Do We Have A Wager?

So, the latest masturb-piece out of Elkridge weighs in at 272 pages.

Bally’s Las Vegas Sports Book he’s set the over/under on original content at 48 pages.

The under is calling me. Any takers?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

39 thoughts on “Do We Have A Wager?”

  1. I know prices have been going up, but $20 for 272 pieces of toilet paper sounds a bit steep.

    1. The least he could do is publish a roll-bound edition for use with the existing hardware.

    2. Hey, you can get it for $19 if you have Amazon Prime.

      Given that he was swearing that he's use every single thing he could find that was written by Krendler as part of the book, I'm going to go with 58 for original content. Though by original content, are we referring to stuff he's written specifically for this "book", or just stuff that he himself wrote rather than stuff he's stolen from other folks' websites?

      1. As judge in this here contest, I define as "original content" anything in the book that has not previously appeared in any other form at any other time. This would exclude from consideration all previous text-based vomitory and/or masturbatory emissions appearing at any other self-pleasuringPUBLISHING!! platform he has used.

  2. I'll be generous and give him 100 pages of original content. If you can call the same old bitching, moaning, and lies he's been telling for the past several years "Original".

  3. Lets count the lies in summary description of this "true story" posted on create space:

    "Life or death struggles" - no

    "367 criminal charges, all dismissed" - again - no

    "By placing Bill in one laughable legal peril after another, he hoped to get Bill to spill his guts" - no

    "This anonymous coward caused Bill to become embroiled in the most ridiculous copyright infringement case ever heard in the US District Court of Maryland." uh hell no - Paul didn't ask Bill to libel the hoge family.

    basically all lies - enough for a book review?

    1. I love how he claims that Hoge was trying to get him to spill the beans on Kimberlin. I distinctly recall that all that John wanted was for Bill to leave him alone. But then when one is sinking into senility I suppose the two could be confused.

    2. He also says "he blogs as the mood strikes him at". That's also a lie. That domain has not existed since May. Poor lying liar just has to lie.

      1. I should clarify before Wee Willy charges in to point at the strawman again, by "has not existed" I mean that he retains the domain, but memory holed everything on it leaving just a error page to greet visitors.

      2. I suppose the mood might just have not struck for a long, long time. Senility, dementia, or any of the other maladies or conditions claimed can do that to a person.

  4. 4.1 Content Rejection and Removal
    We may, in our sole discretion, at any time, and without notice to you (a) reject Content; or (b) remove, or refuse to list or distribute any Content on or from any CreateSpace E-Store, Amazon Property or other sales channel


  5. I just checked my stats and I see that I have had 6 visits from the Netherlands.

    I know he lives in Elkridge, but there couldn't be anybody but him looking at the blog from the Nether Lands, could there?

    I don't believe in coincidence...

  6. The author failed to mention that he has multiple restraining orders and is going to court yet again for writing and harassing people on the internet. As you can clearly see from excerpts of his works, they consist of irrational dyspeptic gouts of rage of an unsettled mind. His "investigative" techniques are none - he has neither traveled or "interviewed" any of the parties in the summary of this book and the potential buyer should be very wary of anything he says or writes. He is forever an certified adjudicated serial harasser in at least one state. He also has been banned by twitter, the Examiner, The Daily Kos some for the very material he is presenting in this book. He has threatened reviewers of his books.

    Review of Vice and Victory

    1. WMS has told the truth!!

      From the "About the Author" blub for You Never Miss the Dopamine: (until the brain runs dry).

      "About the Author
      Working on the World Record for "Writing More Books Than He Actually Sold," Bill Schmalfeldt keeps plugging away at raising awareness about Parkinson's disease."

      I have been told that when a book has no Amazon Best Sellers Rank: then it has sold NO copyes.

  7. Legal genius Willy has figured out that it is now a federal crime to leave a book review on Amazon without first reading the book.

    Bill Schmalfeldt @DystopianHijinx · 28s
    Does anybody know EPWJ's actual name and address? I need to know which jurisdiction to report him for violation of 15 U.S. Code § 1125.

    You go girl.

    1. WMS has jumped the shark again, the review is clearly about the excerpt and the so-called author--nothing false or misleading.

    2. I'm pretty sure that you're supposed to tell the Howard County States Attorney's Public Affairs Office about violations of federal torts. Best bet is to file your complaint with the Midnight Clerk there.

  8. Comrade Cabin Boy Mocks the Lickspittle Bourgeoisie by Bill Schmalfeldt

    "The left wing foolishness of Bill Schmalfeldt , of the sort that led to 367 misdemeanor criminal charges for harassment (all dismissed) and a lawsuit (also dismissed). Is it Parkinson's disease dementia? Or is he just crazy? You decide."

    Save the $12 folks. He's crazy. You're welcome.

  9. The address for the Amazon Federal Police is:

    Amazon Institute For the Recently Deranged
    1 Brett Butt Hurt Plaza
    "The Department for Grandeur"
    Suite 12a
    13 Pedophilia Sreet
    Enablers MD

    Pleas no NOT lick the envelopes, just the stamp

  10. He really needed to get an editor to help with the Amazon page:

    "For more than two years, Bill Schmalfeldt has been engaged in what seemed, at times, like a life or death struggle with people that he seems to have FINALLY been able to shake."

    I think Shatner should do the audiobook.

  11. Is there a digital version of Willy's book? I have amazon prime and would like to see at least the sample.

      1. I just recreated an enormous sample of Blob's work, but I should be OK because I immediately flushed it. My pants fit much better now.

    1. He seems to have figured out that with digital versions, someone will buy it, read it, review it, and return it within a few hours of it going live. By going hard copy only, he gets to leave his droppings around longer.

      1. Yes, but no one's going to buy it for $19.00. Or 19¢ for that matter, although that is cheap for toilet paper.

        It's no fun playing the old Flaming Bag of Dogshit trick on someone who's not home to come out and stomp on it.


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