93 thoughts on “Some Say Life Begins at 40. Well, How About 60?”

  1. Especially in light of the fact that the Sea Hag was forced to go to the local Wally World to get more Depends for Sir Schmuck-A-Lot, obviously inebriated and had to be treated by Tele-Tubby Bill since she didn't want to draw any more attention to herself and snag another DUI.

    Tit for Tat, Billy.

  2. Looks like Sir Schmuck-A-Lot is getting ready to ditch the Sea Hag in some sort of institution where she will be forced to life off the state teat. This is how Billy Boi repays those who sacrifice their lives for him. What a leech!

    1. Gail, you should know better, Shaky is always "the last man standing" after a bar fight. You're going to have to start fighting smart. Use the jab, your jab is key, you can use it to set up for a cross and to move in close for an uppercut. Better yet, do yourself (and society) a huge favor, let him pass out and handle it in whatever way you see fit.

    2. I didn't think I was the only one who thought it sounded suspicious.

      After all, how many times have you seen someone fall and "bash their face" on the sidewalk and only have an injury above one eye?

      I saw a kid slip and fall and literally hit the sidewalk face first. Broke his nose, and scratched his forehead but the nose took most of the damage.

      Another time this guy was goofing off and fell flat on his stomach and face, busted his chin wide open, but no damage to his forehead at all.

      I'd like to take Shakey's word for it (if it even happened) but I remember one key fact about his existence, he's a lying liar who lies.

      1. ah, NOW her cheek is scraped up some too.

        guess he realized how improbable his first account of her "accident" sounded.

  3. Bill lies about his level his level of disability. The proof is seen in the amount of tweets and blogs posts developed each day. His deceitfulness concerning his disability has forced his wife (a cancer survivor) into servitude which demonstrates his sociopathic nature. Bill does not have the moral fortitude to get up off his ass and repay his wife for her years of service. Like any immoral socialist, he believes that it is someone else's responsibility to care for his wife when he capable of doing it himself. Bill would place his wife in assisted care so he can continue his online harassment rather than repay her for her years of servitude. That's just the kind inhumane sociopath he is.

  4. Someone spoofed EPWJ on amazon - anyone surprised? Amazing - well I couldn't care less - someone feed my catfight when the CID action squad uses the animal taser on me...

    1. Strange how the new epwj has only 1 review but your real reviewers profile has many. Is he really that stupid? Oh....forgot...it's Bill. Of course he is that stupid. Those detective skills are first rate aren't they?

      1. link please, my amazon-fu refuses to show me the review Shakey posted, as if it doesnt really exist. How strange.

  5. http://www.amazon.com/review/R19TI1IX2Q1MWN/ref=cm_aya_cmt?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B00NG0R0CC#wasThisHelpful

  6. All I can say is all I can say - I was told everyone is entitled to leave a review and much more

    Apparently large big companies really don't like people messing with them.....

  7. well now if you click one the 1 star account it says gail

    10 minutes after the extensive chat with amazon

    curiouser and curiouser

    1. kinda like someone trying to frame you for something?
      gee, I wonder who would've done something like that??
      and I sincerly doubt it was anyone here, cause while some of us use handles, we woudn't try to frame another person here, we'd just use our handle.

      indeed, curiouser and curiouser

      1. So many people, first off I suspect my children because I am the weatherman - always wrong - second the wife is always a suspect, then there's my parents, sisters, 4 cousins, 17 parishioners and the entire democrat Party of the county I reside in.

        We can eliminate my children because they wouldn't have been caught, we can eliminate my wife because she would do something much more painful, so that leaves about 1,287 people within 1 sq mile of me.


  8. so lord of satire was commented by someone named.....


    if you click on EPWJ that's what comes up

      1. Amazon went right too it

        we had an extensive chat -

        whoever did it - they didn't think it was funny - with all the break ins Target, Home Depot
        this may have gotten a lot more attention that even I intended

        But look it is what it is and like I said in a poem - I can't stop whatever others decide to do

        Amazon is under fire from China - they are not about to be screwed with -

  9. Interesting development in todays Feltdown.

    @embryriddlealum Did you LISTEN, Shitty! She CRIED!— Occupy Parkinson's (@BlitzParkinsons) September 29, 2014

    this was in response to a screencap of Shakey's threat to call Paul's wife the other day.

