Another Fun Comment From Cabin Boy And/Or Friend

First, a note on the post title. I have concluded, through my mad internet investigative journalism skillz that the comment below was submitted by the Oedipal Ass Troll through a proxy in Tilton, New Hampshire (where??), or it was submitted by his friend.

This is the iffy part…I have not been able to confirm the existence of a “friend.” I’m sure that he can’t have more than one friend. I mean, I could self-publish a shopping list on Amazon and get 5 positive reviews from my friends. And it wouldn’t have to be a particularly artful shopping list, either.

So it was either Mister Mayonnaise or his only friend, using the name Knot Neal, who posted the following:


But I really think it’s Your Jovial Host of Roly-Poly Radio who is the culprit. There are two main reasons I have reached this obvious conclusion.

  1. The content. We all know what he loves more than anything. Always with the BUTT STUFF, right? Can’t escape it.
  2. The writing style. It’s so very familiar. (Actually, that’s horseshit, but he likes to trot that out frequently enough that it needs to mocked.) It’s not easy to write in his style on purpose. I expect that to thoroughly imitate him successfully would require the ingestion of some really powerful recreational pharmaceuticals. And maybe some paint chips.

So I’m thinking this was our Serially Adjudicated Cyber Harassing Super Victimtroll.

And unless he denies it within some arbitrary period after this post appears, then we’ll all know it’s true.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

203 thoughts on “Another Fun Comment From Cabin Boy And/Or Friend”

  1. Did he just seriously say that we all just watched Howard get butt fucked by him? First off..ewwwwwww. Second, what I see is Howard once again pulling the strings while good old puppet Bill dances to his tune. It's nothing less then predictable after 3 years. Howard says jump, Bill asks "How high"? Over and over and over. Consequences to Howard? 0. To Bill? Booted from FB how many times? Fired several times from examiner, loss of dozens of twitter accounts. Hey Bill, if that is your idea of victory you might want to buy a dictionary.

    1. Oh, forgot to mention that there are dozens, heck maybe hundreds, of folks that now know what a twisted freak Bill is and they all point and laugh every time Howard gets his dancing monkey all wound up and sets it loose.

  2. Well, this is truly an epic feldtdown.

    Seldom has Willy come across so unhinged. And considering he comes across unhinged daily, that's quite a feat.


    1. Starting from a high of (I believe) 531 on this account.

      And now its 496....

      and falling.

      1. Still falling. The Coward of Elkridge. Deleting the vile shit so he can play pretend victim. How very typical of him.

      2. I've got complete screen caps of the entire 4 days.

        The internet is forever......

  3. 50 tweets deleted so far! That's ok, all saved. For investigations and exhibits.

    1. But -- but -- but -- (cos he likes it so much) -- but that's not his style! hahaha

      Great big lying loser. hahaha

  4. The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt is OBSESSED with Howard D. Earl! OBSESSED! Every thought BS has, every word BS spews, every action BS takes/considers taking is wholeheartedly centered around Howard!

    This is CONTROL at its finest! The Blob is OWNED by Howard! OWNED!

    The Elkridge Horror needs to accept what is staring him directly in his fat face... he is CONTROLLED, and continues to dance like the rabid, demented, monkey freak he is!


    1. Yep. Scrub. Scrub. Scrub.

      Poor, dumb dope. The Blob still doesn't understand that whole "The Internet is forever." concept.

      "You wanna mock my mom? Go ahead! You wanna mock my dad? Go ahead! You wanna mock my wife? Go ahead! You wanna CONTROL me? No can do!"


      The Elkridge Horror... OWNED! CONTROLLED!

      DANCE, you rabid, demented, monkey freak! DANCE! LOLOLOL!

  5. And it's back up to 470. Though since his timeline is protected, no one is going to actually read them.

  6. Why does BS delete his tweets? I thought he was up front, in your face, unashamed. Oh. You mean he lied, AGAIN?

    P.S. He's already back, with most of the obscenities deleted from his timeline. I think he'd call someone like that a coward, sacless, etc., etc.

    A week or so ago he said he was going to set up a website in honor of his wife, the very next day, to show the world how wonderful she is.

    He forgot.

