Well, I Have A Few Thoughts Of My Own…


Thought #1

If you were really following me, I’m pretty certain I would be able to feel the ground shaking, so…no.

Thought #2

If I were following you, and you knew it, there’d be a Fear-Pees Order in my hand. So…no.

Thought #3

Bill, cut the crap. I told you I was smarter than you, and I was not kidding. You will NEVER get a look at my TL. You will NEVER get an email from me, not even through TOR.

If you have some stupid little game you want to try running on me, you know what you have to do: be polite, be straightforward, remain on point. The ONLY forum where I will EVER communicate with you is right here, on this blog, through the comments, which will remain moderated (for you) until this lawsuit is disposed of in whatever fashion should happen.

If you have something to say, or something to ask, this is the one and only place to do it. No memory hole, no take-backs, no mulligans. I’m perfectly willing, if you wind up identifying me, to come to a Maryland courtroom and figuratively kick your pro se ass around the block and up the hill.

Until you work up the guts to say your piece, however…

You needz it.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

78 thoughts on “Well, I Have A Few Thoughts Of My Own…”

  1. Never mind, tuff guy. You can take your medicine along with Hoge. And you're not as smart as you think you are. A smart person wouldn't be in the predicament you're in.

    1. Bullies gotta bully.
      Cowards gotta cower.
      Bluffers gotta bluff.
      Wile E. Coyote gotta splatter the base of the gorge.

      Keep rockin, Bill.

        1. Actually, except for a peace order, I've won every battle. And [redacted-useless pointless blah blah blah] And then, you can defend yourself against my counterclaim of [redacted-useless blah blah blah], and you can DO it Paul, because you are JUST SO SMART!

          Oh, you have NO idea!

          Now, contact me if you want a way out of the mess you've made for yourself. I'm extending YOU this offer, Paul.

          For a limited time? Are operators standing by to take my call? Three easy monthly payments of $19.99?

          You are doing me no favors by accepting it.

          Accepting what? You've made no offer for me to consider! You just keep begging me to contact you...to save you the effort of tracking me down. I repeat...NEVER. GONNA. HAPPEN. You want to know who I am, do the work.

          [redacted-more pointless blah blah blah] This is an iron clad case, Paul.

          And how many real lawyers have thought the same thing, at the same time, in the same courtroom? Someone's gotta lose, that's why we have courtrooms and trials.

          Now, let's discuss my "hard experience." Hoge filed 367 criminal charges against me. How many went to trial?

          Only the ones you didn't pathetically beg to have dropped at moderation in exchange for actually abiding by the peace order, which you then failed to do, as I recall.

          Hoge's peace order was given to him by a judge who [redacted-Bill believes his own BS] was convinced that law the doesn't say what YOU think it says? Boo hoo hoo.

          Paul, this is a federal case. Our judge is a Clinton appointee. You just go ahead and tell her the law is wrong on these very clear, very simple points, Paul.

          Oh, yes, let's discuss my legal strategy. Remember - SMARTER. THAN. YOU.

          I have no more to say to you unless you contact me via e-mail.

          Once more, with feeling - NEVER GONNA HAPPEN.

          You have an "offer?" Make it right here.

          You want to keep trying to solicit contact? I will assume you also want to continue being the butt of many jokes and the object of much pwnage and ridicule. All I have is fun.

          Get a lawyer, Paul.

          Fear the possibility, Bill.

        1. You'd better save the jokes and lawyer up. I asked the judge for an expedited hearing on the subpoena, and WordPress.com LOVES giving up people who try to hide behind them. Twitter loves giving up people, too. But you're SMARTER than the judge, SMARTER than WordPress and SMARTER than Twitter, RIGHT PAUL???

          I really do have nothing more to say for you except, wise up and lawyer up.

        2. Last Word Freak, there is one thing you can count on - you will never get the last word here.

          So if you REALLY have nothing more to say...this should be the last I hear from you, right?

          I already told you, I EXPECT you to find out who I am. I don't fear that. But when DO you find out, remember that everything you get, you came begging for.

      1. Twitter and WordPress LOVE giving up people? I guess that's googling for those instances turns up so many occurences of words like fight and objection and subpoena and refuse and neat case like this:


        You just can't get your heart started in the morning without a bald faced lie and a steaming pile of bullshit.

