"Oh, I'll Take 'PLAGIARISTS' For All the Money in the World, Alex!"



Thank God I have no friends online. Friends who know how to return a favor. Friends who trust me to help them PUNK a brother, and who will help do it again a couple months later.

Strike two. Loser. Only 6.85 Billion less 2 to go.

Your number…I HAZ IT!



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

220 thoughts on “"Oh, I'll Take 'PLAGIARISTS' For All the Money in the World, Alex!"”

  1. Hook, line, and sinker - the faildoxxer fails again.

    Soon as you put up that post, Paul, I knew you were baiting Cousin Bill.

    Who, incidently, now admits his father and my father knew each other...though he has some of the details wrong.

    No matter.

    Hiya, Cuz!

  2. bwahahahaha!!!
    OH come on Krendler, you know as well as I do and everybody else NO TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE EVER POST THE SAME THING!!!!.
    I mean really!! the very idea that one person would post an article and someone ELSE would read it and like enough to post it themselves is LUDICRIOUS!!!!
    OH you're caught good this time, and YOU KNOW IT!!!

    do I really need a sarc tag??

    I will say that OF course he thinks you're Patrick.
    Patrick is one of the few people he has actually managed to find accurate info on in all his #FAILdoxing activities, mainly because like Michael Malone and Rick Buchanan, Patrick wasn't protecting himself from deranged cyberstalkers (like FailWhale Willy, adjucated harasser in 3 different states is) with a pseudonym.


    1. LOL you know that, and I know that, hell everyone knows that, but FAILWhale Willy just can't believe someone would go thru the trouble of laying that kind of trap for him to fall into, cause he's a soooper genius!!



      1. hey Patrick, make sure you get screen caps of all FAILWhale Willy's threats against you today...
        they will come in handy when you go for the restraining order on him.


  3. Bill belches:

    "Despite the fact that they posted the same blog posts, the same images, and have the same writing style, "Krendler" tacitly denies..."

    For someone who cuts and pastes all the time, he fails to understand how two different people can post the same thing...

    Watch carefully, as I demonstrate that I, too, am Krendler:

    1. Oh, now he's going to proclaim you're just trying to protect "Krendler", or something equally lame.

      A pity I'm taking my mother out for dinner. This could get funny.

    2. The honey pot reblog aside, they do not have anywhere near the same writing style. That's just plain stupid.

      I'm still pretty much convinced that "Krendler" is Gail.

  4. Timeless Truth

    1925: Napoleon Hill explains in his motivational masterpiece, Think and Grow Rich, that the secret to gaining wealth is to set up in your mind a “definite major purpose,” to intensify that purpose into a desire, and to “concentrate upon a given desire until that desire becomes a burning obsession.”

    1946: Man’s Search For Meaning, Dr. Viktor Frankl’s memoir of concentration camp survival and the meaning he gleaned from it, offers these lessons:

    Quoting Nietzsche, he reminds us, “He who has a why to live can bear with almost any how.”
    “When we are no longer able to change a situation – just think of an incurable disease such as inoperable cancer – we are challenged to change ourselves.”
    2001: Jim Collins’ bestseller, Good To Great, details a conversation with Admiral James Stockdale, who spent several years in Vietnam as a P.O.W in the Hanoi Hilton. His ultimate lesson for survival, which has come to be known as the Stockdale Paradox:

    “You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end—which you can never afford to lose—with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.”

    2003: Aron Ralston went hiking Blue John Canyon in Utah, when a boulder shifted and pinned his arm to the canyon wall. After almost a week alone, dehydrated and anticipating death, he used a dull multi-tool and a lot of determination to amputate his own arm and hike toward rescue. The movie 127 Hours details his story and how that episode has changed his life.

    These true stories intersect across a century at the point where desperation, self-control, desire and success come together. There is no limit to what you can accomplish if your mind is properly prepared. So don’t waste any time; get out there! Get ready!

    Your moment is coming.