    1. didn't he also say something about how someone who deletes tweets is hiding something??
      I remember him saying that about "smoking gun" tweet that PROVED!!!11!! Howard was Heather that he thought was deleted (when it wasn't).

      dumbass gonna dumbass I guess

    2. Of course PussPuss said no such thing, and since the account he was using when he tweeted it has been suspended since then, no one can prove different!! /sarc

      PussPuss is a lying little bastard isn't he?

  7. DAMN Little Bitch has been off the rails today.

    Why is he demanding Howard contact him? Hasn't he said repeatedly for Howard not to contact him? Kinda hard to claim to be a victim of harassment when you invite people to contact you over and over innit?

    I guess someone felt the need to carry Monkey Dance Monday over into Meltdown Tuesday.

    get help Little Bitch, seriously.

      1. Just sent a 'tip' in to howard county, someone should be getting a wellness check visit shortly. have fun!

  8. He does realize that it only takes ohe visit? Twitter lets you scroll back for 7 days......

  9. BS has posted a new Twitter avatar, a photo of himself holding a large, white dildo, smiling.
    So sad. So very, very sad.

    1. Now Gail is pissed because her dildo (her only source of satisfaction), smells like shit and mayo.

      1. that look in his eyes... staring at that mayo-encrusted pleasure stick (or 'Brett' as Gail nicknamed it) reminds Shaky of the good ol navy days, when the sausage was plentiful and Free!

    1. Howard, you know this type of stuff only arouses some people. Unrequited passion can be tricky to deal with. It drives some people round the bend.

  10. Anyone have an online repository where the screenshot files are saved so those of us who miss the real time action can see them after the usual expurgation comes through?

    1. yup, all on the other site. Did you see the new trailer pics? can't believe someone managed to get that close w/out waking the dogs

  11. Bill Schmalfeldt @WMSBroadcasting · 3m 3 minutes ago
    Hey, @embryriddlealum @guntotingteabag or whoever you are. What do they mean by "waste of finite resources"?

    Isn't that cop speak for "You are a flaming crazy asshole, now kindly leave us alone and never contact us again"?

  12. Since I know that Bill keeps his eyes glued to this site, refreshing constantly, I thought I should give him some pictures. I don't want to know what he does with them in the privacy of his own home.

    Since he's so worried about my dental hygiene....

    And he obviously is concerned for my weight, so I thought I should give him a glimpse of my morbidly obese ankles

    and wrists....

    l guess he's one of those guys who figures any woman who is larger than a size 4 is disgusting. Or else he's just trying to hide his crush on me. Making fun of a girl's appearance is normal for boys in middle school or upper elementary when they like a girl.

      1. As a teen I was 5'4" and 120 lbs, and my father constantly ragged on me for being fat. I've got a rather skewed perception too. But I carry my weight mostly the way Sophia Vergara carries hers, i.e. in the right places. 😉

        And I can guarantee that I carry less weight per inch of height than a certain devoted stalker in MD does.

  13. Hey Jerry, why don't you be a pal and help Bill out huh?

  14. Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@WMSBroadcasting 2m2 minutes ago
    He sent me this last week.

    How, precisely, was it "sent"?

    1. Bingo. Another lie. A comment posted here, which he had to look for, was not "sent" to him.


    OMG you guys really it like wrapping empty xmas present for a toddler stop teasing the poor dumb animal...

        1. Well, we have definitely been treated to an airing of grievances. I suppose Howard's puppetteering (is that a word? Fuck it - it's my blog) would qualify under Feats of Strength.

  16. Totally OT: I just discovered Hobby Horse Polo. Wiki gives it a category heading (among several) of "children's games". However this game involved "punitive sherry"! (Or vodka, Brottrunk or Jägermeister, umpires personal preference.) In one game 12 players between them had 200 punitive sherries. I'm not sure I could imagine playing this even if my knee was still good, but it sure sounds fun to watch.

  17. We are all playing other at the other site - it's easier to plot nefarious things out of sight 🙂
    And to anyone who has lost weight congratulations

    1. Really, I can't believe Mr X has been driving by the trailer everyday, getting those candid shots, with Slick WIlly not even realizing it. Perhaps we should have X start contacting neighbors.

      1. Sorry, forgot I wasn't supposed to mention X on this site... Paul, go ahead and scrub.


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