Ain't It Great to Have Friends?

This comment came in yesterday:


Notice the obviously fake e-mail address –

The IP address,, is registered to a New York City hosting firm called Digital Ocean, Inc. There is contact information at the link.

I find it difficult to believe that there are people out there who purposely go out of the way to try to put specific members of our military on the radar of jihadist enemies.

But then I remember who was responsible, and it’s not difficult to believe at all.

And I think of the people who associate with that individual and realize that this too does not surprise me.

Right, Neal?

The timing does pique my interest, though. Could it also be of interest to others with the authority to do something about it?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

UPDATE – Mr. Everything-Must-Be-About-Me-Because-Everything-Really-Is-All-About-Me has caught us all out. It really is all about him:


That tweet is from Friday October 10th, during that woefully brief period when he was active and unsuspended as @WmsDb. Ahh…good times, good times.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

196 thoughts on “Ain't It Great to Have Friends?”

  1. Shakey, Shakey, Shakey.

    You fucked up. I can light a match under your fat ass in less than a minute.

    I always could. I always can.

    I told you last week that Howard Earl and I are one in the same. You are just too stupid to accept it.

    Please kill yourself.

    Thank you.

  2. "And when did I say I was checking out an Ashland policeman?" - Bill Schmalfeldt

    Do you think this guy really believes his bullshit? I mean is he really this far gone?

    He's a joke. He should run away with the circus and seek a career as a vibrator for elephants.

    1. I had to laugh at that tweet. He goes after a cop, even if he didn't say where the cop worked, he left enough clues that anyone who's even as smart as Bill is could figure it out, and then he thinks you must be the guy because No. One. Else. In. The. Entire. World. could have figured it out?

      And I love how he says the Causeys lied to get their restraining order. That he only called them once ("they seem to have stopped answering their phone" suggests more than one call, doesn't it?) and I guess their local LE and legal establishment all conspired to lie about the call to the wife's work, the one Bill actually mentioned, when they recommended a restraining order, and then granted it. And it's interesting that Bill thinks that restraining orders can only be given out if there is a threat of injury.

      Lord but that man is loosing it now.

  3. Nothing - and I mean NOTHiNG - is more adorable than William's sweet little crusade to change the laws, directed at people who Google for a living. It's so childlike and almost innocent that he thinks the political staffs will let their people anywhere near him.

    But, as I remember it, here's the pitch;

    "Dear Politician,

    I'm old, sick, sort of stupid and more than a little demented. I have Parkinson's, possibly ebola, nd I think I feel SIDS coming on. I start any number of fights than I can't win for a guy who blew somebody's leg off, but isn't currently talking to me. In so doing, I became an object of international mockery. As a Journalist that no one has ever heard of and a Very Important Person, mockery isn't quite to my liking.

    I tried fighting my own battles, but I lost every time. That's probably because I'm old, sick, and perhaps mad with syphilis from things I did in Japan that you don't need to know about unless you check out my narcissistic and chronically wrong Internet footprint.

    Anyhow, I fought back against people who used their real names, and they got restraining orders against me. Then I tried doxing people who didn't, got it wrong, and got even more restraining orders against me. If I had even a molecule of self-awareness, I'd know that I suck at internet, but Oopsie-Poopsie!

    Nobody sees me as threatening anymore, and that reminds me of my three marriages. None of this would have happened if everybody just forgot that Brett Kimberlin existed. Please call me, Brett. PLEASE!

    That's why I need the government to be my mommy and make sure that the mean girls tha finished the fights I started are grounded!

    Yours in Jesus,

    William M. Schmalfeldt"

  4. It's like Ju Jitsu, Shakey.

    You start stalking some cop.

    You throw out the name of his Chief.

    I take your misdirected "momentum" and SLAM you to the ground with it.

    Why? Because you are dumb. I mean, how the fuck do you even draw breath, DUMB.


    I have a second-half Arizona Cardinals party to attend. Try not to do anything stupid. AGAIN.

    I hope to red your obit tomorrow.

  5. Uh oh, Bill's feeling a little (more) big in the britches and is going after the officer again!

    1. Bill Schmalfeldt @WMSBroadcasting · 13m 13 minutes ago
      Asking questions = "going after"?

      Considering you've already contacted his superior, yes. Moron.

      What are you going to tell him next? "He lied to me!!!" "He likes posts on facebook by yucky people!!!" What the hell are you getting at Willy?

  6. Seriously, he should seek psychiatric help. He's screencapping a comment here by ERA, and claims that he's "getting threats again"? No. It's not a threat, legally. In addition, it was not emailed to him, it was not tweeted to him, AND IT DOES NOT MENTION HIS NAME.

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@WMSBroadcasting

    @davidmarcussen ...and now, after speaking to you, sir, I am getting threats again.

  7. Bill Schmalfeldt @WMSBroadcasting · 12m 12 minutes ago
    @davidmarcussen ...and now, after speaking to you, sir, I am getting threats again.

    Oh Willy, you are such a delicate, TENDER little flower, aren't you?

