A: I Call It "Sauce For the Goose"


So that happened.

You know he shut down that Twitter account at 11:00 AM ET, right?


I think maybe I was successful in emulating a different writing style.

By applying Elkridge logic, there are only two possibilities:

A. I am a plagiarist, or
B. I am Bill Schmalfeldt.

So, to avoid being sued –

…wait… I can do this… Hold it together… c’mon…


Damn. I really thought I could do it.

Anyway, I’d hate to run afoul of the DMCA, so I took it down (are you fucking kidding me? Not on his life!) I made a few changes.

You can go back and look, or not.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

50 thoughts on “A: I Call It "Sauce For the Goose"”

  1. WARNING............................WARNING.................WARNING....................... WONDERTWINPOWERSACTIVATIONCOMMENCING.......................IMPERIOUSTONEQUEDUP............................WARNING...................

    this is an alert from the troll in E aisle MD - this is a GS13 secretdoubleprobation notification....... standy by..............

    WARNING>>>>>>>>>>>>>WARNING>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>WARNING>>>>>>>>>> STAND BY FOR LIFE VALIDATION .... REPEAT .... STAND BY FOR LIFE VALIDATION ......

    w>>>>a>>>>>r>>>>n>>>>I>>>n>>>g reports of border incursions by elements of the RWNJ militia have been reported near 39.2158° N, 76.7092° W

    ALERT!!!!!ALERT!!!!!ALERT!!!!!ALERT!!!!!ALERT............ again reports of border incursions have been reported at or very near 39.2158° N, 76.7092° W true............

    TAKECOVER TAKECOVER TAKECOVER..................................................................


    Dateline a report of theft from the institute of CRTLV heavy fighting reported at the INSTITUTE FOR CRTLV........................W>>>A>>>R>>>N>>>I>>>N>>>G

    DCMA counter measures have been deployed, please take care to not step in the DCMA counter measures.....................................

  2. Fatboi is a moron and continues his moronic efforts by digging the hole deeper. Fucknuts (my other name for the dumbass) can't tell his own ass from a hole in the ground!

  3. whooo boy..
    little bitch can dish it out but sure can't take it can he? How hypocritical that a thieving dingleberry like Little Bitch would scream so loudly when he (mistakenly) believes someone has stolen from him...

    I'm sure he has all his paperwork in order and is just waiting for court to open in order to drop the $$ to sue the wrong person, again.


  4. Some of the more entertaining (idiotic?) rantings of the crazed Baghdad Blob...

    You all are guilty of the same sins for which you condemn others. You are liars and hypocrites. And cowards. And, frankly, beneath my notice

    And that's what kills you. Name a book any of you have written. Name a CD or original material any of you have produced.

    So in Schmalfials mind, only those who write copy/paste books are actually worthy of drawing breath. Notice that we could be brain surgeons, cops, soldiers, etc, but unless we can name a book we've written or a CD we are just worthless scum. Unless you have done what he has, it apparently has no worth. What a stupid way to view the world. Oh...stupid...right. Forgot who we were talking about.

    Name ONE THING you have EVER done in life that was even SLIGHTLY altruistic or meant to benefit someone other than yourself. You can't.

    I could name dozens. But unlike the fat ass bleating at the world 'Look at me, look at me"!!!!111!! most don't feel the need to go broadcasting every small thing we do to make this world a better place. Now I understand when you have a very poor history you need to make sure that every little thing you do is noticed. I would direct him to Proverbs 27:2.

    Kids hating him? Not our fault. Getting asked to leave NIH? Not our fault. Getting fired from several newspaper gigs for lying and attacking readers? Not our fault. Getting banned multiple times from KOS? Not our fault. Being subject to 4 restraining orders? Not our fault. But Bill is incapable of taking responsibility for his bad acts. Instead he thinks that nothing is his fault. In short, he is once again proving that he is a small, pathetic man

    1. looking at his pre kimberlin books - seems some AP photos were lifted, if this is true serious problems

  5. Go away for a few days, come back for the lulz! Krendler/Grady/Heather/Mr. Rogers, you are a master string puller. My hat's off to you good chap, if in fact, you are a male... (hint for old Willy).

    I'm glad he's convinced himself that he's important. HAHAHAHA! (wipes tears from eyes)

    Cabin Boy: So many pyschoses, so little time!

    I can't wait till he sues the blog owner, his mad doxing skillz will be so helpful in that regard.

    (By the way, I'm still not Chris Heather.)

    The fail is strong with this one.

  6. https://twitter.com/DeepBrainTV/status/511491962973990913

    Oh my, this is going to be entertainment at its finest!

  7. Troll on aisle E row MD is not commenting on the use of a famous photo in a huge controversy - nowhere can I find that he acquired the rights to it - regardless he MAY have, front line top tier organizations who spend millions of dollars capturing news events - they may have decided that his cutting edge journalism warrants free use of its valuable material - or they may not

    Works are underway to examine and notify copyright owners of the artwork, photos and news storied copied some and some without attribution.

    1. Make sure to contact the organizations' public affairs officials, who can supply full and accurate legal information. /sarc

      1. Especially if they have an African-American "tinge." I have it on good authority that they're the most thorough of all.

