Butthurt ≠ Tort

I live in Taint Louis. He lives in my head rent free. He continues to write false reviews of my droppings on the web to get folks to cease purchasing them. Now I may only sell one copy instead of two. He continues to contact me because I continue to contact him even though I think I told him to stop. But I can’t be sure. He writes defamatory things about me on other blogs that are funnier than the defamatory things I write about people. Without getting too far into the weeds here (because I am a BIG FREAKING WEED), if I want to bring false harassment/stalking charges against this person, do I file in my Taint or in my head? Thanks.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

5 thoughts on “Butthurt ≠ Tort”

  1. AVVO hmmmm
    Breitbart has also acknowledged and is reviewing,
    I just want to say the following

    Occupy Parkinson's @BlitzParkinsons · 4m

    I think of all the threads my wife didn't need to see, Eric. But there they were, @mayberryville.

    He just keeps contacting me
    he cant stop don't you see
    he NEEDS to contact me

    Somewhere in the mind he has wrought
    he has to win at something because its my fault

    he just cant stand it when he cant contact me

    he feels indifferent to dying babies pain
    the feels the families grief is his gain

    But now the pain is his gain
    for he thought that this was all just a game

    I'm not a player, I'm not a team
    I will use you, yourself, as your worried night scream

    I have your tweets and the context too,
    You better rethink the advice I gave you

    You have a chance again to reform
    remove defaming books and all forms

    You know the ones we are talking about
    the one's you've been glowing and announcing with shout

    No one cares a hoot about you
    except some of us your friends too

    Stop all this nonsense before it gets real
    because I cant stop it and there is no appeal

    If something legal should come to your door
    remember who did it - the names on the mailbox
    on the trailers front door

  2. Bill says "I think of all the threads my wife didn’t need to see," So how did she see them? Bill showed her to make sure he inflicted hurt on her of course. It's amazing how both Bill and the Diddler both hurt their families to try and get sympathy for themselves. What disgusting pathetic sacks of shit.

    1. This is his doing - I can tell you that playing around with lawyers is never a smart thing. Breaking the law while using their website isn't a smart thing. Threatening me, exposing my family who is over seas in combat - isn't going to go over well here in my county and in Montgomery County or with the Feds - 115 pages of tweets await his complaint - death threats - sexual battery - all are in there

  3. I swear to the Jesus, if you believe in that sort of thing, that I will reset the Doom Clock on your taint repeatedly unless you stop stopping what I told you to not stop and rat out your Hoggy Daddy immediately to another states Public Affairs Officer, preferably one with a nice African tinge.

    FOCUS on the THE VULVA!!!


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