Well now, this certainly adds some retroactive entertainment value to this past weekend:


I have always felt that good prank should be measured by the following yardstick:

if you are the not the mark, would this be funny if you were? If you are the mark, would it be funny if you pulled the same prank on someone else?

It’s a great big YES to both questions from the Thinking Man’s Zombie.


Well played, Palatine Pundit. Well played.

Of course, now he’ll probably get sued for causing an “owie boo boo” and an atomic wedgie. So LAWYER UP!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

14 thoughts on “Punk'd!”

    1. Perhaps soon, you shall...

      find out what it is to be a
      deranged cyberstalking,
      self-confessed cuckolded,
      adjudicated harassing,
      failed book writing,
      trailer-dwelling, self-hating,
      cowardly, sadistic, pathetic, whining, bullying
      serial faildoxer,
      abandoned by the lowest of
      scum I once called friends.

      "How do you shoot the Devil in the back, Agent Cujon? What if you miss?" - Roger 'Verbal' Kint

  1. the thing to remember here is that PP never said Twinkie cost him his job...just that he had lost it.

    considering how twinkie reacted to that, and the fact that twinkie did call his boss it was a logical assumption that twinkie's call had something to do with it..

    which in no way excuses twinkie going nuts, cobbling together tweets out of context, deleting words to make them look worse, and using tweets from MONTHS ago to seek out a bullshit PO,..

    I must remember to ask PP what's it's like to live rent free in an nutter's head..


      1. "I answered these uncouth Jacobin sans-culottes with the back of my hand, as any gentleman should do."


  2. I can't wait to meet you in person, "Paul." I'll shave my legs and wear my best and most favorite frilly dress. Will you make coffee and Danish for me? And buy me a nice fro yo?

    I'll bring peanut butter...


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