Geek Squad, Help!

Dear Geek Squad,

I think there’s a problem with my search engine. I’m planning a vacation soon, and I wanted to check out some interesting sightseeing destinations in and around Baltimore. But when I went to search for images, this is what came back:































This is very disconcerting. Can you help? Please contact me as soon as convenient to set up a time when I can bring my computer in.




Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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  1. Some people are like Slinkys, they make a lot of noise and serve no useful purpose, but man can they bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.

    1. Some people have to kill their mothers to in order gain the intimate knowledge that they never had as child.

  2. Hey its not like wondering if ISIS would kidnap a guy and saw his head off, or mention that a woman lives at an address and needs to be gang raped.... or printing locations of children serving their country so terrorist no where to find them and rape them and kill them or threatening women with arrest deportation and separation from their children cause WALKER!

    Its not like threatening to kill someone for writing about Brett Kimberlin, its not like threatening to beat a father of two in front of his wife and children because BRETT - its not like writing books about heart patients who are sued by Kimberlin and writing screeds about his wife and son and threatening to kill them too - its not like threatening a former US Attorney with a baseball bat

    yeah - its not like that

  3. Chris is Chris, and Jerry is Chris, and Howard is Chris. Now Bob Smallmind is Chris. How many more people are Chris? Am I Chris? Is Paul Chris? Everyone is Chris.

  4. balmer liberal cannot play
    balmerliberal went away

    Tweets of death and tweets of threats
    violate the law, good taste and breath

    The vileness of his screeds will be
    his further undoing for all to see

    For I am the Law the ACME man pled
    Somewhere the law finally said

    That enough is enough is enough you bad man
    and now the the vile monster needs a new plan

    His one saving grace is his mobile abode
    easier for him when he flees on the road

    1. *The crowd wildly applauds. But softly. Because this is a coffee house, dammit. And we must be tasteful. And this was full of taste.*

  5. He has no idea no idea that if he keeps poking....... in his next letter Johns judgments are not the only disclaimers he's going to have to list

    1. He doesn't realize that Twitter is a private company and if you are banned you are not allowed to return and can be actually breaking the law in some areas by repeatedly trying to access - ask Debra Frisch how that turned out for her -

  6. DAMN, that was fast, you'd think eventually he'd learn to just leave people alone after his 5th or 6th suspension, but NOOOooooOOOOOo, not Shakey, he just keeps on trying bless his rotten little heart.

      1. Frankie it happened 10 minutes after I got spoofing phone calls with heavy breathing and sounds like well I wont go into now

  7. It's rather amusing at times. He gets banned, comes back and screeches at people to not contact him from an account he isn't supposed to have because he was banned in the first place. Schmalfail logic on display.

  8. he tried a post on this one but got called out and deleted it

      1. is this like the end of Terminator 2 where the shape shifter Terminator is dying in the metal vat and cycles through all his past identities?
        Gotta go. Gotta get back to my D&D or maybe I gotta do crimes. Maybe I gotta do crimes in LARP mode. I never can tell what persona I'm supposed to be at any one moment.

  9. This is just crazy. Patrick Grady, Chris Heather, and EPWJ are all Ahab's current white whales. Heavy breathing on calls and who knows what else? I suggesevade targets be on guard for SWATing, too. By the way, if my "beloved" had injured herself and needed to use a cane, I would not be spending my time creating vulgar hate blogs and tweeting threats and profanities.

    1. well yeah, because I'm sure you actually care about your "beloved", can't make the same assumption about Shakey. His actions over the last few days pretty much shows he doesn't.

  10. Over at his latest PD advocacy site, * cough, cough, cough* I mean vulgar and homoerotic blog, he is making fun of EPWJ and, apparently, me - seems I struck a nerve when I commented about the time he is wasting tipping at windmills instead of caring for the person he calls his "beloved" and his "bride." Uh, huh.

    1. Oh, I forgot to mention that he seems obsessed with Grady's penis and his own mother's . . . "po po." I get that impression from the header on the blog plus blog entries entitled "The Truth About Grady's Penis."

  11. It's important to remember that the weapons he uses to attack people are not the ones that hurt them the most...they are the ones that hurt HIM the most.

    Just something to keep in mind.

  12. Damn, looks like I missed all the fun again.

    It's always sad to see someone so filled with hate, that all they can do with their time is spew it everywhere instead of trying to do something good with their lives...

    But oh well, Little Bitch spewing hate will always be a whining little bitch spewing hate, cause that's all he can be apparently.


  13. 5 years online and five friends on facebook and all he can do is to watch the further research done to his actions

    oooooh he's soooo powerful its Friday and strangely the reviews are still going strong thanks to his exposure

    Did you know that his dopamine book is nothing more than a hate hit against family members and conservatives? Wow its not about coping with a horrible disease - its about his very needy need to need to hate.

    Color me surprised -

    oh will have some passages the use of profanity - the cursing of family members - the endless affection (affliction) of these tome's to humanity garnished spicely with the n word

    1. the family picture, I have not ever criticized his family especially like he does - but sometimes stuff could be left out of books - for their sake

      Also as he sits their quivering with the molten rage of a thousand cowards words, keep on reporting yourself to law enforcement - strangely - except for you calling me yesterday - no one gives a hoot -

      1. hey stuff guy - I am sending to all concerned parties your own recording of your harassing a rape victims health fundraiser last year - the attacks on her family - etc - I am also adding it to the legal papers being filed and to spread the word about the man who attacks rape victims

        you mocked that she needed the money to go to CPAC, nice

  14. Twitter can get several thousand dollars per instant of trespass - I didn't know that - also - deliberate actions like that can carry non-concurrent sentencing of several months - each - I didn't know that - I think - that 50/60/75 twitter handles obtained after being banned - could in almost every known court in the land constitute stalking

    I didn't know this maybe that's why some of these legal departments are actually calling now, mailing postage paid envelopes to send material in - instead of sending links

    And haven't even sent them anything yet

    I wonder how the FTc, the FBI, and all those LEO's would think of the 1,739 pieces of evidence gathered so far - the firings - the bannings - the death threats - the porn - the hate crimes - the fraud of pretending to raise money - and the crimes against basic character development and sentence structure -

    False reporting I heard in my county carries a mandatory sentence of 11 months and 29 days - the reason for that sentence is that hypothetically any moron with 50/60/75 identities who fails to disclose that he is harassing grieveing widows, rape victims, single mothers, parents of challenged children who sends them an obviously fake letter to complain about harassment to further harass - well any idiot who would be sooo freakin stupid to piss off a rural hanging judge or two, will be a guest of the county and no, they won't be spending their days at taxpayer expense - they would be sentenced to PROBATION.

    If any idiot moron had thought ahead, he would know that PROBATION has to be served in this county.

    Most good Christian people around here like their military girls like those who were honored to be nominated to the academies and probably are not going to bend over to accommodate extra refrigeration for mayo. Good luck finding rental space, if someone was stupid enough to complain and make up false charges while conducting crimes all over the internet.

    we are quivering in fear........ ahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    1. I note he's been really, really quiet the last 24 hours....

      Does an instance of trespass mean each account acquired after being banned, or each tweet? Thought even if the former, those fines are adding up fast.

      TN requires most probationers to pay a monthly fee (admittedly modest) to help cover expenses of supervision and victim restitution. And I wouldn't imagine that they'd jump at the idea of transferring someone to MD's care for probation given how little concern MD has shown about the behaviour up to now.

  15. Tennessee has jurisdiction - because he sent a letter to Tennessee or pretended to send a letter to Tennessee - I haven't and won't do anything - I don't need to - I will assist them with 1,739 pieces of evidence - what I think the new DA is really going to go over the edge about, is the 91 minute tape where he broadcasts his total hate towards Mandy for her illness especially now that she is so very ill, and his gleeful doxing of her family, her finances, her liens and other things - he must have forgotten that the people who doxed joe the plumber - went quietly to jail (probation) and lost their govt jobs.

    Things like that - I warned him MANY MANY MANY times that yes normally people will not give a hoot but once you piss off law enforcement - you are not going to like the consequences - sending that broadcast letter got me ZERO phone calls - why because they were already monitoring him, they already KNEW about him. His saving grace if it was all a bluff isn't going to help him either, because he posted it in an attempt to coerce me which didn't work.

    Looking at depth of another book today that several pages were taken without permission and had nothing to do with coping with Parkinson's they were about self promotion, hate for some family members and screeds against conservatives.

  16. I think any comprehensive listing of Bill's misdeeds just HAS to include this.

    He lives near Baltimore, and when entertaining visitors from out of state, took them for a crab dinner -- to JOE'S CRAB SHACK!

    This is like a Maine resident taking people to Red Lobster!

    Or a Brooklynite going to Domino's for pizza!

    Or a Phily person getting cheese steak sandwiches from SUBWAY!

    It ought to be categorized as a crime against humanity.

    1. What? Red Lobster ISN'T a fine seafood place?

      Crushed. I'm just crushed. (/sarc, just in case someone misses it)

      If you are ever in central Mass., look for a place in Worcester called "The Sole Proprietor" - now that is a good seafood place.

      1. Years ago Red Lobster was airing some pretty tasty looking commercials, so my husband and I became eager to give them a try. We were ignorant. I went to meet him after work and after wandering around in the crowd caught sight of him. We both started laughing. I'll never forget, he whispered to me, "This doesn't look like our kind of place." Ha. I'd never heard him use that phrase before. After gawking for a few minutes more we high-tailed it to our regular seafood restaurant. Yikes!


  17. Hey hey impotent man
    sitting all alone in his tin can

    No one can hear you
    no one can see

    Your latest little efforts
    to make me fear pee

    But your urine again will flow down the deck
    for as you dig deeper its your life you'll wreck

    1. you know, it's not nice to tease a retard..
      Funny as all get out...
      but not nice...

      then again, Little Bitch generally asks for it daily so why not give it to him right?


      1. yeah makes a cartoon about my kid points to it on his new twitter feed - too late University police got screen grabs - of the tweets and the site -

        now he goes dark soon to go blank...

  18. EPWJ, posting about your beautiful and brave girls has become especially egregious considering the recent news about the ISIS directive to go after family and friends of our military. Fool dug himself a particularly deep one this time. It's unforgivable.

    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  19. Notice he says he will only focus on PD. Notice that almost every post after that is vile lies and attacks on people that are not even speaking to him. Notice he has lied yet again. Shocking I know.

    1. Army vet - yeah using his website which he is clearly NOT raising funds - using the tweets to promote a Website where he is posting pictures of young girls


      1. Yeah I can see the next letter to LAw enforcement

        So I wrote you last week but this week after I was banned twice in one day by twitter . Meanwhile today, when I broke into the service again, the father of some kid I keep posting her picture = he said mean things about me when I posted pictures of even more young girls that I didn't have permission to. look I had to spend hours lifting those pictures from copyrighted sources create the cartoons, and the build a website and post them because - I'm a fund raiser for PArkinsons - I mean one day I'll get around to it, its been 11 years but I'm optimistic!

        Arrest him immediately because I physically don't have the strength to spend 14 hours a day creating these site so people will be harmed...

        Where is MY pursuit of happiness, huh, MR law enforcement officers


        Mr Certified Serial Adjudicated Harasser

  20. Just so you know I tried to capture the poor sentence structure and other grammatical missives of his spicy grimy gritty style.

  21. he says this over an hour ago

    yet his nasty attacks he calls "satire" are still up at his cesspool blog.

    hmmnn, could lead one to think he isn't serious.

    1. 1. Abuse twitter
      2. Post bad stuff on website.
      3. Use twitter to offer bad website material as ransom.
      4. Claim victimhood if not accepted.