      1. See. My mind was so blown that I can't even write a coherent sentence. How do you edit this shit??? Screw it. I'm going back to the taco stand to hang out with Deadpool.

    1. I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. But Blob is the walrus. Goo goo g'joob.

  5. OH man..
    still laughing..
    shouldn't be, cause Grady is gonna have to deal with FAILWhale Willy trying to harass him till he can get the restraining order issued, but still it's funny as hell...


  6. William's in his "I am the All-Knowing Schmalfeldt" mode. History teaches that this means his two or three days away from doing something monumentally stupid.

    1. I remember how you verified it to Paul, with the three numbers, and there was nothing in that that would indicate Grady. Nor do I think he has an "agent."

      But what do I know?

  7. Let me draw you a Feldtchart, Bill.

    1. Grady makes a post 4 years ago, on any random topic. Because, you know, boredom. (We'll ignore how easy it is to fake a date on a blogpost)

    2. Krendler, knowing you are a relentless asshole of a faildoxxer, copies that post onto his blog.

    3. We wait.

    4. Eventually, you snuffle up the acorn that was buried by Krendler, and, emitting grunts and squeals of joy, leap to your twitter timeline, banging out your 'gotcha' with your trotters.

    5. We point out that your conclusion is wrong, and mock you for a couple of hours.

    6. Much laughter ensues, you learn nothing, and, eventually, the lulz get stale.

    7. We wait a short time, and repeat. More lulz are gathered, your time is wasted, and the world is further protected from any foulness you might have committed during that time, had we not suckered you into chasing after shadows...


    1. Add a photo or two to make things interesting and you have classic "Knot Boys". I hope they planted more nuggets for him to find. Cause you know he's looking for them.

  8. It appears that William would like a restraining order in a new state. Collect them all, one supposes.


      1. Courtesy of the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt (who believes every personal aspect of his personal life is fodder for social media) there is much information on the interwebz that has to do with his wife.

        One could infer much from The Blob's over-sharing throughout the years. And, none of it puts his wife, nor him, in a very good light with regard to their pasts. There are many questions that could be asked -- and, many claims that could be made and blasted the WorldWideWeb over.

        Good and decent people have done grown tired of witnessing BS use and abuse others' family members for his demonic pleasure. What BS deems fair game may one day come back to bite him in his ginormous ass.

        Some who have been watching the sordid saga of the Elkridge Horror play out for a long time now are not entirely convinced BS's wife is completely innocent in all of BS's years-long stalking and harassment of those who have had the misfortune of running across the sociopathic cyberthug. The Blob had best tread lightly here. Just sayin'.

    1. good point there Howard...
      FAILWhale Willy always goes nuts IF he can make it look like someone has "attacked" his family...
      yet in the last few hours he's gone after the wife and special needs child for no reason other than to be as nasty as he can be...

      Yet he'd have everyone believe HE is the victim here...

      Gail needs to man up and get him a psyche eval before he starts in on her, no one can be that mean, heartless and nasty and NOT abuse those around him....


  9. OH I'm dying to know what is in moderation from FAILWhale Willy today..

    make sure you save ALL of it..


      1. I like how Bill says he has a long weekend to do research. Why Bill? Do you have somewhere else to be the rest of the week? Like a JOB?

      2. This is almost as much fun as Deb Frisch and Zurich Insurance!

        OK, I was at Ground Zero when Dr. Demented frisched herself, but I seem to have missed the Zurich business. Whassup wit dat?

    1. It appears to be a Cat 5. Haven't seen it this level for a while. Even his handlers seem shocked.

  10. How grand, Oliver Wendell Jones hath donned his judicial robes once more!


    1. Not to be the party-pooper here, but what's gonna happen if BS actually tries to sue Grady and finds out that he's not Krendler. And then Grady hits him with an Anti-SLAPP suit. Or worse. Both Grady AND Krendler hit him Anti-SLAPP suits.

      I'm seeing the words "SERIOUSLY" and "FUCKED" floating around in that scenario.

