The Inappropriate Blog Title & The Proper Choice

I mean, sure, Parkinson’s Disease can be hilarious, if you have the ability to not take yourself seriously. A good sense of humor is essential when seeking the strength to fight any serous disease or chronic condition.

Some people just aren’t blessed with the ability to see themselves as susceptible to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune as any other mere mortal. Someone must be BLAMED, God damn it, and someone must be MADE. TO. PAY.

But it is apparent that his chosen blog address is such, only because this one was taken.

h/t R. Stacy McCain


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

8 thoughts on “The Inappropriate Blog Title & The Proper Choice”

    1. Nothing wrong with that. Suffice it to say that I found your blog URL appropriate as a punch line. Trust me when I suggest that you would be very sorry if you were to get involved any further.

        1. You have done nothing wrong at all. It has everything to do with your choice of blog address, and absolutely nothing to do with you or the content you produce.

          This is, in a word, a poke at a very weak minded little bear. And this is important enough to say again. You will be sorry if you try too hard to figure it out.

          I don't mind the attention from the particular little yappy toothless dog who is the butt of this joke; really very few others can say the same. He's a mean and soulless little twist and you want no part of it.

          Please consider yourself fairly warned with only the best intentions.

    1. It is someone else, not Stacy McCain. If you scan this blog you'll figure it out. But I beg you, look but do not touch. This is personal, not political. Don't get involved. And don't blame anyone but yourself if you choose not to take this advice.

      Your choices lead to actions.
      Your actions lead to consequences.
      Your consequences are your responsibility, not mine.

      I can handle myself, but I speak for no one else.

      I hope you understand that. I don't want to invite trouble on to anyone, especially since your first comments admit to complete confusion.

      Don't invite yourself into this mud pit before you know what's already slithering around in here.

      I'm always happy to engage a thoughtful commenter in conversation, and we have no reason to be disagreeable.

      Welcome to my blog!


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