      Rinse, lather, ...............

  22. You poor dumb bastard (literally), Shakey. You are too dumb and far too obtuse to ever realize that you have never posted a pic that has anything to do with me. You have no idea who I am. You have never even been close.

    You will know who I am on your death bed. I will make sure of it. And hopefully it will be soon.

    1. I will take it upon myself now, to post the most vile photos, of every one of Bill Schmalfeldt's family members.
      Did your mom ever blow a donkey?
      Did your dad service Muslim prisoners?
      Does Gail work Balmer street corners?
      Photographic proof coming soon.Because I know who THEY are.

      Be looking for my new wordpress site.

      But by all means, keep doing what you're doing.

  23. Contacting Live365

    Here are their TOS

    . Content Guidelines/Prohibited Uses

    a. Content Guidelines.

    You agree not to post, upload or transmit to the Site or to Live365's servers any sound recordings, communications, text, graphics, digital content, or other information (collectively, "Material") that: obscene, fraudulent, indecent, discourteous, racially offensive, or abusive;
    b.defames, abuses, harasses or threatens others;
    c.contains any computer viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots, ransomware, rootkits, keyloggers, dialers, spyware, adware, malicious BHOs, rogue security software or other malicious programs, disabling devices or other harmful component intended to damage, detrimentally interfere with, surreptitiously intercept or expropriate any system, data or personal information;
    d.advocates or encourages any illegal activity;
    e.infringes upon the copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, publicity right or other intellectual property or proprietary right of any third party;
    f.violates the privacy of individuals, including other users of the Site; or
    g.violates any applicable local, state, national, or international law.

    Live365 in its sole discretion shall determine your compliance with the foregoing guidelines. Live365 reserves the exclusive rights to delete from the Site without prior notice any material that it deems to be non-complying or otherwise objectionable for any reason and to terminate, suspend, and/or otherwise deny Site access to any user determined to have violated the foregoing guidelines for any reason.

    wonder how they are going to

  24. Soundcloud TOS

    (viii) You must not use the Platform to upload, post, store, transmit, display, copy, distribute, promote, make available or otherwise communicate to the public:

    ##any Content that is offensive, abusive, libellous, defamatory, obscene, racist, sexually explicit, ethnically or culturally offensive, indecent, that promotes violence, terrorism, or illegal acts, incites hatred on grounds of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation, or is otherwise objectionable in SoundCloud’s reasonable discretion;

    ##any information, Content or other material that violates, plagiarises, misappropriates or infringes the rights of third parties including, without limitation, copyright, trademark rights, rights of privacy or publicity, confidential information or any other right; or

    ##any Content that violates, breaches or is contrary to any law, rule, regulation, court order or is otherwise is illegal or unlawful in SoundCloud’s reasonable opinion;

    ##any material of any kind that contains any virus, Trojan horse, spyware, adware, malware, bot, time bomb, worm, or other harmful or malicious component, which or might overburden, impair or disrupt the Platform or servers or networks forming part of, or connected to, the Platform, or which does or might restrict or inhibit any other user's use and enjoyment of the Platform; or

    ##any unsolicited or unauthorised advertising, promotional messages, spam or any other form of solicitation.

    (ix) You must not commit or engage in, or encourage, induce, solicit or promote, any conduct that would constitute a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any law or regulation.

    Legal email sending now

  25. Streamlicensing TOS

    14. Our monitoring activity goes beyond ensuring compliance with Sections 112 and 114 of the Copyright Act. Therefore, your further agree to refrain from posting content: •That advocates or encourages illegal activity;
    •That impersonates any person or entity or acts on behalf of another person or entity without authorization, including, but not limited to, a StreamLicensing™ employee or falsely states or otherwise misrepresents your affiliation with a person or entity;
    •That includes personal or identifying information about another person without that person's explicit consent;
    •That is false, deceptive, misleading, deceitful, misinformative, fraudulent, relates to hate-groups or other racist activities, or constitutes "bait and switch";
    •That constitutes or contains any form of junk mail, spam, chain letter, pyramid scheme or other unsolicited or illegal commercial advertisement;
    •That advertises any illegal service or the sale of any items the sale of which is prohibited or restricted by any applicable law, including without limitation items the sale of which is prohibited by law;
    •That employs any tool to disguise the origin of content, including false or misleading E-mail addresses.

    Legal email with detailed harassment screen caps being sent now

  26. Like Brett someone's trying to use his kid as a human shield as the forces of good close in on his nefarious activities, running out of room to "raise" funds for Parkinsons?

  27. WMS-DB @WmsDb · 12m 12 minutes ago
    Yes. He does, Perry. Desperate people do desperate things. The death threat was over the top.

    There was no "death threat" you stinking POS.

    Go crawl in a fucking hole.

    I don't agree with ERA, but you deserve everything you get. And more.

    1. Here's the thing, Shakey. They will tell you that I am not Chris H.

      They won't tell you who I am.

      And unlike you, I'm sure they can read. No death threat. Although with just a minimum of contact with you, they too will wish you would blow your brains out.

      And my only presence on Twitter is @embryriddlealum.

      You don't scare me, Jiggle.

      WORK ON IT!!

      1. On the extremely off chance that the Elkridge PD takes him seriously and contacts WI, they would then prove that Heather is NOT Earl, and wouldn't that leave our boy Bill open to just tons and tons of harassment and libel charges not to mention filing false reports?

        This would seem a rather dangerous step for someone to take who is so routinely wrong. Amusing as heck for the rest of us though.

      2. OH dear, I don't think Shakey thought this thru, IF Howard isn't Heather, I hope the police will take care of protecting him from the deranged cyber stalker who is obviously obsessed with him.
        I also hope Shakey gets nailed for filing a false police report on the wrong person.

      3. He's got a great list of all the doxes he claims he got right. We know he's got Chris Heather and Kyle Kiernan wrong. And he's doxed at least two people as Tom Blvd, so at least one (if not both) of them are wrong. His doxing of Kimbery Dykes is doubtful, as well as Lynn Thomas (they keep linking to some poor librarian). Having discredited over half of his "I got it right!" doxes (and I'm sure there are more that he's not listing that were woefully wrong), I wouldn't think he'd really think that a record to be proud of.

        Not to forget that poor woman in Oregon he claimed was P Mason. Bill seems to be trying to pretend that never happened.

      4. Just recently, under his previous handle, he said he'd only missed ONE dox. Now admitting two. Keep doubling that a few times and he will soon be near the mark.

  28. Actually Shakey,

    I know for a fact you got two of those wrong, Kimberly and Kyle, don't know the others, but given your lack of depth when it comes to research it wouldn't suprise me if the others were wrong too.

    By the way, THAT Kyle, who's mug shot and arrest record you were throwing up everywhere you could for a while (I was told, unfortunately wasn't around for it), no longer lives in Tampa, but he still has friends there, as do I, and they have been having quite the chat about you and what you've been doing.
    and they ain't happy, no sirree.

      1. The website does not contain a whole lot of information as it appears it was simply yet another endeavor the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt started... but, never bothered to finish. Yeah, I know... shocker.

        And, you may have already ran across it... anyhoo...

        The pics of that young girl he continues to post on both his website and Twitter clearly indicates he has taken the gloves off ONCE AGAIN where family members are concerned. A child! He attacks and uses YET ANOTHER CHILD for his demented, diabolical games, harassment, and stalking of others!

        I'm livid. There are no words...

        He deserves, and has earned beyond ALL measure, everything coming his way... what a sick, twisted evil bastard he is.

  29. But I thought we were supposed to believe Bill when he denies having ever gotten more than one dox wrong?

    And just because you are now "friends" with the woman in OR, doesn't mean that you didn't get the dox wrong, you platyhelminthic idiot.

    1. And given that Bill thinks that tweet suggesting my husband hasn't kept his marriage vows is somehow going to upset me, it is obvious that he thinks/knows that either he or/and Gail haven't been too good about keeping their's.

      1. His dox of Kimberly isn't just doubtful, it's plain out wrong, I know both her and Rain.
        They are a study in opposites except for both being female.
        Of course Shakey will never admit this, just like he'll never admit it's possible that someone may know Heather, the girl that passed and that she filed a domestic abuse complaint against Heather, without actually being Heather himself.

        wah wah wah,blah blah blah, more assumptions and more lies, that's all Shakey's got.

      2. So true. It's amazing that the only person who could know about a restraining order is the person who went to court for it. And that that person is the only one who could know that the object of the restraining order had died. I mean obviously her family and other friends would never know about it!/sarc

    2. Oh, and Bill, since he's obviously reading this: I have never mentioned his spouse, except in things such as saying I hope she is doing well when health issues have been brought up. He is the fucking asshole who brings in spouses, parents, children, friends, etc. So, I'm sorry I ever said nice things to him about his wife. He obviously enjoys people saying bad things about her, because either he agrees with them, or at least it gives him one more thing to complain about; if nothing else, he lives to complain. I'm sure that if he were to end up in heaven (and that ain't happening the way he are behaving right now) I'm sure he'd bitch about his wings being the wrong color, and how he can't stand that type of music, and why isn't there any gay porn?

  30. It seems to me that William is forever decrying the failure of the constabulary to respond to his pleas, yet always assumes that the next time will be different.

    There is a clinical definition for that, you know.

  31. Good God, doesn't he ever get tired of being the failure? Seriously when has he ever got anything right? Court cases? Bragged and yelled about the "smoking gun" that would win him in case how many times? Worked? 0. Fail after fail after fail. And he never learns.

  32. Email sent describing Bills recent attempts to file false charges against people and his ties to known felons. Sent screen shots of his posting pictures of young girls without permission on his websites

  33. It's a little sad making to be one of his complete dox fails. If he doesn't have a clue who you really are he mostly ignores you out of fear he'll demonstrate his ass dumbness. But if he thinks he's got a pretty good bead on your ID he'll poke and respond.
    Why is this a drag? I don't troll him cuz I'm looking for enlightenment or edification but because I like the verbal strike and riposte. I'm here for the insult and the outrage and sometimes I get to trigger the Feltdown.

    PS: This topic got chopped from HW but I still think its a valid question as to whether or not he gave his wifey cancer. Munchausen' by Proxy is known and diagnosable syndrome and he sure do love the attention.

    1. I can't talk to that, but he does love anything that makes him look the victim. He seems to always discuss his wife's health issues as minor things unless he thinks he can use them to show what off what a good husband he is, or to garner sympathy for himself.


    Did you get your three million from Hoge and Krendler, William? Did you keep your "fair use" postings up? How about the infringing books, dear boy? Are they still on the market?

    You do see why one would dispute your legal acumen, wouldn't you?

  35. Did you get your three million from Hoge and Krendler, William? Did you keep your “fair use” postings up? How about the infringing books, dear boy? Are they still on the market?
    You do see why one would dispute your legal acumen, wouldn’t you?

      1. And, remember when @ mentions on Twitter were NOT direct contact? Heh. Good times. Good times.

        Yet, the bloated bastard for some reason refuses to @ mention Hoge.

  36. "It's in the hands of Law Enforcement. We'll see what THEY come up with."

    I can tell you right now. Look in the mirror, Shakey.

    See that big, fat fucking ZERO? That's what they will come up with.

    Everyone limber up their LULZ muscle for some fun.

    Because I have.....

    1. Good lord, his twitter feed looks like the Flow Chart with only yes options he made to prove that Causey was Howard. But since he already KNEW that Howard is Chris, he must have figured that somehow Chris lived in both Racine by himself, and in AZ with a wife and child.

      And actually, a lot of us are hoping that death bed comes soon. So I guess he needs to report every single person who reads and posts here to Elkridge PD as sending death threats too.