      1. Until Blob demonstrates an ability to file a suit, we're going to have to wait. Do you really think Krendler Gail is going to let him drop the filing fee?

      2. That was likely the plan all along. hahahaha SchmalFAIL's prize package may include a one-way ticket to Springhills or some other sanitarium.

      3. nah, he thinks he can goad Hoge into bringing back the copyright suit so his counterclaim can go forward...
        of course it's not where Krendler lives that would've gotten his LOLcountersuit kicked to the curb but FatBoi STILL doenst realize that...


  11. Prediction: @ComedyVengeance will not exist by tomorrow night.

    This reminds me of the Feldtdown when he thought Grady lost his job. God was he psyched about that. Then he found out how badly he got punked.

    No wonder he has it out for Patrick.

    1. Good point - I hope the twitter reporter is not laughing too hard to be able to get all of the screenshots. hahahaha

    2. wasn't that when he decided a pic of a clay doll with a hacksaw next to it's neck was a threat and ran straight to the court house for a restraining order on Grady??

      and yet still says a bit strip of himself, on top of a bitstrip of Hoge, holding an axe and declaring "IT ENDS NOW!!" somehow wasnt/isnt a threat....

      now wonder he's fat, you can't squeeze that much idiocy into a regular size...


  12. Bill elucidates:

    "All this trolling, sturm und drang to convince me how WRONG I am. If I really was wrong, there wouldn't be a sound."

    Oh, yah, that's absolutely it. We'd never set a trap, not us, then spring it on you. You just keep steaming along, Cousin, because we've never, ever set you up before...

    You're ever so much smarter than we lickspittle Hogeists.

    Run with that, Bill.


    1. And we've never had a thread at Hoge's with over a hundred comments laughing at SchmalFAIL humiliating himself again, either. /sarc hahahaha

    2. "...sturn und drang..." amazing how much we have improved his vocabulary, although I question the wisdom of someone teaching him the word vulva the other day.

  13. Frito Pundito @palatinepundit · Jun 3
    I lost one job, made a monkey dance, watched my son graduate HS, started a new job yesterday.


    Oh, how that hashtag takes on new meaning 3 months later!

    And Willy's going to have paperwork ready for Monday. I guess that Christmas Eve clerk work Labor Day too.

    Bill Schmalfeldt @ComedyVengeance · 15s
    By Monday Morning, I will have a brief requesting reopening of my counterclaim that will have Grady's own MOTHER believing he is Krendler.

    Yea, you do that Willy. #HowWasYourWeekend?

  14. Oh goodie! By Tuesday we'll have another FAILfeldtchart! hahahaha

    Even I was surprised the serially adjudicated harasser, slapped with peace/restraining orders from multiple states (and likely more coming!), repeatedly cuckolded, total failure Bill Schmalfeldt would admit that he's such a no-life loser that he has nothing better to do than study four year old blogs. hahahaha

    Not a bit surprised that he has absolutely nothing better to do on a holiday weekend, though. hahahaha Who would invite him to a cookout or picnic? NO ONE. He's alienated virtually anyone who's ever suffered his acquaintance.

    He's lucky the Knot boys and Krendler find amusement - for now. Otherwise he'd have no attention at all. Who knows what he'd do then? Six year old blog posts? hahahaha

    1. remember this when he's crowing how we've all "abandoned" whoever in the next day or two because we are all out living our lives/working/having fun and aren't sitting in front of a computer screen endlessly refreshing to see what new comments we can screech about on twitter like his cyber stalking adjudicated harassing self does every day...


    2. I still can't get over how clever they all are. We all know it's coming, we just never know when and from what direction.

      And you would think that he'd know better by now. Any one of us would have learned. But not him. He just keeps pulling that rip cord. Except there's never a parachute. And best of all...it's never not funny.