    1. Hey at least he's calling people "tender flowers" rather than "tender vulvas". "Flowers" is so much less creepifying.

  8. And, really, the new specs do not make him like his father or son. Ridiculous. Not shaving doesn't make me look like Brad Pitt.

      1. been gone all day I see he may have written some diary entries - cause they look amazingly self serving, who knew 20 years ago he would have needed them...

    1. I was in a DM convo today on Twitter concerning yet another Deranged Cyberstalker, and I suggested to my tweep that they google Bill Schmalfeldt, and I included his current avi pic.

      I'm not convinced I will ever hear from that tweep again. LOL!

  9. Just face facts, the cop led you on and made you look like a horse's ass. The joke's on you. Get over it and move on. He didn't do anything wrong.

  10. Giggty Jiggty plop

    a prick doxed a cop

    Earl barked a laugh

    then jiggles hauled ass

    and Krendlers smiling alot

  11. the ink on those pages look pretty fresh after 20 years - and the pages clean as the day they were purchased, and no mention of landing on an arab cxountry


    You might need to call the police.

    1. "Hello? Whine-One-One? This is the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt. Please send a waaaaam-bu-lance! I'm drowning in fear pee!"

      How much can a Lickspittle point-and-laugh? Good grief! LOL!

  13. Ye gods, how is that chicken even still alive? If there was a real man back there, it'd have been torn to pieces hours ago!

    Oh, Bill Schmalfeldt? Again?

    At least it won't feel the decades of shame that the Japanese lad did. There's no rape shower more horrifying than the one in our minds.

    Do carry on.

    1. Willy's got to be embarrassed (assuming he has that capacity). That guy made him look like a complete idiot.

      1. complete - oh he barely scratched the surface

        nothing that couldnt have been avoided had he minded his own business

        I see he's posting pictures of young girls on his blog again

  14. Why are you posting pictures of young girls again on your blog?

    Why are you still lying about Lee's wife?

    Why are you denying that you were trying to get a policeman fired - a crime in VA BTW

    Why did you claim you were onshore in Beirut when you were not?

    Why did you "need" to show pictures of what appears to be freshly written entries in an unverified and extremely convenient document?

    Especially if you claimed you were NOT saying you pulled people out of the rubble?

    Your behavior has been noted and reported to the Navy and to the State of Virginia - its up to them to make of it what they will

    Also one report says no boats left the Coronado - they came from the Little Rock and brought them to the Coronado

  15. Neal, you are a hoot. Knot Lynn, you owe me a new monitor.
    Why do I get the feeling that someone is being played, AGAIN? He was so sure that Jerry Fletcher = Howard Earl= Chris Heather = fill in the blank. Another bit of hypocrisy is the King of Male Porn Photoshops, e.g., a producer of porn, as Mike Malone explained, is actually whining about photoshops.

  16. I do so that William's "Publish first, Ask questions later" is a ... unique form of Journalism. I dare say that were he in the business forty years ago, Richard Nixon might STILL be your president.

    1. Unfortunately, "Publish first... Never ask questions." is the latest form of "journalism" courtesy of America's 4 Nov 08 Temper Tantrum.

      The administration squawks the narrative... the useful, leftist idiots simply document it.

      SSDD. *SMFH*

  17. Bill Schmalfeldt

    October 10 at 7:35pm ·

    The Marines I served with from 1975 to 1977 were generally men of honor who would walk into the face of live fire to help their buddies. They were heroes. That is why I am so disheartened by the actions of David Marcussen for supporting the activities of a Twitter troll named Chris Heather. A Marine would never stand by when someone blasphemed the memory of someone's deceased mother, let alone support it. A Marine might have political disagreements with someone, but he would never allow a person to besmirch that person's wife or adult kids. Marines are men and women of honor. Former GySgt David Marcussen has lost the right to call himself a man of honor, or a Marine.

    hmmmmmm, you never ever served with the marines, again, you were not a Marine.

    1. And before you think anyone is disparaging your service - you for someone who has chronicled their life - FMF medics were very elite and spent several months training at 2 special camps none of this you chronicle in your brief time in the navy

    2. The best part?

      "They were heroes" but were only " generally men of honor." That's quite a tribute, right up there with "The Marines aren't utter swine.'

      William is one of the great Investigative Journalists and writers of our time. Maybe not Fletch, but .... Feltch!

    3. ~Marines are men and women of honor.~

      Which is why most honorable military members (current and former) think you are a steaming pile of pig shit, Blobby.

      ~Former GySgt David Marcussen has lost the right to call himself a man of honor, or a Marine.~

      Must really steam your ass that the right to call himself anything isn't up to you, ammirite Fatass?

      Quit whining like a little bitch, you pussy.

      1. The GySgt is not concerned about the opinions of a former "pecker checker"

    1. You best mean Arizona and NOT the St. Louis Cards -- or, I will bid you adieu, and spit on the memory of you forever!


  18. Bill wasn't popular in the navy. Yet, it is rumored his navel was very popular. It is also said, Bill contracted oral thrush & other oddities from interactions with his own navel. Specimen samples were sent to & still kept at Area 51. Alien colostomy encounters were the rage until Bill joined the navy.


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