      I'd love to here the tape of that 911 call. LOL

      1. I laughed hard at that tweet... Death Threat ELEVENTY!!1!!1!1!

        Hoping an evil spawn of Satan soon meets his demise does NOT a death threat make.

        When do the dudes with the XXXXX white jacket show up? He keeps this nonsense up with local law enforcement much longer... I definitely see a 5150 in his near future.

  37. Letter with attachments sent to Racine Sheriff:



    Today at 7:22 PM
    William Schmalfeldt of Elkridge Wisconsin

    He apparently is on twitter, saying he has correspondence from your office that his complaints against one "Chris Heather" are being processed. You must be VERY careful, what Mr. Schmalfeldt has left out is that he is a Certified Adjudicated Serial Harasser with open restraining and peace orders in several states. You can Google "Bill Schmalfeldt" or I can send you over 176 pages of information on him.

    Again I would very carefully consider Mr. Schmalfeldts ties to violent terrorists and felons as well as his penchant for posting pictures of young girls on his websites against their wishes and their parents.

    He has been terrorizing people for the last three years on Amazon to get around peace orders and restraining orders he writes books with faces in feces and violent verbiage, and has even made commercials mocking a father to "pimp" put his daughters.

    Recently he was ordered by a federal court to remove some content from Amazon. He is a stalker, he has had over 70 twitter identities - switching them or being suspended and deleting evidence all over the internet, he has been fired or suspended from his over the top columns at The Daily Kos and the Baltimore Examiner as well as the Digital Journal and possibly other online journals.

    Just today he bragged on twitter about the trouble he has caused people and laughed at any attempts to get law enforcement to tell the truth here is all you need to understand Bill Schmalfeldt

  38. I see the Down Twinkle Fairy has visited. *snerk

    Dear Fairy: please realize that down twinkles just show us that our attempts to piss you off are succeeding. This makes us happy. If you really were going to do what you say you are, that is stick to encouraging PD education and research, we wouldn't be writing this stuff, and you wouldn't feel the need to troll websites to find things to piss you off.

    I'd suggest that you could make us unhappy by ignoring us (because we know you love to make people unhappy), but we know that's not true; we'd all be delighted if you forgot we ever existed and left us alone. We can find lots of more productive and happy things to do with our time than dealing with a "man" who obviously never grew past toddlerhood emotionally. Sadly, you live to attack people, people who often didn't even know you existed until you attacked them. Given your incredible ability to find the wrong person with a name you've decided to hate on, one of these days you'll choose someone whose friends are named things like "Vinny" or "Boris" and who loooove taking road trips outside Jersey. When that happens, just remember, we'll be laughing. Because you deserve it, and because we've warned you.

    So, piss off.



    1. THIS!! Yes, so very much, THIS.

      I posted similarly at Hoge's: One of these days, all of his efforts will actually cause real harm, to himself or to others. Again.

      And I hope EPWJ is mistaken about SchmalFAIL driving recently; that it was an old photo. There is absolutely no way he has the mental wherewithal. He will harm innocent people. Then blame them for the harm he caused with his reckless, demented, and bitter behavior.

      No snark - I sincerely believe he is a danger to himself and to others.

      1. its very possible he's mobile warning to everyone, parkinsons is a looong term disease some have to 20,30,40 years and lead normal lives, sometimes there are periods of subtle remission

      2. I think his admitted dementia is much worse than he is capable of recognizing. I mean, seriously, as LibraryGryffon mentioned earlier, a "flow chart" with only "yes" arrows?

        Anyone who knows enough to even recognize such a chart, much less construct one, would know that's not right. What is the purpose if the only possible answer is "yes"?

        Also consider that even a broken clock is right twice per day. He doesn't hit that in a month.

        Advanced dementia, along with what I suspect are multiple long-stranding personality disorders - maybe the whole Cluster B set - would explain a lot.

  39. Bill, eh you can explain it to them - you see when you make knowingly false allegations to them - them it become their business - you have an adjudicated and extensive online history with former federal prosecutors and current DA's questioning your activities.

    In other words - goof luck with that

    1. someones starting to blubble on twitter - is that cold feeling in the back of your neck telling you something? Like twice in three days you made false reports to multiple agencies in multiple states?

      Let us know how that's working out for ya..

    2. I love that he claims he "won" the copyright suit. He didn't "win", he just didn't lose since it didn't go to trial. He did have to take copyrighted materials down though, which would suggest that it was indeed NOT fair use, contrary to all his protestations.

      And he's still going on about how absolutely no one could have known about that girl who died except Chris. I guess living relatively housebound with no friends so far as we can tell leaves one thinking that only the persons involved can possible know about any given event, since he would only know about stuff he's personally involved in. He really has to learn to stop projecting.

      1. And while yes, he didn't have to pay WJJH lots of money, he didn't get the thousands he was asking for either, did he? 8)

      2. And he's claiming that my desire for him to shuffle off this mortal coil sooner rather than later is "unchristian". Like he'd know what real "christian" or "unchristian" was.

        I know far more about him than I ever wanted to. And everything that I've read, especially what he himself has written, tells me that he has no room in his heart or soul for anyone except himself.

  40. "
    But you don't know me. You know nothing about me. How can you hope someone you know nothing about dies soon? Horrible, and unChristian."

    Oh, how I've awaited the return of AboveItAllBill, who forgets just how often he's wished painful deaths on others, including fellow Parkinson's sufferers.

    Could I be the only one who wonders if the Fox people know about that? I presume those tweets are saved somewhere.

    1. Bill has a very convenient memory, doesn't he? Probably one of the reason he memory holes so many tweets and blogs/blog posts. If it isn't currently in print, it never happened.

      Of course, the only reason we want him to die (or just have the PD get too advanced for him to be posting 200+ tweets a day) is because he spends his time attacking us. If he would leave everyone alone, we be fine with him living another 20 years.

      1. Increasingly, I believe that young William's morbid obesity is due to neither Parkison's or gluttony, but being stuffed to overflowing with hypocrisy.

        It was only but two weeks ago that William was on Twitter bemoaning the NFL's attitude toward domestic violence, saying that it was never acceptable. Of course, the corollary of that should be "Unless it happens to Chris Heather, in which case it isn't just acceptable, but hilarious."

        William's odd interpretation of Christianity doesn't appear to condemn for his own wishes for the odious deaths of others, of which I have seen at least two public examples of.

        Finally, Our Lad fancies himself something of a "Speaking Truth to Power" breed of cat, unless you actually read what he writes TO power. In every official piece of correspondence of his that I've read, he not only DEMANDS "protection" from the Blue Meanies, he DESERVES it

        Which is it, boyo? On Twitter, you paint yourself as a fearless ninja who, over and over again, has stated that you're not afraid of anyone. But when you run to the authorities, you're a simpering, diseased old coward, so afraid of your own shadow that you require around-the-clock police protection.

        Why, it seems as though it was only Wednesday that you were saying that you would smash people's teeth down their throats if they repeated to your face what they said on the Internet. But on Saturday,you're terrified of "death threats."

        Who is the real William Matthew Schmalfeldt? Is there one?

        I for one, do hope that the Racine police follow the links you sent them, and delve deep into the comments. For they'll see a very different Bill than the one you've presented them. It does occur to you that somewhere between a quarter and half of the commentary there is your own words, doesn't it?

        Of course it doesn't. Because you're an idiot, as well.

      2. I'm working on it. I just want him to go away. I don't really care how, just for him to leave people alone. If he were to instead find joy in gardening, as long as he stopped going after people online, I'd be happy for him. And then forget him.

    2. The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt just VERY recently wished Parkinson's Disease upon one or more of us "Lickspittles" so we'd have to thank him or some such shit for the fact he volunteered for deep-brain surgery.

      I can't even count the number of times he has wished a painful death for John Hoge.

      And, somewhere around here I have SSs of him tweeting the most horrific and vile hopes for a painful, oozing, incurable disease to befall those he hates.

      He hates. Period. And, he is evil. Pure, unadulterated evil.

    1. Nice to know he thinks everyone is decent. Except when he's attacking us. Then we're evil and stupid. But he knows that isn't true, so he has to try to make us look good or something.

      I don't think he's really thought those accusations through.

  41. Poor Bill I just sent them all your uncle bastard audio tape where you torment a rape victim and made the commercial about the elementary aged school girls by name and the P%ssy palace

    I did I sent it to all of them........

    So they know the lying monster that you are

    did you really think they were going to not google you?

    cry yourself to sleep because I think next week is a week you wish didn't happen

    You brought it on yourself when you lied to all those people

    Now they are the one's that are going to make your life miserable - you wanted attention - you got it

  42. I've said before and I will say it again. I am 100% positive that Howard Earle/@embryriddlealum is not Chris Heather, and NO ONE is going to lie under oath for you fatboy. Yes idiot, you've been harassing the wrong person again just like you did with Jeremy for two years. Now back to being busy with my politics again.

  43. "@WmsDb: How hard did you laugh when Hoge and Walker thought "Beware the Ides of March" was a death threat, Gracie?"

    Last I heard, John and Aaron didn't confess to having a domestic terrorist as an "excellent" friend.

    Furthermore, what the bloated bastard can't appear to grasp is "hoping" someone dies is a far cry from threatening to end their life.

    BTW -- Anyone else wonder if those who are in receipt of his last letter may possibly interpret his last paragraph with regard to him having friends in the media as a veiled threat?

    IIRC -- Bill Schmalfeldt has pulled that stunt before with regard to alerting news media, and going on television shows in his wheelchair, blah, blah, blah, if such-and-such didn't go his way with the courts or something. The details are escaping me at the moment.

  44. Interesting.

    All his crap at him anonymous wordpress site is gone; it says it was deleted by the authors. But all of it is still available at the site.

    Wow, harassing Chris Heather, posting pictures of minor children without their parents' consent, etc, etc., sure helps promote PD education and research!

    1. Notice his multi-tweet, repeated blatherings regarding Chris Heather. This is his third or fourth go at it within 24 hours. Baghdad Blob always takes this tack when he's unsure of his information.

      Yeah. He talks all tough and as if he's got his facts 100% nailed down. Yet, continues to play out the story repeatedly, all the while begging for the "Lickspittles" to give him a further explanation and verify his manic droolings.

      Ain't gonna happen, ya bloated bastard.

      BTW -- Did anyone else see where his son basically told him to leave everyone alone... including him? Heh.

      1. "@WmsDb: Grace the Hater is lying. My son told TheRealBobber to knock it off, then asked to be left out of it. I love my son."

        Firstly, as I have clearly stated before... I don't "hate" Bill Schmalfeldt. I hate his lies. I hate his harassment and stalking of good people. I hate his threats. I hate how he abuses women, children, and babies with his vile words and actions. I hate how he uses valuable law enforcement resources to further his harassment of innocent persons. I hate how he abuses the judicial system because laws refuse to support his lawless behavior.

        But, hate Bill Schmalfeldt himself? Nope. Whenever I hear his name, or witness his abhorrent nature, I only feel utter disgust, and a strong desire to see this Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser stopped and held to account for his YEARS of anti-social, psychopathic activity.

        Secondly, I have never -- nope, not once -- EVER claimed that Bill Schmalfeldt did not love his son.

        Thirdly, I'm not lying. BS's son clearly stated:

        "@mrmidi: @WmsDb Finally, I ask that no one makes a reference to me in this. Even You. I don't want to be in middle of an apparent pissing contest.
        10/5/14, 4:32 AM"

  45. One of the attached smears ends, "Get off the internet" is not an option. It is my last connection with the real world."

