12 thoughts on “Acting Against Self-Interest”

  1. I'm surprised that "I watch until I am good and worked up into a frenzy of self-righteous indignation, then piss myself." isn't polling better. Isn't that what everyone does?

  2. Remember every time he says he's raising funds brings in a whole potential raft of charges and agencies that they threatened Ali with but in Bill's case he has to answer for the destruction of evidence every time he deletes tweets he creates legal problems - if someone is telling you he is under observation - they need a warrant - or they just need probable cause - to establish probable cause - forward all his tweets to both the States Attorney of Carroll and Montgomery Counties - they do not have to be relevant they just need to be from him showing the pattern of activities.

    Justice is slow and in MD very unfair - but in the end - its up to Bill. He controls his destiny - he controls his fate he is the master of his place in life and its his choices that are being reported.

    1. Aye, those who wish to be left alone would be best served by leaving others alone first and always.

  3. Television has abdicated its mantle as the most meaningless activity enjoyed by our public.

    With its instant gratification and effortless resurrection, social media has supplanted the idiot box for the crown.

    Psychotic bastard with delusions of grandeur that feels Twitter's TOS apply to everyone but you?

    Your sixteen Facebook profiles that exhibit the same psychosis are finally shutdown? Time for number seventeen.

    Write a disgusting blog entry about rectal recreation, so disgusting that even an entire enclave of a society that lives for disgusting rectal recreation are so disgusted you are booted of the island? No big deal. Change your name, create another account but use the same picture. You know. The one that makes you look all contemplative and stuff.

    If instant gratification is your goal; a game of solo Russian Roulette is the ticket.

    For the instant gratification of others, a game of Russian Roulette with a semi-auto as opposed to the more traditional revolver is the order of the day.

  4. No wait - I should quit coffee, not report legal violations of open orders because "magic" will happen just like in the last 30 years of Kimberlin and 30 months of Schmalfeldt harassment

    What could go wrong

  5. 2100 some on years ago Pontius Pilate started the first viral twitter feed when he asked "the question" to an anonymous crowd.....


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