57 thoughts on “"Air Quotes" Contest”

  1. BS

    Knot's Bitch since 2012
    (I think it was then. For a loooooong time anyway and he shows no signs of smartening up. Which may be too long for a meme but hey, you can always use a smaller font)

  2. What's the difference between a serially adjudicated cyberstalking Oedipal troll and a garden variety zombie?

    Nothing. Until their rotted, "barley" functioning brains are separated from their bodies, they'll just...keep...on...coming.

    1. I think this is my favorite one. Only because I used to be a reporter and experience outrage on a daily basis on how he denigrates the title.

      1. I take it you didn't go around threatening to report people to various gov't agencies, and you actually confirmed your information?

        He can't make up his mind whether he is a journalist or a reporter; of course then there's the times when he's emphatically informing everyone that he is NOT a reporter because he's too infirm.

        Maybe 20 years ago before he developed PD he could do it right, but not now.

        1. Yeah no threatening. It would be kind of counter productive to actually getting a story. Go figure. Lol

          And I'm sorry but a journalist is a reporter is a journalist. Sigh. He's so stupid it hurts my brain. And I don't think he could ever be a reporter. This is not all part and parcel of his PD. There had to be the nugget that started it all already in him.


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