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  1. Go over to Legal Insurrection and read this post. It describes someone to a "t"
    Of all personality measures, sadism showed the most robust associations with trolling and, importantly, the relationship was specific to trolling behavior.


    1. A very interesting post. I'll have to find the entire journal article. But it makes perfect sense. Trolls have to get something out of trolling, and getting enjoyment from hurting people (whether by calling them names, publishing false info on them on the web, threatening to have their children taken away, etc., etc.,) would seem to fit the bill.

  2. there in lies the proof of leftist hypocrisy.
    When a representative who's constituents are leftest, promote their agenda thru legislation, such as gun control regardless of the Constitution, leftist cheer.
    When a representative who's constituents are conservative, stand against such legislation then the leftists scream obstructionist!!
    it's as if the leftist mentality can't see that not everyone agrees with them AND that those others might insist their representatives actually represent them and not just the leftist.

    I'm sure I shouldv'e used more commas, but you get my point.

    1. I think Charles Krauthammer is responsible for this quote, which sums up the difference between the Right and Left:

      "Liberals think Conservatives are evil. Conservatives think Liberals are dumb."

      1. liberals (leftists) preach that conservatives are evil in order to get the emotional gut reaction from their followers. That's all they have if emotional (over)response because their arguments fail in the light of logical scrutiny.

  3. "You can imagine it because it's your fantasy. No great insight needed there. Pretending you speak about what others imagine is a failed attempt to cover over this accidental (stupid) outing of yourself. I can only imagine which is the greater torment for your poor wife: having to deal with her medical circumstances or having to deal with YOU."


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