, they'd have told him to drop things, back when his neurologist did. But the only people who cared enough about his health to tell him to stop doing something he said was killing him were his doctor and his wife,

      Speaking of which, I've noticed he isn't dying lately, is he?

      1. It also undercuts his oft-repeated assertion that being online is his "only connection to the outside world."

        William's life is lonely, when it isn't a swinging party.

      2. And now he claims the only reason he hasn't mentioned them is that we'd "spam them".

        So I guess if I say "I won't be online until late tomorrow because I'm going to be working on course work in the morning and then meeting a friend for lunch" Bill will start spamming my friend, the one without a name or any other identifying information? I bet I could say a friend from my Navy wife days, and Bill still wouldn't be able to figure it out.

        And that's exhibit 245743 in why we know that Bill is a lying idiot.

  17. HEY, does anyone have any screenshots of when Shakey was posting Kyle Keirnan's mugshot and arrest record?
    My email is posted at the other blog to send them to, I got some people in Tampa who are very interested in who might be bad mouthing their friend who has since straighten up, and some of them regularly travel to the north east and want to check into it.

      1. REALLY, he put it in one of his "books"??

        OH my, that is much worse than just tweeting/blogging it and then deleting it.

        Can't really deny it when it's been printed & published with your name on it.

        I know some guys who will want to see it ASAP.

      2. Yep, Chapter 7 of Cyber Ins@nity. That's the one where he used the copyrighted candidate bio page from my local paper (without their permission, permission which they have assured me they would never give) and my photo, to which I own the copyright (which I can prove). He has "Kyle" first, with several mugshots that he found online. He used screen shots, and I'm sure the photos were copyrighted to someone who wasn't Bill.

      3. Again Shakey shows he has the reading comprehension of a 3 yr old.

        "WMS-DB @WmsDb · 14m 14 minutes ago
        ...about guys coming from Florida to "straighten me out"? Do we really think THAT is a good idea to have in print? Screencapped and sent?"

        IF you bother to actualy read the post I said "their friend who has since straighten up " meaning Kyle hasn't be in trouble with the law since those arrests, and some of them "want to check into it"
        so again Shakey distorts what is actually said and LIES.

        On a related topic, the fact that "felon" Kyle no longer lives in Tampa (and hasn't for a several years) and "our" Kyle is still in FL proves that, yet again, Shakey's dox was WRONG.

        Seriously, other than those who use their real names, has he ever been right??

  18. When Peter would allow his father to contact him was very telling - perhaps that's why he is attacking my relationships with my daughters.

    He is wildly blubbering today, I can only imagine the tears and snot running down his face as he rages impotently against himself.


    I took a small part of out my life to put an end to your reign of terror, It's over the letters to law enforcement - its okay you got a start because if they investigate the situation - they will find you.

    All of us don't have accusations from other people - you forget many people came to your county to try and get you convicted - that's stays PERMANETLY in your file.

    I maybe making an appearance soon as well, to file charges of coercion.

    I don't bully well, I obey the law and use the channels that are afforded us, I try not to pester law enforcement especially because they have better things to do.

    Printing pictures of young girls is going to be really hard to explain - your tweet that it was legal was an admission that you thought about it before you did it

    WMS-DB @WmsDb · 19h 19 hours ago

    Um, Eric? You realize a redacted photo with a redacted name is not considered illegal if published, right? You do realize that, right?

    Also showing that you have problems with women with countless tweets like this one:

    WMS-DB @WmsDb · 5h 5 hours ago

    As much as I enjoy watching Grace trying to put both of her ankles behind her head, I think we'll just let law enforcement deal with it.

  19. IF the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt even notified law enforcement...

    And, IF law enforcement even decides to waste their valuable time and resources looking into the delusional screechings of a cyberthug and madman...

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let them take a looksie-wooksie at TMZ and the Blob's Twitter timeline.

    Bill Schmalfeldt just can't seem to find enough rope. Unreal.

    1. too late Bill - I'm sending tomorrow the form letter that everytime you threaten someone a detailed letter with attachments and links is being sent - clearly identifying your activities - so - just so you know it grows - people I never met are sending me screen shots and stories of your harassment - including places you have worked


  20. I called BILL SCHMALFELDT out for his blatant forgery of an Amazon chat script...

    Bill proceeds to deny it:

    @ViewFromNL @stephensheiko You mean except for where it didn't? I copied and pasted. The name didn't change.

