Toddlers With Loaded Guns

Would you knowingly hand a loaded pistol to a toddler?

Of course not. And you don’t need to have the reasons explained to you. You just wouldn’t.

For much the same reasons, Bill Schmalfeldt, the extremely short-termed former President of the convicted bomber/perjurer/drug dealer Brett Kimberlin Renegade Chapter of the National Blogger’s Club, Inc., should not be allowed to have a computer with access to the Internet.

I am loathe to give this troll any attention whatsoever. He’s like Martin Bashir, but without the tact. Like Alec Baldwin, but without the impulse control. Like Rachel Maddow, but without the Adam’s Apple. Like Touré, but without the racial cachét to compensate for his ignorance. Like Stephanie Miller, but without the bowel control.

What set Bill off this time?

Lee Stranahan, his wife and their dead-in-the-womb child.

Apparently, Bill doesn’t like the fact that this grief-stricken man whose daughter died in utero has different political views. And so, bullying, defamation, libel and harassment of Stranahan, his family, and anyone who rises to his defense has become Bill Schmalfeldt’s raisôn d’être.

Bill Schmalfeldt has had over 23,000 accounts on Twitter.

Now, I’m not here to make jokes about Bill’s “Creator” being the south end of a northbound crack whore, which rhymes with boar. That would be crude. And Bill loves the crude. I read somewhere recently that reading his Twitter account is like jumping face first into a brimming septic tank with your mouth open, then trying to stay under as long as you can.

Especially when he talks about women, or makes the homophobic insults that seem to be his bread and butter when insulting men.

I don’t know what can be done about additional Obamacare regulations that would require conservatives to give birth in a government hospital where they and their children could be tattooed, chipped and tracked for re-education and indoctrination.

I do know what can be done about Bill Schmalfeldt.

What do you do when you see a toddler holding a loaded gun?

You take it away from him. Unless he shoots you with it first.

Bill has the First Amendment right to express his stupidity. He can purchase a soap box, stand on a street corner, and scream at the moon if he likes. Which he does like to do. A lot.

Twitter, a private company, is not required to provide Bill with a platform to spread his hatred and harassment.

Nor is Amazon. Nor CreateSpace. Nor Nor Smashwords.

Twitter, and other social media and online publishing services, should take the proper step of shutting down Bill Schmalfeldt. There is nothing in the First Amendment that gives Schmalfeldt or his master, convicted bomber Brett Coleman Kimberlin (who sues to censor anyone who speaks unkindly about him at the drop of a hat), the right to have a Twitter account. Or to publish a book.

There is a sickness in the left wing of this country. We ignore it at our peril. I learned quickly that arguing with people like Schmalfeldt is pointless because they simply have no tolerance for any views but their own. Schmalfeldt is enjoying every angry Tweet he receives about this topic. I think a reasonable solution would be to put Schmalfeldt in a room with Lee Stranahan, lock the door, and open it when Schmalfeldt’s screaming and crying in terror can no longer be heard, and the coppery smell of drying blood overcomes the stink of the overflowing Depends.

Schmalfeldt is a coward, a keyboard commando.

I believe it has nothing to do with Lee Stranahan, his family or their personal medical decisions. The idea that a death in childbirth of a child in Texas is somehow newsworthy to a self-styled unemployed pretend journalist in Maryland? That’s just a symptom. Bill Schmalfeldt is a disease. And those three or four misguided, ignorant people on earth who take him seriously are the small, scurrying rodents that carry this disease from place to place.

Don’t engage him. Shun him. Deny him a platform. Ridicule him. Teach your children that Bill is always wrong. Teach the kids that people like him exist only as cautionary tales of what happens when you profess tolerance with your mouth but practice hatred, harassment and evil in your deeds.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

15 thoughts on “Toddlers With Loaded Guns”

  1. Hey now! Bill Schmalfeldt has almost 25 thousand people following him on Twitter. There's a market out the for Blob's whatever it is he does.

    No, wait. That's Todd Kincannon with all the followers. Nevermind.

  2. Spent the better part of my life, spreading the word about my kin, Bill Schmalfeldt.

    Actually, that's not true.

    I've spent the better part of my life living well and true. Spreading the word about Bill, confounding his schemes, and assisting his kids behind the scenes has been a forty year footnote to a life lived very, very well, if I do say so, myself.

    1. Interesting development... apparently now I'm Chris Heather. Bill S proclaimed so on Blubber Sues Bloggers.

      Maybe because there's an "h" in my moniker (which also happens to be my initials, derp). H = Heather? Sooper detective skills, Inspector Jiggles.

  3. Turns out when you post true things about BS at Liberaland you get called "Chris Heather," your comments are deleted and you are blocked.

    BS is such a champion of truth and justice!

      1. I AM SPARTACUS!

        The comments are back up at Liberaland ("Schmalfeldt Wants Hate ‘Shut Down,’ Not Argued With") even though they were deleted yesterday when I initially tried to respond to his "Begone troll" comment.

        Bill Schmalfeldt
        What would you call someone who writes racist words, provokes hatred against women, oozes filth with his every word, and then revels in the disgust he causes? Someone with a long history of said behavior?

        John Boy
        What would I call someone who “oozes filth with his every word?”

        You mean someone who subjects the public to crude phrases like “feces-flinging merchant of disease?”

        I would call such a person Bill Schmalfeldt.

        Bill Schmalfeldt
        Nice job of trolling there. Now run back to your master and tell him how GOOD you are.

        John Boy
        Anyone who Googles your name will be in for quite a surprise. A lot of name-calling. You also seem to spend quite a bit of time posting angry diatribes on YouTube.

        Yes, Bill Schmalfeldt, who calls women “twats” and “cunts,” who writes anal rape fantasies on the Daily Kos, who calls people “massah,” and who revels in the disgust he causes and has a long history of said behavior would certainly fit the bill.

        One Google search is all it takes, Bill. 🙂

        You did it to yourself, narcissist.

        Bill Schmalfeldt
        This, ladies and gentlemen, is Chris Heather of Racine, Wisconsin, getting himself in legal trouble.

        Wrong again! Not that it matters to you. You’d think you’d get tired of being wrong all of the time, but you apparently aren’t. I wonder if this Chris Heather knows you are falsely accusing him of making that comment. That could possibly be considered libelous, could it not? You should probably be careful. My initials are HKK, but I’m sure you would know better than me who I am.

        The comment I made? All true. You just called someone massa or massah (I forget which spelling you used) on a blog dedicated to your shenanigans. The other stuff? All true as well. Anal rape fantasy at Daily Kos? True. Calling women “tw%t” and “c%nt?” True. Long history of such behavior? True. It’s all verifiable. The internet never forgets.

        Enjoy your fail! 🙂

        Bill Schmalfeldt
        Begone troll

        Not Chris Heather

  4. From Liberaland; "Publisher’s note: This is Bill Schmalfeldt’s view. We, at Liberaland, enjoy presenting a variety of views, not all of which reflect those of the site’s staff and management."

    Translation: This fuckung SchmalSchwanz dude is crazy and even we out in space liberal squack wastes DISAVOW him.


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