Comedy vs. Not Comedy

Telling stories (and doing it poorly) fantasizing about misfortunes befalling one’s enemies is not comedy.

If it makes the author laugh, that’s one thing. Given our fallen nature, I believe such fantasies are far more common than any of us would care to admit. But to think that sharing such thoughts would make an audience LAUGH is beyond depraved.

On the other hand, an author would be well within the bounds of propriety to use such disturbing thoughts as fodder for a psychological thriller about a serial killer or an international terrorist plot?

Not funny. Not even a little bit funny. But in the proper context, it could be a helluva fun beach read.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

23 thoughts on “Comedy vs. Not Comedy”

  1. he's going round the mountain on this one, coy conditionals, demands for response to stop the reveal, I say he reveals about 1800ET and is in full blown Feltdown by 2000ET
    (for former failors that is 6PM and 8PM East cost time, of sorry did I write "failors"? I must have meant "sailors")

  2. You know what would be a cool plot twist? If people believed that the serial killer was disabled. Or even that the serial killer had a partner in crime who did the killing at his direction. And that he used phrases like "yelping like scalded puppies" and "f*ck puppies" because he'd really done those things.

    1. Yes, Howard. Let's keep developing the character.
      To make him really creepy, he should have other fetishes, in addition to the torturing of dogs. Let's see ... how about a poop and anal sex fetish? He could fantasize about eating poop, and live out the fantasy with his secret gay lover/co serial killer. He also fantasizes about prostituting young girls, and even thinks of opening a brothel called "The Pussy Palace."
      On the other hand, no one would believe that such a perverted creature could exist.

      1. Don't forget this serial killer would probably inscribe "I want it all Doug" on his victim's ass

  3. To know, know, know him
    Is to loath, loath him, loath him,
    Just to see his jowl
    Makes me want to howl,
    And I do, yes I do, oh I do.

    Why can't he see,
    How blind can he be?
    Doom clocks and fear pee
    Up to his trembly knee.
    Oh what a fool is he.


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