How To Maintain A Sterling Reputation

(Note – I’m working on varying my writing style. Let me know how I’ve done.)


This is one of those things that’s hard to write about, but since the purpose of this blog is to share my experiences with a debilitating neurological disease, if I only wrote about the nice stuff the blog wouldn’t be worth much, now would it?

So brace yourself. I’ll be as euphemistic as possible.

Jill and I were settling down to watch an “On Demand” movie. We were about 10 minutes into the movie when, without warning, I noticed I was…

“Making Bigs.”

Now, this is not the sort of thing that you can really do without noticing it. So I said just about the only thing a person CAN say in a situation like that.


I made my way to the bathroom to assess the damage. Let’s just say it was moderate. My brain eventually realized what my bottom was doing and managed to close the barn door after only SOME of the horses had gotten out.

Unfortunately, some of those horses had made their way up the back of my Depends where they soiled my underpants and the shorts I was wearing. My shirt was spared.

I got everything all cleaned up, the unfortunate adult diaper was bagged and tossed into the trash, the soiled clothing was dropped into the wash, I put on a new Depends, new shorts, and some long pajama pants.

I was a MESSY little baby.

And just the other day, I was wondering if I really needed to keep spending money on these things as it has been quite some time since my last…


I guess they stay on the shopping list.

I mean, if I would at LEAST get some kind of WARNING…

Oh well.

Them’s the breaks.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

21 thoughts on “How To Maintain A Sterling Reputation”

  1. Warning Warning Warning ,,, this is an auto message from the dependable troll on isle E. row MD....

    Warning Warning Warning,... there is an infringement, repeat there is an infringement, a fraudulent DCMA takedown will proceed immediately - if WARNING... WARNING.... WARNING... bend to my will bend to my will... W>AR>N>ING W>AR>N>I>NG I will not be ignored, I will not be ignored damn you.....

    W>>>>A>>>>R>>>N>>>I>>>>N>>>G You MUST LISTEN TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. He posed some interesting questions the other day even though he didn't realize it while he mouthed them as his usual whiny complaints.

    Do we obsessively and continuously monitor his timeline? Why don't we stop and get on with our actual lives? No we don't obsessively watch his timeline. It only takes a minute to scan the latest entries and they are easily checked once or twice a day or get current if you're gone for a week or longer. Some of us who operate on the net regularly can just keep a browser tab on the search and check when we take a break, especially if we don't want to miss the meltdown which is best watched live. Hardly obsessive and in no way preventive of normal life activities.

    Which poses the bigger question, why?

    Is it hatred cause we are a bunch of H8ty H8r's? That seems overly simplistic. It can be a little hard to parse out the emotional content. He certainly has done a lot of hateful things to a lot of people so that most people dislike him to one degree or another. His massive and continuous lies and twists and turns generate their own irritation among normal people who are offend by such things. But while there are sufficient grounds to really despise him I don't think that's the real reason.

    It could be entertainment. You never know what damn thing he's going to come up with next. It's hilarious to watch him nose-led by the assorted tricksters around here. A meltdown is always a hoot. When he pulls a faildox it's always funny. Even more so to watch him stick with it beyond all reason. Heck he still believes I'm a felon from Tampa. I personally like riffing on things and he can be a rich source of that with his creepy and outre turns of phrase, total logic fails, and weird ass personal history.

    The big reason to keep a watch on him is that for all intents and purposes he's a tumor. That seems like a weird way to put it but I think its most appropriate. There are times when he seems benign but without warning he can suddenly tursn aggresive and threaten to metastasize, to attack others, to poison the forums and communication media on the net. And like a tumor of the body you can't just cut out, you watch it carefully, note when it turns active, defend against the attacks it launches at other parts of the body, inform others of the techniques it uses to attack so that it's easier to defend the next time.

    1. "It could be entertainment."

      Yep. I couldn't care less about the whole BK mess. Not interested in the least. I started following this train wreck because it is loads of fun to watch. Period.

      I don't hate the guy. I don't feel sorry for him. I am amused by him. He's got so many issues it would take a team of psychiatrists weeks to pin all that shit down. But he'd never admit to being wrong, crazy, or the one who is at fault because no one loves him. (This includes the wife; she's a caretaker.)

      A few minutes a day and you can catch up on all the crazy, and crazy the man is. It's free, it's entertaining, and it infuriates him, which is even more entertaining. And it won't stop till he drops, because he can't stop.

      1. He doesn't have issues. He has the entire print run, including preview copies and collector's editions.

    2. It's entertainment for the most part for me. I notice a similarity of interest to when I studied serial killers for a few months. My over-riding question was how can someone go about a day where they need to eat, walk, do basic functions and still maintain the rot in their skulls that allows them to kill as they do. Same with Schmalfeldt - the contradictions in his thinking are epic. It's really entertaining to watch, trainwreck stuff.

      I arrived at Hogewash and then here, because, as a dedicated reader of AoSHQ, I first learned about Kimberlin's vile conduct and followed the leads. Most important to me is that I want to support our First Amendment warriors and watch as justice unfolds.

      Schmalfeldt is a fascinating side show and you've exploited it brilliantly. Thanks!

      - Tulip

  3. WARNING............................WARNING.................WARNING....................... WONDERTWINPOWERSACTIVATIONCOMMENCING.......................IMPERIOUSTONEQUEDUP............................WARNING...................

    this is an alert from the troll in E aisle MD - this is a GS13 secretdoubleprobation notification....... standy by..............

    WARNING>>>>>>>>>>>>>WARNING>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>WARNING>>>>>>>>>> STAND BY FOR LIFE VALIDATION .... REPEAT .... STAND BY FOR LIFE VALIDATION ......

    w>>>>a>>>>>r>>>>n>>>>I>>>n>>>g reports of border incursions by elements of the RWNJ militia have been reported near 39.2158° N, 76.7092° W

    ALERT!!!!!ALERT!!!!!ALERT!!!!!ALERT!!!!!ALERT............ again reports of border incursions have been reported at or very near 39.2158° N, 76.7092° W true............

    TAKECOVER TAKECOVER TAKECOVER..................................................................


    Dateline a report of theft from the institute of CRTLV heavy fighting reported at the INSTITUTE FOR CRTLV........................W>>>A>>>R>>>N>>>I>>>N>>>G

    DCMA counter measures have been deployed, please take care to not step in the DCMA counter measures.....................................

  4. damn did I miss the Feldtdown again??

    Oh well, had more fun playing with the grandbabies 🙂


  5. I don't see any infringing material here. I see parody, which the great copyright scholar should recognize falls under "fair use".

    And is filing a suit guaranteed to fail really worth $400?

      1. And it would seem that someone is obsessively hitting F5. He keeps telling the world about all of Paul's revisions. I wonder what I'll find when I come back in a few hours?


    This is going to be hysterical.

    I also wonder if Gail has slapped his dumb bald head yet and told him to stop being a pussy.

    Poor, poor Gail.

    1. someone should remind Little Bitch of the rule of holes...cause he's getting himself deeper and deeper...


  7. At this point, William is to the courthouse what Norm was to Cheers. And taken somewhat less seriously.

    But god help me, it's still amusing to watch.


    Just out of idle curiosity :


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