27 thoughts on “Then I Wonder Why It Bugs Him So?”

  1. Yet another of the non-sequitur's he is famous for.

    Why then did Kimberlin sue Kimberlin Unmasked or Ace? By this theory he could not be affected by them as he did not know them.

    and why the effort to dox you, me and sundry hundreds of others. You do not know who we are therefore you cannot be affected by us.

    Here's a tip. Try not to say things that undermine your very existence.

  2. Plus anytime you need to run to your boy toy Wee Willy for affirmation is a true sign you already have zero confidence in your statement.

  3. Bill Schmalfeldt @ParkinsonsRadio · 6m
    Your being a coward doesn't "bug" me, @brainsrfood. It digusts me, but I really don't give it much thought.

    LOL, he doesn't give it much thought... except for all day every day.

    Just like he doesn't continuously troll Twitter and Google looking for mentions of his "good name."

    It defines his very existence and he knows it.

  4. He certainly does live to sit hitting refresh all day. What a sad pathetic existence. I see he is also trolling for threats. Everyone is "scared" of him. Does he expect someone to come back and say "No, I'll come kick your ass"? Is that what he wants to hear? Again, sad and pathetic.

    1. Perhaps I should add another regular feature to go with Earworm Wednesday. I could call it "Moving On Monday" and highlight some post or Twitter activity from the previous week to show how well he is progressing in his efforts to not be such a chronic F5er and FOCUS on Parkinson's Disease advocacy.

      That seems FUN...

  5. Seems Bill is in need for attention is truly pathetic. Instead of taking the time & ingenuity to develop a Parkinson's advocacy Twitter account, the troll starts up waring again. It's really beyond him to do good on Twitter which shows he can not be redeemed. Bill Schmalfeldt will be remembered on the Internet as terrorist & pedophile apologist, "Brett Kimberlin's Bumboy" if you will. And it is his own deranged, stalking behavior that should get him strapped inside of a padded cell wasting away in his own filth.

    1. I doubt he'll be remembered at all, Eddie Blake. He's an easily mockable -- often unintentionally self-mocking -- barely coherent at his best, um, well, nothing. He's a nothing. I'm very confident he won't be remembered even by those who most enjoy laughing at his ridiculous, self-parodying antics. We'll all move onto other things. We all have lives, families, interests that don't include him.

      He likes to flatter himself that several people follow his twitter feed closely. I don't. I highly doubt anyone does. Most often I will see him quoted, or butting in on a conversation including someone I do follow. I then may or may not check his feed for context, or curiosity. I suspect it's similar for most others.

      He likely can't remember the last time he was awake and had internet access that he wasn't obsessively refreshing here and Hoge's, and obsessively checking the twitter accounts of his targets and victims. I don't think he has the self-control to stop for even a few consecutive hours. Most of us regularly spend days and/or weeks without looking at his twitter until reminded by something to take a peek.

      Those aware of him in other contexts have tried to leave those memories far behind already, including his own children.

      Think about it this way: How often do you see "Frisch" mentioned? Less and less, and soon it will be not at all.

      1. Also consider this:

        He claimed to have left his unadulterated, bottomless-pit-of-hatred behind and to have started a new "mission" in his life - PD awareness, or something. Surely someone will remember his unflagging efforts toward that goal, right? Well, not if they've seen his tweets.

        Can you imagine being someone genuinely interested in anything Parkinson's related and running across the disgusting, vile, mass of puerile hatred that is the real Bill Schmalfeldt? How fast would you close that browser window?

        Suppose you ran across something other than his twitter first - wouldn't you get around to checking out his twitter at some point? How many people whose work interests you do you not follow on twitter?

        Leroy can probably tell us if this is true: I suspect this has been his story his whole life - even when he tries to do something not thoroughly revolting, he's so busy shooting himself in the foot rather than working towards the goal, that nothing ever comes of it. All of those funding appeals might have attracted attention that was quickly shut down by his own behavior, his own words, in his own posts and tweets. How many deep-pocketed donors would contribute to the person behind that twitter account? How many people with the means to fund projects would be so remiss as to not take a look at whom they're considering funding?

        No matter how hard he tries to ape his betters, people eventually see his real self. There's a reason he's garnered nicknames such as Elkridge Horror, SchmalFAIL, SchmalFOOL and others.

  6. So this happened....


    Bill Schmalfeldt @ParkinsonsRadio · now
    She'd eat your head off when she was done with you, bug. (See the level of civil discourse over there?)


    Bill Schmalfeldt @ParkinsonsRadio · 6s
    You're are welcome to drop by and fuck either one of us, coward. Did you grow a dick? Or are you calling that engorged clit a dick?

    Literally only a minute later. How can a person lack that much self-awareness?

      1. Scene in the single-wide immediately after that tweet was posted:


      2. And this morning Bill proves (yet again, for the umpteenth time in just the last 24 hours) that he'd never be able to pass the reading comprehension portion of the SAT, never mind the GRE or LSAT. *snerk*

        Passing thoughts : does Bill actually know what a "fainting couch" is, without having to Google it first? Can he explain why simply saying "A is very B-like" is proof of fainting? I don't know any graduate Lit or Logic students who could. And somehow, I don't think it's because Bill is just that smart. 8D

      3. Once the the acknowledged Grand Master of Creepy Turns of Phrase That No One Else Uses Cuz Real People Don't Talks Like That.

        Also a failry solid demonstration that he has no clue whatsoever how the female bits and pieces work. Must be why his Flickr favorites were heavily obsessed with stained female undergarments.

  7. It's a shame that an "award winning journalist" like him can't seem to communicate without using homophobic imagery or woman reproductive organs as part of a sentence. I'm now doubting that he ever worked as an actual journalist. Can you imagine his headlines? "Monkey vulva driver hits building. Only injury was to a taint sniffing scrotum licker."

  8. Bill Schmalfeldt @ParkinsonsRadio · 23s
    Nancy Gilly fans herself furiously over the thought that monkeys (the female ones) have vulvas. My poodles. How they perform for me.

    How long have we been doing the "DANCE MONKEY" bit? Now Bill decides to be clever.

    What's the matter Bill, can't you come up with anything unique. All we get from you is regurgitation, coprophilia and women's genitalia.



    1. I want Bill to show us where he specifies that he's only talking about female monkeys, given his history of calling guys "vulvas", or refering to guys' vulvas.

      NIH must have been glad to see the back of him; his presence must have been a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen (unless it did, which could also explain why they were happy to have him work from home/retire).


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