    1. Yes, he's in fine form today. I'll have to let Shelly and Kim know that he thinks they're dogs.

    1. Rule 1 when you do this: Don't tell anyone. Absolutely no one wants to or needs to hear this no matter how "real" it makes your particular little adventure. I'm guessing it just gives you a little exhibitionistic thrill to tell people about it.

  8. https://twitter.com/DeepBrainTV/status/511570898407927808


    I do look forward to reading this complaint from Paragraph 83.

    Dear Mommy Judge Hollander,

    They're being mean to a cripple again. Make them stop. If you can't, please let me sue a guy whose identity I'm almost certainly wrong about and a couple of multiple zillion dollar corporations for free, because I'm poor. And crippled. Have I mentioned that I'm crippled?"

    1. Cue Skeletar pushing The Admiral into a courtroom in a severely burdened 1970's vintage wheelchair.

      He will use his voice recognition software that he installed on his vintage flip phone.

      Picture a creepy, fat McDonalds drive-thru speaker on wheels with an AIDS patient providing locomotion...

      1. I think the countersuit for knowingly and willingly sueing the wrong person is gonna cost little bitch way more than what he's going to loose on the filing fee....


  9. https://twitter.com/DeepBrainTV/status/511572433598705664

    "My final warning was over three hours ago, but I want this in all-caps so that you know the seriousness with which I view this, not to indicate that I'm demented."

  10. https://twitter.com/DeepBrainTV/status/511572014185058305

    Will you do it if we ask really nicely, William?

  11. Bill is certainly wound tighter then his ass was when daddy was drunk. Say, anyone know what the damages could be for intentionally suing the wrong guy?

  12. Shot:




  13. https://twitter.com/DeepBrainTV/status/511593823282413569

    If you're so sure of yourself, William, tweet Hoge again.

    Didn't think you would.

    1. Yep, his kids won't go near him. Notice he tweeted one of his son's today who couldn't be assed to even respond. Almost sad until you remember what Bill has done to others he probably did to his kids as well.

  14. I note that The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt says that he's consulted his lawyer concerning his prospective suit. Uh, huh.

    He also says that the copyright for You Never Miss the Dopamine is registered, but the Copyright Office has no record of the registration.

    17 USC 512(f) is a two-edged sword.

    1. The Cabin Boy also claims that the copyright for Put On Your Parky Face is registered, but the Copyright Office doesn't seem to have a record of that either.

  15. https://twitter.com/DeepBrainTV/status/511602202713260032

    Still no @mention to John. I wonder why?

  16. Didn't you just say that it was "delusional" to think that you could be prosecuted for tweeting, William? It was but half an hour ago. Surely you haven't lost track of your story so quickly, old bean.

  17. Are we going to start a pool on when William decides that the doesn't have the stones to sue anyone, declares himself above it all, and deactivates his account again? I say no later than Friday.

    He's just too much of a coward, as Schmalfeldt v. Everybody proved earlier this year.

    1. Just so we have the formula right...

      1. Threaten
      2. Threaten in all caps
      3. Do not follow up on threats
      4. Declare victory
      5. Don't dare answer any questions about your abject failure
      6. Profit?

  18. Almost 1400 views today!

    That's a damn good quarterly number in Elkridge.

    I feel sad that he can't take it like he dishes it out.

    Oh, hell...no I don't.


    The Elkridge Horror continues to be totally IRRELEVANT. Vacuous threats mean nothing. If the Horror had any stones at al, he would sue everyone who comments, but he knows that he doesn't have a case. He just sits there and gesticulates impotently because he can do nothing. He is a powerless as a turtle turd.


    IRRELEVANT since birth.

    IRRELEVANT in death.

  20. And, if you ask him, he MIGHT regale you with tales of his days behind an Army typewriter while the REAL men were FIGHTING!— Bill Schmalfeldt (@DeepBrainTV) September 15, 2014

    Because a Photographers Mate is JUST like being a SEAL in the Navy, ammirite?

    You were a shore anchored, deskbound POG, fatass. When you have done a total of three years time in Iraq and Afghanistan, you can run that greasy piehole of yours about being a "real man." Until then... go f*ck yerself sideways with a frozen swordfish, you pathetic twatwaffle.

      1. Unfucking believable. He takes money for a hurt knee because he was fat and clumsy while true heros wait in line. I'd be ashamed of sucking the public teat like that coward does.

  21. The Feldtdown resumes. And it appears that the coward is backing away from suing. At least in any way that can't be ignored.

  22. In all his blathering, Little Bitch conviently forgets he also stole Paul's parody of the truly awful post he wrote about Mr Hoge and his family, well, stole all but the beginning paragraph that stated it was a parody of the filth written by Little Bitch himself..

    but on another note, since Paul has changed the alleged copyright infringement, what does Little Bitch think he's going to sue over?? ( lets leave out the legal consequences of knowingly suing the wrong person on purpose)
    His original post that is no longer available??
    Why if he could actually do that does he think his own copyright infringement is safe from it's own lawsuit?
    OH yeah, cause it's only fair use when HE steals.
    Plus he's hoping someone *anyone* will sue so he can countersue and save himself the filing fee he can't afford.

    lying liars gonna lie and thieving thieves gonna steal, as William Schmalfeldt aka Little Bitch proves on an almost daily basis


  23. AAAAAaaaaand.... CMDR Mayo's timeline just went protected again.

    Thinskinned lil whiney bitch.


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