On the matter of Copyright…

“Fear pee.”

Nice. Simple. Catchy. Easy to remember later. Very convenient.

Now I need help. There’s got to be a better, shorter, simpler term for what just happened here at Casa Krendler than “Oh my God, I just fell out of my chair from laughing so hard I busted my hip and wet my pants out of sheer joyful bliss pee.”

A little help here?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “On the matter of Copyright…”

  1. I could see the whole three month thing coming back to bite Bill in the tuchus. I kept my mouth shut to see if he figured it out, but it just never, ever, seems to have occured to him that there was a grace period for copyrights, even though it's right there in all the regulations he kept quoting at us to show why our "daddy" was so going to lose and have to pay every penny he owned to Bill.

    Of the three step process
    1)sue Hoge
    that Bill has been following, I think he needs to seriously reconsider just what is involved in step two and how that might affect the outcome in step three.

    1. he also can't see the fatal flaw that is going to get his counter suit flushed ASAP by the judge..

      he likes to tweet how none of us can point this out (cause he is so sure he is right), but the reality is we all see it, but rather than argue the point, it's funnier to sit and laugh waiting for the judge to point it out to him, when it's too late for him to do anything to fix it....


  2. there are other things as well as the grace period remember the intent of the infringer can weigh heavily upon the court as well, he clearly indicated that he strong feelings of hatred toward the person he infringed.

  3. Schmalfail Pee? He did something so stupid I Schmalfail peed my pants.

    Billarious? Did he think that would work? That's Billarious!

  4. Krendler, your opportunity awaits. Hoge has screen capped a tweet from BS asking why no one is asking how Hoge won an "unwinnable" case. Such obtuseness is beyond my capacity to mock to the degree deserved. Only you can treat this theme with the absurdity that is warranted.


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