Señor Schwanzkopf Drives Traffic by Sockpuppet

I doubt Mark in MD will try to sue me for copyright, since he would have to review his actual name.


Now I’ve always been told that everyone talks to themselves, and that it’s perfectly normal to do so.

But you really have to watch out for the ones who not only talk to themselves, but answer back as well.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “Señor Schwanzkopf Drives Traffic by Sockpuppet”

    1. And children.

      Apparently the only family that needs to be off limits is his. Which I'm sure will look real good to a jury.

  1. so Twinkie actually thinks anyone will believe some random guy out of nowhere has suddenly decided to leave a comment on his LOLblog, a blog Twinkie never allows comments on unless they agree with him completely.. AND this random guy just happens to mimic somethings Twinkie has stated himself repeatedly...

    OH yeah, sure that's legit.../sarc


  2. The Mark in MD dude popped up a while ago. Always agrees with whatever the Blob says.

    BTW, speaking of wives understanding the pissing away of money, we've seen Bill's (falsified) tax returns. Where exactly is he getting the money to register all the domains he has been scooping up, the webhosting, the royalty payments, etc, etc? I wonder if he wife really does know what he is up to?


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