    Makes one wonder why that is, doesn't it? hahaha Well, not virtually anyone who has had the misfortune of having any contact with the cyberstalking, admittedly dementia addled, adjudicated harasser with multiple restraining/peace orders against him from multiple states (and appears to want to add to his collection), repeatedly cuckolded by multiple wives, banned from the Daily Kos because of his filthy writing including anal rape fantasy and attacking commenters who were offended, also fired from multiple cheap writing gigs such as the Examiner because of attacking those who commented on his articles and using his posts to attack his victims, and who has repeatedly tried to attach himself to established Parkinsons research and awareness organizations and being asked by one of the largest to leave them alone, failed doxer of many including spouses and children of his victimss (even a baby!), and whose own adult children want nothing to do with him, William Bill Schmalfeldt.

    Despite using "Parkinsons" and several variations of "Parkinsons" and claiming to be solely interested in raising awareness about Parkinsons, claiming to solicit donations to fund Parkinsons research, and claiming any "profits" from his various endeavors will be donated to Parkinsons research, he has been asked to stop. Let that sink in a moment - how awful must one be to not only be rejected by one's own children, but also rejected by a charity he claims to want to help?

    William Bill Schmalfeldt claims the internet is his "last connection with the real world" (or at least what is real to him, though not recognized as "real" by most others). The reason for that can be found in his mirror and in his voluminous attempts to monetize his hateful screeds by self-publishing his many, many vicious and FALSE attacks on his many victims. I've heard one of his "books" described as largely a hate-blog attacking his own family.

    Read his own words, then you'll know why he's not surrounded by friends and family; why he's not expecting a visit from grandchildren. It appears he has alienated virtually everyone who has ever had contact with him. That's why he's virtually alone, with most of his life spent on his computer. If the dementia doesn't drive people off, his rage and hatred will.

  46. Shakey keeps saying no one has pointed out how ERA could know about that girl having passed without him being Heather.

    Both I and Library Gryphon have pointed out how anyone who knew one or both of them would probably know this.

    I know he must have read where both of us mentioned it, since he's been copying posts and tweeting them to argue with so again, he's lying.

    He just because he doesn't want to consider it doesn't mean it's not possible.

    Just because he ignores it doesn't mean it wasn't pointed out to him, repeatedly.

    If nothing else, his refusal to admit that there is a chance that someone who knew Heather or the girl that died could be ERA, and that people have pointed out that flaw in his reasoning per and over again, shows he's an idiot, and a lying idiot at that.

    1. The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt must truly believe the information he ran across on the WORLD WIDE WEB was only capable of being found by him.

      I'll pay the "What If" game... WHAT IF Howard, either during the Knot days, or during the years since (where BS has been completely obsessed with one Chris Heather from Wisconsin), took it upon himself to look into Heather's background? You know... ON THE INTERNET.

      And, oh... I don't know... WHAT IF Howard then... FOUND THE EXACT SAME INFORMATION THAT BAGHDAD BLOB JUST HAPPENED TO TRIP OVER ONCE HE WAS LED TO IT BY THE RING IN HIS NOSE? You know... like something as simple as a "You talk to corpses now?" comment?

      Yeah, I know. That's just silly talk. That could never happen. It's not like Howard has ever played Bill Schmalfeldt like a fiddle before.

      Typical Bill. Just refuses to consider different scenarios/explanations. Always the smartest guy in the room. *SMH*

      1. I find it highly amusing that Shakey seems to forget he's been accusing Howard of being Heather for a long time.

        Even before the whole "he knew she was dead without me naming names", fiasco.
        To him it's proof that Howard has to be Heather because he didnt name names, yet to everyone else, he didn't have to name names because he had already been screeching Howard was Heather so anything he referred to would involve Heather some way.

        Anyone who happened to know Heather and the girl would recognize the reference Shakey was making, even without names.
        Because Shakey had already been accusing Howard of being Heather.

        Damn, if this is your example of a successful dox of someone, ( not counting those who dont use handles of course, it's not really research when the person has all their name right out there to begin with), then I'm not surprised you dont have any correct.

  47. Let us momentarily assume that Howard actually is Chris Heather. The consequences of that are almost certain to be ... zero.

    An interesting homework assignment would be to compile as complete list as possible of everyone that William has sought out to punish his "enemies" - police departments, district and state's attorney's, courts, Twitter, blog hosting companies, etc - and what the results were.

    Has it EVER worked? Or is William impotent in more than just the obvious way? I would venture a guess that his reputation with the authorities is even worse than what can be found on Google, due exclusively to his hysterical and entitled reactions to virtually everything.

    William may very well get an authentic death threat someday. And because of his previous actions, the response is likely to be ... crickets. After all, just last night he provided links to the Racine police where they'll find William, in his own words, saying that he's not frightened of anyone, and finds us all to be generally amusing.

    William Schmalfeldt is fundamentally without credibility. Advertising that to the authorities in jurisdictions across America isn't wise, but it is to be expected from him. And the results couldn't be more predictable.

    The man revels in his own impotence and shame. He's John Kennedy Toole's greatest creation. This is why I love him.

  48. just a suggestion, knowanyone we could use this with?

    1. hahahaha Krendler said it better, much better, though. Of course, he went into much more detail...

      If anyone missed Krendler's post about the huge party, chili, coolers, etc. lmk and I'll find a link. 🙂

  49. WMS-DB @WmsDb · 3h 3 hours ago
    Grace the Hater is lying. My son told TheRealBobber to knock it off, then asked to be left out of it. I love my son.

    Uh, no Bill:

    Peter Schmalfeldt @mrmidi · 8h 8 hours ago
    @WmsDb IMO, it seems like you guys are harassing each other. A vicious cycle of anger that no "logic" from ether side will ever penetrate.

    Peter Schmalfeldt
    @WmsDb Best to just stay out of it. It's what I want. Anything further is just adding fuel to the fire. Just walk away and let it burn out.

    Peter Schmalfeldt @mrmidi · 7h 7 hours ago
    @WmsDb Finally, I ask that no one makes a reference to me in this. Even You. I don't want to be in middle of an apparent pissing contest.

    He's telling you to piss off Bill. He doesn't even include thebobber in his tweets. He's just talking to you.

    1. Interesting that his son (is this one of the kids by the wife who cheated on him and so may not be his?? NTTAWWT) can see "you guys are harassing each other", when Shakey can't.

      as many have said before, don't want none, dont start none.

    2. Sorry, Perry. Just got back on and saw your request for links. I see you found the tweets.

      I had seen BS's tweet about me being a hater and a liar (VERY shortly after I posted about his son here), and responded up above, but my comment is being held in moderation (most likely due to multiple embedded links in the same post), but I'll reiterate my comments in that post here.

      Not that BS gives a hoot about the truth, but the truth of the matter is THIS:

      Firstly, as I have clearly stated before… I don’t “hate” Bill Schmalfeldt. I hate his lies. I hate his harassment and stalking of good and decent people. I hate his threats. I hate how he abuses women, children, and babies with his vile words and actions. I hate how he insists on posting images of minors. I hate how he uses valuable law enforcement resources to further his harassment of innocent persons. I hate how he abuses the judicial system because laws refuse to support his lawless behavior. Etc., etc., etc.

      But, hate Bill Schmalfeldt himself? Nope. Whenever I hear his name, or witness his abhorrent nature, I only feel utter disgust, and a strong desire to see this Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser stopped and held to account for his YEARS of anti-social, psychopathic activity.

      Secondly, I have never — nope, not once — EVER claimed that Bill Schmalfeldt did not love his son.

      And, thirdly -- as you, Perry, noted with the above links -- when I stated that Bill's son had basically told Bill to leave everyone alone -- including him -- I was dead-ass correct.

      "It seems like you guys are harassing each other."

      "I ask that no one makes a reference to me in this. EVEN YOU."

      So, who's the real lying liar here? *SMH*

  50. Let us see how self-destructive, is Boatswain's Mate Beluga.

    I am Howard Earl. I reside in Prescott Valley, Arizona and I am the creator of Operation Burn Notice. Contrary to your belief, I had nothing to do with the false Occupy Madison site. For no other reason than I didn't think of it first.
    Remember the lineups you sent to Sean that night, Inspector? That was me, also.

    Now here are your directives.
    1. You will not attempt to contact me.
    2. You will not attempt to d0x me.
    3. This may be moot since you cannot even make it to your mailbox without Life Flight-You will not attempt to physically encounter me. This wouldn't be wise anyway since we have a very permissive castle-doctrine. Do you know you don't even have to be IN my abode here in Arizona for me to apply this state's defense of home?

    Since I am the sole proprietor of a small business which provides a service to a very select clientele, I am not worried about one of your pedestrian attempts at damaging my livelihood.

    I have never commented on any of your blogs.

    I have never visited one of your blogs.

    I have never reviewed on of your "books".

    And of course, I have never threatened your life. Why would I? I enjoy the LULZ and the GIGGITIES!!

    If you were to choose THE CURE, Shakey, I would find that amusing.

    Have at me, Commodore Cuckolded.


      1. "WMS-DB @WmsDb · 9m 9 minutes ago
        Give me a reason to come at you, Marky Mark, and lets see what happens! "

        This will be the most predictable thing on earth. William will look foolish. Again.

    1. Oh, my. That's gonna cause much gnashing of teeth from a certain tin-can dwelling, bloated bastard in MD.

      Thank you for LULZ!

  51. At the other forum I posted the proof I've seen that Howard is not Heather. I won't go into detail here and ask that no one else post it publicly either. Maybe this will be the faildox that finally blows up enough to stop the doxing permanently. 🙂

      1. Jane: your telekenetic/telepathic powers are so great that you can personally control Bill's behaviour! He's now claiming that you are preventing him from telling the cops how wrong he was about Chris Heather!

        (WMS-DB @WmsDb 12 minutes ago
        Funny, innit? How Hate Jane has proof Chris Heather is not @embryriddlealum but won't let me tell the cops how wrong I was? Oh well.)

        Of course in reality, he's just trying to goad someone into explaining, in words of one syllable, preferably rhyming, with pictures, how you know this so that he won't look like a total moron (apologies to real morons) when (if they even bother at all) the police find out that yes, Chris isn't Howard.

      2. you know how we all know Howard isn't Heather?
        Shakey hasn't called him, emailed him, called his work or his family.
        IF Shakey really thought Heather was Howard he'd have already done all those things.

        in the end it wont really matter, harassment is harassment, stalking is stalking, and the deranged adjucated harasser from Elkridge will be paying for it, in one way or another.

  52. "@WmsDb: @mrmidi Please don't give them ammo. I didn't bring you into this. BTW, I'm fine."

    Please don't give them ammo? BTW -- I'm fine?

    What a pathetic, back-handed, virtual slap to his son who -- LIKE MANY, MANY, MANY OTHER PEOPLE -- has simply asked his Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser of a "father" to let him be and leave him out of BS's sociopathic activities.

    Bill Schmalfeldt is beyond pathetic. That tweet just oozed with snarky cruelty. Can't imagine why his own son wants nothing to do with him. *SMH*

  53. WMS-DB @WmsDb · 1m 1 minute ago
    Whatever you call yourself, the cops are going to be looking into Christopher S. Heather of Racine, WI. So it really makes no never mind.

    18 hours after a scary, scary death threat, and you so helpfully send them your Twitter address, the police still haven't knocked on any doors, William? They're either lazy, stupid, or aren't taking you very seriously.

    Or perhaps you know what the response would be from Howard Count, and are just waving your willy in the wind again.

    1. William is so terrified of his supposed death threat that he continues to engage the person that allegedly delivered it, he's actually taunting him. I would think that the authorities will see this as undercutting William's terror and need for protection.

      Of course, that assumes that he contacted police at all, which he didn't.

      William Schmalfeldt is a liar.

