Minor Bleg

So I’ve been thinking – do I really want a copy of Animus Nocendi?


I mean, if it’s only his handlers and the missus buying up copies, what do I care?

If someone sent me a free copy, I have many more valuable ways of using my time than walking to the recycle bin and dropping it in, to say nothing of actually reading it.

The toilet paper idea has merit, though, I must admit. Especially if it’s free.

But if some folks out there wanted to drop a buck or two in the tip jar over on the right, and if there came enough coin to make that purchase, then I would have an opportunity to investigate what sort of Fair Use he might be making of my content.

I still don’t know if I would want to file a claim. After all, I am merely a fictional zombie, comfy-cozy behind what has been up to now an invulnerable shield of anonymity. I like it here. Calling Krendler names means nothing to me. Maybe it would bug Thomas Harris, if he cared about such things. Maybe someone should contact his publisher to find out.

Anyway, if there’s an infringement complaint to be made, I will be measuring the relative damage caused by his “Fair Use” against my certainty of his motive for what he may or may not have done.

And his motive, as usual, is all too transparent. He intends to violate my copyright (and exercise any other weakshit tactic he can think of) until I decide that anonymity is less desirable than kicking his ass around a courtroom.

That day may never come. For now, I’m content to punch back twice, no, ten times harder. But if the day comes, I will have to consider whether I will want to pursue that case anonymously as well. To do that will require an attorney, and that’s no penny-ante game, particularly with no promise of payable damages on the other side from an indigested dyspeptic conspiree.

So, I don’t demand that you hit the freaking tip jar. Those 5 words are very important, it’s true, but there are others moreso for a zombie in my position.

But if you are inclined, I would be most grateful.      


P.S. – Please note for future reference that I am planning a Major Bleg soon. But don’t worry, it has nothing to do with money.  At least not on the front end.

P.P.S – This is the 101st post on this blog.  So that’s pretty cool.  Thanks to all who keep me going by encouraging my frivolity.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

7 thoughts on “Minor Bleg”

  1. just make sure you have everything filed nice and neat before you take him to court....


  2. You may want to begin seeking pro-bono representation now. We all know it's more than likely, nearly a certainty, that you'll have need of services soon. The adjudicated harasser, hit with peace/restraining orders from multiple states because of his vile antisocial behavior, repeatedly cuckolded, perpetual-victim-in-his-own-mind-only, admittedly demented, admittedly one whose word cannot be trusted, Bill Schmalfeldt will not stop. In fact, I believe he cannot stop.

    After alienating virtually anyone who has suffered his nasty presence, without his vicious, unwarranted attacks on innocent others, he has nothing. He is nothing.

    And he knows it.

  3. Tip Jar hit.

    Should be more than enough for a couple of copies should the toilet paper idea have merit.


  4. One post and Krendler gets more money than Bill ever got with all his fundraisers and kickstarter projects.

    Says a lot about both people.

  5. Someone say 101st?

    We have a rendez-vous with destiny.
    Our strength and courage strike the spark,
    That will always make men free.
    Jump right down through the skies of blue,
    keep your eye on the job to be done.
    We're the men of the hundred first,
    we'll fight till the battle is won.
    Screaming Eagles diving from the sun,
    striking boldly from the air.
    Now 's the time to jump.
    Look out below !
    Stand up ! Hook up !
    Screaming Eagles, go !


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