    It was my understanding (from someone else who listened, cause I certainly didnt) that he didn't reach anyone.
    so, yet another lie??

  10. not quite an "epic" Feltdown, considering Shakey has been reduced to answering tweets tweeted over a week ago, but hey, Fat Boi is on a roll!!!

    1. I don't know. Talking about Howard Earl's corpse, threatening to hit him in the face, and telling him he should watch his back all sound pretty epic to me. Oh, and telling Howard, who NEVER contacts BS, never to contact him? This Twitter account will soon be suspended.

      1. And now he's tweeting that he's too disabled to hurt a fly. Doesn't exactly jibe with the promise to pound someone's face to pulp.

      2. Rick, I'm reminded of the character from The Godfather Part II, Hyman Roth.

        "He's has been dying from the same heart attack for the last twenty years."

      3. Again. I am not Chris H.
        I'm not Gail, so I am not worried about a fucking dumpster sized and dumpster smelling old asshole "sneaking" up on me. I live two time zones away from Shakey. It might as well be the FUGGIN' MOON.

        The investigation would be over as soon as the coroner's van drove off, you nasty-built abuser.

  11. Threatening to beat people to death whilst under two restraining orders? Why, yes, I would fancy that a "roll."

    1. I do hope she doesn't "fall" again when Shakey gets done with his psuedo threats against the wrong people (as is usual for himl)

      See, thing of it is, @brainsrfood. I know you are @palatinepundit. And I don't care if it turns out you are not. PP will be the focus.— Occupy Parkinson's (@BlitzParkinsons) September 29, 2014

      If you are NOT PP, then poor Patrick will suffer because YOU are a COWARD!— Occupy Parkinson's (@BlitzParkinsons) September 29, 2014

      Shakey openly admits he doesnt care if he harasses the wrong person. Who's the real coward Shakey?
      that would be you.

      I predict new restraining orders by the end of week.

      1. IANAL, but I think those two tweets alone might be reasonable grounds for a restraining order. If Patrick and Paul aren't the same, Bill can hardly stand up in court and say that Paul forced him to harass Patrick. It's not like Paul is standing next to Bill with a gun to his head making him write those tweets, send those facebook DMs, or make those calls.

      2. Is he clueless, or just insane? He's going out of his way to PROVE he's acting recklessly and maliciously.

        It seems he truly is so lacking in self-awareness that he can't step back and realize what an unbiased by-stander will think when confronted with his behavior.

        Hey, SCHMALFELDT! Here's a hint: When I was first exposed to your lunacy, I knew nothing about any of the parties involved, or any of the issues involved. I just saw TRAIN-WRECK IN PROGRESS, via a link from a link from a link, in that strange way the connectedness of the Internet works.

        Then I read Mr. Malone's blog, after he'd passed away. For the manner in which you treated someone willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, and let you have your say, you deserve every misfortune, every disappointment, every humiliation, ever scintilla of suffering life has dealt you A THOUSAND TIMES OVER.

  12. https://twitter.com/BlitzParkinsons/status/516700369552818177

    William's search for scrotum seems to be getting rather desperate.

  13. He's using screen caps of LinkedIn to go after Chris Heather now. I wish LI would actually enforce their terms of service.

  14. Fatboi on a rampage right now? Fucknuts couldn't tell his ass from a hole in the ground! Doomsday clock coming out???


    You wonder why folks don't reply directly to you on Twitter? Because you block anyone and anything that offends your delicate sensibilities, that's why!

    I'm still waiting for you to explain why that "transcript" with Amazon had three different names for the service rep in as many replies... Since it's kinda unlikely that a nametag is gonna change mid-conversation, you'll have to pardon me if I come to the conclusion that you ineptly fabricated evidence that would, if true, expose Amazon to a public relations nightmare.

    1. And anyway, isn't Bill the one who keeps squawking that he wants to be left alone? And since he agrees that @ mentioning him is contact (except when he's doing it) folks are just taking him at his word.

      1. He's a believer in the Lib'tard's version of free speech. He has the right to say whatever he wants, and we have the right to shut up. Because SCHMALFELDT, I guess.

    1. Yeah, the pasty-faced dick-smoking turd-burglar accuses folks of cowardice, has proclaimed he'd never delete tweets... but tries to cover up his excremental trail, about as effectively as a cat on a linoleum floor.