    I retort:

    Reply to @WmsDb @stephensheiko
    View From NL ‏@ViewFromNL 45m45 minutes ago
    @WmsDb @stephensheiko Except it did: "John K (Amazon)" to "John K (Amazon )" to "John K"... and I'm not the only one who saw it.

    View From NL ‏@ViewFromNL 43m43 minutes ago
    @WmsDb @stephensheiko I'd say, "go back and look," but with your account suspensions an penchant for deleting embarrassing tweets...

    View From NL ‏@ViewFromNL 41m41 minutes ago
    @WmsDb @stephensheiko How can you expect to be taken seriously when you clumsily forge evidence and then lie about it?

    View From NL ‏@ViewFromNL 40m40 minutes ago
    @WmsDb @stephensheiko Or are clumsy forgeries a homage to your "excellent friend"?

    As of this moment, no further commentary has been forthcoming from Mr. Schmalfeldt.

    1. As Amazon is in constant contact with me in the chat - each line is time stamped - only the full name of the account holder is displayed on the line details

      1. One the one hand, we have Bill Schmalfeldt's word, it's "legit."

        On the other hand, we have our own lying eyes.

        Meanwhile, Bill expects us to believe that an Amazon rep is going to dox a customer to a 3rd party who is making some bizarre complaint... Riiiiiiiight.

        Bill's just being a b!tch. He says something asinine, and gets called on it. He can't defend himself with fact or logic, because HE HAS NO FACT OR LOGIC on his side. So, he gets pissy.

        He arrogates authority to himself, demanding answers and threatening dire consequences if he's not mollified... but when he steps on his own d!ck, "The chat was legit" is supposed to suffice? Nobody thinks so, not even him... Beyond arrogance, beyond an utter lack of self-awareness, beyond a civil "servant"'s typical hyper-inflated sense of entitlement... He's acting in these apparently self-defeating ways because he knows he can achieve NOTHING, beyond annoying his betters.

        In the end, he's failing even in his pathetic attempts to infuriate, or even annoy his "enemies."

        If he wasn't such a repulsive Lib'tard liar, I'd pity him. Instead, I just want him to f*ck off and die.

    1. But we all know there will be no cops.

      1. Squackwaste's schtick.

      2. Threaten with non-existent Law Enforcement in hopes of forcing people off of the net.

      3. Get owned like Kunte Kinte when the result is neither.

      4. Be mocked relentlessly until your next foray in Assclownville.

      You have been whipped so often you've made the transition from Kunte to Toby.

  21. WMS-DB @WmsDb · 51m 51 minutes ago

    Are you saying, Eric, that places I have worked are sending you evidence of harassment? Please clarify.

    I'm not the one that needs to clarify, I just collect the info and will be passing it on

    Its called investigative journalism

  22. WMS-DB @WmsDb · 3m 3 minutes ago

    The reason I ask, Eric, is that you tend to babble in your posts and you don't make sense. Proof read if you're going to pretend reporting.

    Sure, however, I am amazed and quite pleased at the wealth of factual information that is streaming in, most in your own hand.

    1. WMS-DB @WmsDb · 20m 20 minutes ago
      And what particular laws would you say I am most guilty of violating?

      Wassamatter, BILL SCHMALFELDT? Afraid you've stepped on your d!ck, again?

      It's so pathetic. You have no friends... So you're left with having to beg your ENEMIES for information. Poor Bill. Sucks to be him.

      But, we knew that already, didn't we?

  23. three more slides of very damaging info arrived in my inbox all from old "deleted" websites

    everyone keep em coming

    1. William continues to demonstrate his lack of intimidation in public.

      I'm sure the Howard County and Racine police would enjoy reading today's timeline.

  24. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Someone with energy enough was going get really angry and start collecting all the evidence that was out there. And then many someones who were already very angry but not so energetic would cooperate with that source of energy and generate an amazingly large body of evidence. It will be enjoyable to watch as the blubber is rendered.

  25. More people are sending in material

    Here's a golden one:

    misogyny and juvenile mindset.

    And why the fuck do you think a site like Kaily Kos gives a rat's ass about conservative opinion?

