General Announcement of Major News Regarding Corporal Punishment

It has become the custom of Thinking Man’s Zombie to treat the comments of Bill Schmalfeldt much like incoming produce or animals shipped from overseas. They go into moderation quarantine until we can determine they are free of infectious crap before releasing them on the general readership.

In a recent thread, he challenged the commenters here to identify anyone he has incorrectly doxed. Being an essentially fair-minded zombie, I asked how many examples it would take before he would concede the point that he is, in fact, a failure at his chosen art.

He took some umbrage at this and refused to answer, after being afforded multiple opportunities. He continues to deflect and refuse to participate in a debate that he perpetuated, until, as it always must do, it turned against him.

Therefore, we will be affecting a small change to our commenting policy regarding him: all of his comments will be held in moderation until he answers the question. At that time, existing comments will be reviewed for relevance and released or not at the discretion of the management. New comments will be returned to status quo ante and judged on merit relative to the topic.

In short, Bill is grounded until he answers the question. As he likes to say, the choice to comment here is entirely up to him.

Until he does, all his comments will amount to a whisper in a windstorm.

Not unlike his life.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

19 thoughts on “General Announcement of Major News Regarding Corporal Punishment”

  1. I think you greatly exaggerate the importance and impact of his life... Maybe that should be a goal for him; maybe he should begin working toward being as consequential as a whisper in a windstorm. It would be a lofty aspiration, given his lack of skill and talent.

    1. According to Lou Tennant, a captain of industry, there is a colonel [I know - hush] of truth to the rumor that what sailors do with their seaman is entirely a private matter. DADT, y'know...

  2. Bill will seethe and say you are stifling his right to be a douchebag..... I mean defend himself, but he won't have the balls to answer.HeHe's been ducking so many provable lies for so long I'm not sure he knows how to tell the truth. Take the Christmas Eve court clerk. Obvious lie easily verified as a lie but he maintains that it's the truth. To what end? I say to maintain the fragile illusion that he is somehow better or smarter then everyone else. His mind won't let him admit to the lies he tells because that would mean he would have to admit his untold failures and his ego won't allow it.

  3. Snitch, otherwise known as the Elkridge Horror, has had a free ride for far too long. If you dare to make a comment on any of his sites, you subject yourself to a variety of nice little goodies that will do very bad things to your computer or, at the very best, will subject you to an exhaustive background search that will result in a cruel dox'ing or either telephonic or on-line harassment. Visiting any of his sites requires extensive internet protection. That's the price for resisting Snitch. Either comply totally with Snitch or be destroyed.

    I say, "Cut him off completely!", "Isolate him" "Continue to ridicule him"

    No free ride for the Snitch. You kill a snake by cutting off its head. Kill the Snitch by cutting off his platform.......the Internet.

  4. Uh oh Paul, looks like the cabin boy has found the smoking gun which will put a bullet through the heart of Hoge's legal action. apparently this new discovery also has terrible consequences for you. I can't wait to see what it is I'm sure the laughs will be great.

    1. Happens every time. He finds something "new" that will blow his case wide open and his opponents are doomed. Now he's looking around for someone to act as an intermediary to broker a deal, because he's such a nice guy. Etc. etc. etc....

    2. What's even weirder is that he seemed to be linking to this post, though how this post will destroy either Hoge or Krendler is beyond this dim little librarian to fathom.

      I suspect when the dust settles, it will turn out that my inability to understand how it was going to destroy them was because it couldn't and didn't.

  5. Reblogged this on Running Wolf and commented:
    As some may remember, I've had several questions to ask of Bill that he's avoided to answer. So, I do believe, with Paul's blessing, I shall reconstitute Questions of Bill Schmalfeldt as soon as possible with this unanswered question included.

  6. Bill DEMANDS answers from everyone else, but when he is asked, politely even, to answer questions he refuses and goes on the attack against those asking the questions. He can't answer or he'll have to admit his lies. Look at what he did to PaletinePundit. Guy asked a simple question on Bill's blog and Bill's response was to dox the guy and start harassing him and his employer. Dude wrote nothing bad about Bill under Bill attacked him, but somehow asking Bill to answer a question gives him the right to attack and harass. He is and has always been a coward and a liar. Don't expect that the change anytime soon.

    1. speaking of that,and his current TOS rant. Did anyone get answer why he's registering domains under the name of "Matt Lillefielt ? Which he has no legal standing with? With a fake address, and city? Those are not a "domain by proxy" either. I haven't been keeping up(that damn real life thing again) so I was just curious and all.


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