  54. Well, well, well... The failure that bragged about having sex onstage with a transexual (but claims he didn't know at first that it was a man), decides to call me a transexual? I don't think he meant it as a compliment.

    And his homophobia is showing in his labeling me a lesbian... But those false assertions are par for the course with his lifelong, constant failure, and excellent examples of his lack of ability.

    1. All you have to do is look at what Bill does when he's attacking others; whatever he accuses others of it's what he's most afraid of about himself. Other men are impotent, and therefore no longer real men? I guess since he's already admitted that the PD has caused problems in that area, he's afraid he no longer a real man. I'd also guess he never was; why else did two wives cheat on him? Folks who disagree with him are stupid, dumb, morons, idiots or dim? I guess he has a sneaking suspicion (though he won't admit it openly to himself) that he doesn't rate too high on the smarts scale himself. Based on that tweet (as well as all the gay porn and gay slurs he slings around with abandon) that he's got strong homosexual leanings himself, but, again, can't admit it.

      1. In his same boastful rant that he admitted being on stage with a transsexual he also admitted he ran for an elected office and failed. Probably the reason he keeps ragging you about that.

  55. WMS-DB @WmsDb · 7m 7 minutes ago
    The fact that the lot of you can't properly attack me without lying shows the depth of your knowledge about me.

    And yet he knows all about us. And we don't tweet/write crappy books/have libelous blogs all full of TMI the way he does.

    Bill, I put you in my prayers this morning. Seriously. Your actions the last few years suggest that evil may have to strong a hold on you, but if you started trying to rid yourself of it, you'd feel a whole lot better, emotionally, psychologically, and physically, you'd start treating the world a whole lot better, and you'd be amazed at how much better the rest of the world would start treating you.

    1. He obviously doesn't know SHIT about me. Even after I tell him.

      Suck it up, Squackwaste. There has been no contact with LE. There never will be.

      I told you who I am, but hopefully even you aren't stupid enough to try to do anything about it.

      It would be fun.

      Because all I have....

      1. He doesn't know jack about any of us. And his definition of lying is ... unique ... to say the least. Lying about my family and electoral history? That's "reporting"! Me quoting something he himself has said? That's "lying"!.

        He claims he's a real man because of the "good" he does. Though he thinks that the best way to insult someone is to claim they can't perform/don't have the equipment. Hmmmm.

        Maybe he should start trying to do some of that good online, since according to him online is the only place he does anything. None of us have seen any of it.

  56. User Actions

    Nanc... a real man does not measure himself by his ability to perform sex. A real man measures himself by the good he does.

    One could also measure himself by how those closest to him regard him. So let's go down that list, shall we?

    Two wives threw him out and the third verbally abuses him for weeping constantly.
    Virtually none of his children speak to him.
    He doesn't seem to have maintained any friendships from his professional life.
    The only person who will talk to him is a tiny bomber who abandons him regularly.

    I guess we were wrong, William. You're a prince!

    1. yeah sure he reported that he has pictures of young girls that are not his on his website - you know cops don't want to get involved but hey - they might just ask hey - why do you have pictures of young girls on your website

      Hello police - yeah - look made audio recordings of the underage children of Lee and I made audio recordings harassing rape victims, I made audio recordings mocking people I got a peace orders to leave alone - sure I wrote an essay or two to advocate beating to death prosecutors,

      Sure ya did

  57. "WMS-DB @WmsDb · 9m 9 minutes ago
    I just told you I am still in contact with former co-workers and other friends, and you just said "no, you're not." Really?"

    Sure, why not? You haven't let the fact that you actually know very little about most of the posters here stop you from making "factual" assertations about us, have you?
    It's all projection from you.

    You're a hater, so you claim we all hate, You're a liar, so you claim we all lie, You believe what ever your master the evil diddling terrorist tells you with no question so you claim we believe everything Hoge/Krendler/Howard says.

    "WMS-DB @WmsDb
    I'm trying to live my life the best way I can, and you ALL could just WALK AWAY.

    But you won't because you can't because you have created this soap opera and are HOOKED on it."

    You say we could all walk away, we have, YOU keep coming back and attacking people to get attention we try to ignore you.
    You say we are hooked on it, but you are the one who won't leave others alone, even after demanding they leave you alone.

    You're just so full of shit you can't help but spew it everywhere.

    Get help Shakey, seriously, before you screw up so bad you won't be able to hide behind your Parkinsons to stay out of jail.

    1. He tells us he's in contact with former co-workers and has other friends, but he's never mentioned them. I don't mean by name. I mean at all. He has never mentioned the existence of other people he interacts with. He talks about how he's housebound and the computer is the only contact he has with the rest of the world. So maybe they do all keep in touch with him by email. But he's never even talked about spending time answering their emails or texts. Or initiating contact with them himself. It's him, his wife, BK and his little group, and the lot of us he hates on.

      You'd think if he had some real friends, they'd have told him to drop things, back when his neurologist did. But the only people who cared enough about his health to tell him to stop doing something he said was killing him were his doctor and his wife,

      Speaking of which, I've noticed he isn't dying lately, is he?

      1. It also undercuts his oft-repeated assertion that being online is his "only connection to the outside world."

        William's life is lonely, when it isn't a swinging party.

      2. And now he claims the only reason he hasn't mentioned them is that we'd "spam them".

        So I guess if I say "I won't be online until late tomorrow because I'm going to be working on course work in the morning and then meeting a friend for lunch" Bill will start spamming my friend, the one without a name or any other identifying information? I bet I could say a friend from my Navy wife days, and Bill still wouldn't be able to figure it out.

        And that's exhibit 245743 in why we know that Bill is a lying idiot.

  58. HEY, does anyone have any screenshots of when Shakey was posting Kyle Keirnan's mugshot and arrest record?
    My email is posted at the other blog to send them to, I got some people in Tampa who are very interested in who might be bad mouthing their friend who has since straighten up, and some of them regularly travel to the north east and want to check into it.

      1. REALLY, he put it in one of his "books"??

        OH my, that is much worse than just tweeting/blogging it and then deleting it.

        Can't really deny it when it's been printed & published with your name on it.

        I know some guys who will want to see it ASAP.

      2. Yep, Chapter 7 of Cyber Ins@nity. That's the one where he used the copyrighted candidate bio page from my local paper (without their permission, permission which they have assured me they would never give) and my photo, to which I own the copyright (which I can prove). He has "Kyle" first, with several mugshots that he found online. He used screen shots, and I'm sure the photos were copyrighted to someone who wasn't Bill.

      3. Again Shakey shows he has the reading comprehension of a 3 yr old.

        "WMS-DB @WmsDb · 14m 14 minutes ago
        ...about guys coming from Florida to "straighten me out"? Do we really think THAT is a good idea to have in print? Screencapped and sent?"

        IF you bother to actualy read the post I said "their friend who has since straighten up " meaning Kyle hasn't be in trouble with the law since those arrests, and some of them "want to check into it"
        so again Shakey distorts what is actually said and LIES.

        On a related topic, the fact that "felon" Kyle no longer lives in Tampa (and hasn't for a several years) and "our" Kyle is still in FL proves that, yet again, Shakey's dox was WRONG.

        Seriously, other than those who use their real names, has he ever been right??

  59. When Peter would allow his father to contact him was very telling - perhaps that's why he is attacking my relationships with my daughters.

    He is wildly blubbering today, I can only imagine the tears and snot running down his face as he rages impotently against himself.


    I took a small part of out my life to put an end to your reign of terror, It's over the letters to law enforcement - its okay you got a start because if they investigate the situation - they will find you.

    All of us don't have accusations from other people - you forget many people came to your county to try and get you convicted - that's stays PERMANETLY in your file.

    I maybe making an appearance soon as well, to file charges of coercion.

    I don't bully well, I obey the law and use the channels that are afforded us, I try not to pester law enforcement especially because they have better things to do.

    Printing pictures of young girls is going to be really hard to explain - your tweet that it was legal was an admission that you thought about it before you did it

    WMS-DB @WmsDb · 19h 19 hours ago

    Um, Eric? You realize a redacted photo with a redacted name is not considered illegal if published, right? You do realize that, right?

    Also showing that you have problems with women with countless tweets like this one:

    WMS-DB @WmsDb · 5h 5 hours ago

    As much as I enjoy watching Grace trying to put both of her ankles behind her head, I think we'll just let law enforcement deal with it.

  60. IF the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt even notified law enforcement...

    And, IF law enforcement even decides to waste their valuable time and resources looking into the delusional screechings of a cyberthug and madman...

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let them take a looksie-wooksie at TMZ and the Blob's Twitter timeline.

    Bill Schmalfeldt just can't seem to find enough rope. Unreal.

    1. too late Bill - I'm sending tomorrow the form letter that everytime you threaten someone a detailed letter with attachments and links is being sent - clearly identifying your activities - so - just so you know it grows - people I never met are sending me screen shots and stories of your harassment - including places you have worked


  61. I called BILL SCHMALFELDT out for his blatant forgery of an Amazon chat script...

    Bill proceeds to deny it:

    @ViewFromNL @stephensheiko You mean except for where it didn't? I copied and pasted. The name didn't change.

    I retort:

    Reply to @WmsDb @stephensheiko
    View From NL ‏@ViewFromNL 45m45 minutes ago
    @WmsDb @stephensheiko Except it did: "John K (Amazon)" to "John K (Amazon )" to "John K"... and I'm not the only one who saw it.

    View From NL ‏@ViewFromNL 43m43 minutes ago
    @WmsDb @stephensheiko I'd say, "go back and look," but with your account suspensions an penchant for deleting embarrassing tweets...

    View From NL ‏@ViewFromNL 41m41 minutes ago
    @WmsDb @stephensheiko How can you expect to be taken seriously when you clumsily forge evidence and then lie about it?

    View From NL ‏@ViewFromNL 40m40 minutes ago
    @WmsDb @stephensheiko Or are clumsy forgeries a homage to your "excellent friend"?

    As of this moment, no further commentary has been forthcoming from Mr. Schmalfeldt.

    1. As Amazon is in constant contact with me in the chat - each line is time stamped - only the full name of the account holder is displayed on the line details

      1. One the one hand, we have Bill Schmalfeldt's word, it's "legit."

        On the other hand, we have our own lying eyes.

        Meanwhile, Bill expects us to believe that an Amazon rep is going to dox a customer to a 3rd party who is making some bizarre complaint... Riiiiiiiight.

        Bill's just being a b!tch. He says something asinine, and gets called on it. He can't defend himself with fact or logic, because HE HAS NO FACT OR LOGIC on his side. So, he gets pissy.

        He arrogates authority to himself, demanding answers and threatening dire consequences if he's not mollified... but when he steps on his own d!ck, "The chat was legit" is supposed to suffice? Nobody thinks so, not even him... Beyond arrogance, beyond an utter lack of self-awareness, beyond a civil "servant"'s typical hyper-inflated sense of entitlement... He's acting in these apparently self-defeating ways because he knows he can achieve NOTHING, beyond annoying his betters.

        In the end, he's failing even in his pathetic attempts to infuriate, or even annoy his "enemies."

        If he wasn't such a repulsive Lib'tard liar, I'd pity him. Instead, I just want him to f*ck off and die.

    1. But we all know there will be no cops.

      1. Squackwaste's schtick.

      2. Threaten with non-existent Law Enforcement in hopes of forcing people off of the net.

      3. Get owned like Kunte Kinte when the result is neither.

      4. Be mocked relentlessly until your next foray in Assclownville.

      You have been whipped so often you've made the transition from Kunte to Toby.

  62. WMS-DB @WmsDb · 51m 51 minutes ago

    Are you saying, Eric, that places I have worked are sending you evidence of harassment? Please clarify.