  15. And check out this EPWJ post on the Blognet thread: http://hogewash.com/2014/08/29/blognet-19/#comment-58873

  16. Howard, if you have it, please post the turtle pic. I only had access to the video containing it and it looks like that's gone for some reason. Here is where it was: https://knotmywisconsin.wordpress.com/2013/03/01/meet-bill-schmalfeldt/ But now that comes back with "not found" so you're my only hope! 😀

      1. How come OBN Espanol or OBN ala Arabic didn't make the tribute vid? Those sites ARE STILL UP.

        See, this is why I usually fug with overseas elections instead of ours. Overseas I get gold plated thank you cards and the keys to the presidential washroom. Here? 2 year John Doe investigation that never even spelled my name right.

  17. Some kind of shitty friends, this "Krendler" and "Hoge" have turned out to be. Allowing Patrick Grady to take the heat like this.— Bill Schmalfeldt (@ComedyVengeance) August 30, 2014

    so FAILWhale Willy is convinced Krendler is Grady, yet here states that Hoge and Krendler are shitty friends to let Grady "take the heat like this"...

    this shows two things.
    1. Twinkie don't know shit (as usual) and 2. He admits he's harassing Grady...

    OH yeah that restraining order will be EASY to get by Monday, even with it being a holiday...


  18. He is really pissed about the upcoming removal of his book and the YEAR LONG PEACE ORDER - wow a year...

  19. FAIILWhale Willy sure seems to be making a big deal out of there being "no denials" ...AFTER stating he wouldn't believe Hoge or Krendler if they made one... O.o

    just like he was making a big deal about Hoge not saying anything earlier..
    of course I'm sure it escaped his attention that Hoge (unlike him) has a life and a job (two things Twinkie has heard about but never really experienced, like most good things) and doesnt constantly refresh twitter and other people's blogs to see what they may be saying about him as a certain adjudicated harassing cyberstalker does...


  20. Poor Gail. I imagine that she thought it was all over a week ago. Living with hate sucks. Living with someone who hates has to be exhausting. Of course, it might be that she buys into his delusions and encourages them. Buy that's no less pathetic.

  21. Can't make it up, old Soooper Genius internet detective and his boy toy Wee Willy are scouring the interwebs for pictures of sperm. Why oh why can't they see how badly they are being played. On the other hand, it's amusing as hell to watch.

    1. Very amusing, particularly as I gave them the link to the Shutterstock original, up thread.

      Now, how did I know where to find the original? HMMMMM???!!?! HOW????

      Am I Krendler? Grady? Zuul? HOOOGGGEE????!!?

      Well, I guess Bill can use his Super Saturday Subpoena Powers(TM) to force Shutterstock to tell him, eh?

      Right after he consummates his relationship with a nice platter of FroYo and mayonnaise!

      Morning, Cousin Bill...you've got some mayo on your cheeks.

  22. Bill Schmalfeldt @ComedyVengeance · 28s
    Hey, @brainsrfood. Since you are NOT Patrick Grady, you won't mind if I call these folks on Tuesday?

    And what are you going to say, Willy? Hey, somebody is plagiarizing your employee's blog posts? Your employee is posting pictures of sperm? Can we make this a conference call? How about a recording?

    Freaking idiot, you are.

      1. DAMN... tweeting how you're going to call someone's job is grade A level stupidity....

        FAILWhale Willy must want to set a record for fastest issuance of a restraining order, even faster than when he went after Robin Causey (one of his most epid faildoxes yet).


  23. Bill Schmalfeldt @ComedyVengeance · 12s
    Perry, it's impolite to answer questions asked of other people. Go away and die, slowly and painfully. There's a lad.

    Translation: "I didn't think that last tweet through enough, so shut up and don't bring anymore attention to my utter stupidity."

    And yes Willy, we will remember that you had the gall to say; " it's impolite to answer questions asked of other people". #hadself-awarenesremovedatbirth

  24. Bill Schmalfeldt @ComedyVengeance · 14s
    Hey, @brainsrfood. Did you ever tell anyone what that serious emotional trauma was? Can I guess?

