Why God Made Editors

I like WordPress as a blogging platform, but it does have a drawback. I have found it to be a little bit kludgy when it comes to long-form writing. For me that’s more than a thousand words or so. I fall back on Microsoft Word for that.

And I take sufficient pride in my writing that I rarely hit the Publish button without three or four revisions, even in a short piece like this. I proofread, I correct. I proofread again, I correct. Add a bit here, cut a bit out there, move something around.

Then I do it all again.

But sometimes – and it ticks me off when it happens – I just miss something. In yesterday’s post, there was this paragraph:

Still, in good faith, Hoge did ask his readers to lay off Bill, and let him make the promised changes to his internet presence which the two litigants (I’d call them ‘men’ if Bill hadn’t disqualified himself many years ago) had shaken hands on. And for the most part, the readers did. But sure enough, Bill is soon at work on a new cut-and-paste masturb-piece, a true story to put all the “facts” in the record. Less than a week after the settlement is signed, Bill attempts to all along, the plan was that he would show up anyway, and without me there to defend myself, he would win his peace order.

That last sentence – WTF, right? I put it there, and even I can’t figure out what it’s supposed to say.

This is why writers DON’T hit the publish button right away. This is why editors DON’T occupy the same headspace as writers. The back-and-forth between them hones not just the techical aspects of the writing (grammar, punctuation, usage, sentence flow and such), but also addresses thematic mistakes, holes in arguments, missing information, and countless other potential problems. The second pair of eyes, the objective reader, is vital.

Most solo bloggers have to wear both hats, and they don’t always fit together. Sometimes my eyes just gloss over a paragraph because my head already knows what it’s supposed to say, but my fingers never got the message.

The example above is just horrid and embarrassing.


…this is all your fault…


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

15 thoughts on “Why God Made Editors”

  1. I did notice the odd sentence, but figured since you are a Zombie and our world frightens and confuses you, I'd just let it slide.

  2. Knew an editorr long ago who insisted that at least one proofreadng run be done by reading the text backwards, short circuits your prior knowledge, laborious but it works.

    1. I can't wait to see who he thinks Krendler really is. This could be incredibly entertaining.

      Bill Schmalfeldt @ComedyVengeance · 18s

      I know who "Paul Krendler" is. I knew it would happen eventually. But he gave himself away.

      Do tell.

  3. OH!!! this is gonna be fun.
    FAILwhale Willy is going to harass the wrong person, again,

    ON the flip side, anyone else notice how he still stays that pic of Mr Bill the clay puppet with a hacksaw to his head is threatening his life, but HIS pic of himself standing on top of Hoge with an AX isn't a threat???

    Liar AND Hypocrite, but then we already knew that....


  4. My vote is for the Knot Boys. Seriously, when is he gonna learn. It's ALWAYS the Knot Boys. I mean how many sites and Twitter and FB accounts have they punked him with?

    It's the Knot Boys. And he still doesn't know who they are.

    1. Plus, remember what Krendler told him? If he actually ever found out who Paul was, he was gonna have a nuclear meltdown. What name would make him completely insane? I'll give you a hint:

      It rhymes with Miss Weather.

      And it still won't be a real person...

  5. Will there be a flow chart with only Yes legs again? That was a brilliant piece of detective work by Bill. Oh, it ended up with a restraining order against him? He fail doxed complete strangers? Well surely he has learned from that and wouldn't do that again, right?


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