In His Own Words

I didn’t write this. Bill Schmalfeldt did. I took it from his blog to demonstrate his true self-image, the true nature of his character. And here’s another example of Bill Schmalfeldt’s own words, also taken from the same post:

“Therefore, their use qualifies as ‘fair use’ for the purpose of demonstration and criticism.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Bill Schmalfeldt’s raging id:


He said it, not me.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

22 thoughts on “In His Own Words”

      1. is Twinkie referring to how he did that with your parody of his own libelous blog about Hoge and his family? cause that is EXACTLY what he did when he stripped out the context that it was a parody of his own work to leave the impression that you wrote it just to "attack" him when he included it (without permission) in his "book"...


      2. so what does Twinkie expect will happen IF you two should meet?

        that you'll cringe in fear that he may fall on top of you and squash you?

        that you'll be so overcome with remorse for picking on a "poor defenseless old DYING!!11!! cripple" that you'll immediately apologize?? yeah that aint gonna happen...

        more likely he's trying to insinuate (badly) that something bad may happen to you...which would get his fat ass tossed in jail quicker than he could spit.


      3. screaming "I HAZ BUTTHURT!!1!11!" at the top of one's lungs isn't much of a legal strategy, yet Twinkie seems to think it will suffice...

        his meltdown when his LOLcountersuit gets tossed will be EPIC!!

      1. Paul, I hope you and everyone else will take great joy when Twinkie gets his ass handed to him in court...

        OH and I do hope someone is saving all his "I WILL WINZ!!11!" tweets to throw back when he loses and tries to memory hole them...

  1. Make up your mind Bill. On day he is killing you and keeping you from publishing your "books" due to his evil genius, now he is stupid and you can't wait to meet him. Manic much?


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