12 thoughts on “So This Is Happening Again”

  1. Notice in this whole drama everyone involved has moved on but.......................

  2. He's deleted every place he had to bitch and moan, you're his only hope for a chance to be heard.


      1. Possibly, but it doesn't matter. There's only one way my new toy will truly vanish. Only after he is played with relentlessly, broken irreparably and discarded.

  3. By the way friends, if you haven't figured it out yet, the GAPE (that's Great Ambling Penis of Elkridge) has...

    can't resist...

    re-emerged (BOOO!!) as @DystopianHijinx on Twitter, where he apparently wishes to be referred to by my name.

  4. I think 18 hours is a record even for him. But you just knew he couldn't stay away.

    Paul, I know he's being really hard on you ("Good hot water and a washcloth is all you need to keep that Krendler of yours clean as a whistle!" - OUCH!), but try and keep your head up.

    1. The Deranged Cyberstalker, Adjudicated Harasser, and Cyberthug Bill Schmalfeldt is mentally ill. The Blob really needs to seek some serious professional help for his butt and feces obsessions.

      The way BS's mind works is not normal in the least. As free as he is with sharing his sick obsessions with total strangers on social media, one can only imagine what his poor wife must listen to and endure day-in-and-day-out.

      This freakshow is not happy unless he has painted someone as a target of his sociopathic stalking and harassment. Sadly, Krendler finds himself being BS's latest victim.

      Many of us Lickspittles have got your back, Paul. You've got my support hands down... just name it.

      1. Thanks. Must say the idea of an e-book has merit! Unlike him though, Ktrl-C/Ktrl-V isn't my style, plus I have a day job, a loving family and a real life in the real world to slow my pace.

        I may outline it and bleg for material sometime soon.

      2. ...and don't be sad! That's pointless!

        I'm just a fictional character, after all, and the little dancing monkey has nothing he can even touch me with.

        It's an old, old song with new lyrics:

        The masochist says to the sadist, "Sue me, sue me!"

        And the sadist says, "...no."

  5. He just couldn't stay away. Really, its very sad. The guy actually thinks that a witty retort on Twitter is actual revenge. This stupidity will inevitably escalate, and poor Bill Schmalfeldt will keep drinking poison while hoping YOU GUYS die. Being angry at strangers over insulting Tweets and blog posts is a terrible way to go through life.

    1. Especially at the end of it. Like I said, I'd stopped and was ready to move along. It's a good thing to want to help people get past an ugly episode in their lives.

      But when that person shows you clearly that he doesn't WANT to be helped, that he's NOT GOING to stop drinking the poison, well then what's the point of trying to be helpful? It's just wasted effort at that point, and why not spend it on someone else?

      Or on just having FUN?

      Because all I have is fun!

      All he has is a derivative motto.


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