    Bill Schmalfeldt @ComedyVengeance · 25s
    @WhoIsNumberNone @mayberryville @wilsb8 Are you retarded, EPWJ? Or just senile. Gotta be one or the other."

    Some people have been reticent to bring up Willy's Parkinson's when ridiculing him. Can we all now agree that posts like that from Willy have put his condition completely on the table? If he can make fun of other's conditions, sauce for the goose......

    1. Surely anyone who really had the disease would be more considerate of others afflictions?

      Logic leads us ineluctably to the question, does he really have it? I believe the answer is, lightly enough and variably enough so as to be identical with not having it.

      He can screech and moan all he likes about the conclusion, but his every statement is tainted and damned by his universal lack of truthfullness.

      Gotta go now and enjoy this beautiful weekend in the azure waters of Tampa's lovely beaches.

      1. IMNSHO -- Everything will be fair game.

        And, much squealing and squawking and embarrassment and gnashing of teeth from a rotting, mayo-crusted tin can will ensue.

        Oh. And, much hilarity. Don't forget the EPIC hilarity.

    1. Poor Shakes the Clown.

      I have first-hand knowledge of the play, you tremulous turd-burglar. You fucking sucker.

      So can I add this to my Punking Of The Dumbass Schmalfeldt total? Maybe even like a half-sack in football.

      Michael J. Fox called. He wants you to stop embarrassing real Parkinson's sufferers.

  25. Cousin Bill strains:

    "As expected, the morons are claiming this was ALSO bait set for me to find. Again, ask yourself how much your self-respect is worth."

    That's it, Bill, we couldn't possibly be in it for teh lulz...

    Nice line about self-respect, coming from, well, YOU.

    Project much?

    ('Scuse me, gotta take the g'kids for carnival rides, roller coasters, and ice cream...back in a few hours 🙂 )

  26. Krendler -- You friggin' genius, you! Bwahahahaha!

    I was out all day yesterday, and finally spent some time this morning catching up on the latest Elkridge Horror happenings. Patrick Grady absolutely freaks the hell out of the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt! Pure genius!

    I'm with Betty here... making that Blob-of-a-Monkey dance, dance, dance (ONCE AGAIN -- and, so damn easily!) just reeks of the Knot Boys! Patrick Grady has gotta be laughing his ass off! I know I am!

    Well... except for where BS is threatening to stalk and harass Grady's wife, his son, and an employer. IF the Blob does anything of the sort... nothing should be off-limits with regard to his pathetic, worthless, and wasted life. The sociopathic cyberthug's comments and threats are disgusting enough. Should he act on any of his threats? I'd wager he won't like it... not one, little bit.

    Well played, Krendler(s)! Well played, indeed!

  27. I see Bill has decided that Howard is still Chris Heather, and that Bill's grand plan is to make Hoge sue him so he can get Krendler in an MD courtroom. Though why Hoge suing Bill for violating Hoge's copyright in Bill's latest piece of verbal vomit should have anything to do with Krendler is a piece of classic Schmalfeldt logic.

  28. BRAVO!!!! Krendler, well played..I knew when you asked me to vouch for you to a certain someone that you and he would come up with something massively entertaining..

    took longer than expected but it was WORTH IT!!!


  29. The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt is predictable as the day is long. LOL! Leave a crumb or two... and, this worthless, no-life POS (who spends all damn day/every damn day playing Sooper Sleuth on the intertubez for hours-and-hours on end) will EVENTUALLY pick up on an uber-blatant scent, create some conspiratorial nonsense in that mushy mind of his, and claim "VICTORYELEVENTY!!1!!11!"

    That's what makes this all the more hilarious! We've all seen this play out the exact same way many, many times before. BS is so easy and so predictable that playing him the EXACT, SAME way -- over-and-over-and-over again -- just never gets old!


    Guess he simply can't see the forest for the narcissistic, deranged lunacy.

    Play it again, boys! LOL!

    1. I wonder why in his reality Grady and Krendler have to be the same person, and not two people with a vested interest in punking him like the little bitch he is...

