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  1. Let me just say that there will never ever ever ever ever ever ever be an investigation of me, Krendler, Chris, Howard, Jerry, and anyone else on this blog by any law enforcement authority.

    We are not complaining to law enforcement - we are just nullifying the man by sending the standard "this is who he is in his own words" document quoting the man and showing how proud and unrepentant he is to what he does.

    Its a lot of fun...

    Will he ever maintain the right to remain silent?

    Will he ever stop posting rape fantasies?

    Will he ever quit using the sexual audio and mental images of underage girls on his blogs and radio stations?

    Will he ever dissociate himself with pedophiles, felons, bombers and terrorists?

    Stay tuned

  2. I've really got to learn to quit clicking on these. Now I have My Sharona stuck in my head. KRENDLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!11!!!!!

  3. It's funny now that you mention it, but you never see anyone who cites the right to remain silent the cite the necessarily obligatory corollary, the obligation to STFU.

  4. I'm glad that someone is counseling Brett to drop the case

    Winning some basic motions is also one way of courts to signal that you have no case

    1. Also, the court has an incentive to get all defendants served so it can move on to granting motions to dismiss.

  5. PROJECTION: Thy name is Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt.

    "@WMSBroadcasting: At some point, one needs to look at the facts, to put away the hate, to realize you are pursuing a lost cause, and cut your losses."

    It just writes itself. Dumb dope.


      1. Indeed, I certainly hope BK takes PussPuss's advice there.

        Is there really any reason to pursue a case at the federal level you have already lost at the state level by directed verdict due to lack of evidence???

      2. I'm sure if BK knew for a fact he'd be on the hook for attorney and court fees when he looses (as he is destined to do) this case would've already been dropped like a hot potato

      3. Dear Krendler - its federal court - there is going to be - a hearing for attorney's fees the more someone drags it out the more he's going to be paying something. Maybe 1,000 to 5,000 per defendant - plus these clients panicked - all they needed to do was to countersue - and add in all the behind the scenes people and even subpoena the State department to Brett's side

        But they thought they could win this on motions and who knows still may there is a very good chance especially since he had no case.

        not until Brett is made to realize that it cuts both ways - there is a reason for the countersuit, its a powerful tool if played correctly, not in the 1st grade level of someone who is mocked hourly but dispassionate DIRECT and devastating. Brett's Brother, his lawyers Cohen, Velvet, Brad Freedman all of them should have been made a party to the countersuit.

        Brett has people who can impose limits on him

      4. If the MTDs fail and the defendants are required to answer the SAC, I believe we'll see a plethora of countersuits with the very real prospect of corporate veil-piercings.

  6. Still associating with violent felons and pedophiles I see...

    Now harassing his victims by taunting them all is lost

  7. What’s bright blue, pink, and sizzles?
    An Oedipal Troll trying to breast feed from an electrical outlet.

  8. Don't you all get embarrassed when you discover that you consistently misspell certain words? Like "machts nichts" instead of the correct "macht" nichts?

  9. Ahh inspector giggles has proof proof proof that he was mocked and humiliated

    The Wisconsin state police have the email - the strange crazy deranged sicko that luv's little girls - so they will get right on it!

    1. you know its amazing how some think that threatening to harass someone with imaginary crimes isn't eventually going to bit then in the behind

      Yeah I've been awaiting the police too for what 2 3 weeks now

    1. Oh my.. This just keeps getting funnier. It's right there for him and he still can't get it. OH you big dummy Billy. The only person who has been committing libel and defamation the last five-six months is well um..... YOU. We've told you for months that Chris Heather wasn't @embryiddleealum /Howard Earl nor is he @marcussenmarino . He never has been. Yet you've stalked and harassed Chris Heather for months now. It's all documented. All screen shot. I was say it again. CALL THE POLICE, CONTACT THEM and you tell them what you have. The only person that is going to end up being in a whole slew of trouble is again YOU.

  10. Compare and Contrast:


    If you think my conclusions are mistaken, approach with respect and give a reasonable rebuttal. If you can't be an adult, then don't bother.

    With Yesterday:

    Call for the rocks and mountains to fall upon you to hide you from my fearsome gaze, you feckless, nutless piece of goldfish shit.

    And there were other days:

    But I've got a PORTFOLIO on YOU, Eric! You wanna fuck? Then let's strap on the rubbers and get fucking. Because nutcases don't scare me.

    Keep your craziness to yourself, Eric. No more book reviews unless you buy a book. No more lies about me. You have NO case against me.

    If I decide to give you a legal fucking, you will know who is fucking you, and you will know WHY he is fucking you. So my advice to YOU..

    .The State police - are getting the best selected - oh yeah - everytime - soon to be attached to book reviews

    If only he had stayed out of people's business

  11. Msg sent to Glenn Campbell music that an organization with ties to violent felons and suspected pedophiles is using his image to raise money

    1. It was a touching video.

      Needless to say, I sought it out on YouTube. No way I'd click on a link to JTMP without the online equivalent of a Racal suit.

  12. What happens when you burn an Oedipal Troll’s face off?
    It makes weird noises and crawls into walls


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