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  1. Had long detailed phone call with Amazon, they are receiving the information - asked for more information and has put me in contact with their legal team.

  2. I see the UK gangster is back.

    He's not too bright, is he:

    Jason Coulson. @CoulsonJason · 2h 2 hours ago
    @BlitzParkinsons @mayberryville can't Court order to have any bogus reviews. You can approach courts yourself ? Damaging you livelihood

    Brilliant. Damaging a "livelihood" that doesn't exist.

    Pro tip for UK ball-breakers. CHECK AMAZON'S REVIEW TOS. You are not required to have read a book to leave a review.

    1. Thing is, EPWJ says in the reviews that he is writing based on the sample provided by the author. That is not a false review. And the cops have been informed that EPWJ writes book reviews? Someone should print out his latest screed and mail it to Chris Heather and Patrick Grady, and let them know he is doxing them on a wordpress blog. Names, addresses, telephone numbers. Nice guy. He is spending time doing this instead of tending to his injured wife.

      1. how many times has he called me out today? - how many times is he mentioning my kids?

        Oh well - someone feed the fish and mow my 137 acres...

        Thank goodness he isn't trolling for reviews - cause that's not only pushing te edge on consumer issues but VIOLATES Amazon TOS - thank goodness I didn't see this: and then screencap it and then archive it in a really large growing file.....

        Occupy Parkinson's @BlitzParkinsons · 2h 2 hours ago

        Funny. Seems as if @embryriddlealum is hiding for some reason.

        Occupy Parkinson's @BlitzParkinsons · 2h 2 hours ago

        @CoulsonJason I always send out review copies. I am not an established author, so it's hard to get anyone to seriously review something.

        Occupy Parkinson's @BlitzParkinsons · 2h 2 hours ago

        @CoulsonJason ...search "Schmalfeldt" and read the many 1-star reviews by EPWJ for books he neither purchased nor read.

        Occupy Parkinson's @BlitzParkinsons · 2h 2 hours ago

        @CoulsonJason I'm sending out copies, but not for favorable reviews. That would not be ethical. And it's not this book. Go to Amazon...


  3. Off topic, I know.

    I’ve always been curious about William’s self-identification as “a Vietnam-era veteran.” If he is 58 today and enlisted on his 18th birthday, that would have been sometime in 1974. This is problematic in so far as the Paris Peace Accords were signed in March of 1973.

    Also, in most countries, one is described as a “veteran” only if they have served in combat, or at least during wartime. Is that not true in the United States?

    Please don’t tell me that William is lying. I don’t think my heart could bear it.

    1. The Veterans’ Benefits Improvement Act of 1996, Public Law (P.L.) 104-275, Section 505, enacted October 9, 1996. REFERENCES: Title 38, U.S.C., Chapter 1, Section 101 (29) and Chapters 41 & 42, Sections 4101, 4211 and 4212.

      Section 505 states:

      (a) In General — Paragraph (29) of section 101 (of Title 38) is amended to read as follows:

      (29) The term `Vietnam era’ means the following:

      (A) The period beginning on February 28, 1961, and ending on May 7, 1975, in the case of a veteran who served in the Republic of Vietnam during that period.

      (B) The period beginning on August 5, 1964, and ending on May 7, 1975, in all other cases.".

      If he served before May 7, 1975, then the answers is yes.

    2. I think he's 59, but I agree that the term "disabled" Vietnam era "veteran" can be misleading. It suggests that he was injured in action, and he was not.

      1. I think the phrase "who served in the Republic of Vietnam" might be key.

        If i remember my history correctly, U.S naval operations largely ceased after the 1972 "Christmas bombing." I could of course be wrong about that.

        But one assumes that basic training would go well past the Paris Peace Accords.

      2. If a vet describes his service as Vietnam Era, theat usually means he/she didn't serve in the combat theater. If he/she had served they'd describe themselves as a "Vietnam Vet". (Or so my Gulf War Vet spouse tells me.)

        Also, if Bill is 58 or 59, he would have been able to enlist as early as '71 (17 with parental permission).

  4. He said in his letter " of the Vietnam era" - gee I thought someone who publishes books, has been a host on satellite radio and worked in could or is classed as a public figure.....