      2. Yeah, that's right, "Kyle." You just wait until Blob is absolutely positive who you are....again!

  2. He seems VERY desperate to contact you Paul. I wonder if he realizes.....nah, probably not. It will be fun to watch IF a judge doesn't laugh his counterclaim out of court.

  3. If by TOR, you mean a follow request from Toronto, that wasn't Wild Billy Schmalfeldt. That was me.

  4. Twinkie sure talks tough for a guy crying just a couple of weeks ago about how dealing with a lawsuit was sure to KILL!!1!!1 him..


    1. One has to wonder what his neurologist makes of all this. But not as much as one has to wonder how often he thinks of early retirement or changing fields.

  5. You're not being an honest person, Paul. I was responding to Rain's comment. Am I not allowed to address questions raised by your readers? And is the name-calling absolutely necessary? Or are we adults?

    1. You were responding to Rain's comment with much duplicity and supercilious whining, which to be frank, I think you are more than capable of doing at your own blog.

      As I said previously, if you feel it necessary to exercise your sphincter muscles, do it there.

      Are you allowed to address questions raised by my readers? Sure, if you can do it without being such a bleeding asshole.

      No, the name calling is not absolutely necessary, but then neither is your presence in my comments section. I run the show here, never forget that. All I have is fun.

      I have always found adulthood to be somewhat overrated, hence this blog, where I get to let my inner child play.

      Lighten up.

        1. For someone who has "no more to say to you unless you contact me by e-mail," you sure are one lippy bastard this afternoon.

          Go play in your own litter box, you damn pussy.

      1. Y'know, the last time I heard someone say"We'll see you in court!", it did not work out as well as they had anticipated.

        Mostly because the person that was addressed to had done nothing wrong.

    2. just to be clear, I wasn't asking a question of Twinkie, I was making a statement about Twinkie.


    1. Oh, NOEZ!

      Now you have to face off against a guy who gleefully threatened a guy to sue him, then sued himself before being too sick and tired to follow through and dropped it, then when faced with the suit he dared in the first place, thought aloud about defaulting because all of this will Killz him! DEAD, and shit!

      However are you sleeping at night, Paul?

      1. And just a word of warning before anyone gets the bright idea of dragging me into this nonsense.

        Canada has pretty strong laws regarding libel (that are REALLY plaintiff friendly) and doxing. And yes, Canadian judgments are binding in American states by treaty and custom. Feel free to check.

      2. I didn't threaten a guy to sue me. I merely stated that he had a deadline by which to do so. I dropped my original suit because my doctor asked me to and so did my wife. Hoge sued me. So now I have to fight back.

    2. "You are putting YOURSELF through the stuff I have VOWED to do TO YOU."

      Logic is for sane people.

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  7. ss

    Canada hosts most of the worlds revenge porn sites because they have a weak almost non-existent court system that is not binding in any where USA

    1. Ask the board of Hollinger. They'll tell you different. And they were sued by guy in a Florida jail.

      Besides, this is directed at Wld Bill.

      1. Oh, I get it. If the revenge porn thing is true, and I don't know that. It's also because our ISPs are far less likely to give up customer IDs.

    1. So you do admit to doxing? This might be new.

      And I admit to a typo in the earlier post. You actually DARED Hoge and Krendler to sue you, which you seemed rather proud of when you filed your DCMA counter-claim. Then they did, and all of a sudden you were a bullied cripple again.

      1. No, I did not dare anyone to sue me. I said they had a deadline if they wanted to. And if you read my blog, you will see why it is a mistake that is going to cost them.

        I reserve the right to pull anonymous cowards out of their hiding places when they become a pain in my ass. I don't see why anyone has a problem with that. Don't attack me, don't libel me, no problem.

        1. You seemed AWFULLY proud of yourself when you filed your DCMA counter-claim, Billy. I also remember your implying that no one would go to the expense of challenging you. But then they did challenge you, and you spent a week bitching and moaning that that you were being sued literally to death.

          Now you're Clarence Darrow with high-speed internet again. I've been to this movie with you before, and I'm pretty sure how it ends.

