STOP CONTACTING ME, @mayberryville!

Screencaps are forever:

Links disappear sometimes:

If you don’t want someone to contact you, don’t contact him.

Shorter: “Don’t start nuthin’, won’t be nuthin’.”

Learn to think around a corner, dumbass.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

15 thoughts on “STOP CONTACTING ME, @mayberryville!”

  1. As someone remarked on the earlier thread, how did she see them? Who told her about them? And if it was who we suspect it was, did he also show here where he phoneed Mrs. Causey, causing enough upset that a PO/RO (whichever Arizona hands out) was granted? Did he show here where he threatened to call someone's wife and threaten that someone's job for non-job related activities, when he isn't even sure that someone is the someone he thinks he is?

    His wife must be dim, an enabler, or really, really good at actively not seeing things she doesn't want to.

    1. I realized there is a fourth option: she never actually saw it, and he's just trying some feeble psy-ops.

  2. Oh, and what is that dude's fixation with scrotums? Psychology folks would probably have a field day. And then feel a need for a hot shower with betadine.

    1. If it exists between the top and bottom of the human male hipbone, our man Shakey's all over it.

      The female form? Not so much. But as Robin Williams once said, "Better latent than never."

  3. Occupy Parkinson's @BlitzParkinsons · 4m

    ...not have to write about how one of its fine, upstanding citizens, father of three brave daughters serving their country, is a coward.

    Occupy Parkinson's @BlitzParkinsons · 4m

    ...issue. UNLESS I see ANOTHER false negative review, and UNLESS you continue to contact me. Be a good boy, and the Paris, TN, media will

    Occupy Parkinson's @BlitzParkinsons · 5m

    Everyone who reads your mewling nonsense in my Amazon offerings realizes you are a turd, @mayberryville. But I am not going to press the...

    Occupy Parkinson's @BlitzParkinsons · 6m

    Yes I did contact you, @mayberryville. Crying to Patrick Grady is not the answer. The answer is, you are forgiven. …

    Occupy Parkinson's @BlitzParkinsons · 14m

    #NowPlaying on Deep Brain Radio Chapter 09 - Bram Stoker on

  4. So he admits he doxes people. As for the one thing he got wrong. . . Greg Patent and Jeremy Kinsey were both and alternately Jerry Fletcher and Howard Earl and one point. He has accused several people of being Kimberlin Unmasked.

      1. Also Rain.
        It seems like the only people he has "doxed" correctly were those who weren't using handles. Of course he calls people who use a handle online "cowards" after demonstrating thru his "doxing" and with his threats exactly why those "cowards" use handles in the first place.

      2. he knew me I commented on BU on one of his sites he emailed me he also posted the only IP address I have had for a while my kids are in the paper, in national news, I wasn't hiding I used my full name for a decade - probably even on johns site - people knew where I lived even the name of my lake

      3. I get a kick out his calling people "kowards" for using pseudnyms, while he himself is posting using ... a pseudonym. And he certainly can't claim he's never posted using something other than his real name, such as his last two gigs with the Examiner. Matthew Lillifield wasn't it?

  5. There once was a man would couldn't write
    He dodged to the left, to the right
    Then trumpeted his pain
    for what he thought was his gain
    but was sentenced to more than a fortnight


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