      Like two (or more 😉 ) people who met thru a certain blog wouldn't be interested (or able) to work together to accomplish something...

      *sigh* FAILWhale Willy has quite a rude awakening in store for himself..

      Anyhoo, got fun family stuff to do this weekend, I hope everyone except twinkie has a good time this holiday


    2. Dumbass's "proof" lies in the existence of unlikelihood. That it is more unlikely that PK planted a hook that Dumbass bit on and ran with than the fact that PK and PG are the same.

      I personally know of at least one easter egg that PK has planted that Dumbass has unearthed and embarassed himself over. The one I know of is fairly devilish and insidious and would send Dumbass off in a whole new direction too. Seems it was hidden a little too deep for Mr. Super Internet Detective or it just hasn't been stumbled upon yet.

      Now, how many other landmines has PK planted that no one knows about? How many have others planted given that it has become a bit of a sport around here? I'm surprised Dumbass isn't blaming Mr. Dannon being Mr. Hellman assisted by Mr. Oscar Mayer based on what he's been finding on his food packaging labels lately.

      Some proof eh?

      1. editing needed. "...easter egg that PK has planted that Dumbass has NOT unearthed and ..."

        Should have taken that proofreading post more to heart when I wrote it,

    1. It doesn't appear as if that "saint-of-a-lady" is much of a saint... or, a lady... after all.

      Unless, of course, she's simply another victim of the Blob's, and his horribly poor and disgusting life choices.

      Oh, well. She's apparently made her bed...


    2. Do you really think Little Bitch Fail Whale Willy would waste money on anyone other than himself ??
      foot long's with mayo don't come cheap you know...


  30. If this is what I think it is, it will be nothing less than hilarious!


    1. Oh, it's just tiresome re-runs from the spring. William's reliving some "past glories" in the hope that it makes it move a little.

      Never mind.

      1. This is pretty sad. A self-inflicted Feldtdown. Nobody posted anything to set him off, he just started yapping to himself and he has yet to shut up.

      2. No, it's your FAULT! Apparently the breadcrumb trail you left wasn't dumbed-down enough for Willy to follow, so he's been wandering around muttering to himself the whole day.

        Now go back and give him some more clues, dammit!

  31. And the Feldtdown spreads:

    "Here’s a thought for you, felon. Focus your attention on productive things and back the fuck out of my life."

    Which Dumbass left on my blog:

    Like that's gonna happen.

    1. This is weird, even for him. It's like he's got nothing to complain about so he's going around trying to pick a fight.

      I think the Krendler/Grady thing really blew his mind. He really expected panic. He didn't expect to be ignored.

      1. Maybe after two whole days, the Blob is finally starting to realize he's once again been played like a fiddle.

        And, instead of admitting to as much -- or, heck -- just shutting the hell up and moving on, he is trying his damnedest to convince anyone who will listen he's got mad d0xing skillz.

        Too bad for him the only people paying even the slightest bit of attention know what a pathetic liar he is, and are the very same individuals pointing-and-laughing at his pathetic ass.

        I've never seen anyone so hellbent on making such a jackass of themselves at each-and-every turn.

    1. He seems a delight. Most likely to the manor born!

      No? Trailer park, you say? Perhaps he's a bit down on his luck, then. Happens to the best of us. I'm sure he'll back to savoring the finest caviar and champagnes in no time at all!

      Whatever do you mean by "footlong?" And .... mayonnaise? Only a buffoon would live like ...

      Oh, dear.

  32. Yes, Blob. Please school others about having your ass handed to you by a WOMAN or two or three or four or five. LOLOLOL!


    1. He has the maturity of the average 12 year old. He thinks taunts like that bother people? He is a special kind of idiot isn't he?

  33. That nitwit actually thinks he will be happier if he slings this bile all over the place. I'm sure he's feeling an artificial sense of joy and power now, but that will pass and he'll still have to live on as himself. I don't know if this day-long rant contains anything that is true, but I can't imagine any of his "victims" are doing anything but laughing at him.