    I liked the series about your wife, thought you sounded like a decent human being, but now I know better.

    by glorificus on Sun May 20, 2012

  26. Keep them coming - from a while ago someone who maybe coming forward to cooperate:

    You wrote a very insensitive, nasty diary cloaked in do-goodism but it's not hard to see through that into who you really are... I don't know what happened to you in the past, but you are truly emotionally damaged and I suggest you seek help. The vitriolic sarcasm with which you respond to comments from folks on this website depicts you as a cornered little boy, shouting insults back at those who criticize you with good intentions.

    1. I assume you have the dKos posts? I might have to go use my account again and karma whore a bit to view the HR'ed ones. (But there's a reason I haven't been to the site except to check on the nuts in a while. I didn't leave the Democratic Party, they left me!)

      1. some of them - see what you can dig up - thanks the more the merrier! Its interesting that he can write directly about beating people to death is not a death threat but people wanting to travel to sue him are....

        Oh and no one has printed pictures of young girls and photos and address of people on their websites

    1. Will do! Thanks for the heads up, EPWJ.

      BTW -- That nonsense he is tweeting today about Chris Heather (and, clearly insinuating that CH is married to his Mother) is just more proof that the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt couldn't d0x what he stuffed into his ginormous gob for dinner last night.

      I'm more than familiar with the site he pulled those SSs from, and the information can (and, is) quite often wrong.

      For example... I just did a search on the exact same site for Baghdad Blob. That site shows he married his hag in June 2012. Now, unless we are to believe the tin-can dwelling, white-trash union has existed legally on paper for only two-years-four-months... I've made my point.

      Dumb dope constantly runs with bad, unverified information. The "investigative journalist" strikes again with yet another FailD0x. I've never in my life witnessed anyone so damn committed to being a complete and utter failure with everything he touches. *smh*

      1. He'll use anything he can find to try and goad people. It never works, but he keeps on trying. When people do respond to him, he can never quite figure out that he is being played like a fiddle. If he wasn't such a ginnormouse douche it might be a tad sad.

      2. one of the things about Little Bitch you have to keep in mind is, he's a leftist liberal, telling the truth is not a high priority for that type, as he so amply proves weekly.

  27. Rain it doesn't matter though what his politics are - some of the people against him are lefty's who have had enough of his tactics - I was surprised at the response from some of those who are still angry at KOS.

    1. so he's an equal opportunity harasser Lee was and to a certain extent still is a lefty just not as strong as he used to be

      1. I'm not talking about people who lean left, or have general liberal ideals, that type you can have a conversation with and agree to disagree.

        I'm talking about the rabid leftist liberals who foam at the mouth if anyone dares disagree with them, and all dissent is H8!!!1! and anyone who disagrees are just H8TERS!!1!!, who should be killed!!1!

        there is a definite difference between the two

  28. "@WmsDb: If I was Gracie McHate, I'd be careful who I call a "hag." And I'd worry MORE about security in your Seekrit Site!"

    Typical Bill... entirely avoids addressing being called out on his latest FAIL. It just knots his knickers that things may be being said about him that he cannot read. And, why would anyone need to be worried about SECURITY on that site? Maybe The Elkridge Horror would like to provide some clarity. Is he threatening the integrity of that site? I guess if anything were to happen to that site -- hacking, what not -- someone would know who to focus their attention on now, wouldn't they?

    And, it appears the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt believes his "I'd be careful" threat means something to me. Newsflash: It doesn't.

    I most certainly consider any "woman" who would marry such a heinous and evil monster to be a HAG.

    Any "woman" who FOR YEARS ignores/allows/encourages/participates in her husband-the-sociopath's harassment, stalking, and threats against men, women, and CHILDREN is a HAG.


    And, if by chance -- mind you... a very, very, very small chance -- the HAG is completely and utterly oblivious to this psychopath's:

    Online and Real Life Harassment of others
    Online and Real Life Stalking of others
    Threats to have children taken away from a mother
    Wicked abuse of a grieving mother over her stillborn daughter
    Numerous court dates
    Peace Orders
    Restraining Orders
    Rape Fantasy
    Pornographic Photoshops
    Copyright Infringement
    Hate Books
    Filing of False Reports
    Being canned from numerous sites due to lies, libel, and anti-social behavior
    Friendship with a domestic terrorist who has a sick fondness for minor girls
    Blogs that post images of children and personal, private information
    Radio shows discussing children in the most vile of ways
    Stalking/harassment of a rape victim
    Posting address/pic of home belonging to someone who just received a rape threat
    Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc.