  5. A Sheriff's Deputy was seen purchasing this at Tractor supply he had a mailing envelop and used a county credit card"


  6. Well, he had to repeatedly threaten and harass Howard. Just had to. I am not surprised to see that Howard has responded, without tweeting him at all.

  7. Fatboi isn't a veteran...he did not serve in combat. Fucknuts would probably run at the first sign of trouble!

    1. Actually, anyone who has served in the military, whether or not they saw combat, or even served during a war/police action/contingency operations, is a veteran, even if they only served one enlistment. I believe that even without an honorable discharge he/she can still be called a vet.

      1. I know, I served 20 years and combat in Iraq...I am well aware of true veterans and stolen valor.

  8. https://twitter.com/BlitzParkinsons/status/516967528372109312

    This got one mention today. William's various pissing matches got, what? 40?

    Quality husband.

  9. https://twitter.com/BlitzParkinsons/status/517021913148043264

    And nothing will drum up Parkinson's research funding quite like this, right, William?

    You're advocacy is moving ... respectable people further and further away from you. But your ego is happy.

    1. MY kids - well - one fly's daily in combat - the other 2 are up at 430am training - all feel shame especially when I sing/dance/talk to their friends......

  10. Occupy Parkinson's ‏@BlitzParkinsons · 30m30 minutes ago
    Well, @embryriddlealum, I've found Michelle and Tammy and have contacted both. I hope they like you.

  11. Yes, we know he thinks they're fair game. He has photoshopped a woman into a picture all day, he photoshopped Mrs. Causey on a cactus penis, etc., etc.

    1. they have always been fair game for Little Bitch, as TJ said on Twitter, "Damn Shakey, you can dish it out but you sure can't take it can you..."
      there was more but I left it out cause EWWW

      1. Nothing howls in anguish like a Lib'tard who finds their own dirty tricks used against them.

        Ethics, decency, respect... Those are standards which they demand others meet, without acknowledging that when you eschew those rules you forfeit any right to be treated by those same rules.

        Sauce for the goose.

  12. "OK. Now we know. Altered images of wifes, daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, family members, all fair game."


    Bring what ya got, Shakey. I guarantee not a single image will be of anyone I know.

    You poor dumb abuser, you.

    I'm not laughing WITH you, Jiggles. I'M LAUGHING AT YOU!!!!

  13. OH blow it out your fat ass Shakey. Did you forget this tweet from yesterday?

    @embryriddlealum And, as of this moment, 4:52 pm EDT on September 29, 2014, you are FORBIDDEN to contact me. Are we clear, Shitty?— Occupy Parkinson's (@BlitzParkinsons) September 29, 2014

    and you've tweeted him HOW many times today?? around 20??

    Remember if you don't start none, wont be none.

    well you started, and kept on and now you don't like what you got in return.

    BOO FUCKING HOO, Deal with it, asshole.

  14. https://twitter.com/BlitzParkinsons/status/517080727754915840

    Oddly, one doesn't see William's usual reams of documentation disproving an online assertion.


  15. I think family should be off limits. Unfortunately, BS doesn't, as he has shown again and again:

    - threatening to call Stacy McCain's wife
    - calling Walker's wife a "mail order bride"
    - posting a photo of a child in diapers and a cat by a cat food bowl, with a derogatory comment about the Stranahan's kids
    - calling a grieving mother a whore, and another mother a "c*m gargler"
    - threatening that a woman will lose her kids if she didn't cooperate with him
    - Tweeting comments like this:
    “While @Shanahan is in Tampa this week, should Texas rapists be told where to find his wife since he supports the rape of everyone else?” His wife was home alone with four CHILDREN.
    - Posting a photo, aerial map, and phone numbers for a home that Stacy McCain and his family had to flee

    These are just the tip of the iceberg. I also find it very, very odd that @embryriddlealum tweeted the photo that BS finds so offensive just two times, and BS has retweeted it 8 times. What, exactly, is the point of that? While I don't believe that family should be drawn into this, given BS's behavior of the past 3 years, I can understand why others don't agree with me.

      1. If he didn't like the pic you posted, maybe he shouldn't have been tweeting at you all day, especially after demanding YESTERDAY that you not contact him....

        just a thought.


  16. https://twitter.com/BlitzParkinsons/status/517084295509602305

    I don't support that.

