9 thoughts on “Bitstrip Bill”

  1. This episode of Bitstrip Bill is right on target. Little William actually wrote a blog piece about being a 'Potty Superstar' Little William describes his potty experience in detail. He was surprised he felt nothing come out. Maybe Kimberlin had a lot to do with that loss of feeling.
    Poor little William kept the piece up for only a few hours.

    1. and as predictable as the sun rise, Bwilly has protected his account, the pre-requisite to scrub all of the last few days of nastiness before he starts playing the "woe is poor widdle ol' crippled me!" tripe before court....


      1. wow, he just cant stay away can he? already unlocked, guess Brett gave him his spin for the day....

  2. [slightly off topic]
    Guys, BS has used variants of "Howard County Liberal" as an alias, right? Like HCLiberal, HoCoLiberal, or something like that?

    Asking because I'm trying to figure out when he first started shilling for Brett Kimberlin.


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