    ... then is she not only a HAG -- she is the most clueless and most stupid HAG to have ever lived.

    1. Grace - DON'T let him change you, please - it is what it is

      He love's the anger and uses for selfish purposes

      1. Shave and a haircut.....

        WMS-DB @WmsDb · 19s 19 seconds ago
        Uh, I kinda think she always was that kind of hater Eric.

        WMS-DB @WmsDb · 45s 45 seconds ago
        When EPWJ thinks you're over the top, then you are officially crazy.

        These are all very good people, who have been made very angry

      2. I'm not angry... not in the least.

        I have expressed my thoughts in the past regarding his wife. I personally find it impossible to believe she has *nothing* to do with his YEARS of harassment and abuse of others.

        If she knows about it, and has done nothing to stop it... she's complicit.

        If she is entirely oblivious to all of it -- even with them living on top of each other in a tin can with tissue paper walls -- then she is either willfully blind or dumber than a box of hair.

        The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt has said the most vile and nasty things about numerous people -- myself included. I'm not seeing where referring to his wife as a "HAG" is all that over-the-top -- especially considering she married the monster and appears to sit by and allow his evil bullshit to continue.

        And, if The Elkridge Horror doesn't care for me referring to her as such... I'm pretty much in the "Too Bad." Camp.

        But, angry? *PFFT* That's what BS always attempts to claim when people speak up and clearly outline his demented activities, and define him in no uncertain terms for the monster he truly is.

  29. Yeah, I'm not a bit worried about ol' Shakey getting into "the seekrit site".

    For one he aint smart enough, and for two, IF he did manage to steal his way in there, he'd be googling various people's names looking for something embarrassing to tweet endlessly.

    Which he isn't cause all he's got is Jack Shit, and Jack left town.

    1. $30 for an entire post plus comments is cheap, especially considering what is actually posted over there.

  30. Have shovel will hovel

    WMS-DB @WmsDb · 58s 59 seconds ago

    Never mentioned a child on my radio show. Not once. Not ever. Never.

    Will the witness speak louder into the microphone?

    "ding dong Pu$$y calling I've got some young ones in bull pen who will be of legal age before you know it - but we can send em out early" all to the background of young girls giggling and playing


    1. Lying liars lie... with abandon.

      Tis pathetic the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt truly believes someone just has to have been on the receiving end of his foul activities personally before one can step up and defend good against evil.

      Once again proving the bloated bastard does not possess even a scintilla of morals/values.

  31. Thanks again for the self incrimination.

    The last three tweets are so very helpful

    What's that? How many screen captures do you have over the old liberal grouch site? Over 65?

    THanks for the info....

    Back to what we were talking about - all the evidence is from Bills Mouth, from Bill's emails, from Bill's tweets, From Bills Books and Audio and from Bill's websites...

  32. A clearer multi year fascination with very young girls is emerging - lots of detail from Bill, have to take the time to timeline it in progression

  33. Someone is confused - I am just a humble investigative journalist - I gather information, verify the source, and pass it along.

  34. In my time in the DA's office though we rarely got audio from the source without a warrant - the fact that it was published loud and proud is going to be a head shaker

    What's that? there is MORE audio? And screen shots?

    Okay send it to the other site please


    No one talks to the fool yet he tells people to "be on your way". Kind of has that imperial ring to it. Like he thinks he is a King to be obeyed. I'm wondering why anyone should "be on their way" when they are not even talking to him. Maybe, just maybe, if he stopped obsessivly hitting F5 all day he could focus on his PD advocacy. Oh....awkward, all the legit PD orgs told him to take a hike......

    1. And Baghdad Blob can't even keep his lies straight.

      WMS-DB ‏@WmsDb
      I dunno man Army Boy is giving me a run for that title. "All the Legit PD Orgs?" How about NONE of the legit PD Orgs?

      Fund Raiser
      National Parkinson Foundation


      July 2007 – April 2104 (96 years 10 months)

      Raising money through book sales, until a right wing pack of idiots started spamming the NPF HQ and they decided to cut me loose rather than deal with the right wing idiot.s

      So it appears that Bill is still lying through his lying teeth. Hey Bill, won't you tell us more about that clerk you talked to at 5PM on Christmas Eve? Yep, always the liar that one. Provable lies. Easy to prove lies. He can't help himself. He MUST lie. It's in his nature. While your at it Bill, care to give a contact at the NPF HQ that will back up your story? My investigation shows they cut you lose because you are a vile human and they didn't want your stink polluting their efforts.

