22 thoughts on “Monkey Dance Monday”

  1. I almost passed out from laughing when I came across this parody account:


  2. Tonight , dear Listeners- fans of the NPR 8 the ocho

    Welcome to "Tales of the Free cart" found in most public libraries

    I'm Your host "Tremont Spitz"

    As a treat listeners at this 2:30am hour - I pulled this gem from the bottom tray, why lordy meee! is a child's primer from a naughty naughty boy...

    Covered in red and using most likely copyrighted images this wicked man has wonderfully titulaying phrases:

    "You black people have just got to learn that white people find you frightening. Stop scaring us and we'll ask the police to stop killing you, when you're not armed, choking you to death for selling loose cigarettes, or beating the black off of a 51-year old grandma"

    Ooooh why wasn't this on the Times best list? Was it the excessive use of middle school locker room banter? Or the deliciously run on sentences. Or the painfully epic fail to encapsule the vernacular of the street?

    If this wasn't in a cart why someone could have thought this was from the worst paragraph contest of the Wednesday School of Journalism.......

  3. Stay tuned for more reviews coming soon to the NPR Ocho

    Delicious moments revisited in unwashed underpants fiction,

    As an investigative Journalist specializing in misuse of copyright images, good taste and general banal imagery, the fun of finding gems on the back end of the net is the gift that keeps on giving, focusing on those least likely to sell a book to anyone outside of the cubicle team or family

    As I received again = written permission from Amazon to make reviews on any of their products offered within the guidelines..... Be looking forward to more detailed in depth reviews.......

  4. Just got off the phone with Amazon as they were following up on yesterday's chat - something that they may have brought up that someone maybe a public figure


      1. https://twitter.com/BlitzParkinsons/status/517024527923314688

        So telling the truth about "this south side of an northbound ass" is conspiracy?
        Not my fault that you are not proud of your time with XM Satellite Radio.

  5. I'm waiting for Bill Schmalfeldt's big dox that's coming down the pipe. I'm suspiciously dressed like Raoul Duke and usually tweet from the IP address Don't mind the 300 pound Samoan, he just there for aesthetics. I hope this helps the great internet detective.

    1. Just a sudden and unplanned name change. Though he would never use an alias since that would make him a "koward".

      1. nope, a coward is someone who threatens to publish personal info about others (whether it is correct or not) if they don't do as they are told by deranged cyberharassers.

        so Little Bitch has been one for a while now hasn't he?


      2. I should have put the sarc tag in. I'm sure most anyone with normal comprehension could feel it though.

      3. Oh I know, just making an additional point.
        nothing says coward like someone talking shit constantly while demanding others must shut up cause they said so.
        and again, goes to show Little Bitch has been one for a looooong time.


      4. I figured you'd seen it. 🙂

        It looks like he's trying to add Wisconsin to his list of states with POs/ROs/charges.


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