The Time Has Come…and Gone

Back on August 7th of this year, Wee Willy the Mook made the following prediction:


I predict (and I’m more often right than not) that this is going to be the swiftest defamation civil suit in history where Brett Kimberlin wins and Hoge and his pack of ferrets loses and loses big.

From The Mockery Continues dated 08/07/2014

Can we say he was half right? I think we can…

It was indeed swift. Sadly, Wee Willy the Mook hasn’t found much to mock since then.

I think I feel a parody coming on…

Dear Mook,

Well, here we are again and your hero has (once again) been completely undressed and spanked in open court, just as you predicted – almost. This is probably a significant blow to your ego, but you and your pals are no strangers to that. Some speculate that the blows your crew prefer have nothing to do with head injuries, and that Neal, Bob and Willy are more than just names…but that’s not confirmed.

How many times do you and your hump-buddies have to be wrong before you realize that running your gob isn’t a legal strategy? How many years will it take to sink through your thick neanderthal brow that the mighty pro se pipsqueak never had a snowball’s chance in hell of prevailing in this ill-considered lawsuit? A hundred? A thousand? How many more years will it take for you to realize the pipsqueak never had any intention of winning? A million?

The Littlest Rock Star made MANY fatal errors in his case: first, he’s got a fool for a lawyer. This is just hyper-ignorant, like, I don’t know, going to a D-level political activist to defend your reputation. 

The second is that he’s been relying on people like you and the Elkridge Horror for PR. If ever there was an example of the blind running interference for the stupid, this would be it.

Third, he tried to out-crazy Stacy McCain. Read that again. He. Tried. To. Out. Crazy. Stacy. McCain.

Nobody out-crazies Stacy McCain…

I digress.

Here’s a question that’s sure to cause your little Mooky head to explode: have you ever noticed how all the expert attorneys who handle libel/defamation cases every day by the truckload couldn’t be convinced to step in and help the pipsqueak? That’s very telling – as if they know something the rest of Team K doesn’t.

Like how Team K never had a prayer?

I see you prattling on about “almost only counts for horseshoes, hand grenades and nuclear weapons” after ProSeWhat? had 5 of 7 counts dismissed out of hand, and I think even the dimmest among you (and you might be near the top of that list) could see that it might have been a good idea for Gladys Knight’s smallest backup singer to see that no one was going to fold to his deuce-seven offsuit salad.

Well, now we’ve all seen how that turned out. The (Allegedly) Dirty Little Old Man decided (like the good Captain Smith of the HMS Titanic) to go down on the 14 year old

…ship! 14 year old ship.

The awful truth is that Captain Kiddie and his cohorts have executed some overreach(around) and the judge agreed – hence why this case never got close to getting to the jury.

Can you say “directed verdict?”  I knew that you could.

I know you predicted (and you’re a right more often and a Yerkoff) that this was going to be the swiftest defamation civil suit in history (well done! All applause for you) where the pro se chew toy wins and Team Free Speech loses and loses big (and this must be why you haven’t posted anything in two weeks).

It’s a good thing the (Allegedly) Dirty Little Old Man has rehabilitated himself to the point that he could do better than an East Bloc child bride (she’s home packing for the vacaaaaation) and a cozy home in Mom’s basement with the kiddies and the convicted child pornographer, otherwise you might find the whole crew on your couch when Team Free Speech takes the Bethesda hovel.

The mookery continues

P.S. I’ll just go ahead and prepare you for the eventuality of the Bomber’s past being wholly material in the federal case, in the very unlikely event that one even gets before a jury. Don’t be surprised if res judicata rules the day again.

P.P.S. Wee Willy the Mook, you are more than free to copy this and post it on your blog. You seem to be suffering a spot of writer’s block, so…whatever I can do to help.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

9 thoughts on “The Time Has Come…and Gone”

  1. There's a good chance that William actually does have standards and mistakenly believes serial con man, forger, perjurer, and kiddy diddler Brett Kimberlin. His recent quietness could be due to cognitive dissonance caused by comparing Brett's version of reality to ... reality.

    For instance, when on twitter I condemned Brett for hiring Neal Rauhauser to assist with Brett's harassment campaigns, William seemed to deny that this was true, which implies that he is against harassment campaigns, Neal Rauhauser, or both. As it turns out, part of the evidence of Rauhauser's employment is that Rauhauser himself said in court that Brett Kimberlin was his "client" in 2012.

    Of course, for those of us who pay careful attention to Kimberlin and Rauhauser, the original knowledge that Brett hired Rauhauser goes back further than that. Frankly it is really not needed, for us, to hear Rauhauser admit it, and his word isn't reliable anyway. Note that Rauhauser has continued to do work for Kimberlin through 2014, although he's doing a piss-poor job of it, thank goodness.

    William, I actually believe that, unlike Rauhauser, you have standards. Currently, you are working for Brett's harassment campaign for free. Stop being a dupe.

  2. Hey look everyone I am stealing material to tell known falsehoods in an unbought book that I am daring people on da twitzers to see my cutsie brilliance as a tee hee myself yet into another PO and another federal lawsuit! Yeah team me!!!!!!!!


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