      1. Schmalfeldt Rules. He didn't respond to this even though we know he saw it. Therefore he just admitted to yet another lie. Right Bill? Go ahead, tell us how no PD org kicked you to the curb. Lie some more. Tell us about the Christmas Eve clerk. Tell us about all the times you had the "SMOKING GUN" that would save your ass. I'm waiting......

      2. Once more Bill gets caught in his lies. Memory holes the evidence, changes text etc, but ignores the fact that he did indeed lie and get caught at it. Again. Sad pathetic little lying man. Hey Billy boy, you EVER going to tell us about the Christmas Eve clerk? Or give us a contact that can back up your story about the NPF? No? They you remain a lying sack just as always.

  36. If any part of the picture was hazy - these should help clear it up:

    WMS-DB @WmsDb · 8m 8 minutes ago

    You are alleging crimes against me, by name, where none exist. That's called "libel" and "defamation," Eric. My friendly advice? Stop. Now.

    WMS-DB @WmsDb · 9m 9 minutes ago

    Now, Eric? This is not a threat. This is friendly advice. Because we're friends, right? You are crossing the line from trolling to harassing

    WMS-DB @WmsDb · 10m 10 minutes ago

    you where to find it.

    WMS-DB @WmsDb · 10m 10 minutes ago

    Eric. You never worked in a DA office. Never. And the audio is all perfectly innocent. There's tons more. Tell me what you want, I'll tell

    Thank you for putting into words your motivation and confirmation

    Again, I am just a humble investigative reporter - gathering evidence and passing it along

    1. Eric, Eric, Eric, (shaking head)

      You know you're only a true investigative journalist if you're threatening to call down alphabet agency investigations on people if they don't answer your questions Right. Now! /sarc.

      1. don't forget true investigative journalists will say they are going to publish regardless but at least you have a chance to have your side heard (if they can get it in the 5 minute window the offer is offered in, while the person they're threatening isn't online to see it)

        or so I've been told.

      2. I'm just simply a receptacle for the online antics of a guy... I don't have the Amazon police power of Subpoena, I don't have all the deputy DA'S on speed dial, I am not revered by a crowd of felons and Peds, I just pass the stuff along - shuffling shuffling along - there is a reason for the right to remain silent, its a discipline thingy

  37. I heard Parkinsons associations sometimes do not wish to be associated with websites hosting pictures of young girls against their parents permission

    I heard that there are some standards to fund raising.....

    Oh they also don't want proceeds from books with photoshopped faces on feces, are full of racial rants and dirty underpants filthy characters constantly stabbing each other in the eye.

    Also they may be a little squeamish at rants from authors kicked out of multiple online journals for anal rape fantasies and uncomfortable ties with terrorists, felons and suspected and known pedophiles, and possibly published some of their pictures.......

    Some call it spam, some call it good taste...

  38. hmmmm got to go clean out a beaver damn and some timbering -

    I came in from outside briefly - I could hear the hammering reverberating in a distant tin can, another website is being formed from the excess septic fluids......

    I wonder who's daughter is being featured today?

  39. This needs to be played over and over and over and over and over

  40. Oh and this one -

  41. Cue the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt's abusive tweets to Lee Stranahan in 3... 2... 1...

    Baghdad Blob seems to believe he gets a reboot/clean slate with every new radio station/attack blog/Twitter account. As if he can say "Begone." and "I'm moving on." and all of his past/current harassment and threats simply disappear.

    Yeah. Doesn't quite work that way. Especially when his sociopathic behavior continues, and he has refused to even attempt to make honest and meaningful amends to the host of victims he has left in his gargantuan wake.

    The Elkridge Horror continues to vie for The-Most-Self-Unaware-Being-EVAH title. *smh*

    1. grace one organization told me they can access deleted stuff - I...n ...t...e...r...s...t...I...n....g

  42. "
    WMS-DB @WmsDb · 4h 4 hours ago

    "...Raising money through book sales and product offerings on Cafe Press. Currently supporting the Michael J. Fox Foundation for ..."

    1. That magnet could be the size of a fucking billboard and you couldn't pay me $25 to take it off your hands if you spotted me lighter fluid and matches.

  43. Michael J Fox organization will be interested in these products offered in their name:


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