He doesn’t really want that, you know. Of course we all know that.

He had it. He had the “LEAVE ME ALONE!!” It was the most important “get” that he took away from the settlement. All he had to do to stay left alone was to do the same.

But he couldn’t. The poor, bitter, hateful, lonely old mandouchebag. He had to go hunting again. He had to come hunting for me.

So, for the THIRD GODDAMN TIME (because YES, HE IS THAT DENSE), I trotted out something Grady had given me. And finally, finally! the tiny four-watt bulb that hangs outside on the terrazzo of the ever-so-spacious mansion where I live rent-free popped on, the “trapsie-wapsie” snapped shut, and we have liftoff on what looks to be a three day monkey-dancing Feldtdown of epic, nay GARGANTUAN proportions.

He wants to be left alone, but only on his terms. He wants to be left alone from the consequences of his actions. He wants to be left alone to tell his lies without anyone standing up to call him out. He wants to be left alone to hunt down Grady and try to scalp his job again.

Because that worked out so well the last time.

He’s not afraid of Grady. Just ask him.

“No, I’m not afraid of that mentally unbalanced, self-professed sociopath. (You notice he can never let that menacing phrase go? Just like he can never remember the evil thing Grady did that required the doxing in the first place?) Never mind that I falsified evidence in order to swear out a peace order at the mere whiff of a suggestion that he might be looking in the general direction of the state where I live. Which I then completely pussied out on at the prospect of him showing up to face me in court. He doesn’t scare me. I’m not even a little bit scared.”

(Grady wrote that bit. Good, right?)

It’s worth remembering. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, forever. He lies. Especially when he says he wants to be left alone.

Or when he says –


What he’s really saying is: “someone PLEASE tell me who Krendler is! PLEASE, PLEASE, mock me! hate me! loathe me! Give my pathetic existence the gravity of your hatred as a substitute for the lost love and companionship of the family that I’ve driven away and the failures I have endured!”

And what I have learned is that the best (and most FUN!) way to deal with him is to DENY him what he really wants by GIVING HIM what he says he wants.

He doesn’t “fucking CARE” who I am. Hence the frivolities of the weekend thus far, to show how much he DOESN’T care.

He says “LEAVE ME ALONE!!” after nearly a week of being left alone, during which he tried to bait me, followed by four days of hammering at Hoge and every Lickspittle in reach.

So I’m with Grace. And Dalton.

I’ll leave him alone.

Until it’s time to NOT leave him alone.

Which surely won’t be long.

Tomorrow – the Major Bleg.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

23 thoughts on “AND LEAVE ME ALONE!!”

    Is corprophilia one of the symptoms of gait variant of parkinsons?

    1. Hitler was thought to be a corprophiliac as well. But a simple Google search shows that Hitler is known for other things, which can't be said about William.


    This should be amusing.


    Hysterical. In both senses of the word.

      1. Several emails capturing have been sent to all the judges all the SA's for countys he's been known to frequent - so before he goes on any "I'm going to sue you going to jail you" screeds its all there - oh and also going to be pasted onto EVERY BOOK he has listed everywhere - being responsible for your public behavior sucks - if you do things most people don't or won'r do in public - just ignore him he cannot and willnot stop so what's the point = have we all been outed and what happened - nothing to most - its all over for him


    The betting window is now open. History indicates that he's back within 48 hours. However, given the sheer size and scale of recent feldtdowns, I don't think he'll make it to the end of the day.

      1. Damn, I had him closing shop Saturday night. He lasted longer than I thought.

        (never thought I'd say that about Willy)

        I'll take tomorrow noon

    1. no he's in the airconditioned car with a unwashed dog on his lapo - its his wife who had to trudge out in the heat just to find it closed - again...

  5. BTW AW had a devastating response on the Weigel article in the comment section about the PO Fiasco - took the wind out of the left's sails on the persecution complex that Bill keeps trying to foment to the low info left - smacked it out of the park

  6. Favorite comment by a lefty:

    * [new] By the way, you are full of it (0+ / 0-)

    all of our diaries contain trigger warnings.

    Also, Bill was not autobanned. Markos banned him.

    Please support TREE Climbers, our 501(c)(3) for victims and survivors of sexual abuse and exploitation. Also, too, I haz a blog

    by SwedishJewfish on Mon May 21, 2012 at 11:22:20 PM PDT

  7. Welp, he's turned his tweets private again. That was the most impressive fire hose of crazy I've ever seen.

    1. meh, he's had better feltdowns in the past, with twice as much cray cray as he's exhibited this past, this past weekend was all about the hate he has for everyone who has a better life than him, who has family and friends who love them, who have honest work and can pay their bills without begging....

      yep.. Little Bitch is all about the hate, that's all he knows...
      quite sad really...

      well as a pagan friend mentioned earlier at the party, "then end is near, let him go in peace"..

      so go in peace, Little Bitch Fail Whale Willy.


      1. I tried explaining this to a friend at my party too! I don't think she really got it, and she seemed bemused as she asked if the internet had run out of pron. Though she wasn't in favor of mercy after I told her about the stalking he did to Stranahan and those people in AZ.

  8. So, the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt is sitting behind a protected Twitter account (with eleven whole followers) rabidly watching every move being made on this blog.


    How much ya wanna bet he's ready to open a vein because he doesn't have access to the other blog, and has zero idea what's going on over there?

    This one's for you Biwwy: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

    Once again... nicely played, Krendler! Oops. I mean "Krady." 😉

    What a big, dumb dope -- full of nothing but fail, deranged obsessions, and fro-yo.


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