        1. No! You could break a ball bat and get a splinter!

          Tire irons are much better, and easier to get your hands on.

          (I'm trying to vary my writing style...who do I sound like now?)

  34. Damn, go off to enjoy the day with family and friends and miss the whole Feldtdown...

    Little Bitch Fail Whale Willy really needs to find something better to do with his time instead of flinging his shit in his own face....


  35. Bye Bill, tomorrow after labor day you go on permanent ignore - your doxing will not bother us - your taunts will not bother us - you cannot do anything to us - threaten subpoenas threaten federal lawsuits - threaten away


    1. He makes it sound like Hoge physically restrained him.

      Makes you wonder what the critter's fantasies consist of.

      On second thought, not going there.

      1. The Most Irresponsible "Man" in the World.

        He claims he checked the court docket when he got home from the doctor. What exactly prevented him from checking it beforehand?

        Did HOOOOOGE commandeer his computer?

        Only a weak-minded, neutered, self-loathing fool would run around the interwebz proclaiming it was someone else's responsibility to insure they showed up for a court hearing.

        A man-child. A deranged, irresponsible, lying man-child.

  36. LOLOLOL!


    "The Adult" Bill Schmalfeldt:

    "poop-flaked lying mouth"
    "I shot SQUIRRELS at him from out of my ass"
    "quivering c#nt"
    "flowering little monkey vulva"
    "urinate on the unconscious body"
    "the testicles God gave a goldfish"
    "spineless quivering train of snot"
    "shit-drizzling lap dogs"
    "If I was looking for sperm... I'd check your chin"
    "hairless dog vulva"
    "cow vulvas"
    "little corkscrew piggy pee pee"
    "pink little pee holes"

    Forty-eight hours of The Blob's Greatest "Adult" Hits.

    Yeah. I don't think I'll be taking advice on maturity from the Elkridge Horror anytime soon.

      1. Big, dumb dope just hates that.

        And, when he starts digging for insults regarding "LOLOLOL" you know he's desperate.

        He's got nothing. He's been owned... AGAIN!

        And, deep down in that dark, dank, soulless shell... he knows it.


  37. HE'S DYING! Again... and, again... and, again.

    What a sniveling, whining, drama queen.

    @ComedyVengeance: Oh well. I'll probably be dead in three years. Hoge can sue me then.
    8/30/14 3:16 PM


    From June 8, 2010... the same "dead in three years" DOOOOOM!

    "Well, Yabba Dabba Freakin’ Doo! By the averages, I have about 3 years to live.

    So, yes. Maybe I WILL have that pint of ice cream tonight!

    OK, do we have any salt to rub into this wound?

    “Our observations have some practical applications. Visual hallucinations, frequent falling, and early cognitive decline should be absolute contraindications for deep brain stimulation surgery…A more benign prognosis should not be assumed when these milestones occur in relatively youthful patients.”

    OK. I had DBS before I had hallucinations, before I started falling and before I had these concerns about dementia. No word if the DBS is going to hasten my death.

    How ’bout some hot fudge on that ice cream, Jimmy! And put a cherry on top.

    So, set your timers, kiddies! If I’m still blogging on June 8, 2013, we’ll have a party."


    Does he EVER finish ANYTHING he starts?

    Poor Gail. *smh*

  38. https://twitter.com/ComedyVengeance/status/506045684815249408

    It certainly wouldn't do to lose the respect of someone with William's Google search results, now would it?

    1. If only Mr. Weigel had pasted Ali's face on some of William's gay pornography, William would have nominated him for a Pulitzer! Dave could have also gone public with a doxing before confirming the result thereof, which William has endless respect for.

      I just don't know how David keeps a job without all that penis and failure. What's becoming of journalism?

      1. Perhaps I'll write a book. "Penis and Failure: The Journalistic Misadventures of William M. Schmalfeldt."

        Perhaps Mr. Kimberlin will grant an interview.


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