          I also remember you taking a very different position regarding copyright, as it pertained to pictures of your mother and Bobber less than 60 days ago.

          I'm not a lawyer, so I'm not going to guess on the copyright claim. You could very well be right. But your counter-claim is so chock full of self-pitying nonsense and so contradictory to your own online record that I'd be amazed if the judge didn't sodomize you directly into the street.

          As I said before, the courts should actually execute bloggers for wasting their fucking time with horseshit flame wars, But few of them have been as hubristic and sensationally failed at it as you are.

          Also, you don't have a claim to file for libel on behalf of your wife. Unless she's retarded or something.

      2. it occurs to me that Twinkie would have a lot less "pains in the ass" if he'd just stop creeping other people's blogs looking for reasons get to upset in the first place...


      3. Also interesting that the only reason Bill needs to dox someone is that they were "a pain in the butt". A person doesn't have to do anything even approaching illegal, just annoying, and he feels he has the right to expose them, call their bosses, write vile things about them, etc., etc., etc.

      4. LG, you know he only does that when it's "only the right thing to do," like when he's not getting satisfaction from a guy in Texas with a deceased daughter and some adult-oriented photos on his website, or when a guy leaves a one-off comment on a blog post that's so noxious he can't even remember what it was...

      5. So I wonder what he thinks I did that was so henious that he just had to make sure the entire world knew my legal name and that my "only accomplishment was to come in horribly last" in an election? He completely ignored the election I won, as well as the boards I've been appointed to and my academic achievements, just so he could try to demean me in public for no reason other than he thought I was a "pain in the butt".

        I only hope that some day Karma proves to him what a bitch she is.

    2. Could you please give us examples of specific posts that you would consider "doxable"?

      What was said by people you recently exposed?

      I'd hate to get into the crosshairs.

    3. 200 messages in 48 hours to someone who never addressed you.

      Yeah, right.

    4. That claim is so untrue as to be laughable.

      Really, you need to not be so silly where anyone can see it!

  8. Oh, and Billy's lost in more ways than I know how to count.

    First, everyone who gave him sadz was going to jail for harassment most foul. Then the coppers decided that more than Schmally's diapers were full of shit,

    By the way, wouldn't it be great it Howard County police reports were public records that could be checked and whatnot? Do thee police, for example, write "LOL" in their disposition reports?

    Second, everyone on earth was going to be sued for defamed Our Boy Bill, Which didn't happen.

    All of those threats wound up being Bobbers in the water.

    Look, I'm not a big fan of ANYONE on this mess; including people like Walker and Hoge, who are wasting just as much of the Court's time as Kimberlin and Schmally, It seems to me that police and courts cost enough in taxpayers money without the being asked to mediate shithead blog wars.

    Mr. Kindler is the exception to the rule. He's the only one not looking for an excuse to go to court. And I admire that.

    Plus, he;s the only half decent blogger of the bunch.

    1. For some reason he neglects to remember the Great Gypsy Curse Default when he's totting his win/fails (note which is plural).

      Back when he said his Mum died, he was moaning that we were attacking his dear sainted mother for the slightest negative comment on him. I don't remember anyone saying anything bad about his mother but only about him and he was acting at epic butthurt levels that we were attacking his Mom (seems like a Norman Bates thing there, but who knows).

      My particular line was that I didn't believe him that he was travelling to be at her bedside when she passed. One day the guy can barely survive toddling out to the porch to receive a summons and the next he's bebopping cross-country (making good time too) travelling on planes and trains and having a grand old time with a process that leaves me wrung out, so why not Mr. Parky? Plus the visit to Mom got him a delay on a critical hearing he was going to lose.

      Anyway, he swore that all us defilers of Motherhood were going to have gypsy curses laid upon us. To date, zero warty old crones and colorfully painted horse drawn wagons have shown up on my front step mumbling dire incantations in ancient Romany.

      We got gypped.

      1. So I gather his PD has been this bad before? Surprise, surprise.

    2. skippystalin wrote: "Look, I’m not a big fan of ANYONE on this mess; including people like Walker and Hoge, who are wasting just as much of the Court’s time as Kimberlin and Schmally, It seems to me that police and courts cost enough in taxpayers money without the being asked to mediate shithead blog wars."