    2. Occupy Parkinson's
      Gonna run and hide Krendler? That sounds like something I would do if I was you.

      Seriously, absolutely NO self-awareness.

      1. Just me or is he actually coming right out and saying that his preferred method of dealing with problems is to "run and hide"?
        Isn't that what he is always accusing others of doing?
        Isn't that what he is trying to accuse Krendler of doing except Mr. uber-GS writer/editor can't keep his sentences under control.

  16. Fatboi would shrivel up and die if wasn't for this blog...probably pumping with the mayo right now!

  17. https://twitter.com/BlitzParkinsons/status/516715068374142976

    I don't know, William. Google me. I learned a lot about you that way. And that will forever be your legacy. Your grandchildren will be explaining you away for decades.

    Me, not so much.

    1. And to the author of Paragraph 83? I haven't misspelled my own name since I was about four years old, and certainly never in an official government filing.

  18. https://twitter.com/BlitzParkinsons/status/516715835910791168

    I do look forwarded to learning who we're all going to be misidentified as! Hopefully the addled old boy files another of his entertaining lawsuits. Those make for gloriously humorous reading!

      1. 2 or 3 cumpooters? Or the same cumpooter 2 or 3 times?

        It's always the BUTT STUFF with him, isn't it?

        So what was the cumpooter's name? Did it rhyme with Fail?

      2. Yes, just as is the case with the stovetops in his life, William still doesn't seem to understand that faildoxes can have rather nasty consequences.

        At some point, I know that I'll tune in to William to see "I KNEW I'd find Neal N. Bob!" accompanied with a photoshop of Bess Truman standing atop a massive penis.

      1. Actually, THAT Kyle Kiernan isn't in Tampa anymore.
        Which Shakey would know IF he had bothered to actually research instead of finding something he thinks he can embarrass someone else with, even when it's not actually them.

  19. We all love different things about William, but my favorite is how he connects with every Parkinsons' organization known to man, goes on a psychotic tear about us - using the most unbecoming imagery imaginable - and then wonders why he isn't taken seriously as a PD advocate.

    That is something I'll never tire of.


    What am I talking about? Try reading what I wrote... Or are your "talents" limited to cutting-and-pasting the words of your betters?

    You think that just because you've deleted tweets or had accounts suspended we can't remember the sh!t you spew?

    You posted what you claimed to be Amazon support transcript, in support of your usual faildoxing. I noticed a small problem with it:, and asked you: Why does "John K"'s tag change from John K (Amazon) to John K (Amazon ) to John K?


    You have a habit of going off on wild goose chases, emitting non-sequitur after non-sequitur... Are you really so arrogant and deluded to think we can't detect the pungent scent of BS, and that anyone so ill-bred as to call you to task is going to fall for LOOK SHINY!!!?!?!

      1. Doesn't matter. I, and I suspect a few others, will continue to remind everyone of That Which Schmalfeldt Would Prefer Be Forgotten.

        Perhaps when they ran the conduit down into his bloated melon, the doctors crushed those brain cells that contained this essential bit of wisdom: THE INTERNET IS FOREVER.

      2. GM,

        I foresee heavy traffic on some free template sites, real soon now.

        Schmalfeldt's skill-set doesn't seem to encompass more than Microsoft Paint, Ctrl-C, and Ctrl-V.

  21. Admiral SchuppedOnStage: "Even in my current condition, I wouldn't trade places with a single miserable one of you. Not for all the spooge in Krendler's mouth."

    Does he realize he's implying that he considers semen in his arch-nemesis' mouth to be of immense value?


  22. I find it very rich that Shakey think's he'll get out of facing a new restraining order because "Krendler" will have to use his "real" name to get one.
    Who said anything about Krendler getting one?

    1. Who knows what lunacy is swirling about inside Admiral SchtuppedOnStage's dented cranium? Is he really so convinced of his own infallibility that he's going to risk harassing some third party... Someone who isn't likely to be as forgiving as our esteemed Mr. Hoge?

      Oh, well. Perhaps a pair of cold steel cuffs ratcheting down on his wrists and being hauled off to jail will convince him of the errors of his ways, where our gentle wisdom and tactful guidance has failed.

      1. I've heard he already did, twice, and was wrong twice. One of those times resulted in his second restraining order, this one from AZ.


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