8 thoughts on “Gosh, But This Reminds Me of Someone..”

  1. LOL
    pffftt, yeah riiiiight...
    like Little Bitch would do anything to bring attention to a medical problem he can't claim to be dying from......


    1. Holy hell that's funny. And it fits SO perfectly to what Willy's doing right now.

      1. yeah but honestly, we all know Little Bitch would've shat his britches before the water hit him..


  2. You want creativity, Bill?

    I wrote BIOS code back in the late 1980's that runs in your computer (and just about every other protected mode x86 out there) each and every time it boots.

    Billions of computers run that code.

    Fewer than a thousand people worldwide understand how it works.

    It was so well written, it's been in use for 25+ years, and no one has ever felt the need to rewrite it. Nothing like it existed before I created it.

    Billions of computers, Bill. Fucking billions.

    What have you created that's even close?


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