35 thoughts on “How To Maintain A Sterling Reputation”

  1. Gosh how reasonable is that!!!!!!

    forwarded to States Attorney's office... Oh and ALL eleven national Parkinson foundations just in case - and Amazon legal department

    1. Hi Chris!

      I suspect the two of you could show up together on his door step with notarized birth certificates, and members of your local LE, judiciary, etc, to attest that each of you is who you say you are, and he still wouldn't believe that you weren't the same guy.

  2. Even after all the shit he's pulled in the last two years, I still think that has to be one of (if not the) evilest things he's done. And he insists that threatening to report a woman to CPS/DCF/whatever is a legitimate technique of the "investigative reporter, and all above board as long as he didn't intend to go through with the threat. According to Bunny Boy even Woodward and Bernstein would have stooped that low to cover Watergate.

    Other than a few years in jail, which sadly I think unlikely, a most fitting punishment for Unca Biwwy would be to spend the rest of his life being audited and examined by every single 3 Letter Agency out there. If he's cleared on one charge by an agency, they need to immediately start a case file for another one.

    Hey, it would give him something legitimate to complain about on Twitter.

  3. I will just cross post this from hogewash.

    Milwaukee DA John Chisholm is too busy chasing his political foes to worry about criminals. Maybe a real “investigative journalist” might want to ask him some questions.


  4. Got email from Daughter this morning "Dad I'm safely back in Afghanistan"....................
    Duty Honor Country....

    1. Geez, I would assume the only way you could put "Afghanistan" and "safely" into a sentence would be "safely back FROM Afghanistan". She's braver than I.


    2. EPWJ... my prayers are with you and your family.

      I was in Iraq for a year and Afghanistan for two... did time at all the major hubs (Bagram, Salerno, Jalalabad, Kadahar, etc). I sent the same message to my wife when I finished the combat approach into KAF and she just laughed about how weird sounding that message was. 😉

      The finest military force ever assembled has her back.... may she be back to the world safely and soon.

  5. Let’s forget about the dishonest scumbag, Schmalfeldt.

    Here is a fellow Sand Cutter that is a REAL Parkinson’s patient and a true survivor. I have already purchased one of her Kindle books and it is one of the most uplifting things imaginable. Far more interesting, sincere and relevant blogs and website than the FUGGIN’ single-wide phony. Give her some love. She is a couple hours down the road from me




  6. The man, using that word very loosely, is enough to make a maggot puke. And I am not discussing one of the more discriminating maggots. In fact, I do not want to be unfair to your everyday maggot; I am discussing the acute nausea experienced by very low-born, ill educated, asshole feasting maggots. Nor is this pure speculation; I read it in the Maggots' Daily Nuggets. He may have fleas; he may have crabs, but he is free of maggots: none will touch him, no matter how much mayo is added.

    He has until 8:00 am tomorrow to deny that he is maggot-free. DOOM CLOCK.

    1. Jeff, I'm afraid I must intervene.

      bil is no man. He is a pathetic BOY of manish size; the maggot thing seems reasonable as while he is disgusting they only eat dead flesh. With bil the corpus is animate eventhough the mind and soul are lost.

  7. Gee Mister Krendler cna you tell us why 29 other people didn't piss away their good karma from being experimental subjects by being complete and total assholes?
    I'm so confused and don't understand!!!!

  8. I'm fucking sick of the fact that EVERY single thing out of his gob is so far removed from the correct/appropriate/sane response to ANYthing! *Whew* He should be fucking THANKFUL they chose him for DBS surgery. Quality of life is much improved for a lot of DBS patients from what I hear. He should get on his fucking knees and fucking kiss some fucking Dr.'s asses and shut his fucking ungrateful fucking maw!

    Tirade over...for now *grumblegrumble*

      1. "Mr. Bubbly Buttpustule" earns the Thinking Man's Zombie Seal of Approval!
        Seal of Approval

        I will steal it. Shame level = ZERO.

        Also, we will be shutting down the Internet for the night, we have a winner.

  9. *yawn* same old same old

    irrelevant turd circling the bowl, refusing to be flushed is still irrelevant


  10. My Master is Christ the Lord. Who is yours, "Earle"? pic.twitter.com/VGpixtg4z1— Occupy Parkinson's (@ParkinsonsHumor) September 22, 2014

    Who's got the screencap of his comment where he says "if I believed in any of that", straight-up flat out lying about something that has some huge consequences down the line and sooner rather than later for him if he's right about the stress.

    1. I must've missed the part in the Bible where Jesus commanded his disciples to view any who disagreed with them as "enemies", to tell lies about them, to threaten them, to harass them, to call them vile names like "cum guzzling fuck wit, scrotum sacks, shit weasels" etc and to publicly wish them painful deaths.

      It does make one wonder what church he attends doesn't it?

      1. Of course, I stand corrected sir.
        I don't suppose any of the fine commentors here would have any screen caps of other colorful adjectives Mr. Schmalfeldt has used to honor his fellow man/woman to show how "christian" he is?

        I think they would make a nice testimony to how godly he, as a person, really is.

      2. Techno: Ah the things I wish I could share with you! But I dare not! Just typing these few words will garner a call to my Probation Officer that a certain cretin is offended by my commenting ...


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