    I'm not the one that needs to clarify, I just collect the info and will be passing it on

    Its called investigative journalism

  63. WMS-DB @WmsDb · 3m 3 minutes ago

    The reason I ask, Eric, is that you tend to babble in your posts and you don't make sense. Proof read if you're going to pretend reporting.

    Sure, however, I am amazed and quite pleased at the wealth of factual information that is streaming in, most in your own hand.

    1. WMS-DB @WmsDb · 20m 20 minutes ago
      And what particular laws would you say I am most guilty of violating?

      Wassamatter, BILL SCHMALFELDT? Afraid you've stepped on your d!ck, again?

      It's so pathetic. You have no friends... So you're left with having to beg your ENEMIES for information. Poor Bill. Sucks to be him.

      But, we knew that already, didn't we?

  64. three more slides of very damaging info arrived in my inbox all from old "deleted" websites

    everyone keep em coming

    1. William continues to demonstrate his lack of intimidation in public.

      I'm sure the Howard County and Racine police would enjoy reading today's timeline.

  65. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Someone with energy enough was going get really angry and start collecting all the evidence that was out there. And then many someones who were already very angry but not so energetic would cooperate with that source of energy and generate an amazingly large body of evidence. It will be enjoyable to watch as the blubber is rendered.

  66. More people are sending in material

    Here's a golden one:

    misogyny and juvenile mindset.

    And why the fuck do you think a site like Kaily Kos gives a rat's ass about conservative opinion?

    I liked the series about your wife, thought you sounded like a decent human being, but now I know better.

    by glorificus on Sun May 20, 2012

  67. Keep them coming - from a while ago someone who maybe coming forward to cooperate:

    You wrote a very insensitive, nasty diary cloaked in do-goodism but it's not hard to see through that into who you really are... I don't know what happened to you in the past, but you are truly emotionally damaged and I suggest you seek help. The vitriolic sarcasm with which you respond to comments from folks on this website depicts you as a cornered little boy, shouting insults back at those who criticize you with good intentions.

    1. I assume you have the dKos posts? I might have to go use my account again and karma whore a bit to view the HR'ed ones. (But there's a reason I haven't been to the site except to check on the nuts in a while. I didn't leave the Democratic Party, they left me!)

      1. some of them - see what you can dig up - thanks the more the merrier! Its interesting that he can write directly about beating people to death is not a death threat but people wanting to travel to sue him are....

        Oh and no one has printed pictures of young girls and photos and address of people on their websites

    1. Will do! Thanks for the heads up, EPWJ.

      BTW -- That nonsense he is tweeting today about Chris Heather (and, clearly insinuating that CH is married to his Mother) is just more proof that the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt couldn't d0x what he stuffed into his ginormous gob for dinner last night.

      I'm more than familiar with the site he pulled those SSs from, and the information can (and, is) quite often wrong.

      For example... I just did a search on the exact same site for Baghdad Blob. That site shows he married his hag in June 2012. Now, unless we are to believe the tin-can dwelling, white-trash union has existed legally on paper for only two-years-four-months... I've made my point.

      Dumb dope constantly runs with bad, unverified information. The "investigative journalist" strikes again with yet another FailD0x. I've never in my life witnessed anyone so damn committed to being a complete and utter failure with everything he touches. *smh*

      1. He'll use anything he can find to try and goad people. It never works, but he keeps on trying. When people do respond to him, he can never quite figure out that he is being played like a fiddle. If he wasn't such a ginnormouse douche it might be a tad sad.

      2. one of the things about Little Bitch you have to keep in mind is, he's a leftist liberal, telling the truth is not a high priority for that type, as he so amply proves weekly.

  68. Rain it doesn't matter though what his politics are - some of the people against him are lefty's who have had enough of his tactics - I was surprised at the response from some of those who are still angry at KOS.

    1. so he's an equal opportunity harasser Lee was and to a certain extent still is a lefty just not as strong as he used to be

      1. I'm not talking about people who lean left, or have general liberal ideals, that type you can have a conversation with and agree to disagree.

        I'm talking about the rabid leftist liberals who foam at the mouth if anyone dares disagree with them, and all dissent is H8!!!1! and anyone who disagrees are just H8TERS!!1!!, who should be killed!!1!

        there is a definite difference between the two

  69. "@WmsDb: If I was Gracie McHate, I'd be careful who I call a "hag." And I'd worry MORE about security in your Seekrit Site!"

    Typical Bill... entirely avoids addressing being called out on his latest FAIL. It just knots his knickers that things may be being said about him that he cannot read. And, why would anyone need to be worried about SECURITY on that site? Maybe The Elkridge Horror would like to provide some clarity. Is he threatening the integrity of that site? I guess if anything were to happen to that site -- hacking, what not -- someone would know who to focus their attention on now, wouldn't they?

    And, it appears the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt believes his "I'd be careful" threat means something to me. Newsflash: It doesn't.

    I most certainly consider any "woman" who would marry such a heinous and evil monster to be a HAG.

    Any "woman" who FOR YEARS ignores/allows/encourages/participates in her husband-the-sociopath's harassment, stalking, and threats against men, women, and CHILDREN is a HAG.


    And, if by chance -- mind you... a very, very, very small chance -- the HAG is completely and utterly oblivious to this psychopath's:

    Online and Real Life Harassment of others
    Online and Real Life Stalking of others
    Threats to have children taken away from a mother
    Wicked abuse of a grieving mother over her stillborn daughter
    Numerous court dates
    Peace Orders
    Restraining Orders
    Rape Fantasy
    Pornographic Photoshops
    Copyright Infringement
    Hate Books
    Filing of False Reports
    Being canned from numerous sites due to lies, libel, and anti-social behavior
    Friendship with a domestic terrorist who has a sick fondness for minor girls
    Blogs that post images of children and personal, private information
    Radio shows discussing children in the most vile of ways
    Stalking/harassment of a rape victim
    Posting address/pic of home belonging to someone who just received a rape threat
    Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc.

    ... then is she not only a HAG -- she is the most clueless and most stupid HAG to have ever lived.

      1. Shave and a haircut.....

        WMS-DB @WmsDb · 19s 19 seconds ago
        Uh, I kinda think she always was that kind of hater Eric.

        WMS-DB @WmsDb · 45s 45 seconds ago
        When EPWJ thinks you're over the top, then you are officially crazy.

        These are all very good people, who have been made very angry

      2. I'm not angry... not in the least.

        I have expressed my thoughts in the past regarding his wife. I personally find it impossible to believe she has *nothing* to do with his YEARS of harassment and abuse of others.

        If she knows about it, and has done nothing to stop it... she's complicit.

        If she is entirely oblivious to all of it -- even with them living on top of each other in a tin can with tissue paper walls -- then she is either willfully blind or dumber than a box of hair.

        The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt has said the most vile and nasty things about numerous people -- myself included. I'm not seeing where referring to his wife as a "HAG" is all that over-the-top -- especially considering she married the monster and appears to sit by and allow his evil bullshit to continue.

        And, if The Elkridge Horror doesn't care for me referring to her as such... I'm pretty much in the "Too Bad." Camp.

        But, angry? *PFFT* That's what BS always attempts to claim when people speak up and clearly outline his demented activities, and define him in no uncertain terms for the monster he truly is.

  70. Yeah, I'm not a bit worried about ol' Shakey getting into "the seekrit site".

    For one he aint smart enough, and for two, IF he did manage to steal his way in there, he'd be googling various people's names looking for something embarrassing to tweet endlessly.

    Which he isn't cause all he's got is Jack Shit, and Jack left town.

    1. $30 for an entire post plus comments is cheap, especially considering what is actually posted over there.

  71. Have shovel will hovel

    WMS-DB @WmsDb · 58s 59 seconds ago

    Never mentioned a child on my radio show. Not once. Not ever. Never.

    Will the witness speak louder into the microphone?

    "ding dong Pu$$y calling I've got some young ones in bull pen who will be of legal age before you know it - but we can send em out early" all to the background of young girls giggling and playing


    1. Lying liars lie... with abandon.

      Tis pathetic the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt truly believes someone just has to have been on the receiving end of his foul activities personally before one can step up and defend good against evil.

      Once again proving the bloated bastard does not possess even a scintilla of morals/values.

  72. Thanks again for the self incrimination.

    The last three tweets are so very helpful

    What's that? How many screen captures do you have over the old liberal grouch site? Over 65?

    THanks for the info....

    Back to what we were talking about - all the evidence is from Bills Mouth, from Bill's emails, from Bill's tweets, From Bills Books and Audio and from Bill's websites...

  73. A clearer multi year fascination with very young girls is emerging - lots of detail from Bill, have to take the time to timeline it in progression

  74. Someone is confused - I am just a humble investigative journalist - I gather information, verify the source, and pass it along.

  75. In my time in the DA's office though we rarely got audio from the source without a warrant - the fact that it was published loud and proud is going to be a head shaker

    What's that? there is MORE audio? And screen shots?

    Okay send it to the other site please


    No one talks to the fool yet he tells people to "be on your way". Kind of has that imperial ring to it. Like he thinks he is a King to be obeyed. I'm wondering why anyone should "be on their way" when they are not even talking to him. Maybe, just maybe, if he stopped obsessivly hitting F5 all day he could focus on his PD advocacy. Oh....awkward, all the legit PD orgs told him to take a hike......

    1. And Baghdad Blob can't even keep his lies straight.

      WMS-DB ‏@WmsDb
      I dunno man Army Boy is giving me a run for that title. "All the Legit PD Orgs?" How about NONE of the legit PD Orgs?

      Fund Raiser
      National Parkinson Foundation


      July 2007 – April 2104 (96 years 10 months)

      Raising money through book sales, until a right wing pack of idiots started spamming the NPF HQ and they decided to cut me loose rather than deal with the right wing idiot.s

      So it appears that Bill is still lying through his lying teeth. Hey Bill, won't you tell us more about that clerk you talked to at 5PM on Christmas Eve? Yep, always the liar that one. Provable lies. Easy to prove lies. He can't help himself. He MUST lie. It's in his nature. While your at it Bill, care to give a contact at the NPF HQ that will back up your story? My investigation shows they cut you lose because you are a vile human and they didn't want your stink polluting their efforts.

      1. Schmalfeldt Rules. He didn't respond to this even though we know he saw it. Therefore he just admitted to yet another lie. Right Bill? Go ahead, tell us how no PD org kicked you to the curb. Lie some more. Tell us about the Christmas Eve clerk. Tell us about all the times you had the "SMOKING GUN" that would save your ass. I'm waiting......

      2. Once more Bill gets caught in his lies. Memory holes the evidence, changes text etc, but ignores the fact that he did indeed lie and get caught at it. Again. Sad pathetic little lying man. Hey Billy boy, you EVER going to tell us about the Christmas Eve clerk? Or give us a contact that can back up your story about the NPF? No? They you remain a lying sack just as always.

  77. If any part of the picture was hazy - these should help clear it up:

    WMS-DB @WmsDb · 8m 8 minutes ago

    You are alleging crimes against me, by name, where none exist. That's called "libel" and "defamation," Eric. My friendly advice? Stop. Now.

    WMS-DB @WmsDb · 9m 9 minutes ago

    Now, Eric? This is not a threat. This is friendly advice. Because we're friends, right? You are crossing the line from trolling to harassing

    WMS-DB @WmsDb · 10m 10 minutes ago

    you where to find it.

    WMS-DB @WmsDb · 10m 10 minutes ago

    Eric. You never worked in a DA office. Never. And the audio is all perfectly innocent. There's tons more. Tell me what you want, I'll tell

    Thank you for putting into words your motivation and confirmation

    Again, I am just a humble investigative reporter - gathering evidence and passing it along

    1. Eric, Eric, Eric, (shaking head)

      You know you're only a true investigative journalist if you're threatening to call down alphabet agency investigations on people if they don't answer your questions Right. Now! /sarc.