      THIS comment aggravates me to no end. When someone/s is engaging in lawfare for the sole purpose of shutuppery (*psst* NOT "people like Walker and Hoge") this DIRECTLY attempts to trump Americans' First Amendment Rights -- and, a court of law is the EXACT place the issue should be dealt with and justice sought (and, hopefully acquired).

      When slimy and evil scumbags are engaging in harassment (harassment of individuals, harassment of their spouses, harassment of their children, harassment of their employment, etc., etc., etc.) and threats and SWATings, etc. -- the police are the EXACT individuals to contact -- and, again -- a court of law is the EXACT place these dangerous issues should be dealt with and justice sought (and, hopefully acquired).

      Those who insist all of this simply boils down to "shithead blog wars" are taking a very myopic and clueless view of what all of this is truly about, and the importance of justice being served in the name of protecting people and their families from physical/mental harm AND protecting Americans' Rights.

      With that said... there are many of us who actually "GET IT." And, we continue to give thanks and ask for God's blessings for John, Aaron, Stacy, Ali, KU, and all the rest who "GET IT." They are taking all of this HEAD ON (at great cost, time, and energy) -- understanding full well this is about a WHOLE LOT MORE than "shithead blog wars."

      In short... *pfft*

      1. Amen sister!

        There are two aspects to this attack.

        First, what Bill is trying to claim is that virtually no blog post ever written by a regular blogger is safe. There is no point to having copyright if anyone can take anything they want for any purpose whatsoever, and we have no recourse if they claim "fair use". The law will eventually catch up with the 21st century, but until then, if the Bill Schmalfeldts of the world have their way, no one is going to write anything.

        Second, is the harassment. Bill has done all of this solely to harass people he dislikes, or who his best buddy Bret Kimberlin dislikes. Never forget that he went after John Hoge solely because Hoge gave Lee Stranahan a lift to the court house when he was trying for a restraining order against Bill. Add in the infamous "If you would just forget Brett Kimberlin existed, nobody would be investigating", and we all know that Bill's definition of "investigating" is find every bit of personal information he can about you on the web, and then print it and disseminate it as widely as possible in such a way as to make the object of his investigation look as bad as possible.

        If the Skippystalins of the world had their way, only those with political clout would dare put their voices out on the internet, because only they would have backing to protect them from what the Bill Schmalfeldts of the world do.


    You don't even remember why, do you, you goddamn ass-wart?

    1. of course he is, that's why he was whinging to get an email he could sic his cohorts onto to trace back...
      and then claim "look at my mad doxing skillz!!"...

  10. I think I've actually figured out how to graduate from The Schmalfeldt School of Law!

    1) Dare someone to you sue, bragging that it will cost a fortune.

    2) When they do, counterclaim that doing so is actually KILLING you and therefore grounds for eleventy in damages!

    3) Mention Parkinsons a lot, as if this gives you either super powers or a plausible excuse for being a blowhard and a cunt.

    4) Change your mind about everything fairly regularly. It's hard to fight a moving target. Especially if it's on wheels!

    5) Claim damages for those not party to any suit.

    God, I can't wait for my paper law hat!

  11. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, Paul, but I really can't wait to read pleadings that including the phrases "BOBBER!", MAYONNAISE" and "SOMETHING ELSE."

    That will be fun!

  12. I reserve the right to pull anonymous cowards out of their hiding places when they become a pain in my ass. --Bill Schmalfeldt

    The problem of course is that becoming a pain in someones ass is not and has never been a legal concept. And pulling them out of their hiding places apparently means contacting employers, putting baby pictures on your blog, searching all available databases and publishing whatever you might find. Why? Because they are a pain in your ass? Mostly that means they make fun of you on their own blogs. Dude. That's OT going to slow down as long as you gleefully refasten the "Kick me" sign on your back every single day.

  13. Jane and LG... thank you, ladies. You two definitely "get it."

    And, hopefully skippystalin will one day take a step back and look at the far larger picture, and come to understand precisely what Team Good Guys are attempting to accomplish via their efforts.

    If they win... we all win.

    1. Wait; I thought Jane was LG, and LG was Grace, and Grace was Jane. This is freakin' me out!!! Strangely not in a bad way...


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