Justice, Poetic

I’m off doing fun things this morning, riding trains and playing games.

So let’s try our hand at POETRY!!

Sounds FUN, right? (Yeah, I know, shut up.)

Really it’s just an excuse for a little pointless Bill-ku.

My accomplishments
Experimental brain pokes
Books no one will buy

Footlongs with mayo
Tears falling in my fro yo
Tastes like epic fail

New station each month
Five Twitter handles last week
Re-design that blog!

Haters break the law
With false negative reviews
Heeengh! Heeengh! LICKSPITTLES!

His excellent friend
Brett Kimberlin? Forgive him.
Lemmen? Die soon, fraud.

Parkinson’s Disease
Exacerbated to death
Nothing is his fault

His monkey vulva
Is dry and itchy today
Must be full of sand

It never goes right
He can’t keep anything straight
Doxing or walking?

He lived life his way
Sex on a stage in Japan
Pauper’s retirement

Stop talking to me.
I said, stop talking to me.

Comments are open for your literary contribution!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

43 thoughts on “Justice, Poetic”

  1. Don't contact me
    I said don't contact me
    Just leave me alone, don't contact me
    I will write and call you out on the tweez
    but don't you DARE contact me

    1. heeeeeeyyyy, weren't you supposed to be dragged out of your home and locked up for the crime of posting illegal false reviews on a piece of crap book no one wants to buy???
      what are you doing posting here????

      have a save trip 🙂


    2. BS has you on the run?
      Can't stay around until Monday LE visit?
      Going to rat us all out?

      Seriously, hope you have a safe trip.

  2. Willy's come up with his own! It's an introspective effort:

    Occupy Parkinson's @BlitzParkinsons · 22m
    Pinheaded coward
    Profanes art for cheap giggles
    Best to ignore him

    Now you're getting it Willy.

    If you look at his timeline, it took him over 3 1/2 hours to come up with that. That over 12 minutes a syllable!

  3. Fat man sees mayonnaise slathered footlong
    glistening in locked glass cage
    tears flow freely

    1. What a loathsome human being.

      Has he ever excreted anything onto paper or monitor that didn't suffer from his personal pronouns?

  4. Don't contact me,
    I SAID! Don't Contact me!
    I am thee so don't contact me!
    I switch, I hide, I change constantly
    But DON'T YOU DARE contact me!

    I am banned, I am fired, I print your pictures in my ire
    But Don't YOU contact me.
    Lawyers, Editors, community leaders castigated me!
    But I HAVE A TWEET! That says don't contact me!
    I demand I desire, I scream with farts afire!

    You wrote meanie things about me!
    DON'T Contact me!
    Don't touch my smears
    I wrote those books for others to fear
    How dare you read them, how dare you discuss

    Where is your humanity? Where is your shame?
    for I am someone of Pricey fame
    I am clever, I am quick
    I obsess over those who pick

    I shame grieving mothers, wives and more
    I dox elderly widows, brothers sisters for sure
    I am HERR Investigator, all is more!!

    Freedom of speech is for those who understand it
    I am of those who determines who defines it!

    You spittles, you twittles, you prevaricators of drivel

    I danced, I thrived in an imaginary land
    Made more grand by each day and line of spam

    My bitterness attests
    As my pedo terro hero lost his test

    Therefore I shall punish all I see

    FBI, FTC, Even the Henry CID
    All are waiting, all are free
    TO HEAR ME ROAR - "Look they're picking on me!"

    Ignore this person, who wrote this about me
    Ignore I erased the article and pictures of Hoggy
    For they started it when he commented on me
    Ignore the restraining orders for illegal were thee
    Ignore my porn, I erased it tee-hee-hee
    Ignore my threats about an LA DA
    Ignore my apophasis it's just satiric parlay
    Ignore the other states that complain
    Ignore the efforts of my stains

    Don't clink on that link, nor that one, nor that one
    I'm NOT banned from twitter that name was just ABANDONED
    I return with different names and addresses
    And demand that all must bow to my wishes

    I am the former NIH ocho
    I am revered by the cubicle team
    That sat with me in another far away dream

    Now I shall go forward threatening and pleading
    For someone called me out for all of my stealing
    Of copyrights, privacy, reputations and freedom

    For I am Thee who says what is free


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