      1. don't forget true investigative journalists will say they are going to publish regardless but at least you have a chance to have your side heard (if they can get it in the 5 minute window the offer is offered in, while the person they're threatening isn't online to see it)

        or so I've been told.

      2. I'm just simply a receptacle for the online antics of a guy... I don't have the Amazon police power of Subpoena, I don't have all the deputy DA'S on speed dial, I am not revered by a crowd of felons and Peds, I just pass the stuff along - shuffling shuffling along - there is a reason for the right to remain silent, its a discipline thingy

  78. I heard Parkinsons associations sometimes do not wish to be associated with websites hosting pictures of young girls against their parents permission

    I heard that there are some standards to fund raising.....

    Oh they also don't want proceeds from books with photoshopped faces on feces, are full of racial rants and dirty underpants filthy characters constantly stabbing each other in the eye.

    Also they may be a little squeamish at rants from authors kicked out of multiple online journals for anal rape fantasies and uncomfortable ties with terrorists, felons and suspected and known pedophiles, and possibly published some of their pictures.......

    Some call it spam, some call it good taste...

  79. hmmmm got to go clean out a beaver damn and some timbering -

    I came in from outside briefly - I could hear the hammering reverberating in a distant tin can, another website is being formed from the excess septic fluids......

    I wonder who's daughter is being featured today?

  80. This needs to be played over and over and over and over and over

  81. Cue the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt's abusive tweets to Lee Stranahan in 3... 2... 1...

    Baghdad Blob seems to believe he gets a reboot/clean slate with every new radio station/attack blog/Twitter account. As if he can say "Begone." and "I'm moving on." and all of his past/current harassment and threats simply disappear.

    Yeah. Doesn't quite work that way. Especially when his sociopathic behavior continues, and he has refused to even attempt to make honest and meaningful amends to the host of victims he has left in his gargantuan wake.

    The Elkridge Horror continues to vie for The-Most-Self-Unaware-Being-EVAH title. *smh*

  82. "
    WMS-DB @WmsDb · 4h 4 hours ago

    "...Raising money through book sales and product offerings on Cafe Press. Currently supporting the Michael J. Fox Foundation for ..."

  83. Michael J Fox organization will be interested in these products offered in their name:

  84. Oh how the gifts keep on coming - I got to get outside - never in my whole life have I seen sooo much material from one person - amazing

    Sassy Spunk

    Related Searches:
    Black, Republican, Sperm, Jizz, Politics Government, Conservative, Anti Bush, Semen, Rove, Treason,

    About this design:

    Sometimes a guy needs a little help. Mr. Rove knows that. And if you just lie there and do what the nice man tells you to do, you can have these kind of results!

    From Bill Schmalfeldt in the manner of raising funds for MJFOXPARKINSONS:

    Descriptions of one of his items for sale:

    1. I believe that it's been roughly 72.

      Either the Howard County and Racine police are exceptionally busy, they believe William is a joke, or Chris Heather has grounds for a monumental civil action that Big Bad Bill is hiding from us.

      In any event, I expect that we'll hear "YOU'RE KILLING ME" by this time tomorrow, at the very latest.

      Apropos of nothing, I wonder where Paul is ...

  85. Shakey seems incapable of realizing that not only do many of us NOT sit on his TL like he does TMZ and Hogewash ( like a hen on an egg) but that some aren't even online currently.

    Which he construes to mean no one can state how he has "injured" them, not that they aren't online to argue with him about it.

    So I'll say for Rain since she is currently offline for the next week or so, Shakey, you injured her with your lame attempts at shutuppery.
    By trying to intimidate her into not expressing her own opinions on various blogs NOT one of which is owned by you,
    AND in attempting to sue her under her friends name, whose name you continue to use even though you know it's incorrect.

    As for me I find your continued existence an injury to decent people everywhere who have the misfortune to come into contact with your repugnance.

    1. Lord, I left the lawsuit off of how I was injured by him. Reading an email telling you you are being sued on false charges right before a doctor's visit really screws with their blood pressure readings. It took a few visits to convince them that my BP really isn't that high, though they did understand how having someone whose been harassing (and what some might describe as online stalking) you decide to sue you could be just a tetch stressful.

    2. I'll repeat what I stated yesterday (Granted, the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt opted to entirely ignore it, of course.):

      "Lying liars lie… with abandon.

      Tis pathetic the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt truly believes someone just has to have been on the receiving end of his foul activities personally before one can step up and defend good against evil.

      Once again proving the bloated bastard does not possess even a scintilla of morals/values."

      What a world it would be if everyone just went on their merry ways when witnessing the harassment and abuse of others.

      Evil needs exposed, challenged, and destroyed... not ignored, appeased, and allowed to continue.

  86. Hours since the Blob was asked to explain the Christmas Eve Court clerk - 6886.85. Number of times he has answered? 0

    Oh, I think we have a LONG way to go to catch up to how many questions old Bill has been asked but refuses to answer. Like who at NPF told him they were dropping him because of RWNJ? How many fail doxs before he admits he sucks at it? The list is endless but I don't expect to see him addressing any of it. He's a proven liar through and through. That leopard ain't changing it's spots.

  87. "why did you make the comment you never mentioned a child in your radio programs when you knew that statement was a lie"

    -asked the investigative reporter

    1. if you haven't you should really read/save all of Michael Malone's blogs on Shakey at , he had quite a few questions that Shakey refused to answer, along with Shakey's own words

      it was quite eye opening after it was shown to me.

      1. done and done my goo0d friend - I am DEEP into the wayback machine - I have 213 pages - yes Michaels Blogs and blubber sues Bloggers was some of the first I archived

  88. I do wonder how William's exercising in police liaising is coming along? Haven't heard about it all day.

    1. I would give it a very high probability that a guy with recordings about young girls having sex and hosting pictures on MULTIPLE websites and platforms of young girls without permission

      that he didn't do it - or if he did they immediately googled him

  89. Pssst hey everyone I have something in my hand - I said it on da twtz

    Look I'ma goin ask someone to tee hee tee hee - ask someone - tee hee tee hee

    I'm going to play "so they have a sectrtz website" - "I haz a secfretz bookz comin out on all of them"

    yazz and all the Da's and all the cops who came to my porch are going to be in it and man like fecal photo shop all of yaz onto my books cause PARKINSONS

    I even ask peoples in public who have real credentials and stuff to getz the worries on.

    hee hee hee hee hee hee

    Maybe pap willz stabs gramps in the other eye on page 37 agains like ins most ofs my books
    in their dirty unwashed longjohns

    1. Okay Rain wins the pool CTRLV haz another book -

      -DB @WmsDb · 19m 19 minutes ago

      Oh, this is going to make some folks VERY angry. Coming very soon.@sub_aetha @harada_no_hime @whoisnumbernone @karoli

      1. oh wow, he's going to (self)publish another pack of lies that won't sell any copies.
        I wonder how much material he'll steal from other (actual) writers, and how he'll fudge the headers and dates to make it look like he's gotten any serious "attacks"

        does Shakes the Clown have any new tricks?

      2. If this thing hits amazon, I think we should NOT give him any reviews at all. Let him think (truthfully) that we don't give a s**t about his lies.

        I do wonder though what publishing platform he'll manage to convince to let him produce this masterpiece of the crtl+v keys. I thought he'd pretty much pissed them all off by now. And if he tries for a kindle (and Amazon is forgetful enough to let him), someone with Amazon prime needs to borrow it so we can all snark.

      3. Wonder if Grace McHate will make an appearance?!

        Maaaaay-beeeee... ALL of the members of the "Merry-Mob-of-Hate-Crack-Lickspittles" (MMHCL) will FINALLY be e-published TOGETHER in one, single, sticky, typo-riddled yo-yo-eeeee eee-dition!

        I smell a Pulitzer... I mean... a Bill Schmalfeldt.

      4. The only angry people will be those who care about the English language.

        Like, did you know that when something is non-canonical it is "acrophyal"?

        That is from the back cover of his new book.

  90. crossed from hogewash
    Why the Trolls Will Always Win

    Read and weep, she describe someone to a “t” but she is writing about someone else.

    1. From the article you linked to:

      "If you’ve already hit the Koolaid Piont [sic], you usually have just three choices:

      1. leave (They Win)

      2. ignore them (they escalate, make your life more miserable, DDoS, ruin your career, etc. i.e. They Win)

      3. fight back (If you’ve already hit the Koolaid Point, see option #2. They Win).

      From the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt's latest e-screed:

      Troll Louse Kookies
      by William M. Schmalfeldt. [sic] Sr.

      "But if you walk away from the Internet, they win. If you ignore them, they ratchet up the hate to new levels, and they win. If you fight back, they win."

      Weird, huh?

      1. Wonder if he heard back from the author of that article after asking on Twitter if he could quote him? I guess not since Bill just LOVES to steal other people's material and pass it off as his own. Someone should alert the author that Billy appears to be misappropriating his work.

  91. BTW -- I counted no fewer than NINE typos (and, I'm not even addressing his horrendous usage of grammar) in the SS of his e-book cover.

    The fact he ever earned dime one as a writer is mind blowing. *smh*

    1. Remember, he was an editor, and therefore knows more about writing and publishing than any of us ever could. /sarc, smh

    2. "The FACT HE EVER earned dime one as a writer... "

      Baghdad Blob apparently can't read either.

      He really needs to stop calling others liars. My comment CLEARLY states he has earned money from writing.

      Old fool. *smh*

      1. BTW -- On the cover of his latest e-screed, he doesn't simply "quote" from the article.

        Tis called plagiarism.

      2. Quit giving him help. He's pulling his famous, "Yeah, I know I'm stupid so I'll get others to check my legal theories, spelling, whatever for me."

      3. Grace, the term for a lack of reading comprehension is "functionally illiterate." Many leftists, such as Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, suffer from it.

      4. "WMS-DB @WmsDb · 38m 38 minutes ago
        All you gotta do is ask for a free copy, Gracey McHateSpittle, and I'll be glad to send you one!"

        Yes Grace, he is very magnanimously offering you a FREE book, of course you need to give him enough contact info for him to send it that he can then use to #FAILdox you and start harassing the wrong person (again), but hey, its FREE!!

  92. It should be noted that Howard remains free among us, some six days after the "death threat" that William publicly vowed would put him in jail, once and for all.

    Mr. Schmalfeldt's winning record with the constabulary continues unabated.

  93. This is fantastic. I, too, forgive - BS for his many, many, many sins against me.

    1. What "sin" exactly did Grace ever commit against Shakey?

      He likes to go on and on about how he's never "injured" anybody,( and ignored where it was pointed out he has), but what has Grace, or Rain, or Library Gryffon, or even Paul actually done to "injure" him?

      Beyond expressing their God given and First Amendment protected freedom of speech to opinion? Which he, like every other leftis,t thinks shouldn't be allowed when others say things they dont like/want to hear.

      Get to listing or STFU Shakey.

      1. Note he mostly goes after women. The men he goes after are ones he perceives to be "weak" due to age or health issues, whether physical or mental ones. Or else they live too far away for him to be worried that might decide to pay him a visit. Or they have some other issue which he imagines would prevent them from retaliating. You don't see him go after anyone he thinks might cause him real world difficulties. Which is probably why he finds Hoge so offensive; John didn't roll over and concede as Bill believes all his targets are supposed to.

    2. That tweet is hilarious!

      Exposing the truth about a Deranged Cyberstalker, Adjudicated Harasser, and all-around, abusive beast is not a sin... tis a public service.

