A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney

A totem? Like a reference you can’t not make? Like ‘Hogeist?’ Or ‘Lickspittles?’ Maybe something Stephen King DIDN’T come up with to replace the trite and unoriginal ‘shit weasels?’


Well, Hoge doesn’t HAVE TO any more, because you’re a fucking punchline.

Footlongs and mayo, baby. That was all me.

I made you into a joke. Not because anyone made me. Because I COULD. Because I WANTED to.

Because it’s FUN. And all I have is FUN.

Have you ever noticed that even people who TRY to be your friend (I’m looking at you, CoulsonJason & CraigusDee) wind up wanting nothing to do with you?

I wonder why so few people buy your books? And why doesn’t anybody who actually does exchange bucks for bullshit write a positive review? Why do positive reviews ONLY come from folks who either have a stake in one or got a free copy in exchange for a review?

How about legitimate PD activists? Did you ever wonder why they don’t seem too enthusiastic about rubbing shoulders with a dump-dweller like you?

I’ll give you a hint: it’s got nothing to do with Parkinson’s Disease.

Oh, by the way, I was responsible for that little MonkeyTrollDance you did with her. I know you won’t believe it, but that’s okay. I’ll find the right time to show you sometime, and the humiliation of being thrown to the curb by a real PD activist, a real writer, a real humorist who wants nothing to do with you, will seem like nothing by comparison.

As will the pointage and laughery.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

8 thoughts on “A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney”

  1. it seems as if Little Bitch may have actually forgotten he was the first to refer to BK as his "excellent" friend...
    which, lets face it, is very likely as he has deleted/forgotten more web content (crappy as it was/and continues to be) than most people ever generate by themselves.


  2. His "excellent" friend? That seems plausible. A convicted bomber, perjurer, forger and general nincompoop is likely to be one of BS's more excellent friends. The others, if they exist, are likely of considerably lesser worth.

  3. Poor pathetic Bill. He says things like

    Occupy Parkinson's @BlitzParkinsons · 11h
    Still, tiny minds need their easily understood bits of entertainment, so I don't grudge them. I enjoy the peace of just working on my stuff.

    All the while dancing a mile a minute and not even noticing who is calling the tune. BTW in case you forgot Billy, YOU called Kimberlin your "excellent" friend. I'm sure we can find the direct quote on that but I'm guessing you already know you called him that but are trying to memory hole it in light of how badly things are going for him. Like a rat from a sinking ship amiright there Bill?

  4. he is making threats now on da tweeters - erasing them is just yet another crime. Its no wonder why the Parkinson foundations act to remove themelves from his none-raising

    1. He is an embarrassment to real Parkinson's sufferers.Just a coattail rider. Scheming money (LULZ) from innocent folk. What little there was is most likely drying up.

      It may be time to send the old lady back to the Naval base or the truck stop.


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