To Win The Unwinnable Case

Time For “Sing Along With Mitch/Paul/Kyle/Chris/Sam/Dave or Whoever”

If you don’t know the tune, here’s a little bonus copyright infringement for you:

And some lyrics to follow along with:

To win the unwinnable case
To crush the un-self-aware foe
To feed his most infinite sorrow
To laugh for he is such a schmo!

To prove him perpetually wrong
To crush his Dox-Fu near and far
To mock when he’s tired and weary
To snark him so bad it leaves scars

This is my quest, to hound dear old Chubs,
Until he lies hopeless, his teeth ground to nubs
To be willing to seek peace orders for no reason
To dispense much butthurt so that honor and justice may live

And I know if I’ll only be true to this glorious quest
That my heart will lie peaceful and calm when I’m laid to my rest

And the world will be better for this
That one man shamed and covered with Hellmann’s
Got what every man knew he deserved
And lost the un-lose-able case.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

26 thoughts on “To Win The Unwinnable Case”

  1. Thank you. "To lose the unlosable case." Sums it up in a nutshell. BS had black letter law on his side, namely Cassidy, and six out of seven judges were appointed by Democrats and so in his corner (though it was a tight fit for 12 FWE, meaning full weight equivalents), and yet, and yet, despite all those manifold and well advertised advantages, he still managed to lose to a "senile fool." It takes a rare breed to accomplish that. Probably it was his brilliant stroke of proclaiming that judges appointed by Democrats are necessarily corrupt BEFORE he even got to oral argument is what did the trick. Oh, wait. No. He's now saying that it was more mundane: he did not file the necessary papers on time. Bet that fooled the Hoge right out of his socks!!!!

    1. You did lose, remember. You even asked a question about why no one pondered how Hoge managed to win an unwinnable case.

  2. Bill have you ever apologized to the people you wrongly identified and mocked during your failed doxes?

        1. I find it amusing to mock you endlessly, so I will keep doing it, you stinking bag of fear pee and rat gut.


        2. "I don't call it harassment, I call it "tenacity." Now answer the question, you midnight pigsticker, or you may force me to release everything I have to the Wisconsin media. You wouldn't want that, now would you?

          Anything sounding familiar here, you buffoon?

          I wasn't being rude, by the way, I was just having fun. Because all I have is fun.

          Now, are you going to answer the question or not? How many of your epic failures must be directly pointed out to you before concede that you are, in fact, an EPIC FAILURE?

          Is one enough? Is seven too many? What do you need to prove it?

      1. So those people in Arizona were who you said they were? And there are a dozen people named "Jerry Fletcher" who are posting to you?

        1. Just so we're clear on who's in charge around here, the next comment you submit here that gets approved will contain one of the following:
          1. A number between 1 and 5, for which evidence will then be provided of that number of people that you have identified incorrectly;
          2. A set of names of people you have doxed with no good reason or because you thought they were someone else.

          Every other comment you submit stays in moderation where the stink of wasted effort will remain until I cap, save, and copy it.

          You may be used to behaving like a narcissistic sociopath in the spaces you control, but I will no longer allow you to do so here.

          Now, answer the question or begone.

      2. Tom Puzio is apparently by your own admission NOT Tomblvd since you are now claiming Tomblvd is a dentist in PA.

        Therefore, Tom Puzio was wrongly identified.

  3. While we're waiting Bill, here's another question. How many Restraining Orders or Peace Orders (or any other similar Orders) have you been subject to in the past 2 years?


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