      The Blob can stuff his "forgiveness." LOL!

      1. He is very good at finding motes and ignoring beams.

        For an even more hysterical tweet:

        WMS-DB @WmsDb · 2m 2 minutes ago
        Now. Get ready to be blinded by the bright light of cleansing sunlight trolls. Get fucking ready for it, because I will make you famous.</blockquote?

        And he really can't see any potential downsides for him in that, can he. LOL

      2. Sorry about the html tag goof. Does WP offer an ability for commenters to edit or preview their own comments?

  94. Per Shakey's rules of put up or shut up, he's had over 20 minutes to answer (which is 10 more than he usually gives his victims) and so far *crickets*

    So he has NOTHING he can list as a "sin" or "injury" against himself by anyone here.

    Yet again more proof that he is a lying liar who lies.

    Time for him to take his own advice to STFU, move on, begone etc etc.

  95. Nice to know the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt freely admits he has GONE AFTER those he has listed.

    Deranged Cyberstalker. Adjudicated Harasser. Duly earned titles.

  96. Certified multistate serial adjudicated harasser, wins in court, except when he doesn't - which is everytime -

    WMS-DB @WmsDb · 2m 2 minutes ago

    And everytime I went up against Hoge, I won... except for when he lied. 367 charges. Poof! Lawsuit. Poof! Yeah, he got peace orders. Meh.

  97. LOL!

    How many Twitter followers? How many unique visitors to his Hate Blogs? How many listeners tune into his radio blathering? How many e-screeds sold?

    Famous? I don't think that word means what he thinks it does.

  98. Wow. The Schmeldtdown is glorious today!!!

    It seems it goes like this: 1) Shakey says something asinine; 2) Somebody mocks Shakey ON SOMEBODY ELSE'S SITE for saying something asinine; 3) Shakey makes all kinds of DOOM threats and faildoxes on Twitter; 4) Somebody mocks Shakey further with a juvenile Photoshop, and posts it on SOMEBODY ELSE'S SITE; 5) repeat AD NAUSEAM.

    As far as he knows, Shakey has never even met any of his targets (Hoge being the only and obvious exception.) Yet they have "HURT" and "HARRASED" him.

    Shakey- well-adjusted grown-ups don't get upset when a stranger says something mean about them online. It just doesn't matter.

    And the negative reviews on Amazon? Just get a few friends to write positive ones and drown the negative ones out!!!! Its not that hard!!!!

    Of course, if one has no friends, perhaps someone needs time for self-reflection. . .

  99. I heard that this may be a "how-to" book, inasmuch (one word) as BS identified himself as a "Brain Damaged Troll" in his Technorati column, "Observations of a Brain Damaged Troll."

    In any event, I STILL forgive him for what he's done to me.

    1. I may forgive him, but I am not going to forget, nor cease to desire that he be held accountable.

  100. I especially forgive him for wanting to "f*ck" me. He's married, and I don't think his wife would approve of adultery:

  101. It sounds like he thinks Nancy should be whiter. I forgive him for this alleged racism:

    1. Bill's just complaining that I haven't spent the money on veneers (or photoshop) like TV news anchors, Hollywood, and politicians do. He doesn't seem too proud of his own, since his photos almost always show him with his mouth closed. I guess he could benefit from some cosmetic dentistry too.

      He should realize that accusing a "troll" of needing whiter teeth simply proves to anyone out there who the real troll is.

  102. I forgive him for his coprophagia. It must be hard to hide a desire to feast on the feces of a man who has whooped you in court repeatedly.

    "WMS Radio Network @wmsbroadcasting · Jul 8

    Every word you write Tapeworm, goes to show what a feckless useless waste of carbon you are. When Hoge eventually shits you out, you'll die."

    1. Mmm, he sure does love the butt stuff!

  103. I forgive him for his desire to own women:

    "And send me pictures of your homes, because they will be mine. And your wives. They'll be mine, too."

  104. Notice how Shakey the adjudicated harasser and cyber troll mentions how 3 other people, not the ones I named, have somehow "harmed" him.

    Hurt his feelings maybe I can see, but harm? real harm? Nope.

    And the 4 I listed? Grace, Library Gryffon, Rain and Paul?? Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

    And now he's going to steal anything he can find on anyone and put it in his new "book".
    Guess he hasn't learned his lesson about DMCA's yet.

    If he really wants to document troll behavior all he has to do is copy/paste his own current and past Twitter handles, and all the comments and attempted comments he's made at Hogewash, TMZ, The Running Wolf Blog and Blubber sues Bloggers.

  105. On Sept 17, 2012 a blogger posted on his Website the liberal grouch a comment that you had an update on the child porn investigation on Lee Stranahan from the Dallas Police Department

    Inquiries to the Dallas Police Department - were two fold - first those cases are turned over to the Texas Attorney General who investigates on line and child porn cases and second they don't give official statements to individuals especially in cases of child pornography.

    So is this another case of the blogger lying?

    Also today from the Attorney Generals Website:

    Please understand that the Office of the Attorney General cannot comment on or confirm the existence of possible investigations except when exchanging criminal intelligence with other law enforcement agencies.

  106. A snapshot of the screen and several pages of background data is being prepared for the Attorney General and the Dallas Police department for comment. Also forwarded to Amazon's and Twitter's legal departments...


    Oh, how I look forward to this. Especially the parts where he says "I called the police in multiple jurisdictions and the suggested that I grow a pair."

    1. Just imagine the screeching if this post hits 500+ comments! Talk about pointing-and-laughing!

      Keep 'em comin', you Hate-Crack Lickspittles, you!



    It seems obvious that the police do. Or rather, that you're a ridiculous little man with an inflated ego, William.

    1. I forgive him for using the false names of Bill Matthews, Lester Klemper, and Howard County Liberal, among others.

    2. I don't know what rights Chris H. has.

      But I never threatened you, Shakey.

      I would not mind if you peeled your own scalp with a .45.

      But you are a great source of entertainment. Please stick around for a while.

      But when you do depart, I promise you that Gail will receive an all inclusive dossier with your antics.

      I may even deliver personally. At your funeral.

  109. I forgive him for his hypocrisy regarding dead family members, inasmuch (one word) as he set up an account mocking Andrew Breitbart:

    1. Andrew left behind a wife and four kids, but I forgive BS for fantasizing about Andrew's "ass crack":

      "But, I suppose, since my eternal punishment for being an inveterate liar on Earth is that I am forced to tell the truth to you Right Wing Idiots who bought into mycircus sideshow act. God, how I used to sit and laugh at you.... Idiots like R. Stacy McCain and Aaron Walsh (sic) and the detestable Ali Akbar and Patrick Frey and Mandy Nagy and all the other little dingleberries who used to cling to my ass crack."

    2. Notice I didn't mention either Heather, Grady, or Hoge when I asked what "sin"/injury had Grace, Rain, Library Gryffon or even Paul had done to him.

      Answer? None, Nada, Zilch and the lying liar knows it.

      1. Actually, we've never seen death certificates of William's dearly departed. How exactly do we know that they didn't commit shame-based suicides.

        His own son - one of the few that still speaks to him - doesn't want William mentioning him on Twitter.

  110. Since I don't have a facebook and neither does Rain, I guess I wont worry about getting ahold of her to "scub" anything.

    and I'm sure others aren't that worried either.

    when you steal other peoples photos and use them to write an antagonistic blog/book piece full of lies and smears, simply because you don't like what they say on blogs you don't control, you become the definition of troll.

    well at least Shakey is finally writing about something he knows a lot about.


    And, my dim, dim lad, why do you suppose that so much of that information is public?

    1. Right down to disgusting details about his bowel movements.

      The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt has zero boundaries.

      1. One of my favorite pages at the time.
        The "Pete" in question was an east coast troll that I had on "reatiner" to lead Inspector Jiggles on a series of wild goose chases.
        He and I weren't allies in any other way except to embarass Shakey. It would have worked, but Schmalfeldt has no shame. I mean, look at his "life."

        I cannot link to my conversation with Pete. I will post it in its entirety on my Twitter TL.

  112. I forgive him for erroneously stalking Jeremy Kinsey for two years, thinking that he was Howard Earl.

    (Safe link)

  113. Is this true? Is his brain really this size? If so, I forgive him:

  114. Troll:

    a mythical, cave-dwelling being depicted in folklore as either a giant or a dwarf, typically having a very ugly appearance.


    dwarf is out.

  115. Always a good time to reprint:

    " Dear Bill,

    We have received the correspondence you sent to us through various channels today. Unfortunately, due to the fact that staff was required to spend an inordinate amount of time dealing with complaints associated with your content and complaints by you about, we have decided that you should not be reinstated as an Examiner, for any title.

    Please cease and desist from any further Examiner applications to, and any other correspondence to the team at this time. In addition, we will not hesitate to take legal action should we discover that you have posted any confidential information of or any defamatory statements about, on your blog or elsewhere."

    Hmmm so he does know what defamation is....

    1. Just adding:

      Bill, I am yet again, forced to discuss your column after you continued to (1) make your OBN articles personal, rather than talking about what such an organization is attempting to do and its potential implications, and (2) continued to reply in an antagonistic manner within the comments sections / Facebook.

      Due to the continued disregard for projecting yourself in a professional manner, I am forced to suspend your access to our publishing platform again.

      This was not how I hoped things would work out, but I'm no longer in a position to justify the amount of effort we as an organization have to put in to mitigate the complaints your work is constantly receiving. I wish you well on your blog.

      Best regards,
      Kevin Staunton
      Director, Northeast & Mid-Atlantic Regions

      But he doesn't have a behavior problem.

  116. So WMS reads this little post I linked to, and then goes and proves that he is proud to be known as the Troll of Elkridge, Maryland.

  117. Cadet Shakey: Colonel Trollpoker, did you write the Blog comment!?!!?

    Judge Krendler: You don’t have to answer that question!

    Colonel Trollpoker: I’ll answer the question. You want answers!?!?

    Cadet Shakey: I want the truth!

    Colonel Trollpoker: YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!! Son, we live in a word that has Blogs, and those Blogs need commenters. Who’s gonna do it? You? You, Private Basic Kimberlin!?!? I have a greater responsibility than you can POSSIBLY fathom. You weep for your reputation, and you curse us commenters. You have that deep-seated need. You have the deep-seated need for me to do what I do- because your reputation’s destruction, while inevitable due to your actions, probably saved your life. And my comments, despite their razor-sharp wit and hilarity, and the humiliation it causes you, is the only reason you have to get out of bed in the morning!

    You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about on Twitter, you want me making those comments. You NEED me making those comments.

    We use words like “pathetic,” “hilarious,” “incomprehensibly reprehensible.” We use these words on posts that give you a reason to live. You whine about them incessantly.

    I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a “man” whose very existence depends on the clever insults I provide, and then complains about the manner in which I type them.

    I would rather you just said “YOU LICKSPITTLES ARE KILLING ME!!!” and rant on your way. Otherwise, I suggest you find a hobby that doesn’t include doxing babies and threatening people with CPS removing their children. Either way, I don’t give a DANG what you think you are entitled to!

    Cadet Shakey: Did you make the blog post?

    Colonel Trollpoker: I did the job you NEED me to do in order to save –

    Cadet Shakey: DID YOU WRITE THE BLOG POST!!!!

    Colonel Trollpoker: YOU ARE AWFULLY DARN RIGHT I DID. And you are welcome.

  118. I forgive him for his torrent of homoerotic imagery and insults:

  119. Just for the record, this is now day seven of no one being visited by law enforcement for the death threats visited upon poor, poor William.

    I wonder how much investigation a simple tweet requires.


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