What do YOU consider funny?




Somebody got de-pantsed this weekend, and it’s clear he does not share my measuring stick for determining the appropriateness of a prank.

You would think a guy who is so locked into shame and embarrassment as “tricks” of the journalistic code of ethics might enjoy, even a little bit, having the tables turned on him just once.

Apparently not.

So I thought I’d make this my first open thread by asking you Constant Readers two questions:

1. What makes something funny to you?
2. What’s the best/worst/most memorable prank you’ve been involved in (perpetrator, mark or spectator – doesn’t matter)?

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Author: Paul Krendler

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16 thoughts on “What do YOU consider funny?”

  1. Funny to me is sociopaths meeting people smarter, more accomplished, and unafraid of them and watching the carnage

    worst prank was the stretching of clear food grade thick film over just the bowls of the womens toilets (then u lower the lid) at Okla St. - apparently didn't go over real well....

    as to the question was I a spectator or a participant - I take the Brett

  2. funny to me is Twinkie thinking ANYONE believes he left PP out of the #FAILsuit and dropped the PO because of his son...


  3. Best prank of which I was the victim was carried out by my miffed little black mutt.

    I came home one Friday and gave her a quick walk, checked her water, fed her a light dinner, kissed her on her furry head, and drove off to a concert.

    The next morning, as I was about to put on my scuffs to go clean up the yard, I found she had placed a dry turd inside each scuff.

    Chelsea was watching me, eyes slitted, jaw dropped, clearly saying, "Ain't I a stinker?"

    Best prank ever.

  4. Returned to my dorm room once, and my suite mates had cleaned it up. Then filled it floor to ceiling with balloons. It was on the top floor of the dorm and the balloons flowed down the staircase. Epic.

  5. Best prank ever? Getting a blank log for a parachute and right as the stick started moving showing it to the guy in front of me and told him it was hanging from his harness. It was stamped "Do not jump. For demonstration purposes only". Oops, too late, out the door we went. Good times.

    Best prank pulled on me? The clear plastic wrap that EPWJ mentioned above stretched over my toilet. Messy!

  6. This is less a prank than it is a complete cheat gone hilariously right.

    My sophomore year in HS, we got an assignment to write a short story. We had been studying dialogue tags - said, shouted, replied, whispered, etc. the assignment had two requirements: it had to incorporate some element of the supernatural, and every dialogue tag must be unique.

    I must have tried 10 times to start a story. I tried ghosts, werewolves, magic...and it sucked balls, every time. I can still remember tearing up pages covered in horrid blue felt-tip ink.


    1. (Well, hell, that wasn't spose'ta happen)

      Finally, I started leafing through a bunch of Alfred Hitchcock anthologies, looking for an idea or a theme I could tear down and rebuild. Most of the stories were too long, but I found this one...

      And I plagiarized it. Stole it. Wholesale. Word for word.

      Well, not quite. I changed the word "Mephistophelean" to "Satanic." I knew what it meant, but I thought the teacher might not believe I did.

      We wound up reading our stories aloud in class. I went second or third, and after I finished, one girl said, "Gawd - I don't wanna go now!"

      That was kind of epic.

      The teacher read the story for another section of the same class. A couple people said, "Hey, that sounds familiar. I think I know that story. I don't think Pat really wrote that."

      The teacher said, "Oh, Pat would NEVER do that!"

      Heh heh heh.

      I got an A+. After school that day, my best friend threw me up against a bank of lockers and bitched me out. Then told me he'd have backed me up if I'd let him in on it!

      There were about four guys who spent the rest of the year trying to get me to bring that book to school. Nope.

      Levitation by Joseph Payne Brennan

      Also made into an episode of "Tales From The Darkside" in 1985.


      Not really a prank, and yet, awesome.

      1. Damn! Forgot the topper.

        Remember the requirement that every dialogue tag be different?

        Every tag in the story was "said" with a different modifier - quietly, angrily, softly, hotly.

        Still got an A+.

    2. Don't be modest. We all know what your greatest prank to date has been 😉

  7. Yes, the cleverness of the prankster who pranked me into showing my ass to the entire internet. What a clever, clever prank to predict my entirely predictable fear-peeing, big-making, tweet-searching, threat-faking, run-quivering-to-court-to-get-a-pees-order response like that, you clever, clever prankster you.

  8. When I was 15, three friends of mine and I got all of the laundry detergent we could(from our moms wash machine stocks), and at midnight carried it in our backpacks to a fountain about 2 miles away from home and dumped it all in. This wasn't a huge fountain, like 20' across with a few jets of water that shot up in the air. Nothing happened at first, but after a little bit the suds hit the fan. We did not stick around long enough to see much, but what we did sees was great and was also reported in the paper the next day. The suds apparently flowed for a few hours, long enough for them to flow down to the RR tracks several hundred yards away downhill. I guess they had to find the guy who had the key to the panel so it could be turned off. Nobody ever got caught and I carried this secret with me until I was in my 40s when I thought it would be interesting to tell my dad. I had always had the impression that he thought it was funny. He didn't believe that I had done this at first, which almost stung! He did think it was funny and a great prank because it reminded him of the kind of crap he did when he was a kid. Anyway, this is the kind of stuff that makes me laugh or made me laugh. Today you couldn't do it without getting arrested or shamed or going to therapy. Nobody was hurt. Just a bunch of suds.

    I am church_on_f1


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