    If it was on the edge of a giant penis, however, I might.

    Actually, no. William seems to think that "Chris Heater's" domestic violence is funny, so why not?

    William has already complained about Gail emotionally abusing him to for being a titanic pussy, so how is this new?

    1. I just think it's hysterical that he thinks that absolutely NO ONE except Chris Heather could possibly know that that poor woman was dead, or that there had been legal issues between the two of them.

      I know that an acquaintance of mine's ex forged his signature to buy a car. By Bill's logic, that means that he and I must be the same person, because there is no way anyone who isn't Boris (not his real name) could know about that, and especially know her name! (Which I actually do know, and even after all these years I still want to find the bitch as badly as he ever did because she burgled our house a few months later.)

      I also know the names of dead people I never met, but I heard about because they were friends/loved ones of people I did know. Schmalfeldtian logic dictates that I am legion.

    2. Ok, hold on here a minute.
      So Shakey's only evidence that this here Chris Heather guy is Howard is that Howard knew the girl that had filed a domestic abuse complaint against Chris was dead?
      That's IT?!?
      How does he figure ONLY this Chris guy would know this?
      I mean I'm sure everyone who knew her at the time probably knew about the abuse complaint to, and anyone who knew both of them would know about both the complaint and her passing, yet Shakey thinks ONLY ONE PERSON IN THE COUNTRY could know both of those things, and that person HAS to be this Chris guy!!

      JEEEEZ, I thought I had seen Shakey hit the bottom of the stupid barrel but DAMN, he just busted thru to a whole new level.

      1. Einstein once proved the barrel has no bottom, that in America if you strive real hard - you can dig even deeper into the vat of stupidity

      2. That was my understanding. Bill "laid a trap" by referring to the girl not by name, and since Howard knew who he was referring to and knew she was dead, he "proved" to Bill that he, Howard, was Chris.

        One of the most impressive cases of #LogicFail I've ever seen. Certainly on a level with the Flow Chart of Doom, the one where every answer was a yes.

      3. I try to forget Bill's baby talk. I'm sure he thinks the baby talk, and what I think he thinks is an imitation of someone with a mental and speech impairment, are both cute and a way to show how much smarter he is than us, but they just give further proof (as if any was needed) of his own mental and moral shortcomings.

        1. You may be right, but srs wrtrs who want 2B taken srsly do not write like eight year old girls unless they are writing about eight year old girls.

          Which is one very big reason among many not to take him seriously as a writer.

    1. http://www.howardcountyexaminer.com/2014/09/30/following-letter-just-sent-to-everybody-everywhere/

      Be careful. That's Bill's current failboat website.

      Somehow, it seems less of a fail than the real Howard Co. Examiner. I tried to contact them, but got frustrated at their lousy webpage.

    2. Yawn. One of the way to be dox-proof is to put such info out on the Interwebz yourself. I have my contact info, including phone number, posted on the DMCA page at hogewash.com.

      The Cabin Boy™ has been staying within the boundaries of the current peace order. So far.

      1. Most retraining orders have warnings against the publishing of even public information such as the writing of phone numbers (such on bathroom stalls) so there are soo many potential violations of violations that we need a crack legal team to ignore them ........

        Like John said


        I'm going to work on the detailed brief and send it to the Amazon Legal team as support requested today formally.

  17. I would leave his wife alone and his service record - but I am reminded about his eagerness and his willingness to contact Malone's wife and kids to mock his death just a few short days after it happened........

    And he still brings it up from time to time to time to time....

  18. Occupy Parkinson's @BlitzParkinsons · 10h 10 hours ago
    Far worse than anything... ANYTHING... i've ever done. And if you disagree, your priorities are WAY off kilter.

    Guess my priorities are off kilter then. I can think of LOTS of things Bill has done that are worse. I'd list them but I think WordPress has a max word limit in comments. I'm sure we all know what he has done to the Stranahans, Causey's, Hoge, Walker, Grady, Krendler, etc. Not to mention the folks from the Knot days. His list of abuses is a mile long but he's the victim now. SMH, nothing is ever his fault. Nothing is ever the consequence of his own actions. I had hoped having a 4th restraining order slapped on him would get it through that thick skull of his that HE was the problem. Guess not.


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