An Overdue Apology

I learned a few moments ago that I made a mistake, and I need to rectify it immediately.

Late in May, I took my Twitter account private. Several others (whom I will not name; it’s my mistake and no one else’s) had also done so. I was being vigilant about who I approved as a follower.

Joe Johnson (@juicyjoe101) tried to follow me in early June. I gave him a look, and he didn’t pass my bona fide test. As has become my custom, I blocked him.

That was not the mistake. It was A mistake, but it wasn’t THE mistake.

THE mistake was when I posted at Hogewash! a suggestion that if anyone one was being followed by a Joe Johnson, they might want to take a second look.

I made that suggestion based on available evidence. My evidence was sufficient for me, but in retrospect it was not sufficient to suggest to others that he might be someone to be viewed with suspicion.

I further compounded my error by not revisiting the post to see Joe’s response. It stands on its own as a successful argument against both my conclusions and my actions in pressing my opinion beyond my own head.

I do not apologize for being careful of my own space and boundaries. I do apologize for impugning (imputing? Heh.😉) the character of someone I had barely formed an opinion of.

Joe, I am sorry. It was only today that I found your following comment and your tweets asking for some clarification or correction. I hadn’t been paying attention, and I wasn’t seeing your tweets through the block.

Entirely my fault. What I did was wrong. As soon as this post is up, I’ll unblock you. I hope you’ll still want to follow me.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

11 thoughts on “An Overdue Apology”

  1. seeing as how I was very suspicious of that account myself, and also suggested others that he was following be careful I suppose I should offer an apology myself...but I'm not going to.

    The net can be a weird place, full of weird people, most of them harmless. Then there are those of Team Kimberlin's ilk. From harassing tweets & #FAILdoxing with incorrect info,to calling people's bosses with complaints to get them fired & random swattings, there are multiple reasons for those who have been subject to that sort of bullshit to watch their 6, not assume good intentions or take anything for granted.

    I'm one suspicious bitch and while I applaud Paul's niceness, I don't share it...


  2. Rain, I said from the very beginning that I completely understand the caution and suspicion of me, I wasn't bothered by that one bit. You would be very stupid to trust a random stranger on the Internet, especially with the tactics employed by BK and his crew. I dont use real name for that very reason(the email address used for this comment is my legal name only Paul & Mr Hodge know it). However, getting publicly accused of possibly being a part of that group is not something I took lightly. I immediately explained myself in a reply to Paul's comment and began trying to clear my name. Until yesterday it has truly upset me that people(even strangers I'll never meet)were thinking that about me. You're correct in saying you don't know me, and in my opinion, that makes your comment all the more insulting. You don't know anything about me. You have no idea how long I've kept track of BK or the help I given to their victims, just like I don't know those things about you. I first became aware of Brett from Patrick Frey's blog but didn't really follow him until Aaron Walker helped Seth Allen. It was during that time I saw how dangerous BK was and started watching him. I have offered the free help of my grandfather, father, and brother, all of whom are attorneys, to all of his victims from Aaron's peace order suit, up to the current RICO suit we are all following. I'm friends with a few of my states congressmen and made them aware of swattings among many other things. I say all this only to show I'm no newcomer to this saga and am more knowledgeable of it then most people. This is why I didn't want my name associated with anything that had to do with any of that crew. No one should apologize for being cautious when it comes to this bunch, but we should also be careful about alienating people like myself. How can you attack Bill for not correcting and clearing the names of people if you aren't willing to do the same? Mr. Krendler didn't apologize to me out of niceness, he apoligized because it was the right thing to do and I'm very appreciative of what he did. We are better then them because we have moral people on our side like Mr Krendler who are willing to step up and do the right thing.

    1. I can relate to all these issues you raise.

      My real name isn't actually BKWatch, and I also draw suspicion from time to time, either from legitimate disagreements or just mistakes.

      Joe you deserve huge kudos for the help you offered. My view is that you're not only fighting for the victims, you're fighting for everyone. So we all owe you thanks.

  3. Rain & Joe,

    I appreciate both of your viewpoints. Each has merit.

    But in reading your comments, I get a very, very small sense that there is a spark just waiting to ignite and an argument about to begin. I hope I'm wrong, but if it does, so be it. I keep a liberal comment section so I will probably let it go.

    Before it does, however, a word. Keep in mind that none of us here is an enemy. Yes, we have been vigilant and cautious, but for my part I did not see that as an error on my part. It was the lack of follow up and follow through where I failed.

    I suggest we keep our powder dry for the important battles.


  4. I have no intention of getting into a "fight" over this (or anything really), was just stating why although I'm surely as much at fault for making the same mistake as Paul, I wasn't apologizing for it.
    I'd rather make a statement owning up to my own behaviour (as bitchy as it can be at times) towards others than to just act like I wasn't doing/saying the same thing that others felt the need to apologize for and hoping no one would call me out on it (or ignoring it if they did).


  5. As far as I'm concerned, this is a battle between good and pure evil and I'm not going to "fight" with anyone on my side. However, I will on occasion, strongly disagree with people and will let them know it. We are adults and should b able to handle that. I don't want any "please let's all get along" or easily offended kind of people on this side. This is a very dirty fight we've chosen to get involved with and I have no patience for the thin skinned. Rain could've told me to fuck off and although my reply would've been equally unfriendly, I would help her in anyway I could if she ever needed it. She seems to be a tough ol gal so I'm sure she feels the same way. I want to be very clear, I never expected or thought I deserved an apology. I just wanted my name cleared. As I've said before, everyone should have their guards up and be protecting themselves. Likewise we must be ok answering though questions to prove our loyalties or explain anything that may look suspicious. I would've appreciated an opportunity to answer those questions and explain myself before being associated with them. Anyway all that's in the past and there's a fat worthless piece of shit that needs to be ridiculed.

    1. Rain could’ve told me to fuck off and although my reply would’ve been equally unfriendly, I would help her in anyway I could if she ever needed it.

      Quoting this part because I thought it deserved emphasis. I think it's really interesting and I also hope others take it to heart.

  6. It's interesting that in the past 24 hours or so there have been some "differences of opinion" on a few familiar blogs (Here, Hoge's, Michael's), some of which have been a bit lively. Yet all involved, while having changed few minds, have continued on, moving past the issue with no bruised feelings or attempted murder. There have been no doxings, no faildoxings, and no google earth pictures of anybody's house. No family pets were harmed in any of these disagreements.

    Anyway, carry on. Keeping in mind that I, alone, am always right.

    1. I admit I'm resorting to the old BKWatch tropes when I say this: The people who do resort to the bad tactics you mentioned often do so because they believe the ends justify the means. But I adhere to the belief that justice loses when you use unjust tactics. Even against Brett Kimberlin, unjust tactics aren't right, even if they successfully harm him.

  7. And that, my friends is a real apology. Not an, "I'm sorry if I..." crap apology. Paul is a truth teller, smart